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Chapter 51

Galadriel rubbed her chin while staring at the throne room of the city of E-Rantel. The chair couldn't be named a throne, in her humble opinion. It looked rather pathetic, but then again. It would do. She looked around and sighed, not feeling such a place was worth her name. Still, at least they could rework it without much problem.

"We'll need an entire rework of the throne room," Galadriel said.

"I will do immediately it, my lady," Albedo said, with a serious voice.

Galadriel then looked at the window and saw the city where it would all begin, where the future she has prepare would emerge. The city E-Rantel wasn't the richest of all the cities of the Re-Estize Kingdom. But then again, the Re-Estize Kingdom wasn't one to put effort into making a profit with that they have. They were corrupt, lazy, and destined to fall. Yet, that wasn't all. The reason Galadriel choose the city was that E-Rantel was in the center of the continent.

The Empire of Baharuth, Re-Estize Kingdom, Slane Theocracy, Roble Holy Kingdom, and the Elf kingdom roads somehow connected there. So, from a strategy standpoint, controlling E-Rantel would allow them to concentrate their power on a political level, and economically. It was also a good startup for her to create what she wanted. A great capital for her future empire.

Galadriel would take her time slowly devouring the rest of the nations. There was no rush in doing so. Her image as the creator of the world needed to be real, so, if she starts going crazy all over the place, it would make her look bad to the people of the world, especially those who worshipped her. So, she needed to masterfully create a plan that would allow her to accomplish what she aimed for, slowly and with not many risks along the way. Galadriel needed to test the waters, to see if there were more threats around somewhere. The dragon's lord could be dangerous, especially since she now knows World Items could be in the world. They could have a World Item somewhere, or perhaps, and that's a big if. There could be secret magic or item that do not follow the rules of the world or the system of Yggdrasil.

So, for now. She would focus on molding her throne. Her city, while Demiurge and the rest slowly built more chaos around, and the dragon hunt began.

"Mm, the city looks decent from here," Galadriel said.

"It stinks," Albedo said, while Galadriel chuckled.

"It does, but not that bad… I have smell far worse."


Galadriel shrugged Albedo's confusion as she stared back at the city. The takeover of the city was rather anticlimactic compared to what took place at the Katze Plains. She arrived, made a big scene, and whatever. Some people were crying to see her. The tiny percentage of the population believed in her anyway. Others were frightened, and others apprehensive. Yet, that was pretty much it. Nothing more transpired, which was disappointing, but welcoming.

The Re-Estize Kingdom was in turmoil. Well, so does the world. Yet the kingdom would not last long enough to see her dream materialize.

"So many plots, too little time to rest," Galadriel sighed, tiredly.

"My lady, you should rest!" Albedo said, concerned.

The succubus overseer's face has concerned written all over, since for the last days. Her beloved lady has been without breaks. Their takeover, while peaceful, all things considered, has brought a large pile of work to them. The city has to be run smoothly, and more importantly. Their lady vision would take time and work, and right now. Their goals were quite far away. Still, what they were working on, for now, was a chance to bring the surrounding nations together. It was not at all like it sounded, of course.

They would not go into a rainbow parade of peace and love. They would rip apart what was next to them with the power of sabotage, conflict, and deception. The Slane Theocracy was already falling apart and the spark of a civil war was blazing. The Holy Roble Kingdom was shaking under their booths, as the rampant attacks of the Demi-humans Alliance were becoming more frequent and brutal. For the lack of a better word, the Re-Estize Kingdom was unstable and was just holding on the edge of the cliff with their broken fingers. They were already planning on annexing it to them. They just needed time to allow a certain girl to come to terms with what would happen. Not that was necessary, since it seems that such a girl couldn't be happier by the current events.

Then, there was the Baharuth empire, which was a nation that was not as bad as the rest, technically speaking. Yet, their little campaign to bring more slavers and problems to the emperor was working beautifully, and now they just needed to push more.

There were more nations, like the Karnassus City-State Alliance. The Dragon Kingdom. The Iveria Kingdom, and further. They would make sure to expand there soon enough. Yet, the Argland Council State was a place Galadriel wanted to be destroyed forever, as simple as that. That place was the Dragon Lord's base, sort to speak, a city Galadriel would erase from history. Yet, first, the need to locate all the dragon lords. And if what she has found was correct. There were around two or perhaps three Dragonlords who would be the most powerful among all. Yet, they seemed to be all over the world. So, they had a better chance, strategically speaking, to kill them one by one, and then erase the city.

"The hunt will start soon. I need to make sure they are well prepared," Galadriel said, while Albedo sighed.

"My lady, I beg of you. Cocytus, Shalltear, Mare, and Aura are no fools. They know what they need to do. Please rest your mind for a while," Albedo whispered softly.

Galadriel hummed while thinking that perhaps she just needs a good nap, a brief break. But she just feels very anxious.

"I had to make sure we prepared the dance room for the upcoming ball," Galadriel said, almost sounding like a child who does not want to go to bed. Yet, Albedo was not having it.

"My lady, Yuri, Sebas, and I, are having great ideas about what can we do about it. The golems do not need rest and we will finish without a problem."

Albedo said with a stern yet cute voice.

"Uh, the defenses of the city…!"

"We are monitoring the surroundings day in and day out. Rubedo is on call, and so are the rest of us. It will only take around 30 seconds for all guardians to arrive if some dare to attack us here."

"Ah… well, maybe…?"

"My lady, please take a rest," Albedo said seriously, and Galadriel could not help herself but feel highly amused about how her succubus lover was behaving. It was endearing and charming. Galadriel chuckled bemused, as she slowly approaches her beautiful overseer and gently put her arms around her. Albedo's firm face disappear and one of full devotion appeared.

"You're enjoying ordering me around, don't you?" Galadriel said teasingly.

"Only when it comes down to your well-being, my love. That's all I want," Albedo whispered while embracing her lady's waist.

"My well-being, eh?" Galadriel purred, kissing Albedo's soft and red lips.

"Of course," Albedo replied, with a smile, tasting her lady's delicious lips.

"Alright, my dear… I'll rest for a bit. But then you'll come to my room… and rest with me," Galadriel whispered, licking and kissing Albedo's soft earlobes, making the succubus moan slightly.

"I'll make sure to be there for you," Albedo said.

"Mmhm… you better, because… I want to feel you inside me again," Galadriel teased, as Albedo was using all of her strength to not do it right then and there. Galadriel chuckled as she gave one last kiss and sighed.

"First, I will take a long hot bath… as well as a pleasant lunch. I'll see you later, my dear. Ah, do tell… Pandora's Actor that his idea… has some merits… I do hope Demiurge agrees with him."

Albedo nodded, smiling. "Demiurge was surprised by such a plan. I have no doubt both of them would surely enjoy such… scheme."

"Good, good. I do hope they don't get too excited."

Galadriel snorted funnily as she used GATE to go back to Nazarick. Albedo exhaled deeply as she looked back at the servants behind her. Some maids were blushing, others were looking away, anxiously.

"You hear, we have a lot of things to do."

Albedo said with a commanding tone, as she went back to her duty, with the goal of finishing fast so she could go to her loved and please her.

Galadriel arrived at Nazarick, a quick homunculus maid and some of her guards appeared before her, kneeling with full devotion. Galadriel sighed as she stared at them. The Pleiades were currently busy. Sebas and Solution were traveling to the Empire of Baharuth, to join Yuri and Rubedo in their next stage of the plan to bring the empire down. The cute bug girl, Entoma, was helping Demiurge with some insect-related business down in the south, and Lupusregina and Narberal were with Pandora's Actor, getting closer to the secret meeting with that stupid dragon lord.

There is so much to do! Ugh, I need to relax or my brain is going to explode! Galadriel thought, tiredly.

"My lady, is there a problem? Oh… woof," Pestonya asked. The head of the maids already knew what she had to do. A quick message from Albedo got the maids ready to make their dear leader happy and relaxed.

"Ah, sorry… I was lost in thought, my dear Pestonya. I would like a hot bath, please. Also, a good meal," Galadriel said.

"Understood, my lady. What type of appetizer would you like, my lady?" Pestonya asked.

"Mm, I would like to start with lobster risotto. Then, for an entrée, a filet mignon, with bearnaise sauce and an Oreo cheesecake for dessert."

"It shall be done."

Galadriel then walked to the enormous bathroom of hers, and it took not long before the homunculus maids prepared her bathtub. Galadriel smelled the delicious essences in the water. The steam was a combination of delicate and natural smells. It was glorious.

"Undress me," Galadriel said gently.

The maids took great care in helping their lady get naked. They had to be respectful, of course. They tried their best to not look at the supreme one body, with lustful eyes, but it was a bit hard, and, well, Galadriel could only chuckle at the blushing faces of the cute maids. She teased them a bit.

"My dear Foire, why are you blushing so much?" Galadriel asked while faking concern. The poor green-haired maid's face went red with embarrassment.

"Eii! I…! I am sorry, my lady!" Foire exclaimed, blushing.

"Don't be my dear. You are looking at me, who is currently naked. It's natural," Galadriel whispered, slowly stroking the maid's cheeks. The maid was about to pass out, and Galadriel realized she had her fun. Honestly, she was mentally exhausted to think of such things. At least for now.

Although she would love to play with them later on. Especially on her bed.

Galadriel walked away, leaving behind a blushing maid. She took her time to submerge her body in the warm water, while she couldn't truly feel the heat. Her body still seemed to enjoy it a great deal.

"Ah," Galadriel moaned, feeling a pleasant sensation of comfort.

The Demon Empress only rested for the day, but stared at the golden roof above her head, wondering how long it has been since she arrived at the strange world, she now called home. It was strange to think about it. Galadriel thought that perhaps, times has changed for her, maybe. She was immortal, or something, perhaps because of her demon nature. Time was not essential to her. It's been already a year or more. It truly feels like a lifetime ago. I don't even remember, when is my birthday. She thought, yet, Galadriel just wonders how much has she changed from the depressing girl, with no future worth fighting for, or not past worth remembering. To a powerful being, capable of destroying entire cities in a blink of an eye. Nothing was the same. She was no longer the same person.

The maids washed her body, her legs, fingers, and her big wide black wings. Still, Galadriel just kept thinking about her current life.

A life worth living for this is, no doubt. Galadriel thought with joy, yet there was nothing but enjoyment. The current state of the world was surely a challenge for her, but it was a pleasant type of trial. One, that Galadriel seemed to enjoy more than she let on.

"My lady, if you will," a maid spoke with a tender voice as Galadriel nodded. The Demon Empress raised her leg, allowing the maid to rub her thighs and muscles. Galadriel's mind still thought about what type of future would she live in when all was done and over.

Would I be a good ruler? A good empress? Or would I lose myself in greed and arrogance? Galadriel pondered. Yet, whatever future it may come, she promised herself to never be the same person she once was. Never. But that was for later. Now what remains was to just enjoy a long day of pampering.

The world reacted to the news of what took place at the Katze Plains with a mixed bag of emotions. It was quite hard to even comprehend what was truly going on, yet no one dared to deny the reality of it. After all, around 140,000 soldiers of the Re-Estize kingdom and 20,000 of the empire of Baharuth lost their lives during the massacre, and the ones who came back were never the same. They lost their minds. Both soldiers from the empire of Baharuth and the Re-Estize kingdom seemed to share their experience with traumatic episodes of whatever happened there.

The people, their families, friends, and lovers would never understand what they saw there. They would never comprehend the horrors, the voices, and the endless suffering of those monsters running behind them.

The soldiers would slowly lose their minds and in most cases. They would keep repeating words repeatedly. Not even the priest could help them.

Walk, walk, walk, walk moving up and down again… there's no help for you!

Night, night, night, night, dead whispering to you again… there's no salvation for you!

Taint, taint, taint, taint, your blood is coming out of you… there's no escape for you!

Six, eight, ten, four… your mind is telling you to move again!

Mind, mind, mind, mind, is slowly losing grip again… there's no more peace for you!

Those words seemed to be part of the problem since every single soldier kept on whispering to them while losing their minds. The rate of suicide kept going up, and neither nation knew what they could do. Since, even the most veteran soldier could only break down crying, hitting his head on the wall until he drops dead. Only to escape such words. But when they would ask what those words meant; most soldiers couldn't explain it in words. It was impossible to do so. Also, it was a waste of time trying to say to someone who wasn't there what those words meant.

There would never be a comfort for those poor men. Never.

And the current emperor of the empire of Baharuth only feels their pain, as his own headache emerged. There he was, emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix, sitting, looking at the map before him, wondering when the nightmare would start. Yet, as time went by, it was clear that it was not a dream. A no-cold shower would make him feel alive. This was the real world, and now the real world has a living God, a living, breathing being who they credit for the creation of their reality.

"The Ancient One… Galadriel Melkor. She is real… all those histories were real all along."

The emperor muttered, still incapable of grasping the concept of a god being real, but after what his soldiers said, after all those horrible tales told him. The Bloody Emperor couldn't deny the truth. Only a fool would try to look past the many pieces of evidence that lay before him. And he was not an idiot. Yet the question remains, what to do now?

"Why did she ask for just one city?"

He wondered, confused at what a supposed god would only ask for a city, just one city. If he was in her shoes. Jircniv would ask for the entire world to kneel before him, yet it was not the case with the Ancient One.

"E-Rantel, why that city? Of all places... she could ask for kingdoms or empires whole... but she only asked for one city, why?" He pondered.

Alone in his room, Jircniv thought that maybe there was a reason for it to be so important to the Ancient One. Maybe he was not seeing something. So, he took his time to watch the roads, the hills, and mountains and after a few minutes, he saw how every road connected to E-Rantel. Then he understood it.

"Seven roads lead-in, seven roads let out. The north, east, west, and south… all connected to that place. I see now… E-Rantel is the center of the continent."

Jircniv relaxed in his chair, exhaling. "She doesn't need to take over quickly... she just needs to hold that place... and slowly devour the rest."

"A perfect place to build a city… a capital."

He whispered, and while he was now understanding the reason, why would the Ancient One would want to create a capital. The Bloody Emperor had to still think, what could he do now? Clearly, there was no way for him to stand up to a god. And hearing what was going on around the world. He couldn't think of anything worthwhile.

"If the rumors are true, then the Theocracy is in shambles. The Re-Estize kingdom is at brinks of collapse, and the Holy Roble Kingdom has a large part of the population praying to the Ancient One. No matter how you look at it. The world is falling apart."

Jircniv sat down and still wondered what could he do with that information. He knew the only way for his empire to survive the upcoming storm was to form alliances with someone. But there was not an extensive catalog of who could be a good pick.

The Bloody Emperor had to admit that, no matter how hard to think about it. The harder it became. There was no actual way out. His empire was alone and the survival of it depended on him. So, with that in mind, he thought of only one thing.

"if the future depends on my decisions, then there is only one way."

Jircniv took a piece of paper and wrote. "Let's be the first to make contact with the so-called Ancient One. Let's see who we are dealing with."

The Bloody emperor wondered if he would be up for the task, to the face of a living god. Yet, for some odd reason. He felt relatively good about his opportunities. Perhaps, if he plays his cards right. He may emerge victorious, and the Baharuth empire may benefit greatly in the long run. Jircniv only needs to be careful, that's all.

"Let's see what type of god… person… Galadriel Melkor is."

Down in the south, however, things were vastly different. Since in the Elf Country, a certain ruler couldn't be more thrilled for what just came to his ears.

"So, she has awoken…!"

