"You said you'd sing to me if I need you to, so... Can you?"

Bombshell and Songbird fight their way through the mob, easily taking down the goons as a team. They actually make a game of it and start calling out how many they've taken down, attempting to beat each other's score.

Currently, Songbird was winning.

Bombshell thinks it's a fluke.

"You going to start pulling your weight any time soon?" Songbird teased as she swept her leg and knocked a goon off balance, his body landing backwards with a hard thud.

Bombshell rolled her eyes as she ducked out of the way of a jab and threw her knee up into the man's gut before grabbing the back of his head and ramming his face into her fist. He fell to the floor with a groan and Bombshell shook out the pain in her knuckles, "There. That makes 6 for me."

"That's it?"

"I'm injured!"

"Awh," Songbird cooed teasingly, "Poor baby."

Bombshell would be lying if she didn't perk up a little at the playful use of the nickname.

She brushed it off though and looked over to find Songbird sitting on a guy's shoulders, ankles locked across his back, thighs squeezing at this head as she repeatedly drove her elbow down against his skull.

Bombshell could only stare in awe at such a compromising position.

The goon's head trapped between Songbird's strong thighs?

Was it weird that she's kind of jealous?

Bombshell felt like her suit was constricting her as the temperature suddenly rose about a million degrees.

Songbird caught her eye and smirked before pushing off of the goon, diving backwards in a cartwheel with her heels colliding the with underside of his chin one after the other. She stuck her landing in time with the goon collapsing on his back.

Bombshell's jaw dropped. She had to get Songbird to teach her that move.

Songbird flung her hair over her shoulder dramatically, "That was number 8." Then she stood and sauntered over, tapping just under the blonde's chin, "Top that."

Bombshell clamped her jaw shut, cheeks flushing instantly, and muttered, "Show off."

Songbird just winked before grabbing hold of another goon. Bombshell could only shake away the arousal and do the same.

Fighting bad guys side by side with Songbird felt something like a dream that Bombshell thought she'd never get to actually experience. She had never worked with anyone like this before and if it wasn't under the current circumstances, she might even say she was having fun!

But she didn't know what all of this meant yet. Was this only a one time thing? Would Songbird slip back into the night, never to be seen again? Bombshell had no idea where they stood, but she at least hoped that Songbird would consider-

Bombshell's thoughts were interrupted as she felt a right hook land, knocking her back a couple steps. From her peripheral, she could see Songbird stiffen but was too busy with her own goon to intervene.

Bombshell didn't need her to though.

She frowned at the interruption and went full speed at the offender, hitting him with a jab then a left hook then a right before finishing him off with an uppercut so powerful the man flew backwards and landed just to the side of where Songbird stood.

The brunette looked down by her feet then back up at Bombshell. An impressed smile graced her lips even as she pinned a guy's arm behind his back.

"See, I knew you were good with your hands," She complimented backed by a flirty grin.

Bombshell shook her head at the joke and spun around just in time to dodge another fist. With the blonde busy with the goon and Songbird still occupied with her own, the two fought back to back.

"This is nice, right?" Bombshell called over her shoulder as she wrestled with the man's grip on her biceps. The force of him had her bumping into Songbird's shoulder, "You and me…both of us…tog-"

Behind her there was the sound of a jab landing followed by Songbird grunting out, "You motherfucker."

"I was just saying," Bombshell grumbled and sent her knee up between her goon's legs, "No need for name calling." His hold on her loosened as he dropped to his knees. She laid him out with a right hook and turned to watch Songbird.

"I wasn't talking to you," Songbird managed to say as she threw her knee into the guy's ribs a couple times before punching him in the throat. As he fell to floor gasping for air, she turned to find Bombshell smirking. She frowned, "What?"

"Looked like you were struggling with that one," Bombshell quipped, "Getting tired?"

"Tired? Please, I've got stamina. Don't you worry about that," She replied easily, tilting up her chin to match the blonde's smug grin with her flirty gaze.

"We'll see," Bombshell said before the room shook with a roar.

"What the fuck?" Songbird drawled out as the last goon showed himself.

Bombshell gulped as the man lingered by the stairs leading up to where Anderson was sure to be hiding, almost as if he was guarding it. This goon was a lot bigger than the rest though, like bigger than a normal human should be.

Bombshell glanced to her left and watched Songbird size him up, "Time to show off that stamina."

