Ch 7

11:00 am Gryffindor 5th year boys Dormitories

Harry groaned as he turned over in his bed to face the ceiling of his red and gold, four poster bed, as the sunlight shined into his tired and bleary eyes. He felt exhausted after the previous nights events. After arriving at nearly two in the morning back at Hogwarts he had failed to fall asleep, just like the night before, and had once more gone training.

He had tried to something new last night, and it hadn't gone overly well. He had tried to teach himself to sense magic better without seeing it and dodge it if it was directed at him. While he had some success, he had still been hit by a lot of spells from training dummies, and even if they were nothing harder than a stinging jinx or a banishing charm, he still felt like he'd been thrown off a building. It was something he definetely had to keep working on, because it would be incredible useful to know when magic was coming towards him, or occurring nearby. It would allow him to not only be able to fight in the darkness of night or avoid an ambush, but also to recognize cursed objects and to sense and dismantle wards.

Stretching out his hand from under his pillow, he grabbed his wand off of his nightstand and murmured a quick Tempus spell. As the time 11:24 flashed above his wand in red, Harry's eyes sprang open and he jumped out of his bed. He quickly summoned his clothes as he sprinted towards the bathroom. He was already running late, considering the train would be leaving at 1:00.

Once he had quickly finished taking a shower, he dressed in a school uniform, and jogged back out into the dorms. He had already put away the majority of his belongings in his trunk, however, a few books and clothes still lied around his bed and small desk. Quickly rolling up his sleeves and pushing back his hair, he began to pick them up, and put them into his trunk. Most of the books that still remained outside of his trunk were school books whose information Harry had long since learned, but still needed as references for some of his assignments. The books that were important and useful to Harry were hidden inside a password protected bottomless backpack in his trunk.

Last year, before he had to leave Grimmauld place, Sirius had imparted several books from the Black library to his godson that he believed would be useful for him. The books had helped teach him several new spells and given him a few ideas on how to improve his dueling skills. Along with the many books that he had already bought from Brooke's bookstore, he had studied them furiously in almost every moment he had spare time, and had practiced all the spells, tips and techniques he could. Already it could be seen that it was paying off when he had been able to go head to head against Bellatrix. While he still didn't like to think back to the day at the Department of Mysteries due to Sirius's death, he knew that sooner or later he would have to use his occlumenecy and review what had and hadn't worked that day against several high level opponents.

Throwing the last of his cloaks into his trunk, he closed it and left it sitting on his bed to go grab a quick breakfast if there was any left. Going through the common room Harry saw many of the students lazily lounging around as they waited for the train to arrive, or practicing a few more spells before they would be forced to put away their wands for the summer. Continuing through the halls, he passed by several others who were either sitting on the benches, walking through the halls or saying goodbye to their favorite teachers.

It seemed as though all of Hogwarts was peaceful and calm. Harry enjoyed the atmosphere, because he knew that right now, Hogwarts was the calm eye of a hurricane. Outside of Hogwarts, Magical Britain as a whole was anything but calm. The families of muggleborns were all worried out of their minds for the safety of their children and considering moving to another country, the ministry was in a state of complete chaos, with the minister likely to be removed from office in a few days when the Wizengamot would meet again, considering that he had been wrong about Voldemort and had cost an entire year of preparation for a civil war and several of his advisors had been caught in the battle at the Department of Mysteries. There was no clear successor for his spot, though Harry believed that Amelia Bones would likely be the best choice considering she was well known for being very fair and was the current head of the DMLE.

Harry was also quite certain that countries surrounding Great Britain were also strengthening their forces should Voldemort attempt to attack the continent, though Harry knew that those same countries were very unlikely to send help to Britain considering the amount of bridges the British had burnt in recent times. Once the head of the magical world in power, numbers, smarts and skill, the nation now was barely even sitting at the table when it came to international politics. The combinations of their unwillingness to move up to the 20th century, pureblood rules, and their cockiness had caused them to alienate many of what were once their closest allies.

