Chapter 1 'The Baby'

I told you peeps I'll be back...I wouