His body ached as he woke up. He felt like he had been hit by a truck and hit in the back of the head wirh a cast iron frying pan simultaneously. He shivered, feeling the cold metal of handcuffs on his wrists. The Davenport man looked around and blinked rapidly in an attempt to clear his vision. Donald deducted he was in a lab of some sort, one that was in a loft. He scoffed, at least it was much more sterile than other lairs he has 'found himself trapped in'. "Ugh" he mumbled and squirmed, trying to stand up in the small bionic proof cage his captor left him him. Without the use of his arms and hands, the inventor could not get himself to stand up. Defeated, he got as comfortable as he could with his hands cuffed behind him.

He wasn't left alone for long. Donald snapped back to realty upon hearing the tap of high heel boots across the ceramic floor. "Who are you? What do you want with me?" he asserted himself, as he was getting impatient and he wanted to know who brought him here. "You're not getting anywhere near my kids" he added, a slight growl in his tone. The woman laughed , her voice getting louder as she approached him. The Davenport man instinctively moved further back when she came closer. "Ow!" a zap from the lasers on the cage told him that he was as far back as he could go.

"Typical Davenports, talking when nobody prompted you to. I originally thought your brother was worse for it but you really take the cake." She pulled a string, turning on a huge ceiling light that aggressively lit up the lair. "Hello, Donny" she grinned. "Giselle? I thought you were dead" if Donald's hands were free, he'd pinch himself to make sure he was not dreaming. He grimaced as his aching body reminded him that this was indeed not a dream. Giselle gasped, "you really think I'd be killed by my own whip? My bionic kid helped me escape that God forsaken island" she shook her head. "I figured a genius would know better" she added with a deadpan tone. He rolled his eyes, "so Salem's alive too then, lovely" he replied sarcastically. "I figured an experienced villain would know that by now she should have told her hostage what she wants from him" the Davenport man stuck his tongue out at her. "If it's money or a private plane you want to escape and live the rest of your miserable life on a remote island in the Caribbean- I can make that happen. And we can never speak of this again." He knew that he was merely filibustering, putting off the inevitable conversation about Adam, Bree, and Chase.

The Vickers woman laughed obnoxiously at what she thought was a pathetic yet almost cute attempt to solve the situation. "Any ordinary criminal would find that offer enticing. But I am not an ordinary criminal, and you-" she put her arm between the laser bars and gently poked Donald's chest. "Are not an ordinary billionaire." He smirked, "of course I'm extraordinary cause I'm awesome. Bam!" Giselle took a deep breath, closing her eyes and rubbing her temples for a brief moment. The amount of ego this man possessed gave her a headache. She glared at him. "You're worth so much more than your bank account Donny, you and I both know that." The inventor gulped, he had an idea about what she was going to say next.

"You, Douglas and Chase are creating a code for the best bionic chip upgrade to date hmm?" She pulled a chair over and sat in front of the cage so she would be on his eye level. "I want it." He narrowed his eyes. "Yeah we are, and the only way you're getting it from me is over my dead body." he replied with a bitter tone. "Chase and Doug can finish building it without me, you should have got me sooner" he added calmly, feeling protective over his family. "The woman cackled like a witch in a fairy tale. "See Donny, I knew you'd say that so-" she paused, "I'm not going to get it from you, I'll get it from your son instead." He smirked, "Leo doesn't know the code so ha!" Giselle huffed; she was very close to being fed up with the inventor's quips. She grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him toward her. "I meant Chase, but you know that" she scowled, and let him go. Donald felt his chest tighten as panic stirred in his stomach; he couldn't let her see that he was genuinely scared. "Good luck with that, Chase or Douglas would never give in to you" he retorted, unsuccessfully keeping all of the shakiness out of his voice. The woman just chuckled. She leaned back and smacked her whip on the floor, which made him jump. "Oh but they will Donny, I have my ways to make them"; with that she stood up and left the loft, leaving the inventor alone once again.