It was an ordinary day in Jasper Park and the Western pack was on a hunt looking for food to store for the winter. Humphrey and the other pups were deep in the snowy forest looking for caribou . "Stinky can you sniff out some caribou tracks in the snow", asked Claudette. As Stinky buried his nose in the snow he picked up a familiar scent. As Stinky pointed to the direction the caribou was headed he then shouted, "THIS WAY!''. The Western pack trough through the snow struggling to get to the caribou. As they reached the cave they were in awe at what they saw.

As Humphrey looked in the cave he was disappointed at what he saw he felt like there was no hope left in Jasper. " It's a caribou massacre here", said Runt looking scared. There were blood stains and caribou organs everywhere scattered in the cave. As Stinky glanced on his right in the cave he saw 3 bears sleeping for the winter. " I guess they took all of the caribou and slaughtered them", said Humphrey. This made things worse because Kate was in labor and was expecting another pup, they had no food to survive the winter in Jasper and Humphrey didn't know what to do.

As the wolves headed back to their den Lily ran out to the den to confront Humphrey. As Lily was out of breath it was quite hard to understand what she was saying." Humphrey… Kate...pup", she said out of breath. "Woah Lily calm down, what are you trying to say'', replied Humphrey. "KATE HAD THE PUP", Lily exclaimed. As Humphrey and the other pups ran into the den, they saw Kate and a black and gray furred pup with a golden mark on his right paw.