" It's… It's a pup", said one of the girl pups as she stared at him. As the bulldog looked at Blake he realized where he saw the pup. "RYDER I SEEN HIM BEFORE",yelled the bulldog. "Where Rubble", asked Ryder. The next minute Blake's family raced to the forest to find Blake. "BLAKE!"Kate screamed as she saw the pup lying on the ground. As Ryder's team looked at the wolves Ryder said, "You all can talk?Ryder questioned. " Yes sir, we all can,'' said Stinky. As Humphrey picked up Blake he turned to Ryder and asked him, "Can please you fix my son he is a cyber-pup and I heard you are good with robotic things". As Humphrey gave the pup to Ryder he looked down at the broken cyborg and pup. " I'll try sir, everyone to the lookout", demanded Ryder. All the pups and the wolves followed Ryder to the lookout, all but one: Everest. As another pup stopped to see that Everest wasn't following Ryder but she was crying. "Everest, why are you crying", said the pup. "Rocky, I think I like him", said Everest, " I didn't even get to thank him for saving my life back at the cliff, he might not make it. "Everest robots don't have feelings, how can the pup feel the same way for you." That comment made her angry. "DON'T SAY THAT AGAIN HE ISN'T A FULL ROBOT HE IS HALF PUP ROCKY HE COULD LOVE ME, YOU NEVER KNOW!"yelled Everest. Everest ran to her snowmobile heading to the Lookout leaving Rocky in the snowy forest.

As the pups and wolves arrived at the Lookout Ryder wasted no time and took Blake to the mechanic room to fix him up. Kate, Humphrey, and all the pups waiting outside. Everest and Rocky just arrived there. "IS HE GOING TO BE OK" asked Everest to Kate. "I hope so sweetie", Kate said with worry in her voice. Blake's siblings close against Humphrey as they were worried what would happen to Blake. Ryder came outside and looked at Kate and Humphrey. "IS HE OK"yelled Kate. "He is fine Kate, he will make it, but I need a hair sample from both of you if you don't mind", asked Ryder. Without no hesitation Kate and Humphrey gave Ryder a piece of their hair and placed it in his hand."Please save my son Ryder'',Kate said with tears in her eyes. Ryder nodded his head and ran back into the room.

3 hours later the pups went to do other things while they waited. Claudette and Skye were talking, Runt, Marshall, and Zuma were playing ball and Chase, Stinky, Rubble and Rocky were playing tag. Kate and Humphrey decided to take a nap also as they waited. Everest went into her pup house and felt worried for Blake thinking he might not love her back. "Maybe Rocky was right, I mean he is half robot and he might not have any feelings, but he looked so freaking sexy having a golden paw and eye",said Everest. Ryder said something on the pups tag, "Kate, Humphrey, and all the pups please report back to the entrance", Ryder announced. As Kate and Humphrey woke up hearing the news they quickly ran back to the entrance as fast as they could. Everest bolted out of her pup house hearing the great news about Blake. As everyone got there Ryder took out Blake, he was in a wheelchair, his eyes closed and had a cord attached to his head and a power machine next to it. Ryder walked over to the wolves and told information about Bake. "The reason why Blake was born gray and gold is because he was a mixed of two different breeds of wolves Alpha and Omega and was an Olpha wolf instead", said Ryder. " So that explains the mixed colors on him", said Humphrey. "The exponential growth rate and machinery appeared on him because his brain waves say he ate a rare acorn in the winter forest", said Ryder. So after all that cleared up Ryder walked over to Blake turning on a power button installed in the back of his neck and removing the power cords attached to him. "Mom, Dad what happened",said Blake As Kate and Humphrey were excited at Blake's first words. As the rest of the pups cheered for Blake's return Everest stayed in the back of everybody not wanting to be seen by her crush. As Everest tried to get away Rocky stepped in front of her. "Listen Everest, what I said back at the forest wasn't ok and I wanted to apologize for it, you should totally go for it and talk to him", said Rocky with excitement. "Thanks Rocky but what can I say to him..", asked Everest."How about thanks for saving my life", Rocky said. " Oh yeah forgot about that", said Everest with a smirk on her face. As Everest was going in to tell Blake something, she heard some unpleasant news.

"Thanks for everything pups and Ryder for fixing my son", said Kate. "If you don't mind, we're heading back to Jasper Park and wondering if we can have some food on the go and for the winter", asked Humphrey. "Sure thing", said Ryder as he pulled out a big bag for the wolves. "Whenever you're in trouble just yelp for help", Ryder said as all the pups were laughing. While Blake was laughing along with them he saw Everest walk back to her pup house with disappointment in her face. He felt guilty and thought about something. "Mom and Dad can I please stay here in Adventure Bay '', asked Blake. Everest then stopped walking and turned around slowly to look back at the wolves. "But Blake, where will you stay?", asked Humphrey. "Well he could join the Paw Patrol he has some great skills we can use on further missions' ', said Ryder. Everest wanted him to stay in Adventure Bay but she only thought of it hoping he would accept the deal. "It is all up to you honey, it is your choice",said Kate. The Paw Patrol members and Blake's siblings wanted him to accept the offer. "OK i'll stay", said Blake. Everyone yayed and yippied happy Blake accepted the offer. Ryder got on one knee and took something out of his pocket: a pup tag. "Blake I hereby Ryder now makes you the official and first cyber-pup to join the Paw Patrol!Ryder yelled. The collar was gold and had a red circle in the middle of the pup tag. Everyone was happy, especially Everest. As Blake told his family goodbye he told them that he will never forget them. They began to head into the forest. "Welcome aboard the Paw Patrol Blake is there something you would like to say", said Ryder. "Thank you pups for what you all did for me and my family", Blake said. As he saw Everest he began to blush and decided to walk over there. Seeing that Blake is walking over to Everest she began to blush like crazy. "UHH UMMM TH..Thanks.. For saavving...me as Everest stuttered as she was nervous. " You wanted to thank me for saving you, don't worry about your welcome", said Blake.'' Maybe we can go for a smoothie sometime, I'll pay for it, sounds good?said Blake. "EHH YEAH '', Everest said with excitement. As he walked aways Everest freaked out because she just talked to her crush. Blake looked by smiling at her. "So far my life was amazing, I wasn't a freak. I just needed the right people to help me find where I belong".


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