It had started back at the end of the war against Grindelwald when British Aurors had been ordered to attack Nunemgaurd in the middle of the night in the hopes of ending the war, but by the time the Sun rose over the castle a thousand aurors stood dead with their heads on pikes. The British had lost a fourth of their entire army in one night. There had been no honourable battle like the British history books liked to claim; it had been a slaughter. The British simply could not fight against Grindelwarls forces alone. They had rejected assistance from their closest allies Spain, France, and Norway, all so that they would be able to claim they had singlehandedly destroyed the dark wizard.

Grindelwalds forces had outnumbered them nearly two to one and they were far superior fighters as well. The battle though had far more important consequences back home. It had been the cause of the ending of many pureblood lines that stretched back a millennium and had begun the modern rise in pureblood superiority as the old wizrds looked for someone to blame for the deaths of their heirs, and muggleborns became a convenient target for their scorn. Since then the Brits had slowly lost more and more of the respect their allies on held for them, even if it was a British wizard who had ultimately defeated the dark lord.

The current British government now contained mostly corrupt pureblood officials who were paid for every decision they made. Not to mention that since then they had produced very few respected witches and wizards. Oddly enough Harry had discovered that among the handful of people that were recognized by other Europeans as being worthy wizards, besides Albus Dumbeldore, was Harry's charms teacher Flilius Flitwick for being a world winning dueling champion and his grandfather, Charlus Potter, youngest head of the DMLE ever, and one of the biggest leaders on the Grindelwald frontline. While information on any members of his family proved incredible hard to find for some reason, he had at one point come across a book from France in the back of Flourish and Botts. It had spoken of the greatest wizards of the past century and to him it was a great surprise that his grandfather was located there.

Previously he had never even been able to even discover his grandfathers name, though through the book, he had learned quite a bit about Charlus Potter. He had been married to Dorea Black, and was recognized for being the commander of the ground forces in the continent for nearly four years. Rather famously he had been one of the only leaders of the British army who had refused to follow the British governments order to attack Nunemgaurd. Instead following that lost, he had been given complete command of the British army and had been one of the main forces behind the tides turning in the war. He had even managed to temporarily fight Grindelwald to a standstill. Unfortunately, he had apparently been killed in Diagon alley along with his wife when they had been ambushed by Voldemort himself and many death eaters. The book said that the duo had actually managed to take down over twenty death eaters and injure several more before finally being overwhelmed and killed. Harry hoped that his trip to France may actually give him the chance to discover a bit more information about his family like Daphne had suggested he might.

Arriving in the Great Hall, he noted that the place was pretty quiet and that there were very few students still there. However, he was not surprised to see the three chasers, who looked like they had just arrived and begun their meals. Sitting down next to Alicia, Harry was greeted by the chasers half-heartedly, as they were still seemed a bit tired from the previous night.

"So. You two ready to take the boats away from Hogwarts?" Harry asked the two seventh years.

After gulping down some orange juice, it was Alicia who spoke first. "Honestly I'm not sure. I feel like it still hasn't really kicked in for me that today is the last day of my life that I will ever be here as a student"

"Yeah, I feel like it's just a lot to take in" Angelina agreed.

"Yeah, I understand. By the way, how are the tattoos feeling?" Harry asked them all.

"Not that bad actually" Katie said with a small shrug. "It stung a bit then and it's like a tiny bit sore, but really its not bad"

"Speak for yourself" Angelina said. "My shoulders are both really sore right now"

"Maybe it's because you and Alicia got a bigger one on both shoulders while Katie only got the one on her wrist" Harry said with a shrug.

"I'm going to assume you don't feel them at all do you?" Alicia asked Harry.

"Not really, though once again I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I'd really need a bit more than that for it to hurt" Harry said. "Do you like them though?"

