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Chapter 47

A misty shadow covered the surrounding place in doubt and dreams, as a group of well-trained men gathered to share their hopes. Each one of them wondered what was the reason for such a mysterious gathering. Yet none could bring themselves to care enough to ask for their motivations of what could be a straightforward job. Workers were the ones who did the dirty job, that the adventurers couldn't or would not do. It was illegal most of the time, and highly dangerous. But the reward was always worth it.

And that was they were there, all of them, near the borders between of Baharuth Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Among them, a young worker by the name of Erya Uzruth stood proudly, with a nasty smirk on his face. Behind him, three Elven slaves with their faces looking down obeyed his every whim. Annoyingly so, Erya waited for whatever information for the job he appointed himself to. He couldn't deny how sketchy everything felt, but then again. Every single work he has done felt the same.

A worker's life isn't easy, especially now with all the new reforms the emperor has put through. How much I hate that man.

Erya thought with disdain, as he sneered at the poor elves girl who trembled in fear at such a sight.

"Such a waste of time."

Erya huffed in a childlike manner, although he was more annoyed that he had to wait that long for more knowledge. Thankfully, he was not the only one.

"How long we have to wait for?!"

A worker said, with an infuriated tone.

"Yeah, and adding the fact we are on the border… this doesn't sit well with me."

Erya was not an idiot, he thought the same as it was obvious that none of the other worker's teams were only a bunch of uneducated mercenaries. They knew something wasn't adding up, and for that reason, they were all ready to bail at the first sign of trouble. However, a gentleman with a quite arrogant smirk arrived, silencing all their worries, for now. The man stood proudly, and while he seemed rather out of place in the whole meeting. Erya felt as he was measuring them.

What is he thinking about? I wonder what he is trying to do.

Erya thought as he also noticed a carriage behind the man.

Those are imperial soldiers. Now this has become rather interesting.

Erya, just like the rest, approached the man in hopes to answer some of their questions.

"I apologize for taking such a long time, gentleman, but as many of you already figure out. This is a rather unusual job for all of you."

"Unusual? We are the border of two nations that, for what I know, are at the border of war," a worker said.

"Baharuth and Re-Estize are always at war, is annually. So, what is the difference now?" Another one asked.

Erya kept quiet as he listened to the words of the workers. For as long as he remembered, both nations were always at the edge of each other. There was always war at the end of each year, and it was, in his opinion, a waste of time and resources. Yet he couldn't deny that during those times, the business was lucrative. Not only for workers but for everyone who wished to get the upper head in the next year. Erya was not about stealing the clothes or armors of those poor bastards who died on the battlefield. But the nobles take advantage of the land and get hold of new properties. They would hire some workers and send them to kill off any poor civilian who wouldn't give away their land. A nasty job, however, the pay was always good.

So, with that in mind, Erya had the idea that, perhaps, finally both nations would go at each other's throats.

"The nobles from both nations are now at their peak. Even in the empire, some of the noble families who lost it all, can now get some of their power and gold back, thanks to slavers. And for the looks of it, something more."

"Something more?"

"I don't know the details, but there is something nasty going on with the slavers," a random worker said.

"Ah, I fucking hate slavers."

Erya scoffed at those words. Since for him, Erya Uzruth, there was a clear distinction between him and other people. He was not like everyone else. So, for that reason, having slaves for him was not so unnatural. It was almost normal, and something obvious. He turned and saw those three pathetic elf girls and felt disgusted. Erya stared at one with blue hair, a young one. She was still mourning the loss of her child, even if the act itself that brought to life such a baby was a despicable one. The elf girl still grieves such an innocent life.

Erya was a man who enjoyed the pleasure of getting a slave girl pregnant, just to kill their baby once it was born before them as a reminder of to whom they belong. Other times, he would sell those babies just for extra gold to the many slavers who partake in such profitable business of the slave market. Young children were often a commodity to some high lords. And while the practice of such a thing was deplorable in the eye of many, the market for children was always high. And because of that, Erya would often buy fresh and young elf girls in order to get the best out of them. Then, he would just perhaps sell them again for better ones.

Or, if they were attractive enough, perhaps put a baby of two there and sell those poor innocent souls to a slaver. Then repeat and start again.

Erya was a smart person, after all.

"Can we please skip to the job and the payment?" Erya said, looking rather nasty at all of them there.

Erya, with one simple gaze, could see that none of them were at his level. Few people were. And with exception of a few individuals, there was no one stronger than him in the Empire. Or so he believed. None could deny his ability to fight. But a reason altercation was still a sour memory for him. Not too long ago, he met a group of adventurers. Well, three girls of immense beauty. And each one of them seemed strong enough to hold their ground. Especially the leader. A person who at a friendly spar, beat him to a pulp, perhaps because of the competitiveness of the spar. Or that he had slaves with him. Erya would never know how lucky he was that people were there looking at their little friendly spar. Otherwise, he would have been killed. Slowly. However, his name would not be forgotten.

