Hey everyone, welcome to 'The Fifth Tuck'! I hope you enjoy! This is set in the musical-verse and is not a fix-it fic. I've been working on this for a while now with the help of my awesome beta, and even though it's not completely finished yet, I figured it's time to share it with the world. Without further ado, here is the story!


"Angus, I-I don't think we should do this. What if-what if they aren't kind to her? What if they give her away?" Mae choked on a sob as she looked down at the baby girl in her arms. The baby stared up at her parents, blinking her big, innocent, grey eyes.

"Mae, we have to. What're we going to do when she gets older? Have her drink the water? Watch as she grows old?" Angus asked, fighting back tears.

Mae didn't respond. She knew her husband was right, but couldn't bring herself to admit it. Even if their baby girl didn't want to drink the water, it would be too hard for them to watch her grow old. And if she did, well that would cause more problems.

"The boys can never know," Mae said softly, finally tearing her eyes from the baby to look at her husband.

Angus shook his head slowly. "What should we name her?" he asked gently as they neared the house.

Mae was silent, thinking carefully as she stared at her baby girl.

"Rosalia," she said after a moment.

Angus put his arm around Mae's shoulders and looked down at the baby, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Rosalia Mae," he finished. Mae couldn't help the small smile that pulled at her lips.

"It's perfect," she whispered.

"I'll take her to the door. Go stand behind those trees," Angus said, taking Rosalia from his wife.

Mae placed her hand over her mouth as her eyes refilled with tears.

She placed a soft kiss on Rosalia's forehead, before whispering, "We will always love you."

After placing her on the doorstep, placing the note carefully on top, and knocking, Angus ran to hide with his wife. They watched as a young woman, no older than twenty with a work-worn face and tired eyes, opened the door and looked around.

When she noticed the baby, she gasped and knelt down as worry and shock replaced the tiredness. She called to someone inside before picking up the baby and reading the note. A man appeared behind the woman, an unshaven ghost of a beard on his tired face.

When he noticed the baby, his tiredness shifted to worry and confusion. He said something to his wife, who shrugged and replied.

Their eyes searched the yard and forest in front of them before finally walking inside and closing the door.

"Take care of her," Mae whispered, before following Angus back to the cottage.