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Chapter 50

A rainy night came down on the enormous field, where the soldiers marched slowly to face each other. They walked, and walked, step by step, not noticing the unusual rain. Truthfully, on both sides, an eerie feeling of hollowness came to life. A battle was about to emerge. Yet, the idea of the leaders on both sides was that, once the battle started, perhaps it would last a few hours and they would stop and leave. A few kicks and burns only. As they would normally say. They thought that, years ago, it was the norm. A battle would only last that, and no more. However, now things were different for all of them.

Things were not like years before. Not one bit. There, the fear lingers on their faces. As they all looked at the sky while marching. The storm, or whatever it was, started getting attraction. The rain also got heavier and thicker. And some of the soldiers realized that the rain was not a normal one. The drops of water were red. And the smell of it made it clear. It was blood, and now the blood was running down their faces, and the thunders were getting louder. The darkness and how everything looked made it a horrible view, and experience. It was hell.

The entire view was hell on earth. The reddish, dark sky. A heavy mist around the field blocked the sunlight. The thunders hitting the ground, like an angry demon. And the sheer power of each lightning would show the silhouettes of the mountains far away. But was it a mountain? The sky was so dark, and everything so chaotic, that it was hard to say. It may look like it was only the mountains, or hills, from far away. But that wasn't the case. As both armies came down to the middle of the enormous field. They notice a few colossal figures in the shadows of the storm assaulting them, only being shined upon it by the countless flashes of lightning.

And gradually, even the Baharuth soldiers slowed down. There were some soldiers in the lines far behind who wondered why they marched stopped. But when another large lighting struck the ground, a few kilometers away. They saw a few gigantic shadows, with bright eyes, like gleaming eyes or something, staring down at them.

They thought it was an illusion. Maybe their current paranoia about what was going on in the world was getting to them. It was hard to say. But the soldiers could feel something staring at them. At all of them.

And, suddenly, as another lightning came to the ground. Those figures in the shadows disappeared. They vanished.

How could something so large disappear so suddenly? They didn't know.

It was at that point that perhaps they were too anxious and their minds were pulling tricks on them. Cruel pranks, trying to make them quiver in fear. And it was working. Although some of the soldiers would try to reason what they were feeling or seeing.

Perhaps the mountains far away looked distorted because of the bad weather, or something like that. Maybe the thunders and lightning burned some trees, and that was they watched that strange dense fog around them. Nevertheless. The soldiers wanted to leave that place. They wanted to start the fight, so it would end faster. They did not want to waste more time in that place.

The storm then went quiet. The rain stopped, and the thunders were no more. But the darkness and winds lingered, but it was too unnatural. Even more so. There were around a quarter of a million people there. Soldier, horses, and more. But it was silent as a crypt. Only the unnerving atmosphere and the calm of the wind remained.

Only a slowly crawling sound around them. Steps, giant steps, walking around the two armies. It was like hearing an animal with three legs. Or something large crawling to the ground, like a worm. Perhaps it was both things. Whatever it was, it makes a quarter of a million people feel terrified. But then, they hear no more.

Slow breathing came, a whine from far away, a crying. Then it stopped. And for a few seconds, no one moved a finger.

"Everyone at the ready! First line!"

The captains, or the commander officers in the front lines, shake it off. Their minds just went back to what they knew, and it was to do their orders. Nothing else. But their hands were shaking. Suddenly, a feeling of dread came down on all of them. On every single soldier there. But it was hard to know where it did come from. It was as if the rain transformed into fear drizzling down upon them.

"Spears and shields!"

One of the Re-Estize commanders yelled, loud enough for the soldiers in the lines behind to hear him. And they did follow instructions. On the other side of the field, the Baharuth empire soldiers were doing just the same. Everyone was ready to fight, or perhaps, they wanted to do what they came to do, and leave as fast as they could. They could feel those things watching them, from the hills away from them, where, in the day's shadow, or night, they don't even know anymore. The days have been too long and confusing now. But it was becoming apparent to all the soldiers that something wrong was going on there. They heard whispers, and fast movement, but no matter how much they tried. The mist blocked their view.

It was hard for them to see beyond a few dozen meters; it was as if a dark wall of darkness surrounded both armies. And behind that strange dark wall, something was lurking.

And the more time it went by. The more the ticking of the clock went to midnight. The more their lives would come to an end.

"Form a line! Form a line!"

One commander said in a shaky tone of voice. The soldiers in the front line felt the fear in their commander's face, and that wasn't reassuring at all.


The archers were shaking but did move in front of the line, and got ready to draw the arrows.