Bitch, I will remember that! Just you wait! Erya fumed in anger and humiliation.

"Well, the job is simple itself, however, quickness is a must."

The gentleman told them, as he gave each one of the Worker teams a map, with different locations surrounded by a big red circle.

"Wait, aren't these towns?" A worker asked.

"Yes, they are."

"Sir, we are workers, not mercenaries… we won't attack a place with civilians."

Erya wanted to laugh at such words. Workers and mercenaries weren't really that different. Not at all. Perhaps that most of the workers won't risk their lives in a job that would lead to an open conflict. While mercenaries were the ones paid to create such a thing. Still, as of now, workers were struggling to find a good job. That's why they were all there. Because they need the gold.

"Don't worry, these aren't really civilian's towns, but slavers' safe-houses. But is on the kingdom territory and heavily protected by soldiers. We want you to create as much chaos as possible, while we deal with the kingdom soldiers. There is a convoy coming soon, but besides that, everything is textbook. Simple job for all of you."

The Lord said with a smile on his face. Erya suspected the whole thing. But kept silent. What they were going to do was perhaps the beginning of a wide attack on slavers, but in his experience. The whole thing seemed more than what it was. What are they playing at? This is not really about the slavers. He thought silently. If they wanted to deal with the slavers, they should have gone to the nobles related to the trade. I highly doubt the emperor is not aware of who is on the slavers' payroll. Attacking their warehouses is a waste of time. There are always more of them.

"Simple job, eh?"

"Exactly, only attack the establishments, set up an ambush, and leave. We will deal with the rest. No one would know you were even here."

The workers' team weren't convinced truly of the job and seen the hesitation the lord brought a big bag filled with gold and more. He threw it on the ground, and even Erya couldn't stop looking at the shiny and beautiful color emanating from the gold coins. It was a lot of gold. So much that they thought if there were going to do that, at the very least, a good pay would wait for them. And it seemed that a good pay was indeed waiting for them.

"And this is only the first. The emperor wanted to make sure to pay for the professionalism here. So, with that in mind, he will pay all of you, the double at the end of your mission. These bags of gold are only an incentive."

Then, the carriage opened, and inside, a collection of bags of gold were waiting for them. Erya and the rest of the workers were looking at those bags of gold, wondering if they were being played, but holding one of the gold coins. It became apparent it was not fake, and soon, they were all in for the mission. Such a large quantity of gold wasn't something someone could just bring out of nowhere. Erya had to admit, with such an enormous amount of gold, he wouldn't have to worry about the future. At least not for a while. He was already thinking of buying new slaves, or perhaps a better place to be. The mansion was not a place for him. Erya deserved better than living among those pesky nobles.

"It seems as if the emperor really wants the slaves gone," Erya said.

"Indeed, he truly wants them gone. That's why, he wanted to have only the best for this mission. And of course, he only pays for the best."

The gentleman said as the workers felt a stroke in their ego. Erya smirked at those words. Perhaps that foolish emperor is not that bad. After all, he looked out for me specifically. He thought as he recalled the note asking for his services. The emperor did not sign, of course. That would be a horrible idea. But Erya thought the emperor heard of his prowess and ability. Well, he was wrong. The emperor did not know who he was, or what was going on. But they would not know that.

"Tell, the emperor we are more than happy to assist in this enterprise," one said.

"This is going to be easy! We hate slavers in any case!"

"I can't wait to use this gold!"

Erya allowed his smirk to appear, as he was trying to hide his emotion. But he shares the same enthusiasm as the rest of the workers' teams.

"It will be easy," Erya said.

With that being said, the workers' teams were told about the details of the operation. Erya smugly listened to the talks, but in his mind, he was on his own. There was no reason for him to allow himself to be involved with the rest. He would do what he must, after all. Erya was a professional, and with the help of his elf slaves, there was no one who could stop him. Re-Estize soldiers? Mm, nothing to be a concern with. Peasants with forks who barely know how to hold a sword. This is perhaps the easiest job in a while. He thought as he moved with his plans.

There were no failures in his life. None.

The moonlight caressed the buildings and in the silence the workers who were now acting as sellswords, and mercenaries of the Baharuth empire. Perhaps they always were, but it was of no importance now. The worker's mode to each of the buildings in the surrounding towns. The idea was that a divided attack against such low numbers would be the best course of action. A big ambush would take the poor soldiers that were supposed to be there by surprise. However, as the workers swoop in. They were noticing something odd.

The buildings were empty. Nothing was inside them.

The emptiness of those buildings didn't sit well with the workers. At first, they thought that perhaps there was a snitch somewhere and alerted the slavers about the upcoming operation. Yet for the workers there. It felt wrong. As if something was looking down at them. One team who was the first to attack faraway walked slowly inside one empty barn. They hoped to find any evidence or anything that could lead them to an answer to what happened there. Still, they couldn't locate anything meaningful. So, the questions started to emerge.