Songbird just smirked devilishly before launching forward. She went low while Bombshell went high, using different sets of hit combinations to topple the guy. The goon didn't seem phased, barely even reacting to the Supers' usually devastating blows.

If anything, their moves aggravated the Super Goon even further. He seemed to catch on to Bombshell and Songbird's fighting patterns and began to counter-attack. While seemingly pre-occupied with Bombshell, Songbird weaved her way through and jumped to lay a critical blow.

But at the last minute, Super Goon spun and caught the girl mid-air before tossing her aside like she weighed nothing. Songbird skidded across the floor, back smacking against one of the warehouse supporting beams.

Bombshell called out to her worriedly but Songbird just raised her thumb as she pushed herself up, readying to lunge once again. The two went in on Super Goon, moving fluidly around each other like it was a well practiced dance, but nothing seemed to stagger the giant.

"What the hell is this guy on?" Songbird gasped out of breath. She still had her fists raised, but they were starting to droop lower and lower the longer they kept at it.

"I have no idea!" Bombshell answered just as winded.

She went for the sensitive spots but Super Goon just grabbed her by the arm and tossed her aside in a similar fashion he did with Songbird earlier. She fell to her knee and flipped away the hair that had fallen loose from her braid.

Super Goon sneered, big bushy eyebrows casting dark shadows over his eyes. Then veins in his thick neck bulged and he was dripping with sweat as he balled his fists. With each step closer, Bombshell took a hesitant step back. Bombshell was tall but this guy had about two feet on her, making her feel small for maybe the first time ever. She eyed his movements carefully, trying to show now fear.

"Enhanced?" Bombshell called out to Songbird.

"Obviously," Songbird answered, "No way you get that swol from never missing leg day."

Then without another words she lunged again. Songbird used her momentum and ran up his chest, trying to topple him backwards like Bombshell had seen her do to some of the other men but Super Goon didn't even budge. It was like running up a brick wall!

Songbird back flipped off of him and landed on her knee, barely missing him swing at her.

Super Goon roared again and beat his fists against his chest before stalking towards them.

"Oh yeah, that's not normal." Bombshell deadpanned, "We need a new plan of attack, nothing seems to be working. I've dick-punched him at least three times already!"

Songbird started to back away, joining Bombshell's side. They circled the Super Goon while he shifted between the Supers trying to figure out which to go after first.

"I think I've got it!" Songbird announced and sprung into action, "Go low!"

In a split second, Songbird launched herself up and latched onto the goon's neck. She used her momentum again and swung around so that she was sitting on his shoulders while her hands covered his eyes.

Bombshell stared up in awe; seeing tiny Songbird sitting atop this giant man with her hands over his eyes was almost comical if it wasn't a life or death situation. Still, Bombshell couldn't help but stop and tilt her head in confusion, "That's your plan? Cover his eyes?"

"Are you seriously stopping to ask me that?"

"Should I call out Marco or did you want to be Polo? Is this a hide and seek-"

"I swear to God, B, just knock him down!" Songbird yelled again before she began to hum.

Bombshell kicked into gear at the command and threw all her power into knocking the goon down. With a roundhouse kick to the back of his knee, Bombshell was able to off balance the goon. She glanced up and saw Songbird still moving her lips while her eyes closed in concentration. She didn't know what Songbird was doing up there, but there wasn't much time to ask. With another roundhouse kick to the back of his other knee, the goon began to fall forward.

Songbird's eyes flew open at the sudden fall and pushed off before he took her down with him. The floor shook as he slammed to the ground. Songbird back flipped away and landed on her feet before spinning around with her fists raised, ready to attack again.

Thankfully, Super Goon remained unmoving.

Bombshell stared wide-eyed as she stepped around to see his face after hearing what she thought sounded like a snore.

"What'd you do to him?" Bombshell wondered, peeking over his shoulder. If she had a stick, she'd probably poke at him too.

"Sang him a lullaby," Songbird answered nonchalantly as she lowered her fists.

"He's asleep?"

"For now."

Bombshell turned back with a dropped jaw, "Awesome."

Songbird just lifted her shoulder, trying to seem cool although her cheeks tinged a darker shade at the compliment, "Ready for the big one?"

"Wasn't he the big one?" Bombshell jutted her chin to the Super Goon.

"I meant Anderson," Songbird replied, "Although I doubt he's very big."