One of the youngest archers, then felt someone whispering in his ear. It was soft, an echo, hard to distinguish, but it was there.

I sense you… bleeding… dying…

Walk, walk, walk, walk moving up and down again… There's no help for you!

Night, night, night, night dead whispering to you again… There's no salvation for you!

Taint, taint, taint, taint, your blood is coming out of you… There's no escape for you!

Six, eight, ten, four… your mind is telling you to move again!

No, no, no, no, you don't want to die again… There's no one else for you!

Mind, mind, mind, mind, is slowly losing grip again… There's no more peace for you!

Those words were on a loop in everyone's mind. Like someone reciting those words in the form of a poem, and it would slowly grow louder, in each line, from a low and melancholy man's voice to one of a chilling man lost to madness. And everyone was losing their mind.

"What is this?!"

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

"No more! No more!"

Some soldiers were screaming on their ground, losing their grip, others threw their weapons to the ground, crying out of desperation. Since the weaker the mind, the louder and more chilling that deadly poem becomes. And it just kept on going, on repeat. However, those who were strong enough mentally could shake it off. Quickly, some clerics tried to clean up their minds and fear. But the number of soldiers was overwhelming.

But soon, a loud sound, a trumpet of sorts, could be heard in the sky. But it was more like someone was dragging something heavy in the skies, very baffling. Yet, a loud voice, a clear voice, came down, and soon enough. All those mental attacks stopped, even the thunders, and rain, and the eerie darkness looming away, was slowly dissipating. But whatever that was, a good thing was yet to remain.

"Dieser Krieg wird aufhören!"

Everyone looked up, trying to see who was speaking, but what they found was more than anything they would ever think possible. There, in the sky, two golden eyes were looking down on all of them. Everyone froze there, still having a hard time trying to understand what was going on. They were just unresponsive. As if they were dreaming a horrible nightmare. However, that wasn't all. Again, that horrible trumpet sound was heard loud and clear across the field. Soon enough, the skies open, and a deep golden light emerged hitting the ground. And soon enough, coming down the dark skies, a woman with two long black wings and white snowy hair appeared.

The view of her coming down was divine.

While the skies were still very dark, her presence alone seemed to push the darkness away, with little difficulty. As if the skies knew who she was and bowed in reverence to her.

The soldiers, nobles, and everyone living soul stared at her, wondering who she was, or what she was.

The woman flew above them, an angel of sorts. However, while it may well be true, she was beautiful. There was something off. That woman wasn't there to save them from something horrible. No, it seemed she was that horrible thing. The woman flew in the middle of the field, where both armies stood still, and opened her arms, and long black wings.

"Behold mortals, behold the creator… behold the will and divinity that is, Galadriel Melkor!"

To say that surprised people would be a misunderstanding. Perhaps it was how everything was so suddenly, that it would take more than just that to make them realize who she was. And of course, Galadriel Melkor there came prepared to show them just that.

She raises her hand into the sky, as she looked at them. "For millennia, I have sleep, unaware of the world around me. Of the world I created. No more. And when I woke up… I was attacked, in my own home… and saw, and behold, how this world falls down into madness. I will not allow it to go on. A new age is upon you. And it has my name written on it."

"And to create a new age… I must destroy the old one."

"[The Perpetual Ones] Come and hear my call."

The soldiers didn't have time to say anything or react to what was happening around them. They were simple spectators of whatever was going on. But to their horrors, whatever they were thinking about just a few moments ago. It was now interrupted by the sudden, loud steps coming out of the darkness of the fog that was still lurking on the edges of the field. And what they saw would never leave their minds, or at least those who would live to see another day. From the shadows, five gigantic creatures appeared.

To describe such creatures in the eyes of a normal human would be just hellish. That's what they thought, every single one of them. They are not even demons. They were simple creatures whose nature they did not comprehend.

The Perpetual Ones was a summoning, more specifically, a Cash Item. And they were quite rare since they were sold in a time-limited event, celebrating the achievement of no other than H. P. Lovecraft. It was clearly a cash grab, and well, Galadriel being the collector who she was. Wasted a lot of money to get them. But funnily enough. It was Tabula Smaragdina, the one with quite the stash of items that seemed to line in with the occult. He was truly a maniac. So, he was able to acquire around 56 of the perpetual ones summoning items.

They were long and tall creatures of around 55 meters tall. Their bodies were asymmetrical. Their torsos were small, but their hands and legs were long and skinny. The fingers were long and pointy, and their skin, if it could even be called skin, was of a strange dark color, like a tapestry, rusty and old. And they didn't have a face, but a simple giant, glowing eye.

