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Chapter 46

The sense of haste and secrecy surrounded Climb, as he could only follow princess Renner to the meeting of one of her long-time friends. But no matter what, he felt as if something serious was happening. A few days ago, princess Renner received a letter from Lakyus imploring for an encounter with her. The tone of the letter and how serious it seemed made Renner uncomfortable, or so Climb thought. From what he could understand, many things had changed in the last few weeks. How much? He didn't know; he knew little of the Kingdom politics. But the nobles were on the rise and bringing a cloud of darkness with them.

Princess Renne has been doing her best, trying to appease both her father and oldest brother. But with no luck. Yet Climb believed there wasn't a better person to rise to the challenge than her. For no one has her heart and wits. That's why he would protect her from any harm. Or die trying.

"I will protect you."

Climb muttered as he followed his princess to an old and rustic building.

"Climb. I think this is the place. Mm, I wonder why the secrecy," Renner said, bemused.

"My princess, please allow me."

Renner gave him a gentle smile, full of love and tenderness. Climb knocked on the door three times, then waited and do it again. Just like, miss Tina and Tia told me to. They will know it's us. Climb thought as he listened to soft sound insides the building. And soon enough, opening the door, a giant woman brought him in, smirking all the while.

"Look what I found! A virgin boy!"

Gagaran said as she hugged poor Climb's body. The rest of Blue Rose's were pleased to see the princess. But Lakyus could only sigh, as she felt the hardest part was just beginning.

"Lakyus, you have seen better days," Renner said.

"And you would be right. Things have not been so great for me, or the rest of us."

"How so? Did something bad happen during the last mission?" Renner asked.

"You could say that…" Gagaran muttered.

"Lakyus, what happened?"

Lakyus glanced at her sister in battle. All looked silent and somber. But it was Evileye who seemed more resilient to speak or to say anything. Or perhaps it was because she was thinking. How long would this strange and anxious peace last? The world is restless and silent. Evileye could only think, as she felt as if the world was ready for the greatest conflict they had ever seen. Yet, hope was still on their side, small dreams of faith, but it was there.

"Princess Renner, first. I would like to assure you this is not some kind of scheme, or joke. This took place not too long ago."

"This sound serious," Renner said.

"It's more than that…"

For a long hour, Lakyus explained everything that happened during the raid of the tomb of the Supreme One. Princess Renner and Climb listened to every single detail. Lakyus let nothing out. She told them how the Supreme One was real. Lakyus told them how Galadriel Melkor, a character many thought to be a myth, was now roaming the world. Neither Renner nor Climb said a thing. And for good reason, there was little to say. Or so Climb thought, since he was the only one with nothing but fear on his face. Princess Renner had a cold, stoic face as she listened to each of the details. Not showing her inner thoughts. Evileye wondered what was the princess thinking.

Lakyus explained how their friend, The Platinum Dragon Lord, could barely stand against her. The Supreme One was in a weak state after a thousand years of sleep. But all of that was not something that worried Renner. So after hearing the long tale of wonders and fear. Renner couldn't help herself but think how beautiful Climb looked with that outfit he was wearing. Such a good pet. But leaving that aside, I would need to learn more about their plans. Yet I feel as if everything was going according to what the Supreme One planned.

"I understand now…"

Renner said as she took Lakyus shaking hands, bringing comfort to the poor adventurer woman.

"It must have been horrible for you to see, Lakyus."

"Do you believe us?" Lakyus asked.

"Of course, I believe you! How could I not? From what I could see, all of you witness something terrifying and wonderful… Wonderfully horrifying to all of us."

Lakyus ignored how princess Renner said the last word, as her mind was getting ahead with what could they do now.

"But you have come here, to tell me all of this for something, right?" Renner asked gently.

"Princess Renner, you're the smartest person I know. Do you think, we could unite the nations around the world to fight the Supreme One?" Lakyus asked.

Renner sighed as she couldn't comprehend why would Lakyus think something as laughable as that. The idea of the nations cooperating for a common goal was impossible. Right down hilarious. Yet she could see the desperations in Lakyus eyes. Maybe she should play it more gently. There were a few things she had to know before anything else come to pass. Renner time was getting cut short since her beloved older brother began rising more levy and nobles to his side. Not like it was a bad thing, just that she had to move faster.

A fool my brother is, but I must admit he is endearing. Like a retarded pig walking through mud looking for food. Well, mm that's not a good example. However, I must help him get more soldiers. The more deaths, the better. Now, I must know more details about their plans.

