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Chapter 49

The dark and reddish sky traveled all over the world, showing the countdown of what could be the next great catastrophe. The whispers of the great doom coming finally to the world could be heard in each corner of every nation. Yet, there was a different version of what could it mean. However, there was something clear, and it was that the sky itself was bringing winter with it. The lack of sun and the anomaly that it was, was slowly killing the ecosystem, and it was clearly much more than the caster expected. Well, it was more than anyone truly expected. The scenario was slowly turning into a real-life apocalypse, and it was awesome.

Yet, while a certain person was having the time of her life, enjoying the chaos at a world level. The people down in the real world weren't having such much of a good time. The crops were being killed by the toxic smoke. The rain tasted like ashes, and the feeling of sulfur was getting humans sick. The few days in which the sun was visible, the dark, strange mist would cover the land, from the highest mountain to the lowest farmland. And the smell brought sickness to every child.

And people loved making things worse by causing more mayhem. And the few who knew what was going on could do nothing but stare as the world was crumbling down. The survivors of the recent raid of the tomb where the Supreme One was sleeping were on a mission to bring up a team with the capabilities to face whatever horrors tomorrow would bring. And while it seemed rather stupid to try to do all of that, it didn't take away the entertainment from a certain person. Yet, there was a place currently that was crumbling down for one reason. And it was because of religion.

The Slane Theocracy was on the verge of a civil war, and while many outsiders wouldn't believe it was that bad, inside of the Theocracy, where humanity believed they were the dominant race of the world. It was starting to look otherwise. And there were many sides who were against each other, all who seemed to be fighting in order to gain control or simply kill anyone who was against them.

And among them, there was one who was gaining more power by the day. And it was the Creed of the Ancient One. And in the capital city, Kami Miyako they were doing a lot of noise. Divine Chant, the new leader of the Creed of the Ancient One, was standing in the middle of the city plaza, looking down on the loyal ones. The brothers and sisters who have sworn devotion to the true god of the world, they all stood proudly, all of them wearing only red robes. Divine Chant smiled as she spread her arms.

"Brothers and Sisters of the creed. We have come here today to announce our devotion to our God! To the one above all!" She yelled, earning many cries of joy.

"Look at the sky and give up your soul for its nothing!" She screamed. "Our body! Our mind! The essences of life itself, cannot be less important than our devotion to our God! The only one who truly matters!"

They considered divine Chant a beautiful woman, and while she was, her face currently differed from one people would call a sane one. Divina Chant was wearing nothing but transparent robes where they could see her naked body. And everyone could see the many tattoos she was now bearing. And a mark above her womb. A mark made out by a sharp knife, signing her true devotion to the Supreme One. Divine Chant was now corrupted by the One who took her maidenhood, and she would forever bow down to her.

"Today is the first day, brothers and sister will light up the skies with their souls!" Divine Chant exclaimed, lost in the stupor of the many hymns around her.

"Look, look at the sky! At the red ashes falling down on us! This is the day we all now have to bring up a new age upon us! BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN HER! THE ONE! THE SUPREME BEING THAT IS GALADRIEL MELKOR!"

Divine Chant's face lost any resemblance of beauty and transformed into one of pure fanaticism. Her eyes of a hazel blue were twisted in an animal craze. As she exposed her naked body were the many marks and tattoos covered her skin.

"SEE ME NOW! I HAVE RECEIVED OUR LADY'S BLEESING!" Divine Chant yelled with a mad voice as she places her hand over her womb. "HER SEED RUNS INSIDE ME! I HAVE FOREVER BECOME HER LOYAL SUBJECT!"

The brothers and sisters were all praying and chanting at the madwoman. As Divine Chant's mind was long gone, and her brains only remembered the lust, passion, and devotion of the last nights on her lady's bed, where she was blessed with a mission and her body with her lady's sanctification in the form of a seed growing inside her womb. Divine Chant's face was marked as well, and her eyes gazed upon the subjects who were now walking towards her. They were all naked, men and women.

