- Good work. - Gregoryan greeted them when meeting with the entire staff in the meeting room.

- That's what we do. - Kurt replied proudly.

- I know this is a little bittersweet, but the end of Madeline and Ivy's arrest was your last loose end. I hope you feel you've reached some kind of conclusion.

- What are you trying to say? - Reade asked.

- This was your last mission. - Gregoryan confirmed what they already feared. – On behalf of the president I thank you all for your time here. - The woman smiled as she said those words - . For better or for worse. We thank you for your services.

- You're going to have your names cleared, but you won't be able to work for the U.S. government anymore. - The woman explained. -You will be compensated with a good amount for everything you have been through in recent months. We think that's going to be enough to start over.

So that was it. The end of team FBl. Everything they've done for the government and the American people, all the sacrifices, all the pain, all the losses. What they leave behind today was a great legacy, teachings, and learning. They were coming out injured, bruised, but stronger. Each of them went to their old workstations and collected their belongings. They gathered in front of the elevator to leave and were greeted with a round of applause from everyone present. The thanks of each agent they have worked with over the years, who they have learned from and to whom they have taught a lot. It's been years of daily struggle. So many things they've been through day by day, friendships built up all this time.

- So, dad and mom, shall we see how we're doing? – I was with Reade in the office of doctor Walker.

We were taken to the ultrasound room and positioned myself on the stretcher with my belly on display. Reade held my hand as soon as the doctor positioned the ultrasound head on my belly. As she showed us every part of our baby's little body I felt more emotional. I looked at Reade and saw tears falling in his eyes and I couldn't hold back and cried too.

- Look, at 12 weeks we still can't be sure of the sex of the baby. - Said the doctor. - But I can say that gestational age is consistent with the mark of fertilization. Your baby is doing very well, heart rate and measurements all showing how strong and healthy it is.

- Thank you, Doctor. - Reade spoke still emotionally.

- I need all these tests and I also want you to take these vitamins that I listed and if possible I suggest a nutritional follow-up not to let anything lack in your diet. – The doctor spoke by handing me some papers.

- You can let us arrange everything. Reade said hugging me. - And I'm also going to take care of their food personally.

- I see I won't have any peace. – I complained in jest.

We got home in the early afternoon and hadn't talked about the future yet. But the time had come.

- Tasha, we're both unemployed. - Reade said by letting out a sigh as he sat with me on the couch.

- Yes, i'm sorry. Sad eality. – I answered.

- I have my insurance that I will arrange to withdraw and you can settle our bills and arrange things for the baby's birth.

- I have some money too. It's not much. What I got when I left the ClA, I put it in a social security fund. And now we have the FBI severance package. Give me something.

- Sure, I wish you wouldn't touch your money, at least for now. I have some plans. I don't know if you've thought of anything, but with pregnancy you'd better stay home for now.

- Reade I don't intend to stop working.

- I know, my baby. I wouldn't even suggest that. But until the birth of the baby you don't think it's better?

- It may be, but if something comes up, I won't say no.

- Of course. – Ué hald my hand. - But we've had a lot of emotions in the last few months. - I'd like to enjoy this pregnancy with you very closely.

- Are you suggesting we stay out of work until it's born? – I said touching my belly.

- Yes. – He confirmed. - I want to enjoyed a little our life and take a trip with you. - He said touching my face fondly. - And we'll have some things to prepare before then.

- Ed, ed! – I said taking my hands on my face when he pulled out a little box and opened it.- I... I don't even know what to say.

- Just say yes!

- Yes, I'm sorry. Of course I do! - He put the ring in my hand and I hugged him crying.

We set it up and got married in a month. My belly already appeared a little under the white dress hopefully falling, but I did not care, my hair fell on the shoulders adorned only by an arrangement of white roses. Edgar was beaming at the altar. This was one of the happiest days of our lives. Never in another life would I imagine marrying Reade. I loved him quietly for so long, we went through so many ups and downs and now we were swearing eternal love to each other. Seeing all our friends and family gathered celebrating and partying with us was priceless to pay.

Our honeymoon was in Miami. Those were wonderful days we spent together. I was lying on the sand in my bikini and a thin beach exit and Reade was by my side. I felt it when he passed his hand on my belly for more than four months and approached me and gave me a long kiss. God, how I loved him. There was nothing in the world that could separate us.

We returned from our honeymoon and it was time to prepare our home for the arrival of little Iza. The following months were the suitability of the small apartment. Reade set up the furniture while I prepared the little robes. It was all new to us and living this together was magical. Like me, Reade showed excitement at everything that was prepared for the little girl's arrival.

The first time we felt her move was totally insane. Reade did not fit in himself of happiness and I thanked God for having returned him to me. I wouldn't have a better person to spend with me for the rest of my days.

The baby shower was prepared and Rich and Patterson took a break from the trip to Antarctica to participate in this moment. Just like Kurt and Jane came from Colorado to party with us. Jane who had just found out she was pregnant did not fit in itself of happiness. It was always happy times when we were with our friends.

Iza's birth was very painful for me. Despite preparing myself to the fullest for this moment I felt a lot of pain and spent hours in labor. Until our little one came into the world strong and healthy in a rainy morning. Two days later we came home happy with our little packet of love.

We were complete. In love with everything we were living. Our house and our life was different. We never imagined reaching the apex of happiness in this way.

A few months after Iza's birth we put into practice what we had been maturing for a while. We rented a room in a well-targeted point of the city and inaugurated our private investigation agency - Reade Zapata P.I. This was another achievement for us. We answered the most diverse cases and also provided consulting for government agencies, even the FBI and the ClA. We couldn't work directly for the government, but as consultants there was no impediment. Other than that, we'd take different criminal cases.

When Iza turned two we bought a bigger apartment and moved out. This one had three spacious bedrooms and was located in a condominium with swimming pool and playground and all the structure our family needed. We had already decided that we would not have more children, after all, I already in my thirties and eight years did not think I was at the time of getting pregnant again, and we already had everything we needed.

At this point our agency was very well structured and we were very well off financially. We had some employees who supported us when we needed to go away, either to spend a month in Antarctica with Rich and Patterson or to travel with the Wellers and their two babies around Europe.

- Oh my love. - Reade called me in the middle of the night.

- Yes, I'm sorry. - I turned to him. - What's the matter? - I just checked Iza who slept in the crib in the corner of the cabin.

- No, I'm not. I just wanted to give you a kiss. – Reade pulled me into it and our mouths joined in a fiery kiss that triggered a desire we never lost and in moments we were making love to the sound of the swing of the huge ship as we traveled on a cruise along the coast of Brazil on our vacation.

"What we prove when we are in love may be our normal state. Love shows man what he should always be like."

Anton Chekhov