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3rd Person P.O.V.

"Alright class, line up at the door. Single file!" Harley rolled his eyes, getting into line. What was this, kindergarten? It was a class full of 17 year olds, they didn't need to be ordered around like this.

Such bullshit.

"13, 14, 15, 16..." The teacher counted them off, nodding. "That's everyone. Alright, lets head down to the buses." They were taking a field trip to Stark Tower, which everyone- except Harley- was ecstatic about. Harley wasn't looking forward to a tour of the place he considers to be his home, he already knew where everything was.

And he didn't even have Peter with him, since they were in different classes. He was already missing his sweet boyfriend, they didn't go to school together this morning since there was an emergency and, of course, Spiderman was busy with that. Harley wasn't mad about it, just... disappointed that he hadn't been able to get his daily goodbye kiss from Peter before they went to their separate classrooms.

Harley snapped out of his thoughts when the bus parked, brakes jerking him forward. It was a short drive, and he would have to go back to school after the "field trip", even though he lived at Stark Tower.

Not like anyone knew that. Not his teachers, not his classmates. The school had it on record, since Tony was his legal guardian and his mailing address was the same as the Tower's, but other than that, it was pretty secret.

"Everyone follow me, and no wandering off," the teacher directed, leading them into the building where a tour guide was waiting for them. Harley knew the girl, her name was Karly and she was super nice. With a nod in her direction, he easily snuck behind a wall, waiting there until the group had left. Finally.

Harley headed down the hall, taking an elevator up a few floors to wander- because this is his home and he can wander if he wants to, goddammit! He meandered through the long hallways, greeting random employees as he passed them.

After about 5 minutes of this, Harley found someone he hadn't expected to see. Peter- or rather, Spiderman, was standing in the hallway, mask on (obviously, there were still people around).

"Harls!" The vigilante exclaimed, running to the blond. "Hi~"

"Hi, darlin'," Harley greeted, glancing around. "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to school after the mission?"

"Look, can we go somewhere more private?" Harley nodded, and Peter dragged the both of them into an empty lab. He kept his mask on, but rolled it up a bit so his lips and nose were partially visible.

"So? What happened, why are you here?" The southern boy wondered.

"Ok, so the mission went great, we took care of everything and it's all over. Buuuuuuutttt I might've gotten a tiny bit hurt, and Mr Stark wanted me to stay home just in case- but I'm fine!" Peter added, after catching a glimpse of Harley's worried expression. "I could've gone to school just fine, but I knew you had the field trip today so I didn't argue, I was just... I don't know, I was hoping to maybe spend some time with my boyfriend."

"Oh?" Harley smirked, cocking an eyebrow. "You want some alone time with me, hmm?" He got closer to the brunette, hands wrapping around the smaller boy's waist with practiced ease.

"I always want alone time with you, Harls," Peter giggled softly, pressing their bodies together so there was no space between them.

"Do you now?" Harley kissed the top of Peter's head- well, mask- with a smile. "Y'know... I really missed your kisses this morning. I've been thinking about how much I love you all day long, darlin'." Peter blushed under his mask, getting on his tippy toes and kissing Harley gently. The kiss was light and slow, but had deep meaning for both boys.

Well, one kiss became two, and two quickly became a full on make out session in the lab. Harley had pushed Peter against the wall, kissing him roughly, the brunette letting out a quiet moan when a tongue found its way into his mouth.

"And here is one of Stark Industries' custom made la- AHHH!" Karly squealed, alerting Harley and Peter of her presence. "Oh my god, you two, please- why here?" Harley was red with embarrassment and shame, and Peter matched- under his mask, at least.

"Woah, Spiderman!" One of Harley's classmates commented.

"Wait, is that Harley?" Oh no...

"Keener and Spiderman...?"

"Holy shit, were they making out?!" A chorus of "ew," "what," and "omg" escaped from the small group, all of them discussing the situation from behind the door. Harley sighed, glancing at Peter.

"Harley, what did I say about wandering?" The teacher scolded, waggling a finger at him. "That's a week's detention!"

"Hey!" Peter- er, Spiderman, exclaimed, stepping forward. "Leave him alone! He doesn't need a tour of his own home- oh!" He covered his mouth after his little outburst, another round of murmurs rippling through the group.

"Excuse me?"

"Spiderman is telling the truth, ma'am," Karly intervened, smiling at the pair. "Harley does live here. And he's allowed access to the entire building, so-" she paused, turning to Harley with a "seriously?" look on her face. "Maybe he should head up to the restricted floors, hmm?"

"Right, yes, thank you Karly," Harley smiled sheepishly. "Uh- we'll be going, and... don't worry about getting me on the bus back to school." The teacher was silent, dumbfounded at what she just learned. Peter quickly took Harley's hand, dragging him out of the lab and to the elevator, where his mask finally came off.

"Holy shit," he mumbled, shaking his head. "That was insane, remind me never to do that in a public lab again!"

"Yeah..." Harley grinned, laughing. Peter joined in, both of them laughing together in the elevator. "Did you- did you see the look on her face? When Karly told her-?" Peter nodded, leaning into the blond as he giggled softly.

"I did, she looked so shocked-" he paused, frowning a bit. "Hold on, wait. Does Karly know I'm-?" The question died on his lips, and they both knew the answer.

"She wouldn't tell anyone. Karly's not like that," Harley assured the smaller boy, who nodded solemnly. "It's ok." He pressed a kiss to Peter's forehead as the elevator doors opened, the boys heading to Peter's room to cuddle (and maybe make out for a little longer).

"I guess. She's never been mean to either of us, I don't think she would tell, but I don't know..." He sighed. Harley wrapped an arm around Peter's shoulders.

"You know what I think? I think Karly already knew, I mean she didn't really seem too surprised that I was kissing you as Spiderman, I think she just wasn't expecting to walk in on us," the blond murmured, pulling Peter close to him. "Everything will be ok. Karly isn't telling."

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