"Yeah they're pretty nice, though I've only gotten the chance to look at them in the mirror for a couple of seconds because I really don't want to have to deal with explaining to the rest of the dorm how I got them" Alicia said. "Once we're officially out of school though, I'm totally letting them become visible to everyone"

"Same here, though I'm probably going to wait until I moved out from my parents so that they don't think I'm incapable of being responsible or something" Angelina stated.

"Well then, I guess you'll just have to hide them until you move out" Harry said, before his lips turned up. "I on the other hand only have to wait until after we get on the train"

Katie flicked a grape at him in response. "You know we had to cover for you with McGonnagal because we missed the end-of-term feast last night? A little more sympathy would be nice"

Groaning in realization, Harry banged his head against the table. "I totally forgot about that. What did you guys tell her?"

"Oh we just told her that the four of us had our own little party in the room of requirement and didn't realize the time until we had already missed it" Angelina said

"Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure she think that we all fucked you last night" Katie said just as Harry started drinking some orange juice. Harry coughed loudly as he chocked on the orange juice. Alicia patted him gently on the back.

Glaring lightly a them he said "So, let me get this straight. I bring the three of you out on an expensive graduation dinner and your gift back to me is making one of my teachers, my head of house no less, think that I skipped out on the end-of-term feast to fuck you guys?"

"Yeah pretty much" Angelina said with a small smirk on her face.

"Katie you are aware you'll still be in her class next year right?" Harry asked

"Oh shit. Well. Maybe she'll forget about it?" Katie said hopefully.

"Sure, and maybe the statues around Hogwarts will suddenly come to life" Harry said sarcastically.

Katie shrugged. "You never know. Maybe you'll do something crazy and she'll forget about this"

"On an unrelated note Gryffindor actually managed to win the House cup this year despite Umbitch" Alicia added in hoping to end the sarcastic conversation between the two.

"Like thats surprising. It's pretty rigged for us to win so its not that big of a deal. Now Katie, what was that about me doing crazy stuff?" Harry asked redirecting his attention back to the 6th year.

Sighing at her failed attempt at staving off Harry and Katies bickering, Alicia turned to Angelina. "So, you know how we agreed to house the Carrow twins for the summer?" At Angelina's nod she continued, "Well, I was thinking we should get going and let them know where it is and how to get there cause we won't be there for a few days at least"

"Thats a good idea. We should probably also see if they know at least the basics of moving around the muggle world so that they can get some groceries cause there isn't going to be any food there yet" Angelina said in agreement. Clearing her throat she turned towards Harry and Katie who both stopped mid-sentence and looked towards her.

"Harry, I was wondering if it would be fine with you if we borrowed the map for a bit so we could find the Carrow twins and let them know how things are going to be this summer?" she asked.

"Yeah you bet. Let me just send them a message to let them know you guys are coming to find them" he said as he tapped his watch for a few moments before he reached into his pocket and removed the map which he handed over to the girls, as they already knew how to unlock it. "Alright, you guys can get going on that, I think me and Katie are going to head back to the tower and make sure we're ready to go" he said looking towards Katie for confirmation.

"Sounds good to me. We'll wait for you guys outside though cause its a really nice day" she said. Saying a quick goodbye to Katie and Harry, the two seventh years head off to find the two fifth years they would be housing for the summer.

As Harry and Katie finished eating they too left the great hall back towards the common room, not noticing the headmasters eyes following their movements as they left the room.


Alicia was the first to catch sight of the twins in a darkened hallway on the fourth floor. They could see the two of them sitting on an old wooden bench with Hestia leaning against her sister with her eyes closed, while Flora seemed to be multitasking between reading a book and watching the hallway for students. The two seventh years walked over to the fifth years to greet them.

"Hey girls!" Alicia said cheerfully.

"Hello Alicia and Angelina" Flora said while Hestia yawned and and then echoed her sister.

"Well, I'm glad to meet you two, but I feel we should begin discussing your summer arrangements considering the train is leaving soon" Angelina said.

"Indeed. Harry told us that you two would be willing to house us for the summer so we dont have to go back to our parents?" Flora asked casually.

