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Chapter 61

Albedo had never sprinted at such a speed until today. This is the first time she has ever abruptly left everything she was doing in such a disorganised manner. She received a message while working in the kingdom, preparing for what would come next in her lady's plans—their next step in the grand plans for the kingdom. Albedo had no problem putting on a facade to deal with humans. She was quite good at it, actually. Yet, there was one person who truly made it hard. Albedo despised being near that human, whom she considered a pitiful excuse for a cockroach. Yet, Albedo never anticipated that Philip, a worthless man, would bring forth a previously unknown form of hatred. Her disdain for humans was already well-established. In Albedo's eyes, they were either insignificant vermin or convenient and expendable tools. But Philip has become something beyond all of that. Philip had created a new sensation of disgust, surpassing even the lowest human in this vast world.

Honestly, that was an accomplishment in and of itself. To be able to be considered something even below a human had to be applauded. Albedo considered Philip a bacteria, an insignificant organism—something so low and disgusting that she couldn't know how he was still alive. Nevertheless, Albedo knew what Philip was trying to do, with all that touching and all those talks about her being a "single lady" and how she deserved a husband. Albedo wasn't a fool, like Philip, at all. She could see how Philip saw her, those lustful eyes undressing her. It made Albedo gag deeply.

To dare! To even dare to think that I should be his! Who does this vermin think he is?! I only belong to one person! Only one person is allowed to undress my thoughts! To touch my lustful body and to worship me! And that perfect being is currently carrying my child!

Albedo would definitely destroy him when she get the chance. She would make him wish he had never set eyes on her. All those thoughts, however, were stopped suddenly when she was in her room in the kingdom, contemplating and angrily scheming Philip's private hell. Just then, Pestonya [Message] arrived and delivered the urgent news about her lady's pregnancy, explaining that she needed to be at Nazarick immediately.

Maybe it was Pestonya's voice, tone, or how she spoke those words, but for Albedo. It was the sound no parent or partner wished to hear. Albedo forgot the entire world. She even forgot about Philip's foolishness. She threw everything on the ground and called for [Gate]. Then, stepping into Nazarick, she ran towards her ladies' room. There, she saw Demiurge, and just by staring at him, Albedo knew that whatever happened to her lady was terrible. Or so she thought.

"Demiurge!" Albedo called as the demon glared at her.

"Albedo," he replied curtly. "You've been called too? Nazarick appears to be on the highest alert and in lockdown, as mandated by our lady personally."

Albedo stopped and frowned deeply. If Demiurge didn't know what happened and why Nazarick was on lockdown. It meant that their lady personally has close Nazarick in the meantime. "What is going on?"

"I don't know," Demiurge muttered before the door opened. Pestonya stepped out of the room and glanced at both of them.

"Lord Demiurge, Lady Albedo, our lady wishes to speak with both of you."

Albedo and Demiurge entered the room, and it was not long before both of them were met by Galadriel, standing before them and looking incredibly pregnant.

Galadriel had grown considerably larger. To be precise, she was six months pregnant, and for some unknown reason, Galadriel began to appear quite pale.

"Demiurge, Albedo, thank you for coming in such a notice," Galadriel began to feel dizzy. In a flash, Albedo was there, holding her down as she sat on the large sofa.

"My love," Albedo whispered worriedly. "Your..."

"Yes, it's bigger," Galadriel replied with a chuckle before groaning, sensing those famous morning sicknesses she heard all pregnant women had. And honestly, it was quite shocking for her to feel sick. Galadriel was supposed to be a level 100 demon. She did not get sick, hungry, tired, or any sort of illness a lower being would have, yet she does feel like that now.

This made Galadriel wonder if her pregnancy had inflicted some debuff on her. Something not even her level, items, or skill could take off. It's not even a World item if that were the case.

"Not only that, but," Galadriel said, then took a deep breath and saw both of them with grave faces. "I can't use my skills."

Both demons gasped at their lady after hearing such a statement.

"My lady, you can't use your skills?" Demiurge asked, shocked and confused.

"It appears so," Galadriel replied before whispering at Albedo. "Albedo, I need you to go to the throne room and check my stats. The guildmaster tab. It had to say something."

"At once," Albedo muttered before again rushing towards the throne room like her life depended on it.

Galadriel then sighed before glancing at Demiurge. "Demiurge, I want the guardians, all of them, back at Nazarick immediately. Contact them, keep our agents on standby, and wait for further notice."

"Yes, my lady," Demiurge nodded.

