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Chapter 1

1900 - NCIS HQ, Washington Navy Yard

It was just an average Tuesday evening for the team. They had been working on a case for almost a week now and had finally caught their suspect.

Tony stood in observation, looking at the guy, Vince Cardano was his name, arrested several times for petty theft and possession of drugs. He was acting very strangely. It could be nerves but considering they found bags of recreational drugs in his bag when they arrested him, it would likely be the latter.

Just then the door opened and McGee walked in with a big bag of popcorn.

"Did I miss anything."

"No, what took you so long McGoo."

"Burned the first bag."

"Course you did."

The door opened again and in walked Ducky, Jimmy and Abby.

"Oh hey guys, what're you doing here."

"Wouldn't miss this for the world."

"Oh come on Tony, an annoyed Gibbs and an even more annoyed Ziva, this is top class entertainment."

"I heard he hit her."

"Oh yes he did and he'll regret laying a hand on her for the rest of his miserable life."

"She did get him good, broken nose by the looks of it and bruising on the side of his face."

The door opened again but this time it was in interrogation. Abby was right, both of them were furious but Ziva even more than Gibbs. It was taking every ounce of willpower she had not to rip his head off.

"I didn't do it."

"Didn't do what exactly."

"Whatever I'm here for."

"And what would that be."

"I don't know."

"Well first of all there's possession of drugs."

"They're not mine."

"Second of all, possession of an illegal firearm."

"That's not mine either."

"Let me see, assaulting a federal agent."

"I didn't know you was feds and she was the one who assaulted me."

"What part of the whole Special Agents and the badge and gun was so hard to understand."

"Oh and didn't we find the murder weapon in his house."

"Yeah we did actually, I suppose this isn't yours."

"No it's not."

"Well your fingerprints are all over it."

"I've never seen that knife before in my life."

"Cut the crap."

The team in observation was quite enjoying this, they hadn't seen an interrogation like this in awhile.

"We know you did it."

"Did what, for god sake will somebody tell me what I did."

Both of them were losing patience and were getting very angry. Gibbs pulled out pictures of the victims, a 12 year old girl and her mom, stabbed to death in their own living room. Their father was a four star admiral who was out at sea at the time of the murder.


"The girl was the only witness to you robbing an old lady last week."

"You followed her home and you killed her so she wouldn't talk."

"You then killed her mom so you wouldn't have any witnesses to either crime."

"Oh yeah, I remember now, cute kid, and her mom was hot too, but to be honest they looked better after I was finished with them."

"Permission to hit him again." But Ziva wasn't waiting for any permission and she had already gotten up. Gibbs grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Oops did I say that out loud."

Gibbs and Ziva left, motioning to the guard outside to take him to lockup.

"Case closed eventually, I'm surprised you didn't rip his head off Ziva."

"He wasn't worth it."

"Go home all of you, get some rest, you've earned it, we'll finish the paperwork tomorrow."

The team ran upstairs and grabbed their bags, for fear of Gibbs changing his mind.

0100- Gibbs' basement.

Gibbs arrived home, changed and poured himself a glass of bourbon, another boat lay half finished in the basement, which he started working on.

However, he couldn't help but think that there was something up with Ziva. Ever since the team had rescued her from captivity in Somalia, she had taken to going to Gibbs' house most nights, sometimes she sat in silence watching him build the boat and other times she talked about that what had happened that day, Tony's movie references, their teasing, but more seriously the case they had been working on and how it affected her.

Normally they didn't affect her to the point that she had to talk about it but since Somalia, every case, a simple case of robbery gone bad, a missing Navy Lieutenant, a murdered Gunnery Sergeant, they all affected her in ways only Gibbs could relate to.

He could see that she was personally involved in every case, especially the case they had just solved, but he didn't care, at least he wasn't the only one that broke rule 10. She had even started opening up about what had happened to her in that hellhole. It had taken her almost two years to start talking about it but she was getting there.

She didn't tell anybody what had happened, she refused to go to a shrink and she wouldn't even talk to Tony, despite the fact that they were getting closer. This information pained Gibbs as he felt that it was his fault that she had to go through what nobody should ever have to, every day he thinks that if he had've refused to leave her in Israel, if he had've went looking for her sooner, none of this would have happened.

She reassured him every day that he had done everything to ensure that they got the men responsible and that she was safe, but this did not reassure Gibbs, he should've protected his daughter, his Ziver, prevented this.

He opened his phone again to look at the text she had sent, it was quite cryptic and all it said was "that she was sick and she wouldn't make it over and that she was taking sick leave for the next few days."

Gibbs pondered over that text, Ziva was never sick, like ever, not even when DiNozzo came in with the flu and gave it to Jimmy and McGee. He never got sick either and him and Ziva were left to finish solving the case they were working.

She also never missed work but he had decided to respect her privacy. It was quite possible she was actually sick, the weekend team and the MTAC techs had all called in with various colds and tummy bugs. And the case had wrecked them all, her especially, she couldn't stand seeing families broken apart like that, it was a reminder of her own family.

Gibbs eventually decided that he was just overthinking and he poured himself another glass of bourbon and continued working on the boat. When he looked at the time again it was after 0200 so he decided to call it a day and he went upstairs and threw himself onto the couch.

The shrill ringing of his phone broke him away from his slumber. He grumbled and reached for the phone, mumbling under his breath about being woken from "the best sleep he's had in two weeks."

He answered it, "DiNozzo, its 0300 in the morning, this had better be important."

But before Tony had even said a word Gibbs knew something was wrong.

He listened to what Tony was trying to say to him but he was speaking way too fast. "Wait, slow down DiNozzo."


Gibbs hung up, grabbed his gun, coat and keys and ran towards his jeep.