"Yeah, thats the basic idea. Angie and I bought an apartment in London that has three bedrooms, so we can give you the guest room, and if you guys need more space we can hire an enchanter or enchantress to expand the room for you two" Alicia said.

"That won't be necessary" Hestia said, sitting up on the bench. "We are more than fine with sharing a room, and we both have trunks that are expanded with rooms on the inside, so there should be no problem as far as room is concerned"

"That's good to hear. There is one more thing however. Alicia and I won't be able to go to the apartment for the first few days of breaks, and we'll be gone for a week on a vacation ay some point before we start working and be gone most of the day. So, we need to know if you two are capable of traversing the muggle world or if we'll have to arrange something?" Angelina questioned.

"Once again, it isn't a problem. Both of us are aware of how the muggle world works, and we'll be fine if you need us to buy groceries or something like that" Hestia said.

"The only thing we need to know is how to get there if you don't mind me asking" Flora added. Alicia nodded in agreement.

"Oh it's not too hard. I'm assuming you know where the Leaky Cauldron is?" Alicia asked. At the twins nod she continued. So, you just turn right from there and you will reach another intersection. From there you go left and the building painted light blue is ours. Got all that?"

"Yeah, right turn, straight, left turn. Thats not so bad. What number is your apartment though?"

"Oh yeah, it's apartment 22, eighth floor" Angelina said before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a key. "And on that note here is the key for the apartment"

Taking the key, Flora grabbed the two seventh years into a tight hug and was joined by her twin seconds later. "Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to us" Flora said with a slight sniffle. She turned away and wiped her pale blue eyes as they began to tear up before hiding her emotions again.

Hestia too was still quite surprised that what were basically two strangers were letting them stay with them so that they wouldn't have to go back to their parents. She knew that they had been quite fortunate to have been approached by Potter the previous day or none of this would have ever happened. More likely they would have tried to run away by themselves and have to not only leave Britain due to a lack of funds, but also give up on their magic in the hopes of escaping their parents and the rest of the Dark Lords minions. She knew that should they be caught they would more than likely be sold off to some egotistical pureblood heir and then have to join the Death Eaters in slaughtering innocent magicals and muggles to avoid being tortured into insanity. However, with Harry Potter and this group, the Shadow Warriors, they may actually have a chance of living through this war. She wan't crazy however. She knew that it would be an uphill battle and the chance of Flora and herself making it out of the war unscathed were still low. But higher than before none the less. Unless Potter had managed to find some high level warlocks to support him, they would struggle to take out the Death Eaters even in surprise attacks, let alone open warfare. However, she noted how sure of himself Potter had seemed and was aware that more than likely he had a hidden card or two that may help level the playing field against the the Dark Lord.


Harry and Katie threw a stress ball between themselves as they laid next to each other on one of the couches in the Gryffindor common room, waiting for it to be time to leave. Angelina and Alicia had already left with their belongings as they would have to take the boats back to the train station to signify the end of their Hogwarts experience.

Harry and Katie had already brought down their trunks and shrunk them down so that they fit inside their pockets. While they waited they quietly spoke between themselves hidden behind a privacy charm that prevented anyone else from understanding what the they were speaking of.

Checking his watch, Harry saw that they only had half an hour before the train left, and he expected that Ron and Hermione had already boarded the train straight from the hospital wing, with only a possible pit stop at the Great Hall for breakfast. He was not overly looking forward to speaking with them. He already knew that their conversations were likely to be quite awkward as Hermione was still stuck in the belief that he would only ever manage to get over his godfathers death if he spoke with her, and Ron was likely to be completely oblivious to the tension and act as though nothing had happened. He'd also have to let them know of the prophecy and come up with a way to leave without them becoming suspicious.

The past couple days had been oddly peaceful, and he knew that today was definetely going to flip that on its head. His dissapearance would likely throw most of the Order into a frenzy and he likely wouldn't send them a message that he was safe until he was sure they wouldn't be able to find him unless he wanted them to. The only exception was Nymphodora and, depending on what she thought, the always paranoid Auror Moody.