"Pestonya, I wish for a bucket. I am going to puke," Galadriel grumbled before the dutiful head maid appeared with one, and the moment she saw the golden bucket, Galadriel proceeded to puke all she had ever eaten that day, which was a lot. Yet, deep inside, she couldn't help but wonder how all of this could happen.

Could the pregnancy be a sort of World item in itself, and the downside of it all was this sickness? At this point, Galadriel would accept whatever theory.

It took a while before Albedo arrived and told her about a specific and unique setting in her name. It wasn't even a debuff, like the ones in Yggdrasil. But more of a peculiar status. When Galadriel asked her about it, Albedo could only say it didn't make sense. The status was sort of unreadable for Albedo.

Galadriel had to see it for herself, and the walk down to the throne room felt like an eternity.

But when she sat down on the throne and saw the many screens popping up before her. Galadriel saw something in her name.

Galadriel Melkor. Status [Error 895xx] - [Adding resources] - [Mod Error 92001] - [Adding Debug Tool]

Galadriel frowned deeply at those strange errors next to her name. However, she began to remember that Nazarick had a limit on the levels they could use. Supposedly, if she recalled correctly, they could not have another level of 100 NPCs or any sort of NPC of a higher level. So, maybe the reason for her current status was because of that. Galadriel was currently a "bug" in Nazarick—an error, something that shouldn't happen in the game settings.

It made sense to her—a bit. Still, Galadriel needed to know exactly what that meant to her child.

Could it be that her child was the reason for all of this? Maybe.

Nevertheless, Galadriel had to focus on what was at hand. One was the fact that she could not use her skill at all. Items? Perhaps. Pestonya's healing skill did allow for some respite for Galadriel, and they took the sickness away for a short while. But it was clear that this state as a "bug" in Nazarick's system was the root of all of her problems now.

While concerned about all of this, Galadriel was also quite surprised and very interested in the fact that she was considered an anomaly in Nazarick. Something that shouldn't have happened. Maybe her being pregnant with what she believed to be an already-level 100 baby was breaking Nazarick's system in some way.

Was that a good thing? Galadriel would wait and see. But that's the reality of what's at hand so far. So far, she needed to prepare for the worst and what was to come.

Philip let out a groan, feeling frustrated that he had been informed that Lady Albedo was not accepting any visitors at the moment. How was he supposed to show her that he was the right person for their grand plan if he hadn't even had a chance to speak with her? With a sigh, Philip came to the realisation that there was no use dwelling on it.

However, what he could do was move on his own. If Philip proved to be reliable and capable of thinking for himself, then that gorgeous woman named Albedo would be given a chance.

"But how?" Philip whispered as he walked in circles in his office. "There has to be something I can do. Anything!"

Philip mumbled before quickly thinking about the floor shortages going on in the kingdom. Philip's tiny brain began to ponder what he could do about it. So far, the only thing Philip thought about was making himself the kingdom's saviour by keeping the Ancient One at bay. How could he accomplish something like that? Well, Philip's mind worked in ways no one could ever understand.

Philip was absolutely certain that Albedo loved him. He believed that he could demonstrate his ability to save the Re-Estize Kingdom and defeat the Ancient One's ambitions to expand further. Then, they would see his worth and his genius. Albedo would then agree to marry him and make him the king. After that, he planned to hand over the kingdom to the Ancient One.

But, of course, Philip had other plans in the mix. He would work in the shadows, gaining more allies and slowly usurping the Ancient One's control.

I heard the Ancient One is a beautiful woman. And from what sweet Albedo has told me about it. No woman can ever compare to her. Philip smiled, slowly licking his lips at the idea of having Albedo and Galadriel Melkor on their knees.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Philip," he mumbled to himself as he tried to shake off those dreams of his. "First, how could I save the kingdom? It must be a grandiose, big event!"

Philip took a seat and, just like a philosopher, initiated a conversation with the stars and gods that existed solely within his imagination, a gathering of around two and a half.

At that point, Philip started convincing himself that he would accomplish everything he dreamed of and even surpass his expectations. Undoubtedly, it would be a challenging endeavour. However, he would easily conquer them.

"I must tell you, sweet lady Albedo, about my plans," Philip mumbled before stopping. "No, that would be foolish! I must make sure they know nothing. That way, I will be able to surprise them! To showcase my genius!"

Philip smiled at himself, feeling confident and sure of himself. He stood up and saw himself in a small mirror before adjusting his clothes. "What sort of honeymoon should I prepare for my sweet Albedo? Oh, and children, of course! I will have to tell her that I want at least three."