"We have sin! We have sin! Our bodies tainted with the light of others! THE PRETENDERS! But our lady has offered us a chance to pay for our debts! For our crimes! Repent! Repent, for she is the only one to serve!"

Divine Chant yelled furiously as she whipped the back of the new subjects.

"We repent! We repent!"

The new recruits were turning their backs to her, as she whips them hard and with no mercy. But Divine Chant was not over. Her mission was now focused on the ones being dragged to her.

"Leave us alone! We have done nothing wrong!"

"You're crazy! Don't you know who we are?!"


Divine Chant stared at them with a stony gaze filled with mad devotion. "Here is the one who crave for greed and sin! The one claiming our God is but a myth, a fake one!" Divine Chant yelled.

"WE ARE JUST PRIEST!" One of the captured priests said, as the fanatics of the creed completely battered him before dragging him there.

"We are just bringing the word of the Six Great Gods!"

When he said those words, the whip with the spikes on the edge ripped his lips off, as the priest fell to the group, crying in pain.


The chants repeated all across the plaza. Heresy! Heresy! As Divine Chant stared at him with cold fury.

"There are no Six Great Gods! ONLY ONE TRUE GOD!" Divine Chant exclaimed as the chants grew louder.

"YOU'RE CRAZY! YOU'RE MAD!" the other priest yelled as he saw his friend on the ground without the ability to speak again.

"No… I'm not mad! I have seen the light! No longer I have to walk in the shadows of others false deities! WE ARE NOT MAD! WE ARE ILUMINATED BY THE LIGHT OF OUR GOD!" Divine Chant smiled maliciously. As she slowly walekd to the terrefied priest.

"And you, my dear priest… you are going to see it as well, the light...! the light that I saw and you will feel it too. The blessing that can only be obtained when you touch the sun while in the deepest of darkness… BURN THEM!" The priests were dragged screaming to the already prepare burning place.



Divine Chant scoffed at them, but her attention was brought when she saw, her brothers and sisters, holding a group of sisters from the Six Great God church.

"What do we do about them, sister?"

Divine Chant saw the fear of those young sisters, not older than fifteen, or even twelve. "You're young, and naïve to the world and what is out there. The truth of the creator has been hidden away from you. There are not six but one truth in this world. Would you take it? Or would you accept to follow pretenders?"

The young sisters of the church of the Six Great Gods could only stare at the screaming of the priests, who were now burning behind Divine Chant. The screams of mercy were loud, but none bothered the followers of the Ancient One, as they all prayed. The sisters stared in fear, and some of them were already pissing themselves at the sight of pure horror, as Divine Chant looked more like a demon than a human at this point.

"Would you accept the truth, or would you burn like a heretic?!" Divine Chant yelled, as the little girls, completely terrified by the prospect of burning alive, could only droop themselves to the ground.

"W-WE WILL ACCEPT THE TRU GOD!" the young girls exclaimed.



Divine Chant said nothing for a while. "Then you all need to bear the shame of being a follower of the pretenders until the time has come for all of you to be a true sister." Divine Chant then nodded to a group of men and women in the creed who had their faces covered in masks. They were all carrying daggers. And soon enough, the young girls were trying to escape whatever they were going to suffer, but with no success. They were held down, and their clothes ripped apart. They weren't going to be raped or anything. That was forbidden in their creed. Yet, they were going to be marked in the forehead and chest. And carry those marks until they are full, accept the Ancient One as their true God. And only then, they would finally be released from the shame. Divine Chant exhaled in content at the screams of pain of the young girls, and soon to be become sisters, as they were marked with pointy knives.

"Enjoy the sweet pain of guilt… and relinquish on the joy of finally be free," Divine Chant said, as she moaned while using her own knife, a special knife given by the Supreme One herself. Every time she would cut something, the effect of pain would increase the more she cuts deeper. The dagger was the perfect torture device. But for Divine Chant, it was a tool to prove her loyalty. As she brought the knife to her upper chest, and just like many parts of her body, she carved on her flesh, words of love and devotion to her beloved God.

