Hey, guys. Welcome to my first ever American Dragon Jake Long story! I never was planning to write a story like this with this show, but after watching the Danny Phantom vs American Dragon Jake Long Death Battle, it inspired me to create this story.

Oh, and for the record, all of the characters will have their season 2 designs, but Jake, Lao Shi, and the other dragons will have their season 1 dragon designs...Anyway, I don't own anything except for my OC's.


We cue at New York City, where we see an old man, two teenagers, and a dog standing on top of a building as the sun begins to set.

The old man is a 75-year-old Chinese man with a short built, black eyes, thinning white hair, thick eyebrows, pointed ears, and a Fu Manchu mustache with a soul patch beard. His outfit consisted of a long-sleeved blue robe with yellow tips at the sleeves/hem, and no shoes. His name is Luong Lao Shi.

One of the teenagers is a 13-year-old Chinese-American boy with black eyes, semi-long spiky black hair with green highlights, pointed ears, and a short, slim built. His outfit consisted of a red jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue cargo shorts, and grey shoes. His name is Jacob Luke Long, although he prefers to be called Jake.

The other teenager is a 13-year-old Chinese-American girl with black eyes, long spikey black hair with sky blue highlights, pointed ears, an old burned scar on her right eye, and a short, slim built. Her outfit consisted of a pink hoodie with a black t-shirt underneath, ripped blue jeans, and light green shoes. Her name is Kristina Luna Long, although she prefers to be called Kris, and she's Jake's younger twin sister.

The dog is a 600-year-old anthropomorphic Chinese male Shar-Pei with grey wrinkly fur, black eyes, and was oddly standing on two legs. His name is Fu Dog.

"This is your territory, young dragons." Lao Shi says to the teens while gesturing to the huge island of Manhattan before them as Jake looks excited while Kris looks apprehensive. "You two alone are responsible for protecting the magical creatures living within it. From the centaur herds of Highbridge park to the underground secret leprechaun stock exchange to the gargoyle nest on top of the Empire State Building to the mermaids of the East River." He says as Fu Dog turned to them.

"Kids, if you two can make it here, you can make it anywhere." Fu Dog says with a Brooklyn Accent before laughing as Jake smirked confidently while Kris bits her lip nervously.

"Ah, no problem, we're totally on it. Right, sis?" Jake asked his twin sister, who gave him an awkward smile.

"Y-Yeah, we got this," Kris says as Lao Shi turned to them and gave them a stern look.

"But first, you two must master your dragon training one step at a time. Even a young falcon must stand before he can fly." Lao Shi says wisely as Jake scoffed and grinned.

"Yeah, right, check this out, G. Dragon up, yo!" Jake yelled while pumping his fist in the air as red flames bursts out of his body and slowly transforms him into a tall, muscular, Western dragon with black eyes, red scales, a yellow chest, large red wings, green spikes along his back, and a long red tail. Also, oddly enough, his hair remained the same. "Boom! I'm not only ready to fly, but I'm also ready to soar! Represent!" Jake says before taking off into a sprint as he jumps out of the roof.

"Jake!" Kris yells worriedly as she ran over to the ledge and looks down, only to yelp in surprise as her twin brother flew up and begins gliding through the air.

"Oh, yeah! Bad dudes beware because the American Dragons are in the house!" Jake cheers before flying back to the roof as he begins dancing in mid-air until suddenly he frizzled back into his human form and screamed as he fell down.

"Jake!" Kristina yells horrified as she, Lao Shi, and Fu Dog looks down the edge and saw that Jake to save himself by grabbing onto a fire escape as he danged in the air.

"I'm cool! I'm cool! No need to worry about me, Kris!" Jake yelled, feeling slightly shaken up from almost falling to his death as he tried to pull himself up, but failed as he looks down at the street, nervously. "Can I get a little help down here?" Jake asked as Lao Shi sighs in frustration at his grandson's cockiness and was about to dragon up, but Kristina beats him to it as she climbed onto the ledge of the roof and looks down at her brother determinedly, yet timidly.

"D-Don't worry, Jake, I'm coming! D-Dragon up!" Kris yells shakily as she closed her eyes and grunted as pink flames bursts out of her body and she slowly transforms into a slim, Chinese Dragon with black eyes, a long serpentine-like body, pink scales, sky blue spine ridges, a pair of small pink horns, and a long pink tail. Also, oddly enough, her scar and hair remained the same. "I got you, bro," Kris says to her brother reassuringly as she extended her body and grabbed on to her brother as she used her super-strength to pull him up towards the roof.

"Thanks, sis," Jake says gratefully as Kristina smiled at him, and their grandfather coughed.

"Now, that we got that out of the way, let's begin with our dragon training today." Lao Shi says as blue flames burst out of his body and he slowly transforms into a muscular, yet slim, Chinese Dragon with a long serpentine-like body, blue scales, white spine ridges, a pair of small blue horns, and a long blue tail. Also, oddly enough, his hair/mustache/beard remained the same.

"Let's go." Lao Shi while placing Fu Dog onto his back as Jake grabbed on to his sister, and they took flight towards Central Park.

{Theme Song}

They're cool, they're hot

Like a frozen sun

Sleeping soundly on their beds, Jake and Kris suddenly woke up as they bounced out of their beds, both feeling really excited for the day as they ran out of their rooms to do their morning routines. After dressing up and eating their breakfasts, the twins brought out their skateboards as they rode down the stairs and raced passed their surprised parents and little sister as they skated outside.

They're young and fast

They're the chosen ones.

Their friends, Spud, Trixie, and Hunter, smiled at the twins, but then winced as Jake accidentally sprang out his dragon tail and it got tangled up with the wheels on his skateboard as he lost control of his momentum and crashed against a couple of trashcans. Kristina didn't fare any better as she accidentally activated her flight of a dragon and flew up into the air before falling down as she fell inside of a dumpster.

People, we're not braggin'

They're the American Dragons!

Recovering from their accidents, the twins and their friends skated towards school as Jake turned his head and gasped as he saw Rose talking with her friends. Feeling his heart beating faster than normal, Jake stared at Rose lovingly with a blush on his face as he didn't look where he was going and crashed against a nearby delivery man's truck.

Rolling her eyes at her brother's obvious crush on Rose, Kris glanced at her friends and gasped at the sight of Hunter's gorgeous face glinting against the sun. Blushing slightly, Kris sighs dreamily as she didn't look where she was going and crashed against the same truck that Jake crashed into.

Hunter, Trixie, and Spud gasped worriedly as they ran over to the truck to check on their friends when suddenly, red/pink flames emerged from the vehicle as the twins flew out of the truck in their dragon forms and posed heroically as they smiled at their friends.

They're going to stop their enemies with their dragon powers

Dragon teeth, dragon tail, burning dragon fire

They're real live wires!

At Central Park, we see Jake and Kris skateboarding towards their grandfather, and magical animal guardian as Lao Shi turned to them and pointed ahead. The twin's eyes widen in surprise at the sight of all their enemies coming together to defeat them as they glared at the duo and stood in fighting stances.

Nodding to each other determinedly, the Long Twins transformed into their dragon forms as Jake smirked cockily at the readers while Kristina smiled shyly. Unknown to the teens, however, Huntsgirl appeared behind them as she stopped on Kristina's tail and then grabbed on to Jake's tail as she pulled it. Jake and Kris's eyes widen as they yelled out in surprise/pain and accidentally blew red/pink fire at their grandpa and magical guardian, who gave the twins deadpanned looks as Fu Dog puts out the small flame on his tail.

American Dragons!

(Dragon Up!)

American Dragons!

Jake and Kristina flew across the vast island of Manhattan as the magical creatures waved friendly at their protectors. The Long Twins waved back as a small group of fangirling fairies flew towards Jake and placed multiple kisses on his face while a pair of gargoyles whistled at Kristina.

Jake tried in vain to push the fairies off of at his face while Kris blushed madly as she covered her eyes shyly and accidentally rammed into her brother as her long body wrapped around his body and tied him up as they fell to the ground.

They're the American Dragons!

(Freestyle with the dragons!)

The American Dragon fought against the Huntsman and Huntsgirl as Jake grabbed on to his sister and twirled her around like a lasso before throwing her towards the villains as Kris used her elastic body to wrap around Huntsman and Huntsgirl's bodies. The dragon-slaying villains tried in vain to escape as Jake grabbed on to Kristina's tail and twirled them around for a few seconds before Kris let's go of them as they were launched into the sky.

The twins fought against a horde of teeth-like monsters as Kristina flew across the battlefield like a torpedo and used her stretchy body to trip up the monsters towards Jake, who punches through them with ease as Hayley cheered in the background. Next, we see the twins facing off against a small blue creature as their friends, and a little blue-haired girl watched on worriedly.

Then, we see the twins fighting against Huntsgirl as she threw multiple punches at Jake, who blocked all of her punches as he grabbed her last punch and threw her towards Kristina. The female dragon smirked as she stretched out her body and caught Huntsgirl as she then catapults her towards Jake, who delivered a massive uppercut to her chin as he sent the teenage ninja flying through the air before crashing against the roof of a car as Huntsgirl groans and slowly went unconscious as the twins shared a high-five.

Finally, we see a tied up Jake and Kris struggling to escape as Huntsgirl raised her glowing green spear and glared hatefully into their terrified eyes as she screamed and charged at them as she aimed for their hearts.

Their skills are getting faster with Grandpa the Master

Their destiny will walk up the streets

Showtime, baby, for their legacies

American Dragons!

Jake and Kris were practicing on mastering their dragon powers as Lao Shi watched on from the background with an approving look on his face as he gestured them to continue. After a few minutes of training, Jake and Kristina glanced at their grandfather before glancing back at each other as they smirked mischievously and nodded as they flew up.

Surprising Lao Shi as he watched the twins fling farther and farther away from him as they shared a high-five. But then they accidentally transformed back into their human forms as they screamed and hugged each other in fear as they fell down. Landing on the ground with surprisingly no injuries, the twins jumped back in surprise as they were suddenly standing on a stage with their friends, and a huge crowd of New Yorkers stood in front of them as they cheered for their magical guardians.

Confused, Jake and Kris heard music beginning to play behind them as they turned around and saw their friends and family performing on stage with them as their band. Turning back to each other, the Long Twins stared at each other for a few seconds before smirking as they grabbed a pair of microphones and starts rapping.

Jake: From the J, to the A, to the K, to the E

(American Dragons!)

Kris: And from the K, to the R, to the I to the S

(American Dragons!)

