Donald collected his breath. He felt exhausted and anxious, but he used the little bit of energy he had to look around to see if there's any way he could get himself on the other side of the blue laser bars that rendered him helpless. Giselle turned her attention back to him. "Douglas still hasn't called me" She pouted, crossing her arms. He unsuccessfully held back back a snort, "ha! The tables have turned. How does it feel to want a call but not get one?" The Davenport man responded, making reference to their collage days; all those days his brother cried on their apartment couch wishing that she'd call him again. She narrowed her eyes at him. "Still got some wit left in you hmm?" The Vickers woman growled. He nodded, even though in reality he wasn't sure how much longer he could keep up his witty bit. "It'll take more than some laser trap and fighting words to shut me up" he boasted with a grin. She just rolled her eyes and spun her chair towards the entrance to the lab. "My boy should be back in-" Salem came through the door. "He's right on time!"

"I'm never going to get used to you calling him your son or boy or anything like that" The eldest Davenport remarked. "I'm never going to not enjoy seeing the man who lied about my creation trapped and helpless." The Krane boy handed Giselle the chain with Donald's ring on it. "You should have seen it mom, Bree tried to grab it from me but I geo leaped away just as she was about to take it" Salem laughed and she did as well, nodding in approval. Seeing his ring in her hands again made his stomach turn. He deducted that Giselle knew that keeping it from him hurt him, that's why she hasn't given it back yet. He felt a pang hit his chest. "You're going to wish you didn't pull that on my daughter" he choked. The boy chuckled, and moved closer to the cage, "am I?" he mocked. Donald growled and grabbed Salem's jacket, pulling him inches away from the lasers. "Ah! Mommy!" he whined. Don looked towards Giselle, "let me out of here or your son's gonna kiss the laser." She glared back at him. "Keep your dirty paws OFF OF HIM!" she took what looked like a blaster and pointed it at the Davenport man. She pulled the trigger; a sonic boom type force met Donald's chest, sending him into the back of the trap. "Ow!" the lasers zapped his back, he found himself off his feet and on the ground again. Salem brushed off his leather jacket. "I wanted to scorch your hands, but I promised Momma G I wouldn't damage our currency." Donald wheezed, "thanks for not turning my hands to a crisp" he winced, putting his arms around his chest like it would actually help it hurt less. He felt like he may have a cracked rib, but he wasn't about to tell Bonnie and Clyde that.

Meanwhile back at the Davenport Mansion, Douglas and the bionics we're attempting to contact Giselle. "Okay, the meeting ID is typed in. Now all we have to do is call." Chase said, his finger hovering over the call button. The only girl was still frantically tapping her feet. "It feels almost wrong, just giving in like this and doing what the Wicked Witch of the West wants" she said with a huff. "It's not ideal but like Douglas said, we got nothing on them right now. At the very least we have to make sure Big D's not like" Adam butted in, cutting Leo off. "Dead or something." The Dooley boy breathed out. "I was going to say hurt, but yeah that too I guess." Bree nodded, "alright, press the button Chase." He tapped the screen. The video call rang; the Davenports kept their eyes on the screen and waited for the other side to pick up.


"No!" His lab's caller ID appeared on the computer screen. "I told you they'd call" the Vickers woman smirked. "Giselle one, Donny zero." Donald felt his stomach go up into his throat and wiped the sweat off his palms using his pants. As much as it stressed him out that his family decided to call her, at least he'd get to see them and then know if Salem actually hurt any of them or not. "Yay, want a prize?" he attempted a sarcastic tone but his words came out squeaky and wheezy instead. She laughed, "I'll save my coupons for the big prize... the bionic upgrade code." He tried to take a deep breath "yeah...right" he said and made a face at her. "Alexa, play Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees" Salem called. The smart home device spit back "okay, playing Stayin Alive by The Bee Gees on Spotify". Donald groaned "it's better than jazz but you guys are gonna ruin this song for me." Giselle just laughed, and clicked answer.

Leo was the first to break the silence. "Hello Wicked Witch of the West. Let Dorothy go and give her back her red slippers." The eldest Davenport was about to open his mouth and say something about how he is 'definitely not Dorothy' but decided to let his son roll with the metaphor. "If I was to just let Donny go then all this trouble would have been for nothing- so no" Giselle replied. Douglas made a hand gesture, mocking her talking. "Well we're here! We called you! What do you want?" he half growled. Before she had a chance to reply, Donald called out "Guys hang up! You've got a visual on where I am now! Don't give her anymore satisfaction than she already got!" he said between laboured breaths. "I'm okay, all peachy, I promise" he let out a half muffled pained huff as he stood up, the movement hurt his ribs. Bree and Chase gave each other a look, they recognized their dad's huff. They knew he was not as peachy as he claimed.

Adam reached for the hang up button, but before he could press it, Salem projected fire towards the cage. Don yelped and closed his eyes. "Salem no! He-" called Leo; the Krane boy extinguished the fire just before it engulfed Donald and the cage alike. Giselle turned her attention back to the others. "If you hang up, Salem will burn him alive" she said simply. "Fine fine" Adam replied, putting his hands up. "Get on with it, I'm bored." The Vickers woman stood up and got closer to the webcam. "It's simple. I know two of you and Donny are working on programming a chip upgrade; so Douglas and Chase, if you ever want to see him again, you'll bring me-" Salem butted in, "bring us..." She nodded "bring us the code."

Doug snorted, "and what if we don't?" Her son let out an exasperated sigh. "Then your big brother dies" he replied. The other Davenports gave Doug a look that said 'what?'. "Then?" He wasn't planning on letting Donald die, he was just nosing into their back up plan. "Well then we'd take Naomi and Daniel to do this all over again". Don let out a weak raspy laugh. "Like my wife would- ever let you near that kid." His family expressed agreement. "Well taking Naomi and Daniel was Salem's initial idea, but we decided the logistics would be too messy" Giselle said. "Plus, five years ago Douglas bragged to me about how well Donny worked as rat bait so we decided to capture him instead." The other Davenports looked at him. "You- you told her?" the oldest Davenport squeaked. "I did it to try and look cool so that she'd go on a date with me. I also gave her the blueprints to the bionic proof cage... but in my defence this was BEFORE SHE TRIED TO KILL US." Daniel shook his head. "Don't ever pick at me for telling Reese and Sebastian stuff again" stated Chase. "Yeah, or at me for telling Troy things" added Bree. He huffed in agreement. Leo glared at the Vickers woman. "You're not going to keep Big D from us without a fight, so you and Sparky got a big storm coming." She just grinned, "mhmm, sure we do." Donald's legs started to feel like jelly. The pain in his ribs combined with aching in other parts of his body was too much to take on his feet. The video call was still online which increased his stress. He felt overwhelming pain and there was nothing he could do about it. Within seconds it became unmanageable. His vision went starry and he collapsed. "Uncle Donald!" Daniel choked. Chase gasped, then growled. "What did you do?" Salem and Giselle looked at each other. "Nothing I swear!" The boy responded. The woman chuckled "guess he was in so much pain he passed out." She turned her attention back to the screen. "It was nice seeing you freaks again- I'll send you the coordinates shortly; if I feel like it." Bree didn't want the stream to end until her dad woke back up again, she didn't want to worry that he wasn't just unconscious. "Dad!" She yelled. "Please get up!" Giselle met her gaze, and ended the call.