"Nasty," Bombshell scrunched her nose then looked to the office above them with a steely gaze.

This was the moment she had been waiting for since she let Anderson get away at the McKinley Bank robbery. Of course she was ready, she couldn't wait to take Anderson down.

And yet something made her pause.

With Songbird by her side, something quivered in the pit of her stomach. Something that felt a lot like concern. She never had someone to worry about, at least not like this. The general safety of the public was there and Bombshell was always aware of it but that was like second nature, part of the job in a way.

With Songbird it was different. She wasn't just another person in the crowd. She wasn't part of the job.

She was different.

She was special.

Bombshell remembered words said to her earlier if anything ever happened to you or you were hurt because of me or worse. She hadn't realized that the feeling was mutual and it made her a little hesitant going up those steps. She didn't know what was waiting there and what was worse was that she didn't know if they'd make it out okay. There was always that uncertainty.

Bombshell looked to her side at Songbird who was already looking back expectantly. Her lips parted as blue eyes shifted between Songbird's.

"What?" Songbird frowned, eyes searching hers, "What's wrong?"

Bombshell didn't have an answer, but rather a feeling.


It was a feeling that Brittany had been pushing away for years, probably since the night of the last show Santana invited her to.

Brittany had basically spent the night falling for the girl and it all came to head when Santana's set finished. Brittany felt like Santana's eyes were glued to her the entire time she sang, as if she were the only one in the room.

It felt personal, but Santana didn't do personal.


But if she didn't then why did Santana blow a kiss to her before walking off stage? Brittany just had to find the answer. So she stumbled after her, liquid courage fueling her desire until she found herself in that dark hallway where everything shifted.

It was that same feeling that begged to be acted on again and again over the years even though she knew she couldn't. It wasn't safe. It was risky. It could put Santana in danger.

But now after everything that happened, those reasons didn't really apply like they use to. Not when Santana was secretly a Super too and could totally handle anything that came her way.

So Brittany was out of excuses for fighting that feeling now, because any excuse she had seemed silly. There really wasn't anything standing in her way now.

Except for maybe Santana..

But then she got to thinking. If something were to happen to either of them tonight, would she be okay with leaving this world without ever doing something about that feeling?

The answer was simple.


She wouldn't be okay with it.

There was no telling what was going to happen next for her – or them – but she knew one thing was for sure. She wouldn't go another minute pushing away that feeling.

Brittany snuck her hand around the girl's waist and tugged her close while her other hand cupped Santana's cheek. A small squeak escaped Santana as Brittany's eyes danced between Santana's before they fluttered closed and she leaned in close.

When their lips finally collided, it was like two years worth of waiting came crashing around them. Two years of fighting feelings, of longing, of stolen glances, of missed opportunities. It all came tumbling down and with that one kiss it melted away.

If only for a moment.

Brittany could feel Santana's hand shakily glide along Brittany's arm while the other settled on her hip. She felt a tug and the kiss deepened. It was like all the air in her lungs was being stolen from her and she wasn't even mad about it. If Santana needed it more, she'd give it gladly. All she wanted was to be wrapped up in the girl and for this moment to never end.

Neither of them cared that they were in a dingy warehouse with 15 goons laid out around them while the world's biggest dickhead loomed above. In this moment, nothing else mattered but having Santana's lips on hers.

She knew she couldn't linger long though, there was still work to be done. This kiss? It was just a reminder of what she was fighting for and what she'd fight like hell for to keep.

They could win this, they were stronger together. That was obvious now.

She just needed the reminder.

So when Brittany reluctantly pulled away, hooded eyes and swollen lips, she smiled proudly.

"Woah." Santana looked up, eyes a little dazed but she slowly came to and matched Brittany's smile.

"Okay." Brittany nodded resolutely, "Now I'm ready."


Before Songbird even took a step in the direction of the stairs, Bombshell had hooked her arm beneath the backs of her knees and hoisted her up in a bridal carry.

"Uh, I can walk."

"This is faster," Bombshell said as she adjusted her grip.

On instinct, Songbird wrapped her arms around Bombshell's neck as the blonde sped off.

Within a blink of an eye, they were at the top of the stairs. Bombshell let her down gently, smiling smugly at the impressed look Songbird gave her.

"Thanks for the ride," Songbird said, "So strength, speed, stealing my moves…what else can you do?"

Bombshell just winked as she took a step towards the office door, "Wouldn't you like to know."