The elf king stared at the wall before him. His disgusting smile could make anyone shiver, and it does. Since on the floor, hugging the corner, a few poor elves girl were sobbing and trying to not look at him in any way or form. Yet, no matter how much they tried to not think about what they have endured. The reality was that they would never be free. No, until the ruthless king perished.

"Finally, a worthy woman to crown as a queen."

He said, slowly stroking the cheeks of the Ancient One, who only stared back at him, frozen. The paint on the wall was incredibly detailed, yet it didn't truly look like Galadriel Melkor, but more of a type of representation of how she supposedly looks. Still, for the Elf King, those golden eyes were enough for him to please himself while using those worthless women around him.

"After spilling my seed around for such a long time… finally a child would be born that would lead the world to a new age."

The elf king thought with joy.

"You! Useless slave… come here end kneel before me. Put that mouth to work."

The poor elf girl sobbed and obeyed, not wanting to anger the powerful elf king. So, with a disgusting whine, she then proceeds to please the elf king with her mouth, while the vile elf kept on starting at the painting on the wall. Allowing his mind to fantasize about what would the mouth of the Ancient One feels like around his cock. He would find out soon enough. Or so he would like to believe.

"Just for now…! Just close enough for me to touch!"

He grunted, losing himself. "Soon, you'll be mine! And so would the rest of the world!"

The elf king would need to move fast. There was no doubt that many would try to seek for her. So, he would need to put himself forward as a perfect candidate. Not that it would matter, of course. The elf king, in his twisted mind, truly believed he was the only one capable of going toe to toe against the Ancient One. Why? It was hard to say. But one thing was obvious. The elf king was a special individual.

The elf king allows himself to finish before kicking the poor slave away.

"A gift… I need to give a gift. A wonderful gift for a beautiful bride."

He whispered with wicked intent. Then he smiled.

"You scum, prepare a party… there's a long way for them to travel. A gift has to be sent immediately. Now."

The poor elf ran away, afraid of falling into her assignment. Yet, the elf king only smirked.

"Soon… soon… for now. Let's see, how is that brat doing? She wanted to kill me, right? Uh… I wonder how good she'll do against her many siblings."

The elf king had quite the imagination. So deep in wet dreams of a future that it would never come to pass. Yet, it would prove to be incredibly amusing if the elf king thinks he would have any chance to sway the Ancient One to his side. After all, the king of the elves does not know that a certain succubus would not tolerate such imaginary tales. Not if she has any say on it. The only thing left to say was that. It's going to be quite the amusing ride for many parties involved, except for the elf king.

The scent of ugly food only made Narberal hiss, like a venomous snake of sorts. Yet, she had to endure eating it, to make sure to look like a normal person, if anything. The Pleiades then stared at her sister, Lupusregina, who was eating the piece of chicken with little difficulty and gagged.

"How can you beat that?" Narberal asked.

Lupusregina looked at her as she swallowed the piece of meat and just shrugged it off.

"It's just meat… while not Nazarick level of deliciousness. It's just not as bad as you think," Lupusregina replied while taking another bite.

Narberal cringed as she just took a small bite of her food with disgust. They were currently in a bar or tavern near the Argland Council State, and soon they would arrive at their destination. Yet, that wasn't all. They were also hearing the many tales of what took place not too long ago, and it brought them joy and pride hearing all those lowlifes from a whisper in fear.

"I hear it, you know? My wife has a brother who served there… The letters he writes to her are filled with the same strange poem. It's insane!"

"That's terrifying!"

"The Ancient One… do you think is true? That she has E-Rantel is her home now?"

"I don't know, but sure as hell, I would never go to that place!"

"I've been praying to the Ancient One for a long time! I knew she existed! She is coming to deliver us from this world corruption!"

Those were just a few of many topics. They have been hearing, and they couldn't help but smirk. The world was dancing on their lady's palm.

"Mm! Those humans surely look different from before," Lupusregina said while drinking the beer with an enormous sigh of dramatic joy. Narberal just rolled her eyes at her.

"What do you mean?" Narberal asked.

