A&O mercs

As soon as Humphrey learnt kate was getting married to garth he went to his den and prepared to leave in the morning, he slept little that night thinking about kate and her using him just to get home and marry someone else, he needed to leave, this place reminded him to much of her so he went for a walk until he could get some food and leave, morning comes and he sees winston talking to some alphas, humphrey waited till they left to talk to winston, winston saw him coming over and asked why he was up so early, humphrey tells him he is waiting for breakfast then is going to leave the pack but not sure for how long, winston asks is it's about kate's marriage, humphrey replies with yes, winston says he will let the alphas know you will eat first with the alphas because he needs to have enough nutrients and wishes humphrey good luck out there, when the alphas arrive with the food they are notified of what is going on and humphrey eats as much as he can knowing it might be a while before he catches his own meal then leaves not looking back once

A week after humphrey left he was mostly scavenging leftover kills he could find but could hunt squirrels and rabbits if needed, while he was eating what was left of a deer he heard some voices, he looked up and saw three humans walking through the forest they didn't notice the bear behind them until it was too late, the bear swiped and sent all three through the air, the bear went to one of them about to finish them off, humphrey knew it was stupid but he had to try and help them, he jumped on the bear biting it's neck and held on for a few seconds before getting flung into the side of a tree, when the bear turned back to finish off the human it came to face the end of a shotgun barrel and was quickly taken down, humphrey sees the other humans comeover and check on their friend who pointed at humphrey and tells them he got saved by that wolf, the humans walk over to humphrey and pick him up as he losses consiousness

Humphrey wakes up in a tent getting pet by the human he saved, now getting a good look he saw the human doesn't look completely human as he had the body shape of a human except he has a muzzle and has black,grey and blue fur, had wolf ears one with part of the tip missing, he was also blinded in one eye shown by it being all white and a scar going across that side of his face, below the eyes was blue while above was grey then black ears and hair, humphrey noticed this wolf human also had a tail, grey on top blue on bottom, he was taken out of his thoughts by the wolf human asking his name, humphrey told his name, he told humphrey his name is galskapens konge but his team just calls him galskap

Galskap asked how humphrey was feeling, humphrey told him he was just feeling a bit sore but could manage, they walk out of the tent and humphrey sees the other two people gaskap is with who are actually humans, galskap introduces them as cap and blaze, cap is the medic and juggernaut of the group with heavy armor and an lmg, blaze likes to try and use fire or explosives as a solution for everything, when he isn't using his flamethrower he is using an m16, then galskap tells humphrey about himself, he made an attempt at turning himself and the team into wolves, it somewhat worked on him but the others can only understand wolves and he likes to use a shotgun and knives in a fight, galskap asks humphrey why he was out in the forest instead of being in a pack, humphrey tells him what happened, galskap tells humphrey he can join the group if he wants because they do a lot of traveling and they will train him to be able to fight and hunt if he wants, humphrey accepts and joins galskap and his team

A few years go by and a wolf informs winston and tony of king and his army of wolves coming to take over the united pack, knowing king winston ordered wolves to go out and ask for reinforcements from the nearby packs

humphrey is now bigger and a lot stronger but has gotten many scars from his many fights, his team came back to jasper park often but never set up a major base even though they could afford it but they were thinking of making one soon, humphrey was out patrolling when he saw two wolves walking through the forest completely unaware this was bear territory, humphrey went over to them and asked why they were in bear territory and so close to his camp, they told him about winston and needing reinforcements, humphrey told them he will escort them out of the bear territory and ask his team if they would be willing to help, humphrey pushed a button on a device strapped to his leg and talked into it asking galskap if the team would be willing to help him with a mission, a galskaps voice came back over the device letting humphrey know they were in on it, the two wolves ask humphrey what that was and he tells them it is a walkie talkie for him to communicate with his team who isnt nearby, once humphrey has escorted the two wolves to their destination he tells them to go around the bear territory since it will only add an hour or two but be a lot safer, and to give winston a message and tell him no one is to know but him, humphrey is coming home

When humphrey returned to camp him and his team prepared to move and setup nearby the united pack so they can keep an eye one everything while humphrey would walk around with the pack helping them prepare, when they got to the pack border humphreys team waited nearby when humphrey howled to get a patrols attention, a minute went by and a patrol group showed up, humphrey tells them he needs to talk to winston, they took humphrey straight to winston with humphrey noticing a lot of wolves looking at him, probably because of all his scars, when they got to winston the patrol told him this wolf wanted to see him, winston told all the other wolves to leave the den, soon after they have left winston says well humphrey i see you turned out well, i heard your here to help, at this point we really need all we can get, the other packs don't want to get involved because they think we will fail and they will be next, humphrey tells winston not to worry he is part of a team with two humans and a wolf/human hybrid but he wants to keep them hidden from the pack so nobody freaks out and so in case there is a spy king won't be able to find out about this massive threat until it is to late, humphrey ask winston to help hide his team nearby so they can have the most time they can to prepare when king is near, winston and humphrey go get the team and bring them to a location in the pack they won't be found, a week goes by and the team watches over the pack from the shadows while preparing for the attack

The winston would come to where they set up camp and talk about the plan for when the attack happens, the team asked if they could build a large base nearby after the fight to which winston tells them since they are willing to risk their lives to help against king he will allow it, humphrey also asked what happened after he left, winston tells him kate didn't go through with the marriage and garth and lily got married instead, and that kate was still waiting for him even though the rest of the pack though he was dead

The next day a scout comes rushing up to winston alerting him king is near and will arrive within the hour, winston ask what direction he is coming from then orders the alphas to prepare to fight then runs to humphrey and his teams camp to tell them, humphrey orders the rest of his team to prep the battlefield while he and winston leave to make sure the alphas know what is about to happen

Once the alphas we briefed on what is about to happen they walked to the battlefield and waited for king, when king arrives humphrey steps ahead of the pack and king does the same with his army, humphrey tells king to turn around and leave or his army will be slaughtered, king laughs and tells humphrey he will take his chances, humphrey tells king he was warned then presses a button on his walkie talkie and says engage, getting a 10-4 from a voice on the other end, suddenly multiple bombs go off underneath kings army, killing and injuring many of the wolves cap stands up revealing he was in a ghillie suit then starts firing his lmg at the enemy wolves taking down many of them, blaze stands and starts using his flamethrower on the enemy wolves, galskap stands and starts shooting the enemy wolves with his shotgun, at this point king and his army charges with many being cut down by gunfire and those who make it past the humans are charged by the wolves in the united pack, humphrey charges king and tries to bite his neck but king dodges and claws humphrey's side, humphrey turns and jumps back at king clawing king's face then bites the back of his neck, king manages to get humphrey off and claws him in the face barely missing his eye, humphrey claws king in the face then tries to bite his neck but get his leg instead and breaks it, king starts biting at humphrey's back, humphrey grabs king's other leg and uses it to flip king over and break the leg while clawing at king, king now weakened by blood loss and pain claws humphrey's side, humphrey claws back and king now feeling too weak to fight surrenders yelling out an order to his army telling them to retreat, king looks up at humphrey with a defeated look on his face asking humphrey to just end him, humphrey tells king he is going to let the united pack deal with him, humphrey leaves and two wolves grab king and take him away

Humphrey finds kate and walks over to her and asks her if she remembers the name humphrey with a bit of a grin on his face, it takes a minute for her to realize it was humphrey who just asked, she hugs him telling him how much she missed him