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Chapter 2

Galadriel was questioning herself why she accepted this, truly, she had better things to do, she could hunt for world Items in the black market of YGGDRASIL, or she could check on the forums to see if someone was selling one.

Instead, she was here, standing next to a group of kids teaching them how to play a dead game.

"This is so hard!" one of the group shouted.

"Yeah, how can you use all those skills at the same time," the other one said.

Galadriel could only hit her head hard when she listened to that one. She thought that she was being friendly to them by teaching them how to play, only that they are bad at it. But they are noobs, who wanted to have fun, that's it, so she was being patient with them. But a part of her really hate watching them have fun, it's like a bittersweet feeling.

"They have friends… I don't," Galadriel thought to herself.

"How can I do my attack?" the boy asked.

"You're thinking too much about it, your class is [black knight] so you have to use auto-attacks, then your abilities. You can see the stamina bar under your health, so your skills need that stamina so don't waste all of it while doing your auto-attacks." Galadriel explains slowly.

"Ok, I get it now!" the most passionate of the bunch said happily.

"How long would it take me to be level 100?" the boy asked. Galadriel let out a snort when she heard that.

"Quite a long time, you are only level 19 so I would not put my money on it. Just… just have fun, ok?" Galadriel said very sadly. The group of kids eventually went offline gradually until there was only the enthusiastic boy and her.

"I guess… I would have to stop trying, right? It's impossible to reach a higher level before the game ends… That sucks, this game would be over very soon, it's quite amazing honestly, I have never had so much fun in the past!" those words struck a chord with Galadriel who only looks miserable, knowing too well that it's true.

"The game would be over the next week and I still have heard nothing about my friends. I guess real life must be quite busy for them," Galadriel could feel her tears in real life but quickly stopped herself before crying in front of a random kid.

"You are quite amazing, you know that?" the kid said to Galadriel who only look at him confused.

"What do you mean?" she questioned.

"I mean, everyone knows you!" the kid replied. "You are the best player in the world, your name it's even in YGGDRASIL hall of fame because you won 3 world championships back to back!" Galadriel could feel very flustered to hear some speak to hear in such a manner.

"It was nothing…" she murmured, blushing a little.

"You are Galadriel Melkor, the demon empress, the Yggdrasil goddess of war, Frigg's daughter, Jörmungandr's tamer, the strongest and best player in the world, the creator…!"

"Stop!" Galadriel shriek, she was so embarrassed and wanted to jump off the window of her room.

"So, cringe!" she thought.

"Sorry, I let myself go a little," the kid said.

"This is the cringiest moment of my life so far!" Galadriel screams in her mind.

"It's okay, those are titles, nothing more. I am just a player who loves this game, that's all," she said, trying to calm the noob in front of her.

"Although it felt good, to be praise like that, I admit, I just don't want to hear it again… I can't imagine living my life being praise like that, I would want to die!" Galadriel thought.

After an hour of her just showing the adolescent boy how to learn the basics of the game, he asked a tough question to answer.

"Where are your friends?" the kid asked.

That question shock her and put her in an immediate mood of depression.

"Busy…" she lied, not really wanting to accept the truth of it all. That they will not answer her at all.

"I would have like to meet them, the famous players of Ainz Ooal Gown," the noob said dreamily, something that brought an enormous smile on her face.

"They are amazing, want to hear about them? I will tell you a history of our first raid!"

For another hour, she spent talking to this random kid whom she just meets about her guild first big raid. It's been quite something since she had such an enjoyable time.

But it was when the kid had to go because he had school tomorrow, that she decided to gift him some stuff that she had.

"Are you sure about it?" he asked as he grabs a couple of swords and armor.

"Sure, they are no use to me, besides since the game will be over soon, I think it's a good way to go a friend of mine help me create that sword, it's low level to me but to you, it's quite something. It's called Kilineiram, the demonic sword. Take care of the other swords too." she said with a kind smile, as the kid is incredibly excited with the free lot.

"Wow, it even has your name on it!" he said.

"All the swords were made by me, when I competed in the blacksmith tournament, I didn't win, not even a by a long shot but I had a lot of fun," the kid turns around and with a striking pose, he shouts.

"I will call them the swords of Darkness!" he yells.

"Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih! God almighty, take me now and leave me to die! This is so cringe worthy; I think I may go back to my chunibyou-phase!"

"Ye-yeah, that's a suitable name," Galadriel stutter.

"I am the black knight! My swords of Darkness made by the supreme goddess of Yggdrasil, Galadriel Melkor, will bring destruction and justice to all my enemies!"

"Oh gawd, Bukubukuchagama-san once told me, that Peroroncino-san acted this way for a long time, I remember my shame, god kill me now!"

"Well, I have to go now, my mom said that if I scream again, she would throw my computer out of the window!" the kid said as he disconnected.

"God, I wanted to throw myself out of the window!" Galadriel said as she disappears from the place.

The days pass by and the end of Yggdrasil was zooming in on the horizon. She became more desperate to get more world items, that she didn't even care if she had to waste money or other things. Thankfully, it never came to the point of her having to do things that she would have to regret later, like selling nudes or things like that.

The economic crisis made for an excellent way to get the things she wanted, without having to do things like that. After all, money is more important than a couple of boobs pics.

On the last day of Yggdrasil, and she felt the dread of none of her friends coming back for one last time.

She had collected around 42 world items and including the twenty. The strongest, or as they were called, the most broken ones of the bunch.

Galadriel thought about the ridiculous amount of world items she had. If they had all those items back in the day, they would have fuck up shit up. But sadly, her purpose for the collection of so many was to joke about it to her friends.

"Hey guys, look! One world item for each one of us!" Galadriel said as she is alone like always in the treasury.

"But no one came… not yet, this is the last day, and no one has arrived, they haven't even answered my email," her tears are rolling on her face and when she is about to succumb to her pain, a ding sound appear.

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