"Oh believe me-"

Before Songbird could even finish her sentence,

Before Bombshell could even push the door open fully,

a shot rang out.

Bombshell's eyes grew wide as her smirk instantly dropped into a pained realization.

She looked to her left at Songbird and blinked. Her lips parted as the blood pooled.

"B!" Songbird gasped and jolted forward.

Bombshell let out a curse and stumbled back at the force, her hand flying up to apply pressure. The bullet was fired straight through the door and went clean through Bombshell's shoulder.

"We're shooting through doors now?" Bombshell growled as the pain intensified. Songbird clambered after her, her hands shooting to overlap the blonde's as blood seeped through pale fingers.

"You can see I've worked on my aim!" Anderson called out arrogantly from behind the door.

"Fucking coward," Songbird snapped then her voice softened as she turned to the blonde, "Are you okay? Where's the bullet? Is it still in?"

Bombshell shook her head and gritted through the pain, but she wasn't completely hindered. With a couple more deep breaths, she pushed herself to stand tall. She wiped her hand along the side of her leg, "I'm good."

Songbird stared in disbelief, "You were just shot."

"Not the first time," Bombshell shrugged casually although she instantly regretted the gesture. She tried to play it off though, "You should know. You've stitched me up before."

Songbird's eyes widened, "Those were – Oh my God."

Another shot rang out and Bombshell was quick to push Songbird out of the way as the bullet whizzed by the pair without grazing either of them. They looked to each other in surprise before their gazes grew more determined.

"Fucking asshole," Songbird snapped again beneath her breath, "I'm going to fucking end him."

"Looks like that aim still needs some work!" Bombshell quipped loudly then lowered her voice so she was out of his earshot, "I can bust through the door and try to disarm him and you follow after me?"

Songbird pondered the plan, "Or we could wait until he runs out of ammo?"

Bombshell's head bobbled from side to side like she was weighing out their options, "Who knows when that'll be. This place is basically an armory. We're sitting ducks out here."

"True. Another way in maybe?"

"Don't think so," Bombshell answered, "One way in, one way out."

Songbird bit her lip as her eyes fell to the darkening circle on Bombshell's shoulder. Worry bloomed in her features and before Bombshell knew it, she was reaching up to touch Songbird's cheek.

"I'm fine," Bombshell assured her, "It's already starting to heal."

It wasn't a completely accurate statement considering a lot of her energy had been drained from fighting Anderson's device which inevitably took a toll on her abilities then there was deal with Super Goon and the rest of the men, but she didn't want Songbird to worry.

The healing process was slow now, but it was working and she would be okay and that's all Songbird needed to know.

"If you disarm him, I'll be right behind you," Songbird finally replied, "Don't do anything heroic."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Bombshell scoffed, feigning offense.

"You know what I'm talking about," Songbird narrowed her eyes, "Disarm and that's it."

"Okay well, don't you do anything heroic either," Bombshell countered.

Songbird agreed but the smirk she wore was telling.

Bombshell nodded resolutely anyway, "On my count."

The masked blonde stood up straight, ignoring the pain in her shoulder, as she readied herself to lunge forward. She took in a deep breath and cast one last glance behind her where Songbird was preparing to follow after.


Bombshell gave her a confident nod then sprinted at full speed, busting straight through the wooden door like it was made of cardboard. Although she moved like lightning, she experienced the following in slow motion.

Anderson was there beside his desk with his palm facing her and the gun raised in the other, ready and waiting like this was another one of his traps. Suddenly the device activated and emitted the same shrill noise which caused Bombshell's steps to falter like she had been tripped.

It was like a rug had been ripped from beneath her and she could feel her body collapsing in on itself with her muscles spasming but she knew Songbird was right behind her. With Anderson's gun still pointed in their direction, nothing was stopping him from firing at them.

And with Bombshell out of the way, nothing was stopping him from firing directly at Songbird.

He could take out both Supers in one go, easy as that.

Then two shots rang out rapidly one after the other.

Bombshell moved on instinct and used all she had to fight against the sound of the device and stand tall, blocking Songbird from the gunfire.

She felt two searing pains, one graze her side and the other settle in her upper thigh. She twisted her body as she began to fall, glancing to Songbird who just stared wide-eyed. If Bombshell could read minds, she knew exactly what would be on Songbird's.

"What did I say, B, don't do anything heroic!"