The previous summer Nymphodora and himself had become fast friends and by the end of the summer they were had become very close. Nymphodora had made it clear to Harry at one point that her loyalty was actually not with the Order, but with defeating Voldemort. The only reason she had joined the group was because it was the only group that had any sort of success rate against Voldie, but had been quite dissapointed as the majority of the members seemed to take her for granted, and she had come to dissaprove of their lack of structure and planning. The entire summer after Voldemorts return, the only thing they had done was take turns watching Privet drive, keeping an ear open in public, and lounge around the Black ancestral home. Harry was quite certain that she would be quite open to joining the Shadow Warriors and getting the chance to actually fight against the Death Eaters. He believed that Moody was likely in the same boat and that with Tonks help he'd be able to convince him as well.

Meanwhile to pass time, Harry spoke with Katie of some idea for spell combinations before he realized that the common room was suspiciously empty. Sparing a look at his watch, his eyes widened comically as he saw they only had five minutes before the train would leave; with or without them. Jumping up, he looked at Katie who became aware of their predicament as well. Harry looked at Katie for a moment longer before he grinned. "Race ya!" He yelled out into the empty room before he dashed out, Katie following right on his tail.

The halls of Hogwarts were already empty and it seemed like they were some of the last, if not the last students left in the castle. Harry jumped onto a staircase railing and slid down it before grabbing onto the bottom of a staircase to swing down another floor onto a railing, landing in a crouched position. He spared a second to look back at Katie who had mimicked his movements as well as she could, before he grinned widely at her and gave her that special finger and jumped backwards off the railing still grinning with his hands still pointed at her. The chaser shrieked before sprinting to the railing, slightly shocked and worried for his safety. Arriving mere moments later, she saw Harry sitting on his Firebolt with his arms crossed against his chest with an eyebrow raised at her. Harry laughed at Katies shocked expression before he moved back up to the railing so that Katie could get on as well.

One of the advantages that he had gained with Dudley and his gang chasing him for his entire childhood and every summer, was that he had become very good at making use of his surroundings and abilities to escape or get away faster. He had been forced to learn, lest he be on the recieving end of a beating from that group. Each of them were completely vicious. While he hated dealing with those bullies for so long, it didn't mean he hated all the side effects that came with it. Not that it meant he wouldn't want to beat the the shit out of each of them if given the chance.

Harry raced his Firebolt out of Hogwarts passing not only an angry Filch, but also a horrified Proffesor McGonnagal. That was one lecture neither was looking forward to when they returned from summer break. Harry slowed down his broom as they reached the station and they dismounted the broom in sync, and sprinted towards the train. Harry shrunk his broom back down while still running, because the train had already begun to move. Quickly grabbing onto a door, they opened it and jumped inside, before collapsing into the first compartment, which luckily enough was empty. It was the sight of a hysterically laughing Harry Potter and Katie Bell that greeted the sight of Alicia and Angelina who had been looking for their teammates.

They shared a look before sighing and sitting down in the compartment. When the two were finally able to control their laughter, they explained what had happened to the graduates who could only shake their head at their adopted younger siblings. Standing up, Harry gave each of the chasers a hug, promising to write them letters and to visit at some point, before he left to find Ron and Hermione's compartment.

It took Harry a while to find the compartment, and when he did, he saw that Ron and Hermione were joined by Neville, Luna, and Ginny as well. Pretending to be in a funk to not tip them off to his plans, Harry greeted them all before sitting down next to Luna and Neville. Ron and Hermione asked him what had taken him so long, and he explained that he had lost track of time and barely managed to reach the train in time. Hermione began to lecture him about the importance of time organization much to his own and the rest of his friends discomfort. He didn't even want to think what she would have said had she seen him jumping across the Hogwarts staircases.