Everything seemed to freeze in time.

"And so, it would come down to an ending that we know… for there's no salvation for you."

Then, out of nowhere, those creatures ran to the armies, taking them by surprise, by how fast they moved.

"Sh-Shield! SHIELDS!"

One captain yelled afraid, and some did just that, by pure desperation, just reacting, but others simply threw their weapons down and ran away in fear. Those things moved too fast, and it was terrifying. And it only took a few steps for those things to reach the armies, and when they did, pandemonium ensued. Those things would step on the soldiers, snatch them of the ground with their long fingers and throw them away. They would jump over the thousands of soldiers below them. Overall, those creatures looked more like children playing in a puddle of water, with toys around. It was an unsettleting sight, as those creatures would giggle, and sing a poem to everyone to hear, in a chilling child-like voice.

Walk, walk, walk, walk moving up and down again… There's no help for you!

Night, night, night, night dead whispering to you again… There's no salvation for you!

Taint, taint, taint, taint, your blood is coming out of you… There's no escape for you!

Six, eight, ten, four… your mind is telling you to move again!

No, no, no, no, you don't want to die again… There's no one else for you!

Mind, mind, mind, mind, is slowly losing grip again… There's no more peace for you!

Those whispers were now loud. The monsters now seemed to talk without a mouth. They were saying those words over and over, and across the field, every single soldier, every single human, could hear it. A nightmare came to life.

But those who weren't capable of running away, either because they were slow or too scared to move. Dead was the only thing awaiting them. And perhaps, in the grand scheme of things. It would be a mercy if they just die because those who survive would surely remember the nightmare for all time.

However, back in Nazarick, the Supreme One, Galadriel Melkor watched all of it unfold with a rather surprised look on her face. It completely amazed her. Galadriel was sitting in the throne room, eating her lunch, and watching the massacre as if it was a movie of sorts.

"Oh my," Galadriel said.

"My lady, is there something wrong?" Albedo asked.

"Oh, nothing, it's just that Tabula would have loved seeing those things truly," Galadriel said, smiling.

Back in Yggdrasil, the Perpetual Ones weren't really that special. Well, besides, they were a time-limited Cash Item. They weren't anything to be bothered by. They were just level 70 summons, with just a high health bar, and some basic stats. Players would call those types of cash items as thematic items. They may look incredible and would be incredible for any collector. But when it comes down to practical uses. It would be a waste of a cash item. They do nothing besides looking pretty. Ah, I remember the forums back in the day. They would mock the developers for putting those items in the store and make fun of the people who bought them. Well, I never care! They look so scary and cool! Galadriel thought with a smile.

"Look, they are picking the soldiers like ants!"

Galadriel saw how one of those creatures seemed to kneel down and start picking soldiers with those long fingers. Then crushing them. Galadriel knew that she shouldn't be reacting like that. All amazed and entertained, but she was truly enjoying the view.

Albedo giggled softly at the face of her beloved. But then, she paid attention to the surroundings and listened to the calls of the other guardians.

"My lady, it seems that no enemy is near us. No sight of a dragon lord, or any other threat," Albedo said.

"Mm, well, we expected as much. They won't risk coming out, and from what we know. They would save their strength for later. Alright, Albedo tells Pandora's Actor to end it. We shouldn't waste more time. Mare has done a lot for us, and so is the rest."

"Understood, my lady," Albedo said.

Galadriel sighed. A part of her wanted to see an enemy trying to stop them. Or a hero of sorts. Like in the movies or books. Yet, she knew those things were fake, and currently, she was a big evil. Kind of, in her humble opinion. Still, Galadriel was just starting to unfold her grand plan. She understood that after today, things were only going to get busier for her. And while on the hunt for the Dragonlords was going to start after today. Galadriel was dreading the start of her empire. Paperwork, here I come… ugh.

Back on the field, the other Galadriel stared down, amazed by the onslaught. Pandora's Actor knew he would have to stop it soon. They need survivors, after all. People to spread the word.

"{Pandora's Actor, our lady has ordered us to move out.}"

Pandora's Actor hummed; a bit disappointed to not be able to enjoy the view more. But he had to do what he came there to do.

"{I see, I understand, lady Albedo. I shall bring the curtain down.}"

Pandora's Actor then spread his wings. Or the wings of his lady, and with one hand allowed a beam of light appeared across the field.

"[Arcane Beam VII]" he said, and everyone, all of those were running away, saw how the sky cleaned. To become what it was.

Incredible! This is beyond incredible! Nicely done Mare! Our coordination is unmatched! Our performance will be legendary! Pandora's Actor thought with joy across his face.