Bombshell couldn't help it, she'd take a bullet for the brunette any day of the week.

Suddenly everything moved at regular speed again and Bombshell collapsed in a heap, body tensing from the device and the gunshots.


Songbird watched it all happen before her eyes, could see the exact moment Bombshell decided to take those bullets for her. She didn't even have time to yell out for Bombshell not to or try to push her aside. She knew her mind was already made up, not that it took munch convincing. That's just how the blonde worked, completely selfless.

But when Bombshell's body slammed to the floor, Songbird couldn't contain herself.

Or the immense amount of rage she felt.

An ear-splitting scream surged from within her and escaped without thought. The super sonic sound, her trademark Snixxjuice, that she once was unable to muster shattered every window in the entire warehouse. She could even hear the goons from below moan and groan from the debilitating scream.

Anderson fell over his desk at the force as he attempted to shield his head from shattering glass. The power of the scream short-circuited Anderson's device and he had to fling it off of his hand as it seared his skin. The device clattered to the floor, smoking and sparking, totally fried.

The sound of broken glass falling to the concrete was loud, but Songbird's wildly pounding heart was louder. She felt incredibly weak after the scream, her body so unfamiliar to the exertion after being idle for so long. But she couldn't focus on that, not when Bombshell's motionless body laid sprawled against the shelving unit.

She stumbled over to Bombshell, thankful that the blonde wheezed at her touch.


"Thank God," Songbird sighed as Bombshell tried to roll onto her uninjured side, "You're okay."

"I know, it'll just take a minute." Bombshell assured, hinting at her ability to heal again although she wasn't so sure. Nothing about this felt normal.

"What the fuck was that? I specifically said don't-"

"Do anything heroic, I know." Bombshell finished, watching the concern mix with frustration, "I'm sorry."

"You should be!" Songbird replied, trying to sound angry but falling short. She scanned Bombshell's side, fingers ghosting over the wounds like she didn't know where to begin, "Look at you."

"I've been through worse," Bombshell lied although she knew her body was wrecked and she felt impossibly tired. She found herself admitting the truth the longer she looked up at deep brown eyes, "I'm really not sorry, but everything is really starting to freaking hurt."

There was a familiarity that washed over her as she uttered the words, like déjà vu. She remembered late nights in the bathroom they shared as the brunette fussed over her and the ruined bath mat. Those were such simpler times.

Songbird nodded and held out her hand, "Let's get you out of-"

Before she could finish, Anderson had his arm around Songbird's neck and hoisted her to her feet. They hadn't even noticed he had recovered from Songbird's Snixxjuice.

"Get up!" He demanded as he pointed the gun at Songbird.

Bombshell flinched and pushed to sit up, faltering a little as Songbird subtly shook her head.

She let Anderson pull her to her feet, hardening as he spoke, "Thought you couldn't do that scream thing anymore. Thought you were used up, boy, was I wrong!"

Songbird gritted her teeth and squirmed as he tightened his grip, "I'm just full of surprises."

"Don't even think about it," He warned as he forced her further away from Bombshell.

Songbird writhed in his grip, but then he moved his aim onto Bombshell instead, "Quit moving or I'll shoot her again."

Songbird grudgingly stilled, her eyes never leaving Bombshell's.

"That's what I thought," Anderson smirked then his tone dipped threatening low, "You broke my new toy and you're going to pay for that."

Bombshell watched, her body shaking with a new kind of rage that mixed with a fear she never experienced. This was the very thing she was afraid of happening, for Songbird to be used against to her or vice versa. She couldn't just let Anderson think he had the upper hand, so she forced herself to stand against the pain.

The wound at her shoulder was just a dull ache now, nothing compared to the laceration on her side and the intensifying pain in her thigh. The bullet was totally still lodged in there, that wasn't going to be fun getting out. But she swallowed the urge to cry out as she gingerly put weight on her weak leg. If she was going to free Songbird, she'd need to use everything she had left.

"What are you doing?" Anderson snapped angrily although his aim wavered, "Don't come any closer!"

Bombshell noticed and her eyes flicked from his to Songbird's, silently asking if she saw it too.

She could use the shakiness to her advantage and attempt to disarm him. It would be so much easier now that he didn't have the device to hide behind, but she couldn't be sure of how quick her body would move after everything.

She couldn't risk getting shot again, but she also couldn't risk Songbird's safety.

