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AN: Written for Ninette week on tumblr. It's late and I was going to leave this alone but...sctwilightvampwolfgal persuaded me to have a go.

"I had to deal with Chloe today," Marinette said as she walked through the door and sat down. She wrapped her arms around Nino. "I need cuddles."

Nino put his arms around Marinette and the two of them cuddled for a few minutes.

"You need a break from her dude," he said as he kissed the top of her head. "Work with someone else. It's not like you're the only designer there."

"I'm the only one she trusts to design for," Marinette said with a slight groan. "And Madam Durand doesn't want to lose the contract and I don't want to let her down and..." She sighed. "I could really use a cuddle right now."

"That's okay babe. Cuddles I can do," he said and the two of them cuddled for the next few hours.