"What do you think is going on?" One worker asked.

"I do not know, perhaps the slaver got the heads up and leave."

"That sounds about right, but we are still going to get paid for this?"

"Well, I hope they do. It's not our fault the slavers discovered our little expedition."

"Yeah… but I wonder, what was this barn use for?"

"Mm, you know slavers. They do like to clean house once in a while, and those poor souls who died while… working, need to go somewhere. I heard a while ago, that in the Re-Estize kingdom would burn down the barn filled with bodies of slaves that died. Mostly sex slaves. Nasty business."

"Pff, hate slavers, always had and always will. But is crazy to believe that they are having a firm grip on empire after so long. I thought the emperor had dealt with them."

The workers kept on talking to each other while moving around the empty place. Nothing looked out of place. Well, only that the barn in question looked rather clean. Too clean for a place where slavers were supposed to keep their slaves. And it was something they noticed right away.

"Man, I don't like this. There is not even a scratch on the walls. Nothing. It's like they just built this place yesterday."

"Yeah, you're right… this is not normal."

It only took a few moments before a horrible sound came out of the deepest and darkest corners of the barn. The workers got tense and ready to fight whatever was there, but none of them considered that there was not a chance for any of them to make it out of that place alive. And with trembling fingers, they stared at a beast with long teeth and nasty red eyes. A giant wolf, with long black fur and crimson eyes. The poor work that was closer to the beast yelled, afraid, and as soon as everyone listened to his cries of fear. They listened to the beast howl and the snapping of the body of the poor man.

Half of the body was lost, but they could find it in the jaws of the monster. And with that, they ran away. They knew such a beast was above them. But they weren't fast enough. Another monster appeared before them, and it was almost the same wolf-life creature. However, the one before them had a more elegant type of fur. They weren't capable of mounting a defense and with no warning. The two monsters eat them alive with incredible speed. Like they were starving. Of course, they weren't hungry, just rather excited to be out and enjoying an evening with their tamer.

However, their tamer was not so please with the scene.

"Ah! Fenrir One, Fenrir Two! Stop eating them! We need their bodies!" Aura said.

Both beasts spitted out the bodies, or what they left of them on the floor. And the dark elf could only gag.

"Alright, alright we can still use them… I think," Aura said, as she approached the bodies.

Aura sighed as both pets moved their tails in happiness, still not understanding that they have done not such a good job. But it wasn't something bad, just unfortunate. Their current aim was an easy one. Create a horrendous scene and start the war between the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth empire. There were many things they could have done, but this one was the easiest. Besides, it didn't matter in the end. The war would start soon. It was only a matter of who would start it. And well, in Aura's opinion, they were the ones who would start the fire.

"Well, it doesn't matter… as long we leave a bunch of bodies behind. Ah, well, alright both of you! We have more to do! Let's go!"

Aura said as she took her pet and her lady's pet back to the next objective.

Erya had his sword out as he walked through the empty town. He chooses for himself. The moment he arrived there; he could feel something wrong with the place. Yet he continues down the empty street, unaware of what was going on in the other camps and empty barns.

"This is looking rather suspicious…" he said.

"Hey you, can you feel anything?" Erya asked one of the elves' girls.

"N-nothing at all," she said, rather meek and afraid.

"Tsh, what a useless piece of garbage," Erya muttered.

Erya then felt as if something was coming in his direction. A small presence, coming out of the darkness.

"Eh, who are you?" Erya asked, looking at the figure who came out of the darkness.

"Ah, you finally arrive. I was getting worry… I have already cleaned up the other places. You're the last one left. I need to hurry up!"

Erya stared at the small elf girl with rather dark skin and heterochromia. An unusual pair of eyes. Erya didn't notice how the elves girl behind him gasped at the sudden appearance of such a person. He seemed to not even care. However, he smirked at such a prize.

Mm, this is my lucky day. Not only I am going to get paid a ridiculous amount of gold. But I have found a nice young elf girl! They are rather expensive. Perhaps I could enjoy myself for a bit with her. I am getting rather bored with these three.

Erya thought, licking his lips as he approached the weak-looking girl.

"Hey, don't you think is a rather dangerous place to be? It's lucky I found you, otherwise someone would try to take advantage of you."

Erya said, but the girl only stared at him, a bit confused by those words.

"Uh, I don't know what are you talking about, sir…"

"It's okay! Here, let me help you."

The three elves girl wanted to stop the man in charge of them from harming the girl before them. They realized by just looking at the strange dark elf that; they were in the presence of a princess. Or so their twisted mind thoughts. All elves knew about their king, and the power he commanded, and even now, years after being captured and sold to the humans. Those three were still afraid of their monarch. Perhaps that child was an offspring of him, they weren't sure. But what they knew was that they needed to stop him. Whatever the cost.