Jake and Kris: We're the mack-daddy/mama dragons from the NYC, ya hear?

(American Dragons)

After finishing their little rap song, the crowd cheered louder as Rose appeared on stage while Hunter tossed his drumsticks away as he walks towards twins. Jake and Kristina blushed at the sight of their crushes walking towards them as Rose grabbed on to Jake's hands and smiled at him warmly, while Hunter grabbed on to Kristina's waist and brought her closer to his body as they leaned in for a kiss. Jake and Kris shared a quick fist-bump with each other before turning to their crushes as they leaned closer to kiss them.

Jake! Kris! Snap out of it and stop destroying Grandpa's shop!

Lao Shi's annoyed yell rang out as Jake and Kris were snapped out of their daydreams and winced as they realized that they accidentally destroyed their grandfather's shop during their daydreams, and gagged as they realized that they were going to kiss a pair of mops.

Aw, man!/Dang it!

The twins cursed as Lao Shi stared at them with his face going red and trembled slightly in silent anger. The twins smiled at him sheepishly before bolting out of the shop as they transformed into their dragon forms and flew to the sky. Not letting them off that easy, Lao Shi dragoned up as he chased after his fleeing grandchildren while yelling at them angrily in either Mandarin or Cantonese.

(American Dragons!)

Later at night, we see the group walking across Central Park as Lao Shi was lecturing them, but the twins weren't really listening as Jake was bored and Kris was tired from staying up late as she yawned.

"We Dragons are creatures of immense magical power, but to achieve your full potential, you two must keep training and mastering the fundamentals." Lao Shi explained as he stopped walking and turned to the twins as he pointed at them.

"Dragon fire!"

Jake and Kris felt something rising up from their stomach as they opened their mouths and spewed out hot red/pink fire, much to their surprise.

"Dragon teeth!"

Jake and Kris's head went aflame as their human heads were replaced by their dragon ones, and they showed off their incredibly sharped teeth.

"Dragon's tongue!"

Jake and Kris opened their mouths and spits out their surprisingly long dragon tongues as they dangled in the air.

"Dragon claws!"

Jake and Kris's upper bodies shifted into their dragon forms as their claws glinted across the moonlight.

"Dragon wings!"

Jake grunted as he felt something rumbling in his back, and his dragon wings popped out as they flapped gently against the wind.

"Dragon flight!"

Kris yelped as an invisible chi aura covered her body, and she begins levitating in the air as she waved her hands around frantically.

"Dragon tail!"

Jake and Kris's lower half shifted into their dragon forms as their tail popped out and wagged around madly.

"Once you finished mastering your basic abilities, the rest should be a breeze to learn." Lao Shi says while crossing his arms as Jake and Kris stared at him for a few seconds before glancing at their bodies as they silently wondered how their grandfather changed them into their dragon forms. "But to do this, the dragon students must obey their dragon master without question or hesitation." Lao Shi says seriously as his grandchildren nodded.

"Okay, Grandpa, we won't let you down," Kris says as Jake smirked confidently, and placed his scaly arm over his sisters's shoulders.

"Yeah, Gramps, we're all about obeying. Whatever you say, whenever you say it." He says as Lao Shi nodded in satisfaction and was about to continue. When suddenly, Fu Dog, who was sniffing the ground curiously, perked up as he smelt something that made him reel back in disgust.

"Oh, yuck! Blue cheese with a touch of sweat sock! It's the Huntsman! I know that stink anywhere."

"T-The Huntsman!? A-Are you sure about that, Fu Dog?" Kris asked fearfully as she and her twin shifted back into their human forms and walked over to their talking dog as their grandfather followed them.

"The nose doesn't lie, Kris." Fu Dog says while sprinkling some magic dust on the ground as it revealed a set of glowing footprints on the grass.

"Well, what's he doing here?" Jake asked.

"Ah, you tell us, young ones." Lao Shi says while bending on the ground as Jake and Kris did the same, and their grandfather pointed at the footprints. "As you can see, the Hunstman's footprints are heading north-south on the night of a full moon. Tell me, what do you think he's trying to hunt?" Lao Shi asked as Jake hesitated, not knowing the answer as Kris thought carefully about what he said, and gasped.

"He's hunting unicorns!" Kris exclaimed in horror as Lao Shi smiled and nodded as Jake gave her a congratulating pat on her back.

"Bingo! Give the kid a prize!" Fu Dog says as Kris stood up, and had an uncharacteristically determined look on her face.

"We need to save those unicorns! Let's go!" Kris says before running off as the others followed her.

After running for a few minutes, the group saw a horde of unicorns innocently minding their own business as they were being spied on by a large man wearing a dragon's skull for a mask. The man is 31-years-old with his face and body hidden by his costume as the only thing that was revealed about him was his glowing red eyes. His outfit consisted of a grey jumpsuit with a dark green vest, a dragon skull for a mask, black shoulder pads, a werewolf pelt, and black gloves/boots. His real name is unknown, but he is known as the Huntsman.

"Ah, yes, unicorns horns. Always a valuable quantity at the magical black market." Huntsman says as he took out his staff and spun it around before stalking over to the unicorns with the intent to kill as he grins maliciously.

"He's going to kill those unicorns, we have to stop him," Kris says while hiding behind a bush with the others as Jake nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, let's crack a can of whoop-ass on that jerkwad," Jake says while smacking his fists together as Lao Shi shakes his head in disagreement.

"Ah, you are mistaken. I'm not fighting with you two." Instantly, the twins felt their confidence disappear as they stared at their grandfather surprised, and slightly scared.

"We? As in were going to fight the Huntsman on our own? Without your help?" Jake asked with a nervous gulp as Kris shook in fright.

"I will not be around forever, it is time that you put your dragon training to the test." Lao Shi says as Kris frowns.

"B-But-" Kris says before being interrupted by her grandfather as he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"There is no need to be afraid, young one. Remember, your not fighting alone." Lao Shi says while gesturing at Jake, who noticed how scared his twin was as he hid his nervousness behind a confident smirk and grabbed Kris's hand.

"He's right, Kris. As long as we're together, nothing is going to stop us. Come on, its time to teach that Huntspunk not to mess with the American Dragons." Jake says as Kris's eyes widen before smiling as she nodded.

"Yeah, let's do it," Kris says as they jumped over the bush and quietly made their way towards the Huntsman.

"Hey, hey, hey, make it quick, kids! I'm calling Ernie and laying fifty bucks on you two!" Fu Dog says while wearing a drinking cap and a cheer clap glove as he pulled out a phone and dialed someone. "Hey, Big Ernie. Its Fu, I need to make a bet."

Back with the Huntsman, we see him getting closer and closer to the unicorns as he eyed them greedily. Not noticing the twins following after him as they peeked over a tree that they were hiding behind, and narrowed their eyes at him as Huntsman was preparing to attack the unicorns.

"Alright, sis, I will hit him with a fireball, and while he's distracted, you will tangle him up with your flexible dragon body, got it?" Jake asked while shifting his human head for his dragon one as she nodded.

"Got it. Claws of a Dragon." Kristina says as pink flames covered her arms, and they changed into her dragon arms. Flexing her claws, Kris grabbed hold of a tree as she climbed up to it with ease and begins leaping from tree to tree as she landed on the tree that the Huntsman was hiding behind and silently transformed into her dragon form.

"They're performing dual sneak attacks from multiple sides to catch him off guard, quite clever." Lao Shi says, mildly impressed with his grandchildren's teamwork as he smiled slightly, but then frowns. "But let's see what they're going to do next."

"Taste my dragon fire, dirtball," Jake says as he took a deep breath and tried to breathe fire...but ended up farting a giant ball of fire that flew towards the others.

"Incoming!" Fu Dog yelled as he and Lao Shi jumped out of their hiding spot, and their bush was set on fire. Startling the unicorns as they neighed in fright and galloped away as they disappeared into the night.

"Huh?" Kristina says, surprised by the bush getting set on fire and the unicorns running away as she lost her grip on the branch and fell down. "Aaah!" Kristina screamed, alerting the Huntsman as he looked up and saw Kristina falling down as she got tangled up by the tree branches.

"Sorry! My bad guys!" Jake yelled with an embarrassed look before feeling something burning his behind as he looks down, and gasped as he noticed that his but was on fire. "Whoa! Hot cheeks! Hot cheeks!" Jake yelled as he ran over to a small pond and jumped on it as the water puts out the fire, and he sighs in relief as he stuck his tongue out.

"Two dragons," Huntsman says while eyeing the two dragons hatefully as he stared at Jake for a few seconds before turning to the trapped Kristina as he raised his staff and charged at her.

"Kristina! No!" Jake yelled as he jumped out of the lake and ran after his sister as flames covered his body. "Dragon up!" Jake screamed as he transformed into his dragon form and tackled the Huntsman to the floor.

Huntsman groans in annoyance as he pushed off Jake from his body and glared at him as he was about to attack, but then Kristina appeared as she changed back into her human form and fell down from the tree as she kicked the Huntsman down and flipped in the air as pink flames covered her body and she changed back into her dragon form as she landed beside her brother.

"Thanks, bro," Kristina says while giving her brother a grateful look as Jake smiled softly.

"You're welcome, sis," Jake says before turning to the annoyed Huntsman as Jake smirked confidently and placed his arms on his hips. "Is that all you got, Huntspunk? Because the American Dragons are about to kick your-" Jake says before grunting in surprise as he was kicked away by a teenage ninja.

The teenage ninja is a 13-year-old girl with long blonde hair tied up into a braid, baby blue eyes, and slender, almost hourglass-like figure. Her outfit consisted of a green jumpsuit with a green mask that covered her entire face, except for her eyes, a black vest, black shoulder pads, black gloves, and black slippers. Her real name is unknown, but she goes by the Huntsgirl.

"How was that, Hunsmaster?" Huntsgirl asked while bowing to her master in respect as Hunstman nodded approvingly.

"Very nice, Huntsgirl, your training has served you well."

"Hey!" Kristina screamed angrily as she tried to swipe at the Huntsgirl, but Huntsman won't have that as he blasted her away with his spear, and Kristina crashed against the ground as she groans in pain.

"I got the pink one, you get the red one," Hunstman says as Huntsgirl grinned and nodded as she charged at Jake, who was recovering from her surprised attack as Huntsgirl threw a kick at him.