Princess Renner smiled as she thought about the possibilities of what could happen.

"Lakyus, I don't think that's possible. First, I doubt anyone would believe you. Even if those in The Theocrasy know about the Supreme One revival I doubt they would do something about it. At least not now."

"But… There has to be a way! If we tell the people-!"

"Tell what, exactly? That you saw the Supreme One waking up from a tomb somewhere? That the Black Scripture was there and Dragon Lord? I trust you and believe you. But I can't say the same about what other would think."

"Now that you put it in such a way…" Gagaran muttered in the back.

"It's hard to believe if you weren't there, that's true."

Tia and Tina weren't talking, but even they couldn't help to hide their skepticism about what Lakyus said, and they were there.

"Lakyus, you must understand why is going around the world, right now. The kingdom and empire of Baharuth are in the mist of a war like no other. Theocracy would remain hidden no matter what, as well as the Elf Kingdom. I believe the Elf king cares little about what goes around the world. The Dragon kingdom is in an eternal battle with the Beastman Country and relies heavily upon Baharuth support as well the Theocracy aid to survive. The Argland Council State may help you, I don't doubt it. But it's not enough."

"There are many other states and nations, but each one of them had their own problems and some even worship the figure of the Supreme One."

The members of Blue Roses flinched at the words of princess Renner. Hearing the state of the world was never easy. So it brought questions about what could they do. Surely there has to be something out there for them.

"I doubt we could unite the world… it's not possible."

"I know it sounds rather hard, but I know we can do it!"

Lakyus said. There was a light in her eyes. Hope? Princess Renner thought.

"You must think of something, then. What about the Platinum Dragon Lord? You say he escaped," Renner said.

"He did but so far, we haven't been able to meet him."

"Rigrit told us she would talk to him soon. Also, if I'm not mistaken, he would try to gather the rest of the Dragon Lords. But it would take a while for that to happen."

Evileye said, as Renner immediately caught interest in a Dragon Lord meeting.

"A meeting of Dragon lords?" Renner asked.

"Yes, well, Platinum Dragon Lord would speak with the council in Argland. But the real and more powerful Dragon lords are all scattered around the world. It would take time before him could convince them to move out. If ever."

"Evileye, do you think we could convince lady Elian to help us out?" Lakyus asked.

"Of course she would help us! I already told you we should meet her at once. The last time I spoke with her, she told me she would visit the Empire of Baharuth. There was something strange going on there."

"I guess we're not that far off. We need to do something, before it's too late."

Lakyus said, but she didn't notice how Renner was looking at the rest of them.

"What about your uncle? Has he answered you?" Evileye asked.

"Well, not yet, but knowing him… I think we should meet him. Perhaps it would be for the best if we all meet in one place. My uncle, lady Elian, Regina and Nabe, and us. Then we could plan our next move."

"That's a great idea, Lakyus. But could it be possible, for all of you to meet Platinum Dragon Lord as well? If the Supreme One is the greatest of the world. Then perhaps it's time for a new fellowship to emerge. Think about this, the Demon Jaldabaoth is still around the world. The nations are each at the edge of either war, or at the edge of civil unrest. The world has become more unstable with each passing day."

Evileye thought about such a thing, truly, if she considered everything. Things were worse now than it was two hundred years ago. Yes, the Evil Deities were powerful. But considering the Supreme One's strength, how she could easily overpower Jaldabaoth who was itself more powerful than the Evil Deities, or how under-power they were. Evileye couldn't honestly see a chance to survive. Yet she believed that there was an opportunity for them to fight back. There has to be. Perhaps, lady Elian could be this age savior? She could defeat that powerful demon before. Maybe we could help her achieve something great! I know we can!

"I think it's possible, Lakyus. But we must get stronger too!" Evileye said.


"Exactly! Shorty is right about this. We can't fall in despair from this!" Gagaran said.

"The big woman speaks the truth, evil boss. We have seen what we are about to face. We know there is no other chance but to fight."

"And we will fight."

Lakyus could only stare at her friends. At her sisters in all but blood. I will never surrender! They are on my side! She thought.

"I will support in anything I can. The Kingdom may be in a deplorable state, but I know there is hope for all of us. Would you help me, Climb?" Renner asked.

"I'm not strong, nor smart. But I will always be on your side, princess Renner!"

Lakyus smiled at them with renowned strength. Next to them, there was nothing she couldn't do. Perhaps it was the start of a new generation of heroes. Whatever it was, Lakyus felt as if, together with her friends, nothing was impossible. Jaldabaoth, The Ancient One. The Witch Queen. All of them will fall! My friends are with me, and there is nothing that would change that!

