A/N This is the story that goes along with my recent picture of the same name. and is heavily inspired by the Blood Moon Effect by MBAV fan66 please check her out she makes amazing stories. If you haven't read The Blood Moon Effect I recommend doing so it's amazing. This is also not cannon to my stories ether this is just a oneshot I wanted to post. If you want to see the speedpainting of the drawing you can find it on my youtube channel it's the same name as my fanfiction name. Anyway that's all for now please enjoy this one shot.

There they were, walking through the dead of night trying to find their now half-vampire best friend Ethen Morgan, "He has to be here somewhere." Dakota said when they arrived at the forest, "He's not here, maybe Benny's magic took us to the wrong place." Emily suggested, "That's a good possibility. I mean, it's been wrong before." Sarah said, "Hey, I've gotten a lot better since then. Plus, I told you this spell was tricky. But, he's here I can feel it." Benny said, looking around, "Let's just look around, but, let's not split up Ethen could get the jump on us that way." Dakota said, "No arguments there." Everyone said, "Looking for little ol me." A voice said from the treetops. "Who's there? Show yourself!" Rory said, trying to sound brave. But he was actually just as terrified as the rest of us. Ethen came down from the tree he was hiding in, causing everyone to shriek. Dakota latched onto her boyfriend, Rory. And he hugged her back out of fear of what Ethen would do to her.

Ethen was breathing heavily with his fangs out. His eyes, which were usually brown, were now crimson red. And there they were standing face to fangs with their best friend turned bad. "So, you finally came out to play," Ethen said, with a sinister smile nobody said anything and held their ground. "Ethen you don't have to do this. You're my best friend; you're like a brother to me!" Dakota shouted, "Yeah, please come back to us, bud." Benny said, "Wow, with everyone saying all these sickly sweet things to me, I almost lost my appetite. Well, I wouldn't, my little sister feeling left out. Which is why." Ethen said darkly super speeding around Dakota and bringing her back to the spot he was just in. "You'll have the honor of being my first meal of the night." Ethen said, "Ethen, please don't do this." Dakota pleaded, "Trust me when I say that I don't like this anymore then you do. But, I warned you what would happen if you got in my way, didn't I." Ethen whispered into her ear and rubbed his fangs up and down her neck.

Upon realizing what Ethen was about to do to her, Dakota tried to getaway. But, Ethen stopped her by grabbing one of her wings and using his inhuman strength to snap it in half causing her to scream in pain. Ethen then used his chance to dig his fangs as deep as they would go causing Dakota to gag and chough out blood. She felt the venom rush into her bloodstream, and tiny vampire fangs were taking form. Her right eye was turning black with a small white pupil. (Why? Why is he turning me? No, it's my magic's way of protecting me. It's keeping me alive.) Dakota thought to herself. She looked at her friends screaming and pleading with Ethen to let her go. She saw her boyfriend Rory, crying uncontrollably. Finally, she looked at Benny broken-hearted that his best friend would even do such a thing. (Better me then Benny.) Dakota thought to herself as she remembered that Benny was not only in love with Ethen but was next. Ethen finished drinking and let Dakota go making her fall to the ground. "I'll finish you off later. Vampire or not, you're not invincible. Plus, I want to see the look of horror on your face when I do the same thing to the rest of our friends." Ethen said, chuckling evilly.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Dakota asked, weakly, "Oh, my dear sister, I thought you figured that out by now. I'm doing this because I want to." Ethen said, smiling down at her. 'So, who's next? How about the one who loves me." Ethen said, going after Benny. Even though she regained vision in her right eye and her wings and the wound in her neck were healing nicely thanks to her new vampire healing powers. She was much too weak to do anything. Even if she could, it was far too late. Benny wasn't going to be as lucky as she was. The only thing that could save Ethen now was an act of true love. An act that Benny did just as the love of his life took a bite out of him.

Phew, that was intense. I was on the edge of my seat just from writing this special shout out to MBAV fan66 once more for giving me inspiration for this fic and the drawing. And I hope everyone looks forward to more stories from me in the future. Bye bye. XD Also I'm sorry if it seems like I copied MBAV fan's story that's not my intention I just wanted to show my appreciation. And I might make a sequel to the drawing with Dakota laying on the ground with Ethen's shadow looking down at her.