(Percy POV)

Since the Nemean Lion wasn't alive anymore, I looked for any of his kids. I found some but, there was one in a nearby zoo. I don't know how they haven't found out the lion in there is immortal. I went over to the zoo and the price of the zoo was crazy. It was 20 dollars for adults. What a ripoff. I went to the lion's cage and used the mist to cover what I was gonna do. I needed to ask something to it first.

"Hey, Lion. Have you ever killed someone?" I said.

"Shush, Sea spawn. I don't need to answer your mortal questions." the Lion said.

"Who you calling sea spawn, bit**?" I said.

"Halfbloods are the best at cursing. Run and maybe I will spare you. I just love nice juicy sea meat." the Lion said.

"So you have killed someone," I said.

"Of course. When your an immortal like me, a few demigods dead isn't my problem." the Lion said.

"Fine, let's fight and see if you can add another dead demigod to your list," I said.

I knew that it was gonna be hard considering I wasn't Heracles but, I had to do it for Annabeth. She may be the only one I love, now and forever. I went with my power and submerged the lion in water. Jeez, how easy will it be? Heracles should have just done this, not strangle the thing. I got his own claws to rip his flesh into a wearable lionskin. The lionskin automatically turned into a t-shirt to hide it from mortals. I got out of the zoo and went home to my mom and Paul. I opened the door and I saw my mom working on her book series about demigods. Wonder where she got that idea from... oh wait... she got it from my birth! I went upstairs sneakily to not disturb her. Paul was probably at work at this time so, he was not home. I went to sleep after that, not at all hard trial. I dreamt of the next trial, to kill the Lernean Hydra.

(Unknown POV)

The Olympians abandoned me and they will suffer... they will die under my foot and be crushed.

End of chapter 4