"And so, the light came to my fist… and brought life to a world made out of the death of the last one. One seed of a tree with… many stars. A land of mountains… and seas. And in this world, I will create an empire that would last a million years. Until the next world comes down to me," Divine Chant prayed those words from her religion, as she kept on carving on her skin. The pain would have made anyone pass out or die. Yet, not Divine Chant, not her. She was long gone to have any of those effects.

And in the fire's light, where the priests were now nothing but ashes, the reflection showed that, on Divine Chant's body, the tattoos were actually scars created by her. All of her was covered with the creed passages, and it was done correctly. Meticulously even. Divine Chant moaned loudly, as her face was only of a madwoman, lost in the blessing of her God.

"Oh, my dear God. Please take me one more time!" Divine Chant moaned loudly, as she thought it would be a good place to please her privates parts with the thoughts of that night again. It didn't matter if she was covered in blood or if her body was ready to break down. No, Divine Chant was nothing but a true and loyal sister. A truly devoted follower of the Supreme One, and she would do whatever she could, in order to make sure that the Slane Theocracy falls.

Just a few blocks away, a certain young girl stared with a bemused face at what she was watching. The Rubik's cube on her hands was still undone, and she just sighed.

"Burning people alive, eh, a classic," she whispered.

"Zesshi, what are you doing here? We supposed to be guarding the cathedral!" The captain of the Black Scripture hissed while he stared at their ace, who only scoffed at him.

"A waste of time."

"What do you mean?"

"Think, what should the Black Scripture protect an ugly and old cathedral? It doesn't make sense."

The captain of the Black Scripture said nothing, but only glared at the scene before him. It was disgusting.

"Quite the view, eh? They are getting bigger by the day, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The Theocracy is at the edge of a civil war and we can only watch," Zesshi muttered in a lazy tone as she kept on trying to solve the Rubik's cube.

"You know, now that I think about it… the strongest point of the Slane Theocracy was also their downfall."

"What do you mean?" The captain asked, with a tired tone.

"Human supremacy, as if humans were any better to than other races. They can't even rule themselves. Now, look what we have. The cardinals are all against each other. Some are trying to make peace with the Ancient One when the times come, while the Cardinal of Light is practically creating his own little army to take over… Maximus is going to have his hands full the next few days, if he doesn't die, of course. Because if he dies suddenly, well… just look at what will happen."

Zesshi said, while staring at the Creed of the Ancient One. They are going to be the bigger problem, but none have seen it yet. Zesshi thought, as she saw Divine Chant pleasing herself in the middle of the plaza, while blood was running out of her thighs and chest.

"She seems to be having fun," Zesshi said, amused.

"Divine Chant… we lost her. Now we are not the same forces as we used to," the captain hissed.

"Oh, the Thousand League Astrologer is still locked in her room?"

"Yes, and I would like to say that is our only problem… but the 3rd seat is dead."

"That idiot? Ah, really? Eh, that's interesting. What happened? No, better yet, don't tell me… I honestly don't care."

"Zesshi! We don't know what is going on! He just… die!" The captain hissed angrily as Zesshi only seemed bemused.

"And? You still have a very talented group ready to fight, isn't it? Go and fight for those idiots in the cathedral. I don't really care anymore," Zesshi said while returning to her cube.

"You have a duty!"

Zesshi looked at him sharply. "Captain, I don't want to be the one bursting your bubble, but look around you, the sky, and the so-called holy city. These are the end times, is over. You can't defeat the ancient one. I can't defeat her. No one can. As simple as that. Not even the Dragon Lords, no one. The faster you realized it, the better."

"And?! So, you are going to just quit?! Surrender?!"

"Mm, yep!" Zesshi smiled.