"Whoa!" Jake says as he barely dodges her attack, and ducked as she threw a punch at him. "Hey, come on now, what's a nice girl like you doing here hunting unicorns?" Jake flirted as he ducked another one of her punches and tried to threw one of his own, but she easily ducked his sloppy punch as Huntsgirl grabbed his arm and punched him in his gut. Causing him to burp fire as she leaped over him and twisted his arm as Jake grunts in pain.

"What's a nice guy like you doing outside in your underwear?" Huntsgirl flirted back as Jake blinks in confusion and looks down as he saw that he accidentally change back halfway, and he was somehow in his underwear.

"Oh, uh, well, you see, I, uh-" Jake stuttered while blushing in embarrassment as Huntsgirl rolled her eyes and kicked him down as he crashed on the floor.

With Kristina, we see her rubbing her head in pain as she sat up and screamed as she saw Huntsman leaping towards her and raised his spear to strike at her head. Rolling out of the way, Huntsman landed on the ground so hard that the ground below him cracked as Kristina stood up and was about to attack the Huntsman. But one look from his menacing glare made her freeze in her steps as the dragon slayer used this to his advantage and blasted her away as she landed beside her brother.

"Ugh, this isn't going the way I thought it would," Jake says as Kris nodded in agreement, and yelped in fear as their enemy appeared and glared down at them sinisterly.

"This is your golden opportunity, Huntsgirl. Not only will you be able to slay your first dragon, but you will be able to slay two dragons at the same time! Finish them!" Huntsman screamed as he tossed over his staff at his apprentice and she caught it eagerly.

"With pleasure," Huntsgirl says while grinning at the dragons murderously as Jake noticed his sister trembling in fear, and his face hardens as he stood in front of his sister protectively. Huntsgirl was slightly surprised by his protectiveness before shaking her head as she lunged at the dragons. But then a wall of blue fire separated her from the dragons as she and Huntsman turned their heads and saw Lao Shi and Fu Dog calmly walking towards the twins.

"This isn't over, dragons!" Huntsman screamed angrily as he grabbed the spear from out of his apprentice hands and tapped it on the ground as they were teleported out of the way by a flash of green light.

"Ah, tough break, kids." Fu Dog says as Kristina fell on her butt and panted heavily with a terrified look on her face.

"That was too scary," Kris says as Jake bends down, and patted her back to comfort her as Fu Dog continued talking.

"It was almost as bad when you two tangoed with those mountain trolls last week." Fu Dog says as the twins had a mini flashback of where a group of mountain trolls kicked Jake around like a soccer ball while Kristina was used as a jumping rope.

"Or the week before that, when you guys took on the giants." Fu Dog says with a chuckle as the twins groaned and had another flashback where a giant was stomping Jake like a pancake while another giant was stretching Kristina out like silly putty.

"Or the week before that, when those field pixies tossed you a beating." Fu Dog says while laughing loudly as the twins glared at him and had another flashback where Jake and Kristina was trying to take on the pixies, but they easily incapacitated them by tying Jake up with his tail while they tied Kristina up to a tree.

"Young dragons, besides what happened, you two actually performed much better than I thought you would...which isn't saying much. You two came up with a plan and tried to work together to achieve it. Quite impressive." Lao Shi says as the twins smiled at first but then frowned as Lao Shi glared at them sternly. "But Jake, you're inability to control your dragon abilities is holding you back in battle." Lao Shi says to Jake before turning to Kristina. "And, Kris, while you seem to somewhat have a handle on your dragon powers, you still have trouble getting used to your dragon form." Lao Shi says before looking away. "Plus, your confidence could use a little work." Lao Shi thought to himself with a sweatdrop as Jake blushed embarrassedly from his constant screw-ups while Kristina pouted as she rested her head on her knees self-consciously. "Tomorrow, we step up your training, be at rooftop right after school." Lao Shi says as the twins sighed, but nodded.

"Alright, we'll be there, Grandpa," Jake says with a shrug as Kristina nodded, and stood up as they walked away.

The next day, we see the twins attending their mythology class at Millard Fillmore Junior High as Jake looks bored while Kristina was trying very hard not to fall asleep.

"Which brings us to the topic of dragons." Jake and Kristina's middle-aged teacher says with a German accent as he drew a symbol of a dragon on a whiteboard and turned to his students. The middle-aged man is 47-years-old with balding ginger hair and black eyes. His outfit consisted of a dark green jacket with a button-up light blue shirt underneath, a monocle, a red bow tie, brown jeans, and brown shoes. His name is Hans Rotwood.

"Now if you turn to page two hundred and thirty-seven of my groundbreaking, yet unpublished, scientific study of the magical creatures among us, you will see that I describe dragons as evolutionary descendants of the dinosaurs," Hans says before grabbing a ruler as he walked towards the distracted Long Twins. "Thus, what can we conclude about the size of a dragon's head?" Hans asked as he arrived at their desks, and his eye twitched in annoyance as he noticed Jake playing with his textbook while Kris has fallen asleep. "Mr. and Mrs. Long!" Hans yelled while slamming his rule on each of their desks as the twins bolted back in surprise and glanced at their textbooks hesitantly.

"Well, um, we conclude that dragons...have very large brains. I mean, they're probably really smart and cool." Jake says as Kristina nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, and we also think that they must be really powerful. Might be even one of the most powerful magical creatures in exis-"

"INCORRECT!" Hans yelled, startling the twins as he looks down at them condescendingly. "We can assume that dragons brain is about the size of a pea, maybe a walnut," Hans says with a shrug as Jake and even Kristina looked at him offended as they glared at him.

"Excuse me?" Jake and Kristina asked in unison as Hans rudely pointed his ruler at them.

"No, nah, no, ni, na, shh! Quiet! Write that down, Mr. and Mrs. Long, it's certain to be on your final examinations." Hans says with a smug look before walking away.

"Aw, man." Jake groans as he rested his hand on his knuckles.

"Dang it." Kristina cursed while resting her head on her desk as she sighs sadly. Hans walks past the rows of desks as one of his students raised her hand, calling him over as he walks over to her.

The student is a 13-year-old African-American girl with brown eyes, long black hair pulled up into twin buns, and brown skin. Her outfit consisted of a blue short sleeve hoodie with a logo of a panda on it, a light blue long sleeve shirt underneath, baggy olive green pants, and gray sneakers. Her name is Trixie Carter.

"Hey, yo, Mr. Rot-"

"Professor!" Hans corrected loudly as Trixie rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, Professor Rotwood," Trixie says with a heavy New York accent as Hans narrowed his eyes at her, and she smirked. "This is Mythology class up in here, right? So...how can you know about the size of a dragon? I mean, elves, unicorns, that stuff isn't real, yo." Trixie says as Hans laughed nervously, and tugged on his collar.

"He, ya, yo, yo, huh, well, yes, well, that is certainly the belief now isn't you know." He says before walking over to the front of the classroom as he turned to his students. "However, some scientists have devoted everything in their life to prove this otherwise! But this kind of academic courage doesn't come without a prize, like being ridiculed by one's colleagues or being banished from every respectful educational institution in the world! Or being reduced to work at some mediocre public school and teach some snot-nosed brats!" Hans rambled angrily while snapping his ruler in half as his students stared at him silently for a few seconds, and the bell rings as they quickly ran out of the classroom. "Ookey dookey class dismissed," Hans says as he regained his composure and rubbed his neck sheepishly.

"Well, that was weird," Kristina says to Jake, who nodded in agreement as they stepped out of the school and put on their skateboard equipment as they pulled out their skateboards. Jake's skateboard was a yellow board with a red Chinese dragon design on it while Kris's skateboard was sky blue with a pink Chinese dragon design on it.

"Let's go," Jake says as Kris nodded, and they mounted on their skateboards as they were about to ride off when a familiar voice stops them.

"Ay yo, Jake! Kristina! What's a crack-a-lacking, guys?" Trixie asked as she, and a teenage boy rode towards the twins as Jake and Kristina smiled.

The teenage boy is 13-years-old with black eyes, short spikey brown hair, and freckles. His outfit consisted of a short-sleeved blue t-shirt with the logo of an alien on it, a long-sleeved orange shirt underneath, long brown pants, and blue shoes. His name is Arthur Spudinksi, but he prefers to be called Spud.

"Hey, Trixie," Kristina says while sharing a hug with Trixie.

"Hey, Spud," Jake says while sharing a fist-bump with his friend.

"What's up?" Jake and Kristina said in unison as their friends smiled.

"We crushing to Washington Park right about now. We're going to shred some serious asphalt. Last time we hit that place, Spud got a concussion!" Trixie says as Kristina gasped.

"What? Really? Are you okay, Spud?" Kristina asked while giving Spud a worried look as the teenager smiled dumbly.

"Ha, ha, ha, there's no need to worry, Kris. That was just a case of sub-contagious little trauma. Nothing too dangerous." Spud says as Trixie rolled her eyes and punched his shoulder playfully.

"Yeah, whatever. So, are you guys in, or are you in?" She asked with a grin as the twins grinned back but then frowned as they remembered that they had to train with their grandfather and sighed sadly.

"Oh, we wished Trixie, but got to work at our grandpa's shop," Jake says hesitantly as Trixie and Spud frowned disappointedly.

"Again? That's like the...uh...eleventeenth time this week, guys! What's up? This is stressing me out." Spud says as Kristina frowns guiltily and looks down shyly.

"I'm sorry, but we promised our grandfather that we will help him," Kris says as Trixie scoffed.

"Yeah, help, not work for him for months on end! I mean seriously, when was the last time we hang out together?" She asked as the twins opened their mouths but promptly closed them as they didn't remember the last time they spend time together with their friends. "Hmmm, thought so."

"Yo, maybe next time, guys, alright?" Jake asked as his friends sighed, but nodded as they ride off.

"I hate hiding this from them," Kristina says as she formed a ball of pink fire in her hand before throwing it away as she sighed sadly and Jake placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I know, sis, but we can't tell them. There is no way to know how they will react, plus Spud isn't exactly great at keeping secrets." Jake says the last part jokingly as Kristina smiled, feeling a little cheered up as she and Jake dropped down their skateboards and rode across the sidewalk, but Jake accidentally crashed against a teenage girl as she dropped her books.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean-" Jake says before shutting up at the sight of the admittedly pretty girl as he blushed. The teenage girl is 13-years-old with long blonde hair that reaches to her shoulders, baby blue eyes, and slender, almost hourglass-like figure. Her outfit consisted of a plain white t-shirt with pink jeans and white shoes. Her name is Rose.

