It was now July 5th which was Tommy's birthday so I was invited to his place for his bday party his mom was there and so was some of our friends as well Quentin and Eliot was invited as well . Tommy was outside as we were getting everything ready then we had turned out the lights and hid he then came walking inside he started looking around in the dark . " Hello .. anyone in here ?" He asked as he called out . There was no answer to his question . " Hello ?" He asked again . Then that's when we turned on the lights and yelled "Happy Birthday Tommy ." He smiled "Awww thanks all of you for all of this it's so amazing ." He said ."You're welcome ." I replied as I kissed his cheek . "Alright so we should have dinner first then cake then you can open your presents ."His mother had said as she smiled .

"Okay sounds good ." Tommy said in excitement . So we all sat down and started eating , then we had cake he had blown out the candles then ate his slice of cake as we ate a slice of cake as well . I handed him a gift and inside when he opened it was a new jean jacket , books and a new watch which he really loved , next was his mother she had got him a sketch book . Then his two friends got him some stuff as well . "Thank you for the gifts everyone ." Tommy replied . "Welcome ." We all had spoke at the same time .