"Are you serious?!"

Zesshi laughed loudly, almost as crazy as Divine Chant.

"You know, after spending so much time finding someone stronger than me, and then when I did find such a being and tried to fight it, only to be pushed aside like a simple mosquito. It opened my eyes… really. I'm nothing, just an echo in time. I'm happy now. I don't have to worry about anything anymore. And while I will try to fight the Ancient One again, and I know I'll lose no matter what. As simple as that. Dead. But you know? I feel relieved. Happy even. I know my destiny, my calling. I can now rest easy knowing how my life will end. You should do the same."

The captain of the Black Scripture only stared, shocked, at the words of the strongest person in the world. To hear the voice of Zesshi filled with nothing but contempt about her future death was bizarre.

"I would have liked to be a mother… But, well, that would never happen, it seems. See you later captain, I'm going to sleep."

The captain only saw the half-elf girl leave with zero worries in her mind. And he honestly wondered if there was any chance for them to win.

"Oh, and don't forget to tell me who won in that stupid war between the kingdom and empire."

The long walk couldn't be more deadly, and while the soldiers of the Re-Estize Kingdom were not having problems going to war. The entire place stank of death. And even though it was technically mid-day. The obscure sky and dark clouds made it looked as if was night. The cold, and the snow falling from the sky thanks to the sulfur and ashes, clouded their vision of a better day. It was theatrical for anyone's eyes. As the peasants were now, soldiers wondered what was happening around the world. They stared up and saw those clouds breathing slowly, moving around. They were afraid.

Yet, they continue to march, walk and pray that it would be just another standoff between the empire and kingdom.

The plains were now ahead of them. And on another day, it may look like a rather incredible and fertile place to farm and live. But now, it was marked as a frontier between two warring nations. The Re-Estize Kingdom soldiers formed themselves. The healthiest soldiers, the ones who had more than just bones in their bodies, were at the front. So, they would look intimidating to the more professional imperial soldiers.

As if was necessary.

Yet, the officers wanted to make sure to be ready for anything, or try to. And, making sure everything was going according to plan, Gazef Stronoff. The Warrior Captain of the Re-Estize and personal bodyguard of king Ramposa III stared across the field and saw the Baharuth Empire soldiers getting ready.

"This is not the same as before."

Gazef whispered, while returning to the king's side. The warrior captain entered the tent and saw the old king looking sick as the many generals and nobles stared at the map. The prince was also there wearing that arrogant smirk of his. But he was the only one.

"Father, I have gathered around 260.000 soldiers!" Barbro exclaimed, as the nobles behind him smiled proudly.

Half of those soldiers didn't even fit in their leather armor. Gazef thought grimly. They are too young.

"What about the Baharuth soldiers?" The king asked.

"They seemed to be around 60.000 strong."

"Bah! See?! They are underestimating us! We outnumber them!" Barbro said.

"Yet, they are well-equipped and professional soldiers. Half of our forces only have old swords without edge and fragile spears, ready to break."

Gazef said, earning the glares of Barbro and his loyal subjects.

"Uh, what do you know about warfare?!" a noble asked.

More than you, idiot.

"Enough!" the King exclaimed with a clearly tired voice. "Right now, we need to know what is the Baharuth empire capable on the battlefield, if there is going to be one. Also, I would like to know, what have we learned about the… sudden change in the sky?"

Everyone then went quiet, as they felt nervous just to think about the whole apocalyptic atmosphere around the field. Yet, they were nobles for a reason. They were really good at ignoring things. And Barbro only scoffed at the dark and fury sky.

"Don't worry about it! I spoke with some of the most prolific… people in the kingdom and they told me this is a natural occurrence when a volcano erupts! So, perhaps there was a big volcano somewhere and erupted! Nothing to worry about!" He said, earning the stares of relief from the idiots next to him. The nobles were all wearing the shiniest armor, and expensive weapons and they all clapped like fools.

