Tommy smiled as he reached up and ran his fingers through my hair it was the cutest thing ever when he did that especially while he was smiling he had looked into my eyes while doing so . "You know what I think you're really pretty and you have beautiful eyes ." He said . "Thank you , you have beautiful blue eyes ." I told him as I smiled ."Thank you as well ." Tommy spoke as he smiled . "You're welcome ." I smiled back as I had said that to him .

"And you know what else ?" Tommy asked . "What is it ,Tommy ?"I asked curiously as I smiled at him . "I love you so much." He responded to what I had asked him when he said something . "I love you too Tommy." I told him as I smiled . He then kissed my cheek softly as one of his loose curls had tickled my cheek . "That tickled ." I giggled while smiling . He smiled as well and giggled .

"Ya know you're really cute ." I told him . "Yes I know that you've told me many times and thank you also it always makes me smile when you tell me that ." He smiled . "Good to hear and yes indeed I have told you many times about that ." I smiled .