"Uh, hi," Jake says dumbly as Rose smiled at him.

"Hi, yourself," Rose says as Jake looks down, and was surprised to see a dragon-shaped mark on her right hand.

"Hey, that's a really cool dragon tattoo," Jake says.

"Actually, it's a birthmark," Rose says as Kristina looks between the curiously, and smirked deviously as she noticed Jake's obvious love-struck look as she walked towards them.

"Hi, I'm Kristina, Jake's twin sister, but you can call me Kris." Kris introduced herself while holding out her hand as Rose shook it.

"Nice to meet you," Rose says before turning to a nervous Jake. "So, your name is Jake, huh? I'm Rose." She says while holding out her hand as Jake stared at it for a few seconds, prompting for Kristina to elbow him in his stomach as he recovered and shook her hand.

"Hi, I'm Jake...but you already knew that," Jake says while rubbing his neck sheepishly as Rose laughed.

"Well, I guess I'll see you two around, okay?" She asks as Jake beams.

"Yeah, yeah, absolutely, yes!" Jake says eagerly as Rose back away in surprise from his yell, prompting for Kris to elbow him in his gut as Jake composed himself, and gained his usual cool look. "Uh, well, I mean, I guess we can chill if you want?" Jake asked as Rose tilted her head confusedly before smiling softly as she nodded and walked off.

"Well, you seem to quite like her, don't you?" Kristina asked teasingly as she noticed her brother watching Rose go with hearts in his eyes, and even his dragon tongue popped out.

"What?" Jake says distractedly before snapping out of his daze as he pulled his tongue back into his mouth. "I-I have no idea what your talking about," Jake says while crossing his arms as Kristina rolled her eyes and smirked.

"Yeah, right. Come on, let's go to Grandpa's shop."

"You want to take the scenic route?" Jake asked as Kristina faltered and rubbed her arm nervously.

"I would, but I still have trouble with flying," Kris admitted with a nervous blush as Jake smiled at her reassuringly.

"Don't worry, I will carry you." Jake offered as she smiled.

"Thanks, Jake," Kris says as Jake nodded, and ran into an alley as his sister followed after him. After a few seconds of silence, a glow of red fire appeared as we see Jake flying away in his dragon form with Kris riding on his back as they whooped in excitement.

"...Three...two...one, aaaaand they're late!" Fu Dog says with a stopwatch in his hands as he and Lao Shi were waiting for the twins at the roof of Lao Shi's shop.

"We're here! We're here!" The Long twins yelled as Jake accidentally flew straight into a blanket that was hanged in a clothesline and crashed landed on the roof as Kristina fell off of her brother's back and landed in front of the duo as Jake slides in besides her.

"Ah, your late, young ones." Lao Shi says sternly as his grandchildren gave him shocked looks.

"Say what!? But only by three seconds!" Jake and Kristina yelled in disbelief.

"THREE SECONDS OR THREE HOURS, LATE IS LATE!" Lao Shi yelled back in irritation before noticing that Kris was in her human form as he calmed down and gave his granddaughter a confused look. "Kris, care to explain to me why you were riding on Jake's back instead of flying on your own?" Lao Shi asked as Kris flinched, and looks down nervously.

"Well, you see, Jake offered me to ride on his back to fly over here because...well...I still haven't learned how to fly yet." Kris admitted sheepishly as Lao Shi's eyes widen in surprise.

"You still don't know how to fly?! I thought you said you been practicing!?" Lao Shi asked in annoyance as Kris flinch from his yell and looks away guiltily.

"Well, I stopped practicing a while ago when I couldn't stop bumping my head against the ceiling." She says as Lao Shi was about to scream, but took a deep breath as he regained his calm demeanor.

"Okay, its clearly obvious I've been a little lax on your training, so I'm going to fix that. But first, I want to see how far are you with flying, show me what you got." He says as Kris bits her lip nervously.

"Uh, sure. Dragon up!" Kris shouted as pink flames bursts out of her body and transformed into her dragon form as her grandfather motioned her to fly. Gulping, Kris took a deep breath as she sprinted towards the edge and jumped off as she managed to hover in the air for a few seconds...before promptly falling to the ground as she crashed against the pavement.

"...Okay, I was way too lax with her flying training." Lao Shi says as he and the others looked down at the edge worriedly, and sighed in relief as she gave them a thumbs up. Unknown to them, however, they were being spied on by the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl as they arrived at the scene, thankfully not seeing Kristina transform as they spied on them through a telescope.

"Ah, yes, do you know what would look magnificent stuffed and mounted on the hunts lair?" Huntsman asked Huntsgirl wistfully as his apprentice looks through the telescope.

"Let me guess..." Huntsgirl says as she saw Jake trying to fly down to help his sister, but got his tail tangled up with his feet as he fell down and crashed against his sister as they moaned in pain. "...a group of dragon scales?" She asked rhetorically before laughing evilly as her master joined with her, both ecstatic to slay the dragon family.

"Today, we will begin with old school training." Lao Shi says to his grandchildren, who recovered from their fall as Jake beamed while Kristina looks unsure.

"Bring it, G, what are we starting with today? Extreme aerial maneuvers?" Jake asked before backflipping away as he landed a few feet away from the group. "A little fireball action?" Jake asks as he formed a ball of red fire in his hand and threw the fireball off-screen as it blew something up. "Or maybe a little spar with my dork of a sister." Jake says while ruffling Kristina's hair as she giggled and pushed him off.

"We begin in the bathroom," Lao Shi says while placing a bucket with two toilet wands inside in front of the twins as they blinked in confusion.

"Say what?" Jake says as Lao Shi grabbed the twins by their hands and dragged them into the bathroom.

"Un, Grandpa, what are we doing here?" Kris asked, mildly confused with her grandfather's actions as Lao Shi pulled up the toilet seat and turned to the twins.

"Jake, for your first training, you must clean the toilet using circular motion. First clockwise then counterclockwise."

"Uh, if you say so," Jake says with a shrug as Lao Shi turned to his granddaughter, and pointed at the tub.

"Kris, your training is similar to your brother, but instead of cleaning the toilet, you will be cleaning the bathtub using circular motion. First clockwise then counterclockwise."

"Uh, okay, Grandpa. Whatever you say." Kris says as she and Jake glanced at each other and shrugged as they reached over to grab the toilet wants, but then yelped in slight pain as Lao Shi popped out his dragon tail, and smack their hands.

"No! Not with hand! You both must clean only using your dragon tongues." Lao Shi says while sticking out his long dragon tongue as the twins recoiled in disgust.

"Our tongues!? On those?!" Jake says while eyeing the slime-covered brushes as he and Kris shudder's in disgust. "Na-ah, no way, forget about it." He says while crossing his arms as Kris nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I prefer jumping off the roof a hundred times, then cleaning the tub with that disgusting thing." Kris says while crossing her arms defiantly as Lao Shi glared at his students sternly.

"Are you two not dragon students? Didn't you pledge to obey your dragon master." He asked rhetorically as the twins sweatdropped and looked away sheepishly.

"Uh, I don't really remember saying anything like that. What about you, Kris?" Jake asked as she shakes her head.

"Nope, I don't remember agreeing to anything like that." Kris says with a nervous smile as Lao Shi stared at them deadpanned before touching the bathroom mirror as it showed them a vision from last night.

"But to do this, the dragon students must obey their dragon master without question or hesitation." Past Lao Shi says seriously as his past grandchildren nodded.

"Okay, Grandpa, we won't let you down." Past Kris says as Past Jake smirked confidently, and placed his scaly arm over his sister's shoulders.

"Yeah, Gramps, we're all about obeying. Whatever you say, whenever you say it." He says as Lao Shi nodded in satisfaction.

Ending the vision, Lao Shi gave them a pointed look as he gestured at the bucket, and the twins slumped their shoulders in defeat. Reluctantly, the twins opened their mouths and stuck out their dragon tongues as they grabbed the toilet tongues.

"Oh, this so gross!" Kris exclaimed in disgust with her voice slightly muffled as she turned her grandfather. "These things cannot be sanitary. These toilet wands looked like they haven't been cleaned in months! We can get sick by doing this!" She says as Lao Shi shakes his head and walked over to the tub.

"Dragons are more resilient to disease and sickness than normal humans. You can literally lick a subway floor, and you will not get sick whatsoever. Now enough stalling and get to cleaning, young lady." Lao Shi says as he pulled back the curtain, and Kris's eyes widen in horror as she noticed the tub was covered with black slime and bugs.

"Eww! What happened in there!?"

"Fu Dog was trying to brew a potion in there, and there was an accident that caused an explosion. Anyway, enjoy, and remember kids, circular motion, first clockwise then counterclockwise." Lao Shi says before exiting the bathroom as the Long Twins watched him go in disbelief. Closing the door behind him, Lao Shi heard his grandchildren gagging in disgust as he smiled and rubbed Fu Dog's head.

"This is so nasty! I'm going to throw up!" Jake screamed.

"This is so wrong, and why the hell is there a fish in here!?" Kris shouted.

"Hurry up grandchildren, Grandpa has more old school training waiting." Lao Shi yelled.

"I can't wait!" Kris yelled sarcastically before squealing in disgust. "Eww! Jake! Don't splash that toilet water on to me!"

"Well, stop splashing that black sludge onto me!" Jake yelled as Lao Shi rolled his eyes at his grandchildren's antics and waited for them to finish. After cleaning the toilet and bathtub, the Long Twins transformed into their dragon forms as Lao Shi separated them to opposites parts of the shop to complete multiple different tasks.

With Jake, we see him performing his first task, which was to sweep up the floor with his dragon tail and vacuum up the dust with his mouth as he burped. Jake's second task was to wash his grandfather's laundry while using his dragon underbelly as a washboard. Everything seemed fine at first until Jake realized that he was also washing his grandpa's underwear as he groaned in disgust and tossed it away.

Jake's third task consisted of him balancing himself on the TV as he tried to get some reception for Lao Shi and Fu Dog, who was watching the sports channel as he struggled to stay still. Jake's fourth task was messaging his grandfather's feet with his dragon claws...it was not a pretty sight, and I won't describe it any more. Jake's fifth task was to cook a steak for Fu Dog with his dragon breath, but he put too much heat onto the steak and burned it to a crisp...Fu Dog still ate it though.

Anyway, with Kristina's training, we see her performing one of her tasks which consisted of her stocking up Fu's collection of magical potions by using her flexible dragon body to maneuver across the small room, which was quite difficult to do as she sometimes gets tangled up by her own body.