"Ah, of course! Why didn't we think about it?"

"As expected from our prince!"

"All this worry for nothing!"

Gazef felt disgusted by the way they were all praising the prince, yet like always, he said nothing. The sky roared, and everyone in the tent only shivered at the sudden drop of temperature. Yet, Barbro only coughed loudly.

"Let's defeat the Baharuth empire and leave before it goes colder."

Yet, Gazef wasn't sure it would be that easy to do. I have the kingdom treasures with me. I know I can hold myself on the battlefield. Yet, what do I feel so uneasy about it? He thought while leaving the tent, hoping some fresh air would clear his mind. Yet, the only thing he saw was the view of darkness looming ahead. There was nothing he wouldn't like to do but clear the sky. A rather stupid dream, but he missed the sky. The blue sky.

"Gazef, what happened?"

Gazef looked around and saw Brain Unglaus walking towards him with a worried face. "Hey, Gazed are you this is a smart move? I mean, look at the sky, it feels like it going to crush us soon."

"Yeah, I do feel like it too."

Gazef saw the thunders and the sound of crashing clouds getting louder. "This looks like truly the end of times."

"And what a way to go off, don't you think? A gran battle of two big armies, during the bleeding sky clouded by darkness. A very theatrical thing. If you told me someone was preparing a stage of something, I would have believed you."

"Yeah, I think so too. Yet, I hope it ends like just the last years. Nothing but a show of force."

"Mm, we walk all the way here, just to flip each other off?" Brain said mockingly.

"Ha ha! Well, it won't be the first time. At worst, only a small fight will occur nothing more."

"If you say so, while I do hope for some fight. I just feel, rather, chilly with the way every looks. It's depressing."

I'm thankful Climb is not here. He is too young for a battle of this size. Besides, currently, he is doing more by being next to the princess. Gazef thought, as he wondered what was the feeling on his bone. "I must do my duty. I will protect the kingdom."

He whispered to the black sky, hoping it would reach the blue sky behind the black curtain. It didn't.

At Nazarick, Galadriel stared at the scene before her. The number of humans in one place highly entertained Galadriel. Of course, there more humans, the bigger the threat, kind of. Since she was still waiting for any sign of a Dragon Lord or perhaps a player. Although, truthfully, Galadriel was certain now that no player was around. If they were, they would have already shown themselves in any way or she would have heard of them by now. Their agents and spies were everywhere. There was no way a player would have not been detected by now.

And while Galadriel was still keeping her guard up, she knew she was currently the only player in the world. Now, her focus was on the dragon lords.

A strong Dragon Lord could be a problem for a player, especially someone who was under-level or under-prepared.

"We should be fine. Cocytus, Mare, Aura and Shalltear together can deal with any dragon lord. Or at least, to hold on and retreat if they discovered something more powerful. Like a world enemy."

Galadriel whispered, as she was now fearing the possibility of a World Enemy in the world. If that was the case, she ordered anyone to retreat immediately. A world enemy would destroy us. I don't think we could win against one with only the ones in Nazarick. Like fuck! It took the Great Tomb of Nazarick on its prime and all the members active to defeat one and we still lose a few times. If such a being exists here. Well… shit.

Galadriel thought worried. "Well, we defeated the Devourer of Nine Worlds by sheer of stupid luck and cheat. But, if there is a World Enemy here, sleeping or waiting to be discovered. Mm, I should not act all paranoid. Those types of enemies won't attack unless provoke. So, if there is an enemy like that somewhere, it's better if it remained like that."

"My lady, we are ready."

Galadriel saw Albedo approaching her with Demiurge and Pandora's actor. "Good… it seems the humans are preparing as well. Demiurge, where are the rest?" She asked as the demon smiled brightly at her. He seems in such a good mood lately. I wonder why? Galadriel asked.