Time seemed to pass quickly as the group talked about trivial topics or played games like Gobstones and chess. It seemed that they all wished to avoid the elephant in the room that was Voldemort's public return. When the train was about an hour away from reaching the station and the sun had already about to set, Neville, Luna, and Ginny excused themsleves from the room, as it was clear that the Golden trio still had an odd sort of tension between them that had to be resolved.

Harry sighed. He knew that he would have to reveal the prophecy to Ron and Hermione because it was what was expected of him.

"Well. I didn't tell you guys this because we didn't get a chance to talk privately until now, but Dumbeldore told me the prophecy" Harry stated.

"What? How? What was it about?" Hermione asked rapidly.

"Yeah, how'd that happen mate?" Ron asked. "Didn't that thing break on the floor of the ministry?"

"It did Ron" Harry said, before he turned to Hermione. "And as for how. Well lets just say that Dumbeldore is the one who the prophecy was given to"

"Huh. Weird coincidence" Ron said a thoughtful expression on his face.

"What did it say though?" Hermione continued to press.

"Simply put, it said that either I will kill Voldemort or he will kill me. Thats what it comes down to. Me or him" Harry said with a slightly sad look on his face. Hermione and Ron both gasped in shock.

Hermione reached over and pulled Harry into a tight hug. "Oh Harry. Why do these things always happen to you?" she asked sadly. After a long minute, Hermione sat back, rubbing her hands worriedly and Ron patted Harry on the shoulder.

"You know we're with you mate" Ron said. "Even if you have to kill the bloody bastard"

Harry smiled sadly before he said "Thanks guys. It means a lot"

And it truly did. It was moments like these that were the only reason he ever stayed with Ron and Hermione despite their jealousy issues; one with money and the other with grades. Even with their issues, he still felt close enough to them that they were an odd family; not quite as close as he felt to the chasers but far closer then he felt to almost everyone else he'd met. It was disappointing that they had issues, because it prevented him from trusting them with many of his secrets, even though he trusted them to fight alongside him in a heartbeat.

The trio remained in a comfortable silence for nearly an hour, with Hermione reading, Harry relaxing, and Ron going through his chocolate frog cards, until Harry noticed that they were nearing the platform and he stood up, excusing himself to go use the restroom quickly. Unbeknownst to Ron and Hermione he left a letter in both of their bags that would only become visible in about a day. It had been a tricky piece of magic to add in a time delay on the removal of a disillusionment charm on an object, but he had eventually managed to perfect it.

Harry pulled out his invisibility cloak and threw it over himself, while also casting a silencing charm on his shoes, before he entered the Slytherin side of the train. Seeing Malfoy in one of the compartments along with Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, and Zabini, he realized that Malfoy had failed to make his usual visit to Harry's compartment to bitch about something. He probably didn't cause he's still mad that father dearest is in Azkaban Harry mused. He continued walking by the different compartments, looking for Daphne, Astoria, and Tracey, until he finally came across their compartment.

Knocking on the door three times, he saw Daphne look at the door with a frown on her face before she stood up and opened it to see nobody there to her surprise. Smirking slightly, Harry leaned forward.

"Boo" Harry whispered. Daphne jumped back in surprise, before Harry took off his cloak revealing himself. Tracey and Astoria burst out laughing, while Daphne flicked out her wand and shot a stinging hex at Harry out of annoyance for scaring her, not that she'd ever admit it. Harry though merely used the tip of his wand to deflect the hex into the carpet covered floor before sitting down. Daphne frowned at his casual deflection of her hex, as she had never seen someone manage to actually deflect a spell, and had only read about it. Not that she'd actually gotten the chance to see many competent witches and wizards fight or duel.

"Harry. You are aware that you just deflected a spell yes?" Daphne asked, while Tracey and Astoria only looked on at Harry already knowing where this line of questioning was going.

"I am" he said slightly confused.

"And you are aware of how hard it is to do?" she asked

"I am?" Harry said uncertainly.

