Authors note not a chapter

So I've decided to end this story here for now at least. I'm very disappointed in some of the personal messages I've received. I have no problem with constructive criticism but some of the personal messages went a bit to far over a STORY. If there were some grammatically errors I apologize I write a lot on my iPhone when I have down time at work so it's not always perfect I recognize that. I am a Paramedic working in this crazy world right now as well as a single mom to a toddler, time to myself is not something I get a lot of and writing was an outlet but I can honestly say the fun has been taken out of it. If you don't like a story don't read it ! If a story starts going in a way you don't like unfollow it ! It's simple. I apologize to the followers of this story, and I thank you for all the reviews I've received as this story progressed. They were very much appreciated. Maybe once the show starts up I'll have the want to continue this story, until then thank you and for all my fellow writers out there keep it up I look forward to reading your stories !