Lakyus thought, feeling the power of friendship re-surging inside of her. Yet she didn't notice Renner looking at her with a fake smile. The Princess of Re-Estize hid her amusement behind a face of confidence and determination. Since she knew that there was no hope for them. Oh, my dear Lakyus, you don't understand, but you lost a long time ago.

The power of friendship won't work in this world.

The Baharuth Empire should have been the new light of the world. A land of opportunities and dreams for all humans, or a brand new start for the greatest empire of the world. Yet, in the last few months, a storm of change and darkness seemed to arrive out of nowhere. As if the gods were teasing them. For the young emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix, the great monarch of the empire, things were only getting more interesting. He would admit the sudden growth of slavers and the criminal organizations took him by surprise.

Jircniv wondered where do all those slavers come from. Or how could they gain so much power and wealth in so little time? His spies told him how the Eight Fingers organization was the one behind all of it. It did not surprise him. The Kingdom of Re-Estize was on the edge of collapse and civil war, the perfect breeding ground for such crime groups to grow without problems.

Yet deep inside him, there was something he couldn't shake his feelings off. A thought of trouble and fear. Jircniv felt as if something bigger was going on behind closed curtains.

"The world it's changing… and we're nothing but someone pawns."

Jircniv whispered as he stared at the window.

"Ah, your majesty. For what I can see, something is troubling you."

An old voice brought the attention of the Bloody Emperor as he noticed the old man sitting next to him.

"Nothing escapes your sight. But yes, something has been bothering me lately."

The old man considered The Strongest Wizard in the world, Fluder Paradyne stared at the young emperor. He had his head full of things, too. Not too long ago, he had a meeting with a certain group, which showed him something he had never seen before. There was a lot to consider and so much for him to do, yet he felt as if the young Emperor would not understand his goals. That's why he would remain silent for now. The world was going to change in more ways than anyone has before. But hopefully, the world would still be in one piece once it was all over.

"Mm, it's the dead of the Baron family? They were your greatest allies after all," Fluder said while stroking his long bear.

"Their deads were… unfortunate. They were my greatest source of information and income. But not really the end of the world. I just have to find the one who did it. However, I must admit that the complete mess about slavers has made things more interesting for me."

"Oh, and why is that, your majesty?"

"I had to confess that ever since my coronation, things became dull. There has been no challenge, and while I enjoy the peace and prosperity of the empire, there is this urge inside me. A sensation of pure boredom. But now, the spying, the civil unrest around the Re-Estize, the attacks on my subjects. Everything has become entertaining."

"I would advise your majesty to not let your amusement get the better of you."

"Of course not, no matter how intriguing I find everything. They would soon remember who I am."

Jircniv smiled as he was currently scheming on his own. Yet he must admit how strange was for the Kingdom to fall from grace so quickly. He knew it was only a matter of time before the nobles there ate each other. The nobility of the kingdom there reminded him of how the Empire used to be with their nobles. Corrupt buffoons, with no clear intelligence in their head, not capable of reasoning or understanding. Jircniv hated them a lot. He could only smile brightly at the state of the kingdom.

I doubt even the all-mighty Golden Princess could stop the falling of her home. There is nothing she can do now, only try to hold as much power as she can and hope for the best.

Jircniv hated to think about such a girl. He could never understand what she was doing. Princess Renner was not someone he could read, and because of that, he despised her. The girl was too much of a loose cannon, and he even thought about murdering her. But of course, it was not something he could do without problems. Still, the princess unnerved him.

"The next annual war it will not be the same," Jircniv said.

"Ah, the annual war… From what I've been hearing the last days. The kingdom of Re-Estize is going to push all their resources this time around. Makes me wonder, if they know what they are doing," Fluder said.

"I doubt it, still, I can't allow the empire to look weak."

"And I never said you should, but we must tread carefully…"

"Easy for you to say, old man. You're Fluder Paradyne, the Strongest Wizard in the world. Everyone knows you and fears you. Won't you like to show a bit of your power?" Jircniv teased.

Fluder laughed loudly, remembering the days of his youth.

"My bones are weak now, and my back hurts."

"You still look great for a 200-year-old man."

"But I understand what are you talking about. The whole thing speaks to me as if someone wanted to make a big scene. A spectacle of sorts." Jircniv said.

"I thought the same. Although is to be expected. The heir to the throne is a special individual. No doubt he wants to show himself as a capable ruler." Fluder said.