Kristina's second task was to clean up the gutters without using a ladder. Confused, Kris asked how she was going to reach the gutters without a ladder, and Lao Shi responded by telling her that she had to fly up to the roof without anyone's help. Gulping, Kristina stood outside in her dragon form as she looked up at the gutters nervously and closed her eyes as she took a deep breath and took flight.

After a few seconds, Kris opened her eyes and gasped in surprise/wonder as she was slowly flying up the shop and reached the gutters. Smiling at her success, Kris pulled out a trash bag as she begins collecting the dirty. But in doing so, she lost concentration on her flight and fell down as she crashed against a couple of trashcans as she groans.

After cleaning the gutters, Kris went off to her third task as Lao Shi ordered her to take out a comically large box that was full of random broken junk. Complying with her grandfather's orders, Kris stretched out her body as she tied herself around the box and lifted it off the ground as she then threw it out the door, and it landed perfectly on the dumpster.

Smirking, Kris dusts off her hands as she was about to head off to her next task, but Lao Shi stops her as he pointed behind her and much to her shock, she saw hundreds of other boxes that she needed to throw out. Kris groans as Lao Shi pushes her forwards, and she grumbles as the teenage dragon slowly made her way to the boxes.

Kristina's fourth task was to give Fu Dog a bath as she had to use her dragon claws to scrape off the dirt from his dense fur and had to use her long dragon body to hold him in place as Fu apparently hates taking a bath. Fu Dog barks in protest as he splashed soap on Kris's eyes, causing her to yelp in pain as she lost her hold on the talking dog, and Fu used that to his advantage as he jumped out of the tub and ran away. Dragging water and soap everywhere as Kris huffs in annoyance, and chased after him.

Kristina's fifth training consisted of her chasing down a rat that entered the shop as the rat hid between the shelves. But Kris didn't falter as she used her infrared vision to track him down and found him hiding behind an old TV as she pushed it away...only to scream as a colony of rats burst out and trampled her over as she groans in pain.

The twins then met up at the roof to finish their final task as Kristina put up banners all around the roof to promote the shop while Jake trimmed the bushes with his dragon teeth. Kristina struggled to put up the banners, and fly at the same time as Jake chop some bushes and then went wide-eyed as he spitted out a pigeon that accidentally flew into his mouth and it flew away.

"Oh, that's fowl!" Jake says as the frightened pigeon flew over to a distracted Kris, and crashed into her as she screamed and fell down.

"Ow! I hate flying!" Kristina yells in frustration as Jake walked over to her and helped her up as they were about to go back to work. When suddenly, their enhanced hearing picked up a couple of familiar screams of excitement as they looked down and saw their best friends skateboarding down the sidewalk. The twin's ears dropped down in sadness as they wished to hang out with their friends instead of doing their grandparents 'training' as they heard a toilet flush behind them and turned around as they saw Fu Dog popping out of the bathroom with a newspaper in his hands.

"Oy, Jake, I think the toilet's gonna need a touch-up. Oh, and Kris, I accidentally messed up another potion in the bathtub, so you have to clean it again." Fu Dog says with a laugh as Jake and Kristina growled at him and blew red/pink fire at him as he yelped and ran away as their fire scorched the floor. An hour later, we see the twins finally completing their 'training' as they walked into the main room of the shop and slumped down on the ground as they panted in exhaustion.

"Good job in training today, kids. You both finished way faster than I thought you would." Lao Shi says while sipping some tea on the couch as the teens grew angry and stood up as they marched over to their grandfather.

"Training? You call this training!? We've spent the last three hours being your housemaids !" Jake yelled as Kristina placed her hands on her hips and nodded.

"Yeah, I thought we would be learning how to control our powers or fighting someone, not be your slaves! Do you know how disgusting it is to clean that horrid bathtub of yours? Some of that gunk even got into my mouth!" Kristina says while brushing her dragon tongue vigorously with toothpaste and mouth wash as Jake glared at his grandfather.

"What does cleaning your shop or doing your laundry have to do with being the American Dragons?" Jake asked while crossing his arms as Lao Shi took another sip of his tea and looked up to his grandchildren.

"A leaf does not question where the wind takes it." Lao Shi says wisely as the Long Twins tilted their heads confusedly.

"In other words, listen to the old man and get ready for tomorrow Jake because I need a deep wrinkle message. Oh, and Kristina? I messed up another potion again, so you need to clean the bathtub again tomorrow." Fu Dog says sheepishly as Kris's eye twitched in frustration before growling angrily as she shifted into her dragon form.

"STOP MAKING POTIONS WITH THE BATHTUB!" Kristina roared out as Fu Dog screamed in fear and hid behind an unfazed Lao Shi as Kristina lunged at the trembling talking dog.

"Whoa, sis, calm down!" Jake shouted as he shifted into his dragon form and grabbed on to Kristina as he begins dragging her away.

"I will kill him! I will kill him! Let me go!" Kristina yelled while glaring hatefully at the frightened Fu Dog as Jake grunted and managed to pull her outside as he closed the door with his tail.

Later at night, we see a calmed down Kristina standing in the kitchen with her brother as they were complaining about their dragon training to their mother. Jake and Kristina's mom is a 37-year-old Chinese woman with shoulder-length black hair and black eyes. Her outfit consisted of a purple sweater, teal necklace/earrings, teal jeans, and Mary Jane shoes. Her name is Susan Long.

"We're telling you Mom Grandpa had seriously lost it!" Jake exclaimed as Kristina nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, he made us clean the entire house, and forced us to clean the bathroom with our tongues!" Kristina yells, but their mother wasn't listening to them as she was too busy making dinner for her family.

"Yeah, uh-uh, that's nice, dear," Susan says distractedly as she grabbed a tray of vegetables from the fridge and placed it on the table as she glanced at the living room. "Hayley! You can chop the vegetables now!"

"All right!" A little girl yelled while running into the kitchen as she ran over to the table and glanced at the tray eagerly.

The little girl is an 8-year-old Chinese-American girl with black eyes, long black hair tied up into pigtails, and pointed ears. Her outfit consisted of a long-sleeved purple jacket with a bow, a white blouse underneath, a purple skirt with flowers, and white shoes. Her name is Haley Long, Jake, and Kristina's younger sister.

"Hey, Kris, check out my Japanese Teppanyaki technique that I learned a few days ago," Haley says to her sister excitedly as Kris smiled amusedly and nodded.

"Sure, go ahead, Hayley." Haley beamed as she closed her eyes in concentration, and purple flames covered her arms as she summoned her purple dragon hands, and begins chopping the vegetables with lightning-like speed. "Quite impressive reflexes, Hayley." Kristina praised as Hayley smiled at the compliment while Jake rolled his eyes as he turned back to his mother.

"I mean, he's trying to turn dragon training into 'gag-me' training," Jake says before sighing miserably as he leaned against the counter. "You know, on days likes this, I wish I was a normal human, like Dad." He admitted as Kristina frowned, feeling the same way as her brother as she was about to speak up. When suddenly, they heard someone signing a hillbilly song as Susan gasped and turned to her vegetable chopping daughter.

"Hayley, lose the claws!" Susan hisses as Hayley nodded, and shifted her hands back to normal just as a man entered the kitchen. The man is 37-years-old with black eyes, short brown hair with a streak of gray, and his outfit consisted of a brown jacket with a buttoned-up white shirt underneath, square-shaped glasses, a green tie, brown jeans, and brown shoes. His name is Jonathon Long, the twins, and Hayley's father.

"And I use the term 'normal' loosely," Jake mumbles as their father was signing some weird song, and dancing across the kitchen happily.

"Jake!" Kris hisses while elbowing her brother as Jonathon stopped signing and smiled at his family.

"Hey, great news, familia? I just landed the Wholesome Heferer account!" He says excitedly while holding a milk carton. "Okay, Wholesome Heferer is the city's largest organic milk-producer, and the head-honcho and his wife are coming over for dinner tomorrow to seal the deal!"

"Congratulations, honey!" Susan says while sharing a quick kiss with her husband as Hayley ran up to her father, enthusiastically.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy! Look at the violin piece I composed at school today!" Hayley says while handing him her violin sheet as Jonathon smiled and ruffled her hair.

"Oh, peanut, that is so cute," Jonathon says as Hayley smiled and grabbed his hand as she dragged him out of the kitchen. Leaving behind the twins and Susan as Jake crossed his arms and glanced at her mother.

"Uh, Mom? Are we ever going to tell Dad that he married into a family of magical reptiles?" Jake questioned as Kris nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I think its time that we tell him," Kris says as Susan winced and turned to her children as she smiled at them nervously.

"Uh, of course, kids, it's just that your father has always been so..." Susan says before trailing off as she couldn't find the right words to describe her husband nicely. Jake cocked an eyebrow while Kris crossed her arms as their mother continued. "You know, I think we need to find the right moment. A time when...uh, well a time when-"

"THERE'S A SPIDER ON ME! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" Jonathon screamed in fright while running into the kitchen as he wore a red woolen sweater over his head. His family was about to calm him down when suddenly Jonathon took a closer look and realized that the 'spider' was only a harmless red fuzzball as he sighs in relief. "Oh, wait, it's just a fuzzy. False alarm." Jonathon says as he puts on his sweater, and walked away.

"...A time we think he can handle it." Susan says with a shrug as Jake and Kris nodded in agreement. Later at night, we see Jake getting ready for bed as he was brushing his dragon tongue and gagged.

"All I can taste is toilet brush," Jake says before retracting his tongue back into his mouth as his mother entered the bathroom and gave her son an understanding look.

"Listen, Jake. I know this whole thing has been hard on you and your sister. First, you both find out that your dragons." Susan says as Jake spits the paste out of his mouth, and showed off his dragon tongue as he smirked.

"That's cool," Jake says before frowning as he retracted his tongue and turned to his mother. "It was the whole, 'By the way, you and your twin sister are tasked with protecting an entire magical underworld' that's freaking me out." Jake says as Susan bends down, and placed her arms on his shoulders as she gave him a comforting look.

"Well, that's why it's important for you to master your dragon powers. Believe me, I know your grandfather can be...eccentric, but you just have to trust him, okay." Susan says as Jake frowned, but nodded as she smiled and kissed his forehead before standing up. "Anyway, you won't happen to know where your sister is, don't you?"

"She's in Hayley's room." Jake says before going back to brushing his teeth as he tried to get that horrid smell from his tongue. Susan sighs as she walked out of the bathroom and made her way into her younger daughter's room as she opens the door and saw Hayley excitedly showing her big sister her violin piece.