"Great then I'm sure you won't mind showing me how to some time?" Daphne asked hopefully.

"Yeah, of course" Harry said before adding to Tracey and Astoria "You guys too"

"Obviously Potter. It's not like we're stupid enough to turn down a lesson from the greatest wizard of all time" Tracey said jokingly before she jokingly bowed towards Harry, before joining the rest of the compartment in laughing.

"Alright then, back to business cause we're only about five minutes away from the platform. I'm going to wear my cloak and floo to the Leaky Cauldron, while you guys meet up with Tracey's parents. From there I'll just wait for you guys to get there too, so that we can take the portly. That work?"

"Yeah just remember to pull off that cloak before you introduce yourself to Tracey's parents because they may actually hit you with a spell considering you won't be able to use magic at that point" Astoria pointed out.

"Thanks Astoria" Harry said smiling "I'll make sure to remember that"

"Alright quit flirting with Astoria loverboy" Tracey said jokingly "Daphne may just kill you and get us all arrested"

"But- wha- I wasn't-" Harry sputtered

Daphne rolled her eyes with a smile on her face before sarcastically commenting "They wouldn't even find the body for proof"

Harry gulped dramatically, having realized they were just messing with him, before Astoria giggled, setting off a chain that left all three of them gasping for air from laughing. The train began to slow just as they had regained their bearings, and Harry stood up and pulled his cloak on. The three of them got the message, and their faces instantly became more serious. The trio followed by Harry grabbedd their belongings and put them in their trunks, before they began to file off the train like the rest of the students. Harry stuck close to them, careful not to bump into any of the other Slytherins.

Getting off the train, Harry looked out across the sea of students and parents alike, and immediately spotted the members of the Order. He also saw Ron and Hermione who seemed to be looking around for him, likely to wish him a happy summer. He then noticed that his three Slytherin friends had meet up with Tracey's parents. Harry started towards on of the floo's trying to clear the platform before someone like Moody would notice him through his cloak.

"Diagon Alley" Harry whispered and off he was. Stumbling out of the floor into the Leaky cauldron, Harry saw that the place was empty, fortunately covering for him messing up his floo exit once more. Harry took a chair and sat, watching the floo for the arrival of his classmates, still wearing his cloak over himself. Tracey's father was the first to exit the floor, and at seeing him, Harry removed his cloak, and revealed himself, before walking over with the intent of introducing himself.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter" Harry said.

"And I am Joseph Davis" Said the man with an amused smile. Joseph looked like he was around 6 feet tall, and was solidly built, though it looked like he'd been neglecting a workout for a while now.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir"

"Indeed it is nice to meet you as well. If you don't mind me saying, you look just like James did at your age" he said.

"Thank you sir, I don't mind at all" Harry said.

Tracey and Daphne had exited the floo as well, and were walking over to the two.

"Now, if you don't mind me asking, why is it that you must visit the dwarves so urgently"

"Well, it appears that I was never informed of my role in the Wizrding world beyond my moniker of being the boy-who lived" Harry said "I'm hoping that my trip to the Dwarves may give me some of the answers I want"

"Thats odd. You should have known of your role before you had even entered Hogwarts" Mr. Davis said.

"Yes, but hopefully this trip can help uncover why I wasn't as well" Harry said.

"Indeed" Mr. Davis agreed. Just then Mrs. Davis and Astoria arrived as well. Mrs Davis introduced herself to Harry as Daniela Davis, and she too asked of the purpose of his trip before explaining that the portkey would take them to the French ministry, where he would have to give his passport, but that his secrecy would not be affected as the French were very discrete with their records. Harry was fortunate that the Dursley's had actually had to make a passport for him at one point as it was a requirement for the school he would have attended before Hogwarts came into the picture. With that out of the way, Mr. Davis pulled out a piece of rope, and all of them grabbed on before they felt the tell tale sign of a pull on their navel before they disappeared and the Leaky Cauldron was left as empty as before.



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