"Don't you think… the further north we travel, the stranger some humans look?" Lupusregina asked, and Narberal noticed how right her sister was. She looked around and noticed how more semi-humans appeared in sight. Half-human, even. Strange indeed.

"There are half-human elves from what I have seen. But I don't think there are more variations. It is not normal," Lupusregina said.

"I guess that's right."

Narberal added, and the both of them felt someone looking at them. A man sitting in the corner with another group of people. Lupusregina and Narberal noted it. But decided to not react to it. Not yet, at the very least. But it seems that person wasn't going to wait to introduce himself.

So, he stood up and strolled towards them with a big smirk and a mischievous smile. He reached for another chair and sat at their table.

"What are two beautiful ladies sitting alone in such a dangerous place?" The man said with a cocky smile.

"Just enjoying a pleasant meal after a long day of travel," Lupusregina said with a smile of her own.

"I can see that. Not many would eat in such a fashion," he replied amused, by the big bites Lupusregina took while eating.

"Truly? What would that be? Don't you enjoy a good roasted chicken with a cold beer?" Lupusregina asked innocently.

"Oh, no, no! I am a simple man who enjoys simple things in life, as well. A cold drink with a hot meal is one of them."

The man said, but his eyes stared down at the exposed skin of Lupusregina and got closer to her.

"And I enjoy the body of a woman as any other man would."

Narberal only stared at him coldly, but Lupusregina, being Lupusregina, only smirked at him. She exposed a bit of her long leg that her adventurer outfit wasn't covering and teased him.

"Ah, is that so?" Lupusregina purred.

The man put his hand around Lupusregina's shoulder and started to get closer to her.

"Yes, if you desire, I could defiantly show you."

"Regina…" Narberal hissed her.

Lupusregina smirked as she got her face closer to him. "Oh, there is something we both actually enjoy."

Lupusregina put her hand on the man's shoulder, and for a moment the man thought he got lucky. But that was not it.

"And what is that?" The man asked, not noticing the danger he was in.

"I enjoy as well… the body of a woman, too!"

Lupusregina smirked as she kicked the man to the ground. It was an incredibly fast movement that forced the man to lose any stability on the chair. He grunted as his head hit the floor, and hissed, feeling the legs of the red-haired woman on his throat.

"But I doubt this is something you'll enjoy," Lupusregina said, smirking.

And the man only chuckled.

"I guess I do deserve that," he replied.

"That's what you get, Azuth!"

Azuth Aindra groaned at the many laughs coming from his colleagues. Lupusregina and Narberal recognized the name and knew he was one of the members of another adamantite-ranked group. And one of their objectives.

"So, this is the famous adventurer group called Red Drop?" Lupusregina asked.

"Ha! And this is the famous group called Darkness?" Azuth replied, standing up, with the same smirk as before.

"It is," Narberal said, with a hissing tone.

"But where is the leader? The Dark Hero, Elain?" Azuth asked, then he felt it. Everyone felt it. A presence of sorts behind him. And he had to admit that after such a long time. It was the first time he has ever let anyone slip behind him in such a fashion.

"That would be me," Elain, the dark hero, replied, and they noticed the edge of her voice.

"Are you perhaps bothering my companions?" She asked, and Azuth only raised his hand.

"Nothing but a friendly banter," he said. "I wasn't trying to bother… your partners." Or lovers, he thought.

"I see."

Azuth then got serious. "It seems that… our meeting was destined to happen. But if I am honest. I never thought it would be in such a fashion."

"We don't often have the ability to choose our path. We must just see it through," Elain said, and Azuth nodded.

"A pleasure to meet you… my name is Azuth Aindra."

"My name is Elain… the pleasure… is mine."

"I would like to speak with you a bit more. To get to know each other, but a friend of mine wishes to speak with you," Azuth said.

"Oh, who would that be?"

"You'll meet him soon enough. I hope you aren't afraid of dragons."

Elain chuckled. "Believe me, mister Aindra… no dragon scares me."