"...And, I made this all on my own without help from my teacher or anyone." Hayley says proudly as Kristina smiled weakly, but seemed to be lost in thought as Susan frowned and stepped into the room.

"Hayley, sweetie, can you leave me alone with your sister for a moment?" Susan asked as Hayley frowns in confusion but complied with her mother's wishes as she walked out of the room.

"Hey, sweetie, how are you doing?" Susan asked, turning back to her daughter as Kris shrugged.

"I'm fine, I guess," Kris says quietly while resting her head on her knees as Susan sighed and walked over to her daughter as she sat down beside her.

"Sweetheart, stop lying to me, and tell me how you are really feeling." She says as Kris sighed and rested her head on her knees.

"It's just too much, Mom. First, I found out that I'm not human. Then I found out that I'm supposed to be some sort of guardian to a magical world that I didn't even know that existed until recently. And now I barely have any time to hang out with my friends anymore! It's so unfair!" Kris says with tears appearing in her eyes as Susan pulled her into a hug and rubbed circles on her back as Kris begins crying.

"Kris, I know you have been through a lot these last couple of months, especially after...the incident." Susan says delicately as Kris flinched and stopped crying as she touched her scar. "But sweetie, if this is too much for you, why don't you just quit? Me, your grandfather, Hayley, and Jake won't think any less of you if you did." Susan says as Kris actually looks to be complementing about the idea but then shakes her head as she lets go of her mom, and stood up.

"I can't do that to Jake. We both were chosen to become the American Dragons, so if he continues, then so would I...even if I hated it." Kris says as Susan smiled and stood up as she kissed her daughter's forehead.

"You have so much strength then you think, Kris. You're going to be a great American Dragon, but only if you want to be." Susan says before walking away as she closed the door behind her. Kris's eyes widen at her mother's words as she looks down at her hand, and shifted it into her dragon claws as she stared at her dragon hand intensively before clenching her fist as she nodded determinedly.

"Okay, let's try this again. Dragon Up!" Kris says as pink fire bursts out of her body, and she transforms into her dragon form. "Alright, a few hours earlier, I manage to fly for a few seconds before falling down because I lost concentration. Let me see if I can fly again without falling down." Kris says as she closed her eyes and grunted as she slowly rises up into the air for a full minute before falling back down again as she panted. "Okay, I lasted longer than last time, so that's a plus. I just have to keep trying." Kris says to herself in determination as unknown to her, Susan was peeking through the door as she smiled, and closed the door as she let her daughter train in peace.

The next day after school, we see the twins walking out the building non-enthusiastically as they were dreading for another day of slave work-I mean, training. Jake and Kris sighed tiredly as they figured that they get it over with as they were about head to Lao Shi's shop. When suddenly, Jake spotted Rose talking to her friends as he gasped and smiled dreamily as he sighs lovingly.

"Hey, Jake, what's the holdup?" Kris asked, noticing that her brother had stopped walking as she walked over to him and waved her hand in front of his face. Not getting a reaction, Kris scratched her head in confusion as she looked to where her brother was staring and saw Rose as she put two and two together and grinned slyly. "Oh, I see. You do realize that your drooling, right?" Kris says as Jake snapped out of his daydream and glared at his sister.

"I wasn't drooling," Jake says while subtly wiping his mouth as Kris rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, you were drooling, dude," Spud says while walking towards the twins with Trixie as the teenage girl raised an eyebrow at Jake.

"Don't tell me you're still crushing on that Rose girl?" Trixie says while pointing at Rose, who walked away with her friends as Jake watched her go sadly. "She's so out of your league, you don't even know." She says as Spud nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, dude, she's like a tiger burning at the eighteen pebble, and you're like a nine plodding a windmill at Coney Island Mini Golf." Spud says as Jake and Kris stared at him confusedly.

"Yo, forget her, we got some serious business. They just reopened the fourteen street skatepark. We're gonna hit that." Trixie says while sharing a fist bump with Spud as Jake and Kris smiled, but then frowned as they sighed.

"That sounds like fun, Trix, but we have to go work at-" Kris says before getting interrupted by Spud as he placed his hand on her mouth.

"Kris, no! Not working at the shop again! That's like the...uh...uh..." Spud trailed off as Trixie crossed her arms and gave her friends an annoyed look.

"Jake, Kris, wake up! That old man is trying to stop you from living out your childhoods!"

Jake and Kris winced from her yell and looked down guiltily as they wished that they can tell they're friends why it was important for them to go to the shop every day after school. But if they did, the twins were forced to reveal that they were dragons, and that was a risk that they couldn't take. So, with a depressed sighed, the twins frowned, and shake their heads.

"We can't do it, Trix. Sorry." Jake says Kris nodded reluctantly while looking away from her friends sadly. Trixie and Spud frowned at this, but then shrugged as they pulled out their skateboards, and threw them at the ground.

"Alright, but I'm telling you guys, you'll missing out," Trixie says before riding away with Spud as Jake and Kris sighed and were about to head off to their Grandpa's shop. When suddenly, a young beautiful female blue fairy appeared with a clipboard in her hands as she flew over to the twins.

"Sign here, please." The fairy says as the twins eyed her confusedly for a few seconds before grabbing the clipboard as they signed their names. "Anyway, what are you doing later tonight?" The fairy asked Jake flirtatiously as the young dragon blushed slightly, and Kris rolled her eyes.

"Get out of here," Kris says as the fairy glared at her before huffing as she disappeared in a puff of dust. "Who sent us the envelope?" Kris asked Jake, who shrugged as he tore the envelope in half, and a puff of smoke appeared as it formed Lao Shi's face.

"Hurry up and get to training already! Jake, you must use your dragon tongue to scope up the sludge from Grandpa's rain gutter! And, Kris, Fu Dog got into the trash again, so you need to give him another bath." Lao Shi says as the smoke message disappeared.

"Twin huddle," Jake says as he grabbed Kris's arm and pulled her over to a more secluded area. "Be for real for me, do you want to ditch dragon training, and hang out with Trixie and Spud?" Jake asked his sister, who was about to object, but ultimately sighed as she nodded.

"Yeah, I do, but we made a promise to Grandpa."

"Look, Kris, we had been training with Gramps for the last couple of months, and never miss a training session, right?" Jake asked as she nodded. "Well, how about for only today, we skip training and have some fun for once?"

"I don't know about this," Kris says while rubbing her hands nervously as she looked away.

"Would you rather give Fu Dog another bath or clean the bathtub again?"

"...Let's go to the skatepark!" Kris shouted as Jake smirked, and they pulled out their skateboards. "Besides, I'm sure Grandpa will forgive us for only missing one training session," Kris says Jake nodded.

"Yeah, I'm sure he will give us a slide. Yo, guys, wait up!" Jake yelled as he and his sister mounted on their skateboards, and rode off after their friends. An hour later, we see Lao Shi and Fu Dog waiting patiently at the roof for the twins to show up, but so far, they were nowhere to be seen.

"Aye ya, Jake and Kris are one hour late for training. I've got a bad feeling at the pit of my stomach." Lao Shi says, sounding both frustrated with his grandchildren's tardiness and worried about their wellbeing. While Lao Shi was pacing around in worry, Fu Dog was sitting beside him on lawn chair as he read a newspaper, but then his stomach started growling as he groans.

"Ugh, you're telling me, but that's for you get for eating from a place called the 'Chimney Chunga Chuck Wagon'." Fu Dog says, but then his eyes widen as he jumped out of the chair and ran towards the bathroom. "Hold on the fort, Gramps, nature is calling 911!" The talking dog shouted before entering the bathroom as he slammed the door shut.

"Jake, Kris, where are you? Something must be wrong." Lao Shi says worriedly as he was about to dragon up and search for his grandchildren. When suddenly, a flash of green appeared behind him as Lao Shi turns around, and gasped in surprise as he saw Huntsman and Huntsgirl standing in front of him as they glared at him sinisterly.

"How right you are, dragon," Huntsman says as Huntsgirl leaped over the short Chinese man, and landed behind him as she pulled out her knife and charged at Lao Shi as she stabbed his back...only to gasp in surprise as Lao Shi summoned his dragon armor and protected himself from being killed as the knife to break upon impact.

"Oh, its always a pleasure...to defeat you!" Lao Shi as blue flames covered his small body and he transforms into his dragon form as he whipped Huntsgirl away with his tail, before facing the Huntsman as he blew three fireballs at him.

Deflecting the fireballs away with his staff, Huntsman let out a war cry as he threw his spear at the old dragon, and Lao Shi caught it with his teeth, but then his eyes widen in surprise as the staff suddenly let out a loud beep and set off an explosion in his mouth.

Lao Shi coughed madly as he spits the staff out of his mouth, and tried to catch his breath. Huntsgirl recovered from the Chinese dragon's attack as she ran towards him and leaped on his back. Growling in annoyance, Lao Shi tried to grab her, but Huntsgirl proved to be too quick for him as she keeps avoiding his grasps with relative ease.

After a few seconds of dodging Lao Shi's attempts to grab her, Huntsgirl suddenly stopped as she turned to Lao Shi and crossed her arms smugly. Growling at her cockiness, Lao Shi reached over to grab her, but for some reason, he couldn't move. Confused, Lao Shi turned around and gasped as he saw that he had unintentionally tied himself up with his long dragon body.

"What were you saying about defeating us?" Huntsgirl says with an arrogant smirk as Lao Shi growled and tried to breathe fire on her, but couldn't as he was still coughing from the Huntsman's attacks. Speaking off, Huntsman suddenly appears beside his apprentice as he aimed his staff at the coughing dragon and fired a net that pinned Lao Shi to the wall.

"Ugh." Lao Shi groans as he thrashed against his bonds, but couldn't break through it as he felt his strength leaving him.

"Forget it, old man, that net is made out of pure sphinx hair," Huntsman says as Lao Shi moans and transformed back into his human form with a puff of blue smoke as he groans. "Well, one down, two to go." He says with an evil chuckle just as Fu Dog came out of the bathroom as his eyes widen at the villains and his captive friend as he slowly backed away and closed the door. But unfortunately for him, Huntsgirl heard the door closing as she glanced at the bathroom suspiciously.

"Okay, Fu Dog, just keep quiet, and they'll never know your in here." Fu Dog says, trying to calm himself down as the door handle begins jiggling.

"Who's in there!?" Huntsgirl demanded as Fu Dog gulped in fear.