"Cocytus, Shalltear, Mare and Aura are ready to engage any hostile. And, we also have the second team, ready to charge as well. Rubedo, Sebas, Albedo and myself are ready to fight or capture, if we can, any enemy."

Galadriel nodded. "Everyone has world item, right? Wild Magic seemed to be a mystery to us for now. But it seems as if our World Items can disrupt that type of magic. And of course, if that fool had a World Item with himself. There is a possibility that there are some items somewhere."

"Yes, my lady," Albedo said. "Also, Pandora's Actor has been kind to us, and giving each one of the guardians a sheet with all the World Items that are not in our possession. So, we can have an idea of what those items do. Giving us an advantage."

"Good job."

Galadriel said, earning the chuckle of Pandora's Actor.

"Now, putting aside that. Are we ready?" Galadriel asked.

"We are, my lady." They replied.

Galadriel saw that Albedo was still puffing her cheek about what happened a few days ago. Is she truly that irritated about that girl? Galadriel thought, amused. Well, she had fun too! We both did! And besides, it was an experiment! It's now time to wait and see.

"Understood. Now, I would like to see how the humans would react to my presence. But, I think, you will show them, don't you, Pandora's actor?" Galadriel said, smirking.

"Of course, my lady! I have practice for a while now! This is your first showing in the world! The first of many, and it must be glorious! Lord Demiurge and Lady Albedo have even offered me a few additions."

Galadriel was not looking rather nervous, at the smiling faces of both succubus and demon.

"Additions?" Galadriel asked.

"Of course! We can't throw away such an important event like this away! This is not like the fake tomb. Many worthless humans would be there to witness your greatness, and the, the world! We need to make this epic!"

Galadriel looked at the faces of the three of them and sighed. "I guess a bit of show would not be that bad. After all, this is the moment we have been waiting for. All of our currents plan for the future depend on this moment. The aftermath of these needs to be felt across the world. Demiurge, are we certain about the Karnassus City-State Alliance?"

"The information we have gathered indicate us that one of your swords is there. I'm sorry, my lady. But I am still not sure in which city. And also, I haven't been able to see if there is any danger there, yet. They are quite far away from our reach."

Demiurge said with shame in his voice.

"Don't worry about it, Demiurge. They are still an unknown, yet we know now that my name resonates strongly there. I want to focus on the fallout my presence will cause."

"I will give my 120% my lady!"

"Good. Now, Albedo, my love, don't forget about the other thing."

Albedo tilted her head and then put a bright smile on her face.

"My lady, we are both ready for that," Albedo said gently.

"I know, but like I say, before that. Let's make sure to do it right."

Galadriel replied softly. "Now, Pandora's, please do your best. And remember, there are some who are still needed alive for the time being. Demiurge, Albedo, both get ready. Tell the rest to be on their marks. I want the Pleiades ready."

"Do you think the Dragon lords will appear?" Pandora's Actor asked.

"Mm, I don't think so, yet I don't want to leave it out to luck. And besides, after this… we are going to kill one."

The three smartest entities of Nazarick saw the sudden hostile tone in their lady. They were now sure; a Dragon Lord resides near the Dragon Kingdom mountains. One of the agents was killed there. A low-level creature, but one that was strong in the new world's standard. So, after that, Demiurge and Albedo design a plan to sneak in, and see what was there. It took a while, but they were able to see that surrounding the mountain. A transparent dome was protecting something big. Gigantic. And it was Wild Magic. Pandora's Actor brought up the history between the Dragon Kingdom and a dragon, the founder of such a place. They know that the current Queen was a descendant of the dragon lord, so perhaps, he was keeping an eye out for her. Nevertheless, for them, it was clear that only a powerful being, like a dragon lord, would be able to cast a giant shield around a mountain with wild magic.

And they were going to surround him from all sides. Well, that was for later.

"We are ready, my lady, for everything."

Galadriel smiled at them. "I know… now, let the world knows about my arrival. Sound the trumpets, split the sky, and let my kingdom come."