She was at a crossroad.

Her mind worked through all the possibilities, but nothing looked promising. Either way, someone was going to get hurt. She continued to inch closer anyway, she just wanted Songbird away from him.

Anderson then directed the gun on Songbird, his eyes wild with fear, "I said don't come any closer!"

Bombshell's heart clenched at the sudden move and she froze mid-step. The gun being pointed at Songbird's head was sure to be an image she'd never forget now.

She held out her hands defensively and the words came tumbling out in a plea, "Hey no, point that thing back at me!"

Anderson didn't move, just tilted his head to the side as something flashed in his eyes. A smile stretched across his face as he continued to point the gun at Songbird.

"Anderson," Bombshell growled, her hands beginning to tremble, "Don't."

The desperation in her tone made Anderson smile mischievously and his tone dipped low, "Am I sensing – wait a minute – are you guys like a thing?"

Upon the Supers' silence, Anderson pressed the gun against Songbird's temple harshly, the metal now resting flush against her skin.

Bombshell tightened her trembling fists, "Anderson!"

"You are!" Anderson gasped sarcastically, "Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed." He then moved closer, whispering loudly against Songbird's ear, "I had no idea you played for another team."

"Fuck. Off." Songbird muttered which seemed to piss Anderson off even more. He tightened his chokehold and Songbird struggled against his forearm.

"Let her go." Bombshell demanded as she watched his finger inch closer to the trigger. The move pulled something deep from with in her, "Don't make me kill you."

Something flashed in Songbird's eyes and she pushed against Anderson's hold, "Don't B, he's just trying to rattle you!" The words came out strangled and it only fueled Bombshell further.

"Shut up! What do you know?" Anderson hissed then focused back on Bombshell and laughed, "You won't kill me. You can't. Your moral code won't let you so just turn around and walk away."

Bombshell wavered; he was right, she wasn't a killer but she didn't know what she was capable of doing if Songbird was at risk.

"You do that and I won't kill her, " Anderson added then began to smirk, "I'll just turn her into my little Songbird instead. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

The implications there reminded Bombshell of the words she overheard him say that night at the lounge. If there was one thing she hated it was men disrespecting women, but even more so it was any man disrespecting Santana.

Before she realized it, her body began to rattle with fury so much so that her eyes began to glow and she could no longer feel the pain of her injuries. She felt a rush of energy that surged through her body, coursing through her veins like electricity.

This was new.

"What's going on with your eyes?" Anderson asked, sounding almost frightened.

Bombshell had no idea what this was, but she didn't question it and let the new power wash over her. Along with her eyes, her entire body began to glow and the new power filled her to the brim.

She felt unstoppable.

So she tested the theory and lunged forward at full speed.

She made sure to push the gun up incase he tried to fire as she wrapped her other arm around his waist, securing him to her while Songbird stumbled away. There was so much force behind the lunge that they ended up crashing through the broken glass of the back window.

Bombshell could faintly hear Songbird crying out for her as they fell from the second story. She instantly regretted not getting one last look as they tumbled out.

In the fall, she shifted her body so that Anderson's would cushion the blow. They landed hard on the concrete below, the unmistakable sound of a couple ribs snapping echoed in her ears.

Were they hers or his?

Bombshell soon got her answer as her face screwed up in agony, the strange glow dissipating as suddenly as it happened. Her body was so completely drained now that the full effects of her injuries came rushing forward.

She felt like she had been hit by a freight train.

Next to her, Anderson's body laid eerily motionless and Bombshell stared in astonishment.

At least Santana was safe.

For some reason, she felt tears in her eyes and she couldn't decide if it was because of the immense pain she was in or because she just committed her first kill. However deserving, she still felt disappointed in herself that it had to come to this.

"B!" Songbird called out as she rounded the corner with Fabray close behind. They skidded to a halt upon the sight. Bombshell could tell by the look in their eyes that it wasn't good.

"Oh my God," Fabray breathed out as she glanced from Bombshell to Anderson, "He's…"

Bombshell swallowed thickly and closed her eyes, thankful that the Detective didn't utter the words. She wasn't ready for it to be real just yet.

"God fucking riddance," Songbird scoffed and inched closer, falling to her knees as she reached for Bombshell's hand.

"Hey," Bombshell said softly as Songbird's eyes began to gloss over.