Pandora's Actor was proud of the little elf boy. He had done so much for the scenario that he couldn't shake the feeling of pride. And of course, he wasn't the only one doing something behind scenes. Demiurge, Shalltear, Aura, and Cocytus were all putting a bit of their own around the armies. And that's why he was so thrilled that everything went smoothly. Yet, it was time to end. So, he coughed a little and sounded rather funny coming from his lady's voice.

"Hear me now… hear the will that is, Galadriel Melkor!"

Pandora's Actor's voice now listened across the field, all thanks to the giant monster who served a sort of sirens.


Pandora's Actor then prepared a Super Tier Magic, one that he could do thanks to the items he had. A Gift from his lady. And there were reasons for such a spell doing it right now. One reason was that it would look amazing. Second, it was bait. Their lady told them that normally an enemy player would immediately attack the one casting a Super Tier magic. So, while Pandora's Actor was charging the super tier magic, he looked around and waited to see if anyone was out there. And just like their lady theory. No one came to stop him. A shame, truly.

Cocytus, I am sorry. But it seems you'll have to wait until the dragonlords to fight someone.

Pandora's Actor thought, and while he was going to use his ability. He looked down and saw a soldier staring up at him. Or well, his lady's form. And wondered, my, my, isn't he the warrior captain… something? Pandora's Actor wondered. Ah, why is he looking at me? Well, whatever.

"[Grand Starlight]"

Grand Starlight was one of the few AOE damage spells that Galadriel had. Her build wasn't made for such attacks. Galadriel made her character for quick fights, go in and out. Eliminate the enemy caster, or support and vanish. So, she barely uses her few AOE abilities. They just took too much to cast, and time in a PVP environment was essential. So, she was quite happy to see Pandora's Actor using that ability. It was truly a sight to behold.

A sphere of light appeared in the sky, and it slowly grew in size until it became a giant sun. For the poor soldiers who were wounded, or far away. They could only stare at it. A moon?! Some of them thought, wondering what was going on now. But they could see the divine figure of Galadriel Melkor, holding such power in the palm of her hand. She looked at them, down, like nothing.

"This is power… this is my will… this is my reckoning."

Her voice traveled through space and time. And so was her power.

The sphere was of a blue color, and it seemed that it reached its limit. But what was above all of them was a large spheric moon of around. Of around 300 meters wide. And it not only surprises Pandora's Actor but so, Galadriel, who was baffled by the size of it. Back in Yggdrasil, it wasn't that big. Not by a long shot. But then she thought, why would that be. Grand Starlight was a sort of charge spell. It could be charged until a certain point, and the more powerful you wanted to make the cast, the more MP you need to use. So, the limit was always how much MP you had in your stats and no more, that was the limit, or at least that was in Yggdrasil.

And well, in Galadriel's opinion, it was a handicap. Since using her entire MP bar for one spell was a dumb idea in the middle of a PVP fight. Her entire kit needed MP, so she has never used Grand Starlight in a fight.

So, Galadriel wondered, if currently in their world. Those rules did not work anymore. Pandora's Actor, after all, had a limit of how much of her power could he copy. So, now she was curious to see how far could she push the limits.

Pandora's Actor then smiled, and release the spell suddenly. Everything became bright. The light was so dazzling. That if any mortal were to look directly at it, he or she would have become blind instantly. The bright moon then shrank into a small little ball. Of the size of a boulder and then exploded. And it wasn't just an explosion. No, it was a sort of wave of light expanding across the sky, covering hundreds of meters in seconds. The winds pushed all away. Even the trees far away fell thanks to the sheer power of the explosion. And the clouds broke. They became something else, like shards of a scarred sky. Whatever darkness was, whatever storm has assaulted the world, was no more. It cleansed the world. All because of Galadriel Melkor, and her supreme… special effects team.

Of course, Pandora's Actor did not want to use the Super tier spell on the ground. It would kill every single person down there and make their entire operation a failure. That's why he aimed at the sky and make it look like a sort of scenery.

Pandora's Actor was sure his lady would be pleased with today's reaction. But of course, it was only the beginning. There was a lot to come. Even so, there was something that brought Pandora's actor's attention and was that man. The warrior captain was on the ground, barely standing. Among the dead bodies of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Pandora's Actor wondered, why does that person there. After all, it was clear that he had to go back to his king and report what happened. If that was even necessary anymore.

But Pandora's Actor wondered if he should do something more. A bit more personal. A bit of improvisation is never bad! He smiled as he decided to go down and meet with that person.