Jircniv scoffed at the idea of such an idiot being king. Princes Barbro was anything but capable. Jircniv has heard of him, the tales of the prince's stupidity, and how nobles would follow him and fill that little head of his with ideas of grandeur, they would only bring his downfall. Perhaps, they would end up doing more damage to the kingdom, Jircniv couldn't care less, yet he was still feeling rather suspicious about the whole thing.

I will have to keep an eye, there is defiantly something bigger going. Mm, perhaps the Eight Fingers are truly trying to expand their dominion, and they are pushing the nobles to get the empire and kingdom in a war. That would defiantly give them room to move out. But I won't let them… They are idiots if they think I can't see it. Still, I will call my spies and explore. I need more information.

"Mm, well… let's see how does the world change. Whatever it happens, nothing would surprise me."

Deep inside the Great Tomb of Nazarick, in the private room of the Supreme One. Galadriel sat in front of a table. She was watching the map of the world with great interest. Every detail and name of the nations were there, looking back at her. No one was with her at the moment. No Albedo, or any other lover, just her. Galadriel often liked the company of herself. Sometimes she wanted to be left alone. It was nothing bad, just that. Galadriel wanted to be by herself, to think and relax. Having too many responsibilities and thoughts running through her head all the time was exhausting.

So, she would take a day or two to relax.

Galadriel sighed as she stared at the map. The next move of her plans was going to start soon. The entire world would soon know about her. A catalyst like no other would play out in the eyes of the mortals. And she would have to be prepared for what was going to happen.

Galadriel was not entirely worried about the nations. Not entirely. She planned to create a wave of chaos around the world. Of course, they would not know it was her. But it would push them all to the edge of annihilation.

The Re-Estize Kingdom and Empire of Baharuth would march to their death. It didn't matter how many soldiers die, the whole point of it was to make her look good. Well, kind of. Then, in the south, the Roble Holy Kingdom would have to deal with Jaldabaoth and his new allies. Demiurge would have to use a lot of his power in order to create pandemonium. However, Galadriel was sure Demiurge would enjoy himself. From what she knows, both North and South of the Kingdom were in deplorable relationships, and they would exploit it. Already, those girls, Ninya, Clementine, and that strange priestess were marching there. Nothing like a zealot uprising to make things better.

The Dragon Kingdom and Elf Country were going to be left alone for now. Demiurge would use his new power to increase the Beastman attacks in the Dragon Kingdom while creating discomfort in the Elf country. Yet they would face nothing major, just enough to put them on edge.

Now, the Slane Theocracy was another topic. They would have to move or do something as the entire world burns. Galadriel wanted them to feel despair before anything. Her agents were already telling her about the division between the cardinals. Not enough for Galadriel, but it was a start. However, she was focusing on the Dragon Lords. They were the only powerful beings in the world to cause problems for them.

The last report has told her about a soon-to-be meeting. Pandora's Actor has advised her to move with care since it was a possibility that many of the big names would be there. However, Demiurge and Albedo told her about how many of the Dragon Lords in the Argland Council weren't really that powerful. Some of them were perhaps below level 80. But the other ones, the oldest of the bunch, won't be there.

The older the dragon, the more powerful it becomes. The lore continues, yet I won't let them get the best of us. It's a good thing they are incredibly arrogant. While the weaklings reunite, we will hunt the strong ones, one by one. They will have to face us, eventually. They had to.

I guess I will have to play the hero… I wonder what would their faces be when I show myself? That would be hilarious.

Galadriel thought as she smirked at the map before her.

"While the entire world burns and fall in despair… they will have to show themselves."

Galadriel said as she took one figurine off the board. The dragon shape figure looked made of crystal or something.

"They are the only true enemy here. I must eliminate them at all costs. Even if I have to blaze this entire world to ashes. By the end of it all. They would become nothing but memories. I will put their heads in the walls of my new city."

Galadriel wanted to smash the figures like an amazing villain, but Pandora's Actor made them and she didn't want to upset him. Besides, they were so cool.

"In any case… it's time for us to move out."

"[Albedo, are you there, my dear?]" Galadriel said through Message.

"[Of course, my love. What can I do for you?]"

"[Albedo, I rested enough. It's time for us to move. Gather the guardians and everyone else. Operation Apocalypse, will start now.]"

"[Understood, my lady.]"

Galadriel sighed as she cringed at the name they gave to the operation. "Really? Apocalypse? It's so… edgy." She muttered as she got ready to leave the privacy of her room. It didn't matter, after all. Soon enough, the world would learn what it means.