"I don't know if I can do this teamwork thing anymore," Songbird explained, "It's like you specifically do the exact opposite of everything I say. It's exhausting. I can't work under these conditions."

Songbird was still trying to keep up this super tough badass persona but Bombshell couldn't miss the crack in her voice and for the first time in awhile she actually felt scared.

She swallowed that fear and tried to focus on the twinkling stairs behind Songbird's head. She forced a smile even though it was getting harder to breathe.

"In my defense, I didn't anticipate going through a window."

"Yeah, neither did I!" Songbird replied as her brows knitted, eyes falling to Bombshell's injuries, "You're going to be okay though."

"Awh, are you worried about me?" Bombshell asked lightheartedly. She could hear the rattle of her breathing – that was definitely fluid in her lung – but tried to stay casual if only for Songbird's sake.

"What do you think?" Songbird snapped although there was no malice behind her tone, just concern, "You just had to go and be a fucking hero, huh?"

Bombshell's eyes drifted over to Anderson then closed tight as she shook her head guiltily, "No heroes here."

Songbird softened and she pushed away the loose hair that had fallen from Bombshell's braid, "You should've just left me behind. I would've figured it out. I could've – I don't know – done something and maybe all of this wouldn't have happened. Maybe you wouldn't have had to-"

Songbird's eyes drift over to Anderson as the rest of her words get caught in her throat.

"Maybe. You and I both know I would never do that though," Bombshell replied but began to wheeze. She settled again and stared up at Songbird, dark eyes softening.

Songbird's quiet resolve finally broke as she leaned over and kissed Bombshell's lips tenderly, her shaky hands moving to cradle the blonde's face.

Bombshell tried to lift her hand to pull her in closer, but the movement only sent a piercing jolt up her side and she winced at the pain.

Songbird leaned away at the sound as a droplet escaped the corner of her eye and rolled down her cheek.

"Are those tears for me too?" Bombshell sighed breathlessly. She did her best to smile again through her injuries, "You're pulling out all the stops."

"No, don't be ridiculous." Songbird swiped at her face stubbornly then spun to Fabray and asked angrily, "Where's your so-called help? We need to get her to a hospital now!"

"I'm on it!" Fabray said with her phone pressed to her ear, "Just hang in there."

"They're always late," Bombshell joked weakly.

Songbird gave a small smile, "They suck so much."

"Yeah they do."

Bombshell felt herself getting weaker by the minute but she kept her eyes on Songbird, hoping that it was enough to keep her fighting. Another wheeze wracked her body and she winced at the pain at her side, there were definitely some ribs broken, maybe even a punctured lung.

God, she was a mess. She totally needed a vacation after all of this.

"You're gonna be okay," Songbird assured her again, fingers dancing along her hairline, "We're going to get you some help and you're gonna be fine."

"You keep saying that, it's starting to worry me." Bombshell said softly, keeping up with the weak smile. She expected Songbird to grumble out an excuse or scold her again, but she just stared down into blue eyes.

"I'm scared," Songbird admitted, "I just got you. I can't – we can't just…"

Bombshell let the gravity of Songbird's words settle on her. She had never heard the girl sound so small, so fragile. A small part of her felt guilty for being the cause of it.

"I know," Bombshell sighed then twined her fingers with Songbird's, "Can I ask you something?"

Songbird's eyes bounced between Bombshell's, "Anything."

"Can you read minds?"

"Wh-what?" Songbird blinked, but Bombshell's face remained stoic, " I can't."

"Just checking," Bombshell mumbled then started to smile again, "Can I ask you something else?"

Songbird looked hesitant but she nodded anyway.

"You said you'd sing to me if I need you to, so... Can you?"

"Now?" Songbird sputtered in astonishment, "But I…you're-"

"Dying to hear you," Bombshell encouraged as her breathing became even more labored but she somehow managed to smirk, "Quite literally…"

Songbird narrowed her eyes, "Don't joke. You're not dying."

Bombshell did her best impression of puppy dog eyes and pouted, "So you'll sing, please?"

Songbird's eyes shifted back and forth until she finally relented. She pulled Bombshell's head to rest in her lap and held her hand in her own.

And with the Detective rapidly reeling off information down the line and the address of the warehouses, Bombshell just stared at Songbird.

Songbird only smiled softly in return.

Then, she began to sing.

Bombshell sighed at the heavenly sound, her eyes slowly closing until everything faded to black.