"I really need to stop talking to myself." Fu Dog says the doorknob begins twisting and the talking dog panicked as he looked around for a way to escape, and spotted the toilet as he stared at it for a few seconds before shrugging. "Here goes nothing." Fu Dog says as he jumped into the toilet bowl and flushed himself down as Huntsgirl slammed the door opened and raised an eyebrow as she looks around the empty bathroom.

"Best day ever!" Jake and Kris exclaimed while sharing a high-five as they rode down the half-pipe with their friends.

"Yeah, baby, this is way better than working at your grandpa's shop, right?" Trixie asked as Kris smiled, but then frown as she looked down guiltily.

"What's wrong, Kris?" Jake asked.

"I don't know, it's just...are you sure that Grandpa isn't going to get mad at us for ditching?" Kris asked nervously as Jake rolled his eyes.

"I'm pretty sure that he won't get that mad at us, Kris. Don't worry about it, let's just have fun." Jake says as Kris frowned worriedly before smiling as she nodded.

"Okay, besides, I'm sure Grandpa and Fu Dog will be fine without us for a couple of hours," Kris says as Jake nodded, and they returned back to their skateboarding. Meanwhile, down below, we see Fu Dog traversing across the sewers as he groans in misery.

"Oh, this is the worst day ever! Lost in the sewers with no cell phone service, how does Lassie make this looking for help stuff so glamorous?" Fu Dog asked himself as he was about to continue walking when suddenly a loud roar rang out across the sewer.

"Who dares enter the lair of the one-eyed sewer troll?" A mysterious voice bellowed out as Fu Dog whimpered in fear.

"Easy there tiger, I was just-" Fu Dog says sacredly before blinking in surprise as he recognized who the figure was. "Stan Lipkowski? Is that you?"

"Fuster?" The figure asked as he stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to be a giant one-eyed troll with purple fur and wears light green overalls with red suspenders. "It is you, you're a sight for soreye! How long has it been since we last saw each other? Two...three hundred years, maybe? What brings you down here?" Stan asked as Fu Dog gave him a solemn look.

"Serious trouble, Stan, I need to head to the east village, pronto!"

"Say no more!" Stan says excitedly as he grabs Fu Dog, and placed him on his shoulders. "I know a shortcut through the zoo." He says as Fu Dog gags but didn't say anything as Stan begins walking.

Later at night, we see the twins laughing with each other as they returned home and entered the kitchen as they saw their mother preparing dinner with Hayley's help.

"Oh, kids they're you are, hurry and clean up, Dad's clients are already here," Susan says before grabbing a plate of mushroom cakes as she held it in front of Hayley's face. "Uh, Hayley, a little help here, honey?" Susan asked as Hayley nodded, and her head went aflame as she summoned her dragon head and belched out a stream of purple fire that lightly heated up the plate.

"Who's ready for mushroom cakes?" Susan asked with a sing-songy voice as she walked out of the kitchen, and Hayley followed after her, but not before shifting her head back to normal as she skipped out of the kitchen.

"Her dragon breath is really getting better each day, don't you think, Jake?" Kris asked Jake, who shrugged.

"It's fine, I guess," Jake says as Kris frowned in confusion and was about to ask what he means by that when suddenly the sink rumbled as Fu Dog popped out of the drain and the twins screamed.

"Fu?! Yo, dog, we do have a doggie door." Jake says jokingly as Kris placed her hand on her chest to calm down her heart from his sudden presence.

"Jake? Kris? Where were you, two!?" Fu Dog asked alarmed as Kris raised an eyebrow at him, while Jake scoffed.

"Fu, I don't even want to hear it. Grandpa must be bugging if he thinks that we're going to spend another day cleaning his-"

"Jake, wait, Fu seems concerned. I think something bad must've happened." Kris says, interrupting her twin as Fu nodded.

"She's right, kid. You two left Gramps and me waiting on the rooftop for hours! We were sitting ducks when the Huntsman and-"

"The Huntsman!?" The twins shouted, both looking extremely worried for their grandfather's wellbeing as Jake stepped up and grabbed Fu by his shoulders as he gave him a serious look.

"Fu, where's Grandpa?"

"Look, kid, long story short, it ain't looking good for the old man," Fu says grimly as Kris gasped and placed her hand on her mouth in horror.

"Oh, no, how could we let this happen? Ooh, I knew that we shouldn't have ditched!" Kris says while bending down to her knees as she covered her head, and begins crying. Feeling his brotherly instincts kick in, Jake lets go of Fu as he walked over to his sister and hugged her.

"Kris, this isn't your fault. If anything, it was my fault. It was my idea to ditch training in the first place." Jake says as Kris looked up to him with a frightened look.

"But Jake, what if the Huntsman kills him? Grandpa would be dead because of us." Kris says with tears streaming down her face as Jake frowned before shaking his head as he grabs Kris by her shoulder, and gave her a serious look.

"Don't think like that, Kris. We don't know for sure if the Huntsman...did the deed already, but we can stop him from killing Grandpa if we go and save him." Jake says as Kris's eyes widen, and looked down thoughtfully as Fu Dog appears.

"Hey, kid, it's great that you want to save your grandfather and everything, but we don't have time for a dress rehearsal, its showtime! And you haven't even mastered going full dragon, yet!" Fu says while pointing at Jake as the young teen narrowed his eyes at him.

"Watch me," Jake says, before turning to Kris as he held out his hands and smirked. "Care to join me, sis?" Jake asked as Kris stared at his hand for a few seconds before smirking back as she grabbed his hand, and he hoisted her up.

"Gladly, dear brother. Let's do this." She says as Jake nodded, and the twins closed theirs as they began concentrating. Fu Dog jumped back in surprise/awe as a circle of red/pink fire appeared below the twins, and slowly lifted them up into the air as they opened their eyes, revealing them to be dragon-like as they roared.

"DRAGON UP!" The Long Twins roared out as the circle around them formed into a red/pink mini tornado that swallowed them up and hid their transformations from view. Fu watched on with his jaw dropped as Jake and Kris leaped out of the tornado in their dragon forms as they landed on the ground and roared.

"W-Whoa, I did it," Jake says while staring at his dragon in amazement as he beams at his sister. "Check this out, sis, I finally managed to transform into a full dragon this time!"

"That's great, Jake," Kris says with a smile as Fu frowns and crosses his arms.

"Well, it's great that you learn how to transform kid, but we still have another problem. Kris still hasn't learned how to fly yet." Fu Dog says as Jake frowns while Kris grinned slyly.

"Actually, you don't have to worry about that because..." Kris says as she grunted, and an invisible layer of chi covered her body as she slowly lifted up into the air, much to the surprise of the boys as they stared at her in shock.

"What the what? How are you doing that? I thought you couldn't fly?" Jake asked as Kris smirked.

"After I had a talk with Mom, I have realized that I never tried my best on my flying training because I was too scared, but after practicing yesterday and taking baby steps, I managed to master my flying," Kris says before yelping as she lost her concentration and fell a bit, but she managed to regain control as she the boy's a sheepish grin. "Well, more or less." She says as Fu Dog smiled.

"Well, I have to say, I'm pretty impressed, kids. You two are really getting ahead in your dragon training." Fu Dog says as the kids smiled at his praise. "Alright, let's fly!" Fu says while mounting onto Jake's back as the twins nodded and were about to fly off, but Fu stops them. "Uh, wait. Jake, you can fly, can't ya?" Fu asked Jake, who gave him a sheepish look as he laughs nervously. Meanwhile, at the Dining Room, we see Jonathan promoting his merchandise to his clients, who looked to be interested in what he said as he flashes them a smile.

"As you can see, we're just a normal wholesome milk-drinking family-" Jonathon says before dropping his milk carton as he bends down to grab it, and suddenly, the twins and Fu dog appeared as Jake and Kris flew around the room clumsily and knocked against the walls as the clients stared at them in shock, while Susan panicked internally and Haley smiled in amusement at the scene. After getting control of their flying, the twins flew out of the room just as Jonathon pops out as he rose an eyebrow in confusion at the client's shocked faces.

"So...who'd like a salad?" Susan offered awkwardly as the clients numbly nodded, and she placed some salad at their plates.

Back at the rooftop, we see Huntsman and Huntsgirl interrogating Lao Shi as the net still covers him, leaving him powerless and in pain as the Huntsman points his glowing staff at his face.

"I'll ask you one last time, old man, where are the American Dragons?" Huntsman demanded threateningly as Lao Shi glared at him weakly and was about to tell him off. When suddenly, the Long Twins and Fu appeared as they landed behind the unsuspecting villains, and Kris blew hot pink fire at them. Feeling the incoming heat, the duo turned around and gasped as they leaped out of the way, and the ball of fire flew past them.

"Right here, Huntspunk," Kris says with a glare as Jake smirked and crossed his arms.

"And this time, we're taking you down." Jake gloated as Huntsman scoffed, and Huntsgirl rolled her eyes.

"You barely defeated us last time, pathetic dragons, what makes you think you can defeat us now?" Huntsman asked before screaming in pain as a stream of blue fire hit his back, and he fell down on his knees as his back sizzled in heat. Eyes widening in shock, Huntsgirl turned around and gasped as she saw Lao Shi freed from his bonds.

"How did you escape!?" She asked while helping the Huntsman up to his feet as Lao Shi smirked, and pulled out a pink fireball from behind his back.

"I got a little help from a certain pink dragon." Lao Shi says while tossing the fireball away as Huntsgirl gasped, and turned to Kris as the dragon girl winked at her. Enraged, Huntsgirl was about to attack her, but got stopped by the Huntsman who glared at Kris angrily.

"Huntsgirl, take on the Chinese and American dragons, but leave the female American Dragon to me." He says as she nodded and leaped towards the boys while Huntsman charged at Kris as he raised his staff and fired a green energy beam at her.

"Oh, boy." Kris yelped as she reacted quickly and instinctively manipulated her dragon body to twist around the energy blast as she flew towards the surprised Huntsman, and swiped at his face. But couldn't penetrate through his dragon mask as he leaps away from her reach, and continued blasting her.

"Young one! Clean the gutters!" Lao Shi yelled while dodging a kick from Huntsgirl as Kris nodded, and covered herself in an invisible chi aura as she took flight, and dodge the Huntsman energy blasts. Smiling at her granddaughter's achievement in flight, Lao Shi turned back to the fight as he watched Huntsgirl kick her grandson away, and he narrowed his eyes as he flew towards the young teenage girl.

