"Kazooie I didn't think that you had such a strong community of friends here." Banjo commented while adjusting his backpack.

Kazooie chuckled while walking about on the grassy terrain of the island with her talons. "Well Banjo when you have plenty of fellow people who feel weirded out by society you just have to do what feels natural."

Banjo rubbed his chin after adjusting his shorts. "So what I'm getting across is that you're comfortable here?"

"You bet your necklace that I am!" Kazooie squawked and then decided to start flying around in the air to get her daily dose of exercise.

Gruntilda Winkybunion watched from the sky atop her googly eyed broomstick while shaking her witchy head in disapproval. "Pah what I'm seeing here is rather sick; there's not enough boxes here to go tick!"