Philip couldn't help but smile at the image of Albedo's pregnant belly. That was a sight to behold.

"Mm, I will also tell her that I expect her to be a dutiful wife," Philip nodded to himself. "But that could wait until my goals are achieved. Now, it's time to get some mercenaries or adventurers!"

With that said, the great and marvellous Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat left his office with one goal: to prove to the world that he was above the rest. His dream would be achieved.

But, of course, that won't happen.

To say that Nazarick has become a fortress would be a huge misunderstanding. Galadriel's current status had brought a new sense of danger to all of the residents of Nazarick, especially the Guardians. They now understood they were under pressure, as their lady couldn't fend for herself if attacked. It would be a bit over the top if Galadriel could say so herself, but she understood their paranoia. Their titles as guardians were now more than just that: a title.

Immediately, all the guardians went to their respective floors and began to create large defensive plans with Demiurge and Albedo's advice. What was a defensive plan? Galadriel had no idea, but she was happy to see them work together. The dragon lord hunting had proven to be quite favourable for them.

Ironically, Galadriel was not necessarily worried or afraid of her inability to use skills. In fact, she was utterly amazed by how she felt and how things were changing her, too. She could not use her skill, but that didn't mean she could not enter her stats, which was strange.

Galadriel realised that this pregnancy would change things for Nazarick and herself.

"But, where would his levels go if I had a 100 level? What sort of job class would he or she have?" Galadriel mumbled as she rested on her large bed, enjoying the soft pillows. Yet, she thought about Albedo's job classes and her own, wondering if they would be fused or mixed.

It was hard to say or even comprehend if that was the case. But there was something Galadriel was confident about. "You're truly going to be something else," Galadriel chuckled as she rubbed her pregnant belly.

Before long, Galadriel detected the presence of someone entering her room. A smile formed on her face as she laid eyes on Albedo, who approached at a leisurely pace. The succubus's gaze brimmed with overwhelming affection and devotion, causing Galadriel to blush inexplicably. Perhaps it was due to the hormones, but she moaned softly when Albedo sat on the edge of the bed and gave her a soft kiss.

"My love, how are you feeling?" Albedo asked gently, caressing Galadriel's hair.

"You've been asking me this question for days," Galadriel chuckled. "I am fine, Albedo. Just bored, I suppose."

Albedo gently hummed as she began to stroke Galadriel's large belly. A feeling of pride and joy washed over her as she noticed how even more radiant her beloved lady appeared now.

"You look so beautiful, my love," Albedo whispered, gently kissing the lips of Galadriel, who was more than happy about the gesture.

"I believe you are happy with what I am carrying," Galadriel chuckled.

"Perhaps I won't lie about it," Albedo replied with a visible smirk on her face before she began to hiss widely, like an animal slowly tasting more of Galadriel's lips. "Watching you walk around, carrying my child, knowing that it was me who made you into a mother. It drives me crazy."

Galadriel let out a soft moan, relishing in Albedo's dominant side. It was a side of him she adored, as it made her feel like she was truly in a relationship with someone. Being a leader herself, she often had to portray a larger-than-life persona. But there were moments when she craved to expose her true self and embrace vulnerability, for it was in those moments that she truly felt alive, loved, and happy.

And Albedo was someone she trusted.

"I love you, Albedo," Galadriel whispered, moaning.

"And I love you, Galadriel," Albedo replied, slowly bringing her hand down and down, caressing Galadriel's pregnant belly. Her hand would've arrived at Galadriel's honey if it hadn't been for a sudden movement that made Galadriel simply react funny.

"Oh!" Galadriel squealed, and at first, Albedo panicked, believing she had hurt her. But it was the smile on Galadriel's face that made her relax. "It's moving! Albedo, our child is moving!"

Galadriel brought Albedo's hand over her belly, and both soon felt the movements.

"It is," Albedo whispered in wonder, experiencing a new sensation of love. "Our boy is moving."

"Boy?" Galadriel chuckled. "What do you think is a boy?"

"I just know," Albedo replied smirkingly.

"Uh, I say it's a girl, not because of the whole lore thing. But I know it is a girl. I am carrying it, so I know best."

Albedo chuckled, kissing Galadriel's lips. "Whatever it is, our child seems quite excited to hear our voices."

Galadriel hummed before caressing Albedo's cheeks. "Stay with me, love. Make love to me."

Albedo, being her loyal servant, could only obey her loved ones. And smiled, doing so as she took her clothes off. "Of course, my love."

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