Ten years later – 1918.

"Dad? What's the multiplication of 12 times 13?" John asked.

Erik had to take hold of his youngest daughter, who had a little tantrum earlier, as he answered,

"Isn't that not part of multiplication, John?"

"No but it's what our teacher asked us to work on. It's part of a test,"

"Oh! Then I can't tell you that; it would be cheating. You can figure it out; you're as smart as your dad,"

"Indeed, he is," a feminine voice spoke.

As Erik turned around, he smiled at his lovely wife, who wore an apron in their home out in the country of New York. She smiled in response as she spoke,

'I'll take her and you can tend to your music,"

"Thank you, Christine," as he handed her their youngest daughter, Rose, named after St. Rose of Lima. When he did, Erik brushed his hand against his wife's fingers as he whispered,

"Thank you, Christine; I love you so much."

She smacked him on his lips, in the presence of their 5 children, who only let out cries of "Ew!" and "Yuck!" as she finished,

"You're most welcome, Erik,"

When he kissed her back, he finished,

"Five children keeps a man busy and what a blessing it is that God makes a miracles happen!"

The Oral and Maxiofacial surgeon or a miracle, as Erik called it, had done its blessing.

Erik was no longer feared as the "Opera Ghost" and much to Christine's amazement, in the course of their 10 years of marriage, he was now the owner of the theater in New York and he was blessed to walk around without having the fear of repulsion. In the course of those 10 years, God had blessed the couple with five beautiful children:

Agnes and John, the twins. Then Gertrude, 1910, and little Thomas, 1912. It was also that period when the Unsinkable Titanic appeared and both Erik and Christine were perplexed that the unsinkable cruise ship had met such a fate and it was a time where Thomas's entrance into the world had caused some difficulties but with prayers, Christine managed to deliver him and Erik never forgot how Christine was relieved to know that he wasn't on that ship. Their youngest daughter, Rose Christine, born in 1915, nuzzled her mama as she spoke,

"Love you, mommy!"

"I love you, too," Christine answered and this touched Erik's heart. He gathered both his wife and daughter in his embrace as he whispered,

"And I love you more!"


June 8th, 2020.

Fanfiction by blessedwriter.