Gazef Stronoff coughed loudly as he stood up, watching around the madness. Those creatures, it was a nightmare. He wasn't sure of what was going on, but the moment he saw the person high in the sky, looking at them like with nothing but content. But not to them. Gazef was still having trouble understanding what took place not too long ago. The large giant moon, or sphere, whatever it was. The explosion, such ability, to exist. How could it be possible?

Gazef then came to the realization that it was truly Galadriel Melkor. The Ancient One. He couldn't think of anything else. He would have loved it to be a joke or something like that. But nothing was more horrible than the truth. And it was that, right now. A living legend, a god, was standing in front of them.

"Gazef! Gazef!"

Gazef turned around and saw Brain approaching him. It seemed as if the blast of the explosion pushed him away. Yet, he was there.

"We have to leave!" Brain said, with fear lingering in his voice.

Brain was like many other soldiers, in a complete state of shock. Those creatures were roaming around still, and that horrible speech was still going around.

Gazef wasn't sure of what to do, truthfully. And few people could blame him. Yet, even though he was afraid, he felt as if it was his duty to do something about it. He had to protect the kingdom, his home, his king. But before he could think of anything remotely smart. A voice suddenly stopped both of them in their tracks.

"Mortal… you there… speak your name."

Both Gazef and Brain looked terrified at the Ancient One before them. She was looking down on them with those golden eyes, and what was more terrifying was the sheer amount of raw power they felt from her. Almost suffocating, hard to breathe. Yet, Gazef managed to speak, surprising Brain.

"Gazef Stronoff… warrior captain of the Re-Estize Kingdom."

Gazef replied, feeling afraid of even blinking.

"Warrior captain… you'll tell your king… that the city called E-Rantel, and the surroundings, are now under my control."

Gazef and Brain were just baffled by it, in the worst place possible. It was hard to understand. Why would the Ancient One bother to say that? Or why would the all-mighty god just ask for something so small? Surely, the Ancient One would ask for the entire world to kneel before her, and empires and kingdoms would fall. But, just asking for one city just wasn't right. Something was missing.

"Now leave my sight."

Gazef looked around and saw the thousands of deaths. How many have died? Those creatures were still killing and splashing everything in their sight. He had to find a way to stop it. Gazef has a duty, to protect the people of the kingdom, in any way or shape.


Gazef yelled, earning a glare from Galadriel, who looked back with confusion, and perhaps a bit of amusement.

"I challenge you to a duel… for the future of the people of the kingdom… and for the soldiers here… to stop this battle."

Brain stared at Gazef like he was a sort of mad person, but at the same time with utter respect, as Gazef should know how it would end. He was going to die.

"Gazef… you're going to die!" Brain whispered.

Gazef didn't say anything for a few seconds. "I am the warrior captain of the kingdom. My duty is to protect the people… all of them, even with my life."

They listened to a small chuckle coming from the Ancient One, who seemed to look at Gazef with a small hint of respect and enjoyment.

"I applaud your bravery… Gazef Stronoff. Yet… I refuse."

Gazef was taken aback by the response and even Brain.

"Why?" He could only ask.

"Why? It's simple… why should I take the challenge of an ant? Especially knowing I am going to win? That's not a challenge, Gazef Stronoff. That's a suicide attempt disguised as loyalty test. You'll do more harm than good."

Galadriel said patiently. "But you have earned my respect. More than those idiots who woke me… and for that, I'll offer this mercy."

Galadriel then waved her hands, and suddenly across the field, those creatures stopped their onslaught.

"Consider this as an act of respect. Go and tell your king what will happen. Leave the dead. They belong to me now."

Gazef was now utterly ashamed and confuse, he did not know what was going on.

"Why bother?! Will you destroy this world?! The kingdom and the people?!" Gazef yelled.

Galadriel then looked at him with a condescending face. "Why would I destroy what I created? This world is mine… you just live here. But I believe your worries are warranted. Still, worry do not, warrior captain, I will not eradicate this world."

Galadriel said as she started to float over them.

"I'll rule this world… like it was meant to be. A new age is upon you, warrior captain. And it's up to you to decide if you will adapt, or vanish in the remains of the old world. Whatever you decide, remember, it is unavoidable. I am inevitable."

Galadriel Melkor said, while spreading her long black wings as soon, the lights of the clear sky shine upon her, revealing yet again that divine figure. It was at that moment that Gazef could only hope that the world was prepared for what was to come. Because, now, he doesn't feel up to the task. He looked around and saw the dead and prayed for his home. It was going to be a long way back home, and when the news of what took place there spread. The world would never be the same.