Erya was soon enough surprised by how one of the elf girls tried to tackle him from behind. But because of her small side and rather weak body couldn't do much. Another one tried to stop his hand from moving his sword, and the last one was holding his legs.

"Run! Please run!"

"Leave, my princess leave!"

"We will hold him down, so please leave, don't worry about us!"

Erya growled furiously as he started to beat them, and it was something easy to do with one hand.

"Get away from me, you filthy whore!" He yelled.

Erya was stronger than them, and with little trouble, he pushed them away. Not before cutting the chest of one of the girls with his swords. And kicking the face of another one. A few teeth were lost, and an eye was lost. But girls were still trying to hold him down. The entire time, Mare, who was the one everyone thought was a girl, stared at the scene unfolding in front of him with a completely surprised face. He seemed rather amused by it all. I don't know what is going on now. This is really weird. Mare thought while he was still looking at the human hitting the elves' girls with the full intent of killing them.

"You dare! You dare to raise your hand to me?! Filthy elf!"

Mare frowned, and while he may be indifferent to the pain of those three, he was still an elf, just like them. Kind of. The supreme ones created him. Bukubukuchagama created him and choose for him to be a Dark Elf. Mare knew and understood that he was not like those girls, not by a long shot. They were inferior to him in every sense of the word, and while they shared the same race to an extent. It was different. But those words still annoyed Mare.

"You scum, you're nothing but filth under my feet! Learn your place! All of you are inferior to me! All of you are garbage of a race!"

Mare amused and annoyed, then grabbed his staff with both hands, and with one simple swing, hit the head of the annoying human. The head, for lack of a better word, exploded. Like a balloon full of water. The blood was everywhere, and the body of Erya simply fell to the ground, like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

"So annoying," Mare said as he stared around him.

The three-elf girl battered stared at him in awe and devotion, a rather unusual thing for him to experience but ignored. Yet something was bothering Mare. And it was how they referred to him early.

They call me princess? Ah, besides mistaking my gender… they seem to believe that I am royalty. Uh, what should I do?

Mare stood there thinking deeply about what should he do with that piece of information. His lady has advised all the guardians to think outside of the box, and if they were to find an advantage in their missions, to take it.

Ah, I know!

Mare, who ignored the three girls who were spitting and kicking the dead body of Erya and called for the only person who could shine some light on his question.

"{Ah, Demiurge, are you there?}" Mare asked with a shy tone.

"{Oh! Mare, is strange that you call for me. Is there a reason in particular?}" Demiurge asked gently.

"{Uh, yes, uhm, you see, we are currently on our mission to star the spark of war on the continent. And well, I met a guy with three slave girls. They were elf, so while I was dealing with him, those slave girls tried to save me and call me princess. And I think they are mistaking me by some type of ruler or something, and I don't know what to do.}" Mare asked.

"{Mm, that is indeed a nice bit of information, Mare. Nicely done to catch that!}"

Mare blushed deeply at the praise as she smiling internally.

"{Now, I do believe the best course of action is to take advantage of that. Our information about the Elven Kingdom is small, but is also because we haven't put too many resources on it. However, this will allow us to plan something ahead. Are those girls alive?}" Demiurge asked.

Mare turned around and so how the girls were on their knees, tired, battered, and sobbing.

"{Yes, they are but injure… should I take them to Neuronist? She can deal with them.}" Mare said without even a hint of sympathy in his eyes.

"{I don't think that would be necessary. They were slaves, right? Perhaps even sexual slaves… And I think our lady would not like how we treat them. I think for now it would be best to take them to Pestonya and heal them. If they were trying to save you, then perhaps, it would be good to gain their loyalty. Remember our lady's word. We must try to improve ourselves and look outside of the box.}"

"{Of course!}"

"{Besides, it would be a good experiment…}"


"{Ah, sorry, just ramblings… my last interbreeding experiment was unsuccessful, so I'm on the lookout. Now, leaving that aside, do what you must. I know you are capable of this.}" Demiurge said with perhaps an incredibly supportive and honest voice.

"{I think I will follow your advice… perhaps, this is what our lady wanted? A part of her plans for the future? I mean, what is the possibility of finding three elf girls in the same place and confusing me with their princess?}"

Demiurge roared in a demonic laugh, making Mare confuse.

"{I won't be surprised if our lady has orchestrated this moment!}"

"{OH! As expected of our lady!}"

"{Indeed! So don't worry, Mare, I think we are going to do just fine.}"

"{Thank you, Demiurge! I now know what to do!}"

Mare smiled as he turned around to the elf girls. They may be inferior, but they could serve his lady purpose. The young guardian felt confident that whatever comes now, it would be only part of the plan.