Isobel checked twice if her car was looked. She always had to be extra sure her car, and everything in it, was safe if she wanted to drink in peace in the old Deluca's bar. It was late and she wished Michael was there like he promised, tonight was his idea 'Us illegal aliens got to say together, even the third cousin ones'. She knew she wouldn't say no to one of her brothers. Also, she understood him, ever since what happened to Max, keeping what little family he had together seemed too important to him.

Michael was in the pool table. He watched one of the other guys try and fail to make a point, easy win and easy money. Every now and then one of the ranchers was dumb enough and played him for money. He let out a big smile when the guy missed the red ball, followed by Isobel walking in, but it died quickly, she was been followed by Alex and his "new guy".

Guerin was trying, he really was. Maria Deluca had always been fascinating for him, all beautiful and strong. In the last year he saw her become his confidant, now they shared secrets and they shared a home, it still was too little close to what he and Alex had been thru together. Now Alex was moving on and Michael wanted to be cool with it, he wanted to be friends, he needed it.

Over the bar, Maria Deluca was having a great night; The tabs were high, the band she just hired was better than ever, she had made a new friend on the bar, blond girl new in town, plus, Michael was wearing his red shirt three buttons undone and she knew what that meant. Or so she thought, because when Isobel Evans walked in looking for her, Maria knew it had to be a trap.

"Who is that?" the new girl asked looking at Isobel. She was over dressed, as always, but at least tonight she didn't look like she was wearing a cowgirl costume to a hollowing party. She wore a silky blouse, skinny jeans and hills that were a little too high for the place.

"That's trouble." Maria answered rolling her eyes.

"Damn! If I knew I could find trouble looking that fine around Roswell, I'd drive here more often." The girl joked. Molly told Maria she was a truck driver and got stuck in Roswell when her engine broke. She looked too young and too pretty to be a trucker but Maria had seen weirder.

"Night Deluca, do you have any gin in this place?" Isobel asked, sitting in the bar next to Molly without even seen her, Maria just went back to get the drink. "You're new. I've never seen you here." she said when she finally saw Molly.

"You sure haven't beautiful, I not from the state."

"That accent, you from Texas?"

"Higher, what about'ya, ya sure don't look like the place."

"I promised someone I would come."

"You're taken than?"

"No, no, nothing like that, he's like family. He has a girlfriend, and he wants us to get along. And me, I'll do anything for him, I will, I just don't know if that's possible."

"That's nice, that you would look out so much for your own."

"I'm sorry, I don't even know you, why am I..."

"The name is Molly Soyer, and don't worry about it, people like to tell me what's in their mind. I'm used to it."

Isobel looked the girl up and down, she looked some years younger dirty blond hair undone hair with some braids, between the jacket the belt ant the bots she was cover with almost enough leather to envy one of the Charles' angels but, overall, it looked good. It looked good enough for Isobel at least.