"Leave my apprentice alone!" Lao Shi roared out as he swiped at her, but she dodged out of his reach as she smirked at him.

"Stay down, old man. You're too old to fight anymore." She says as Lao Shi raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, really?" Lao Shi says before closing his eyes as he concentrated and made 3 more identical copies of himself out of his chi as everyone stared at him in surprise. "Let's see what you got little, girl." All Lao Shi's said as they charged at her and Huntsgirl tried in vain to dodge all of the dragon's attacks, but got easily overwhelmed as all of the Lao Shi's wrapped around her body and kept her in place as she struggled to escape.

"Let go of me!" Huntsgirl demanded as the Lao Shi's grinned, and pulled her back as they launched her into the air. Huntsgirl screamed as the duplicates disappeared, and Lao Shi flew towards Huntsgirl as he then kicked her down with his tail and she was sent crashing to the ground.

"That was so cool, G! You have to teach me that!" Jake says excitedly as Lao Shi smirked at his grandson.

"Maybe one day, young one." Lao Shi says as Jake pouted.

"Stay still!" Huntsman yelled with an annoyed look as Kris keeps avoiding his energy blasts, and he let out a yell of frustration as he slams his staff on the ground. Producing a green shockwave that knocked Kris out of the sky and crashed against the roof as she groans in pain.

"Yo, Big Ernie," Fu says while on the phone as he watched the battle unfold in the background. "Yeah, its Fu. I want to lay down some money on a bet...what are we strangers? You know I'm good for it."

"Ugh, that hurt," Kris says as Huntsman charged at her and swiped at her with his staff.

"Young one! Take out the trash!" Lao Shi yelled as Kris nodded and wrapped her body around his body as she threw him away towards a groaning Huntsgirl, and they collided with one and another as they crashed against the ground.

"Ugh, that's it! A change of strategy is in order. Quick! Switch places!" Huntsman says as Huntsgirl nodded and ran towards Kris while Huntsman charged at the boys as he leaped towards Jake.

"Whoa!" Jake says as he dodged an incoming kick from the Huntsman, only to get blasted away by his staff as Lao Shi grew angry and breathe fire at him. Huntsman narrowly doge his fire breath by rolling across the ground as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a small canister as he threw it Lao Shi's face just as he tried to breathe fire. The canister blew up upon impact as it released massive amounts of foam that nullified his fire and forced Lao Shi to crash against the floor as he struggled to breathe through the foam.

"No!" Jake yelled, standing up as he was about to fly over to his grandfather, but stopped as Huntsman appeared in front of him.

"That's far enough, American Dragon! Prepare to become a pair of boots!" Huntsman yelled as he fired a net of sphinx hair towards the frightened dragon.

"Young-agh-one! Clean-agh-toilet bowl!" Lao Shi coughed out as Jake nodded, and narrowed his eyes as he stuck out his tongue towards it and surprisingly caught it as they got entailed.

"First clockwise then counter clockwise." Jake thought to himself as he spun his tongue around clockwise before spinning it counter clockwise as the net was deflected back towards the surprised Huntsman.

"What the!? How did he-" Huntsman says before getting trapped by the net as he struggled to break free, and dropped his staff.

"Hey...it worked! Ha, ha! Who's the man now, Huntspunk? You want some more? There's more where that comes from!" Jake says with a grin as Lao Shi manages to spits out the last of the foam from his mouth, and flew over to Huntsman as he grabbed the net containing him and flew up at the air before tossing him away as the angered scream of the Huntsman could be heard across the city of New York.

"Huntsmaster!" Huntsgirl shouted worriedly, hearing her master screaming away as Kris tried to punch at her while she was distracted. But Huntsgirl reflexes kicked in as she ducked from her punch and glared at the pink scaled dragon as she pulled out a small pellet from her pouch and threw it at the ground as a small dust cloud covered the area.

"Ah, trying to block my view, quite clever, except for one thing..." Kris says as her eyes glowed, and she activated her infrared vision as she saw Huntsgirl stealthily making her way towards her with a knife in her hand. "...I can still sense your body heat!" Kris yelled as she turns around, and swiped at the Huntsgirl, tearing off half of her mask as Huntsgirl screamed in pain and clutched her face as she felt three claw marks on her cheek. "Oh, sorry about that! I was trying to aim for your body armor." Kris apologized, seeming sincere as Huntsgirl groans and glared at him as she leaped towards her with her knife glinting against the sun and swung at Kris's neck.

"Young one! Sweep floor!" Lao Shi yelled while pointing at Huntsgirl as Jake nodded and flew over to the girls as he swiped his tail at the young ninja. Huntsgirl grunted as she felt his tail collide with her stomach and sends her flying away as she crashed against a water tower and fell down as she groans in pain.

"Thanks, bro," Kris says thankfully to her brother, who landed beside her as he smiled.

"You're welcome."

"Ernie! Ernie! Wait, wait, wait! I changed my mind! Put all of my money on the kids to win...yeah, that's right, the whole thing!" Fu Dog says as Lao Shi rolled his eyes at him and spits out the last of the foam from his mouth as he turned back to his grandchildren and noticed Huntsgirl recovering from the twin's attack as she charged at them.

Lao Shi was about to help his grandchildren, but then he stopped as he saw Jake and Kris engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the Huntsgirl as they worked together to elegantly dodge, block, and counter every attack that Huntsgirl with ease as Lao Shi smiled and sat back as he watched his grandchildren fight with a proud look on his face.

"Hey, check you out, Huntsgirl," Jake says, mildly impressed with Huntsgirl fighting moves as she even when she was injured, Huntsgirl still had enough strength in her to fight against the dragons.

Dodging her kick, Jake dived at her as she leaps up and runs across his back, but left her open for an attack by Kris as the young female dragon whipped her away with her tail. Groaning in pain, Huntsgirl glared at the dragons hatefully before noticing her masters staff lying beside her as she grins, and grabbed it as she swiped at the twins, and send out a green wave of energy that knocked them back, but not out as they glared at her defiantly.

"Whoa, your really good!" Jake says as she smirked.

"You're not so bad yourself, dragon boy," Huntsgirl says as Kris glances between them confusedly before wincing as she groans in disgust.

"Oh, gross, are you two flirting?" Kris asked as Jake and Huntsgirl glanced at her in surprise before blushing as they looked away shyly.

"We weren't...I mean it's not that I like...I mean..." They both stuttered as Kris rolled her eyes before blowing a small fireball at Huntsgirl's hands, causing her to drop her staff with a yelp as she glared at Kris.

"Hey!" Huntsgirl yelled while covering her gloved hand as Lao Shi flew in and circled around the injured teenage ninja.

"Give it up! We defeated your master, unarmed you, and you're outnumbered by three to one! You have no chance of winning!" Lao Shi shouted as Huntsgirl glared at him, but reluctantly admitted that he was right as she realizes that she was in no shape to fight anymore. So with one last glare, Huntsgirl suddenly dived under Jake's legs as she grabbed Huntsman's staff and leaped towards the edge of the rooftop.

"We'll be back," Huntsgirl says to the dragon family, who glared at her defiantly as Jake and Kris stepped forwards, and crossed their arms.

"And we'll be ready." The twins said in unison as Huntsgirl glared at them before turning around as Kris saw a glimpse of a dragon tattoo on her arm, and stared at it suspiciously as Huntsgirl leaped out of the roof, and disappeared into the night.

"I knew you could do it, kiddos!" Fu Dog says as the dragon family shifted back into their human forms, and Fu runs up to them. "I never doubted you two for a second." He says as Jake raised an eyebrow at him in skepticism while Kris crossed her arms as she glared at him, and Fu sweatdrops. "Okay, maybe I did, but that's why you love me, right?" Fu asked sheepishly as the twins rolled their eyes, but smiled nonetheless as Kris rubs his head.

"Well, done, young dragons." Lao Shi says, proud of his grandchildren's accomplishment as the twins smiled. "But word to the wise, Jake, it is not a good idea to flirt with mortal enemies. Trust Grandpa, he'd been there." Lao Shi says as Kris winced.

"Ew, Grandpa, I didn't need to hear that." She says as Lao Shi grinned, and shrugged.

"What? I may look old and weak now, but I used to be quite a Casanova in my old days." He says as Kris groans and covers her head as Jake scoffed.

"Even a mortal enemy that fine? Come on, Grandpa?" Jake says as Kris rolled her eyes at them while her Grandpa shakes his head grimly.

"Many battles lay ahead, young ones. You may have won this time, but there's going to be future enemies that will test your will and strength. That's why tomorrow we will pick up training right after school." Lao Shi says as Jake and Kris nodded seriously.

"We'll be there, Grandpa, right on time...we're sorry for doubting you," Jake says with a guilty look as Kris nodded in agreement and gave her grandfather a regretful look.

"And, we're sorry for ditching you to hang out with our friends."

"All is forgiven, young ones, just make sure that you won't do it again." Lao Shi says sternly as they nodded, and he smiled. "Good, now come, it's getting late. Me and Fu Dog will walk you home." Lao Shi says as the twins nodded, and they began leaving the roof.

"So, Gramps, I get the whole toilet cleaning and tongue thing now. No problem, very useful stuff. Disgusting but useful." Jake says.

"And, forcing me to fly up to the gutters to clean it, showed me that I am capable of flying, I just need to stop being scared, and practice over and over again...even if I get hurt during the process." Kris continued cheerfully as they walked down the stairs that lead to the shop as they stepped outside.

"Right." Lao Shi says, agreeing with his grandchildren's statements as the twins continued talking.

"And the whole sweeping the floor thing with my tail, I see how that is going to come in handy," Jake says.

"And, I get how stacking Fu's collection of potions while maneuvering a close space helps me get a better handle on my dragon body."

"Yes." Lao Shi says as the twins suddenly frowned and glared at him as they crossed their arms.

"But what about the part where I did all of your laundry? I mean, you had me scrubbing your nasty socks and drawers, ugh!" Jake says with a disgusted look on his face as Kris turned to her Grandpa with an annoyed look.

"And what about the part where I had to give Fu a bath? It took me forever to scrub him down, especially after he ran away, and tracked water and soap all around the shop." Kris says while eyeing Fu, who smiled weakly as she glared at him.

"Well, kids, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that...Grandpa needed his laundry done, and Fu Dog needed his bath." Lao Shi replied bluntly as the twin's face-planted from his answer, and Fu Dog laughed as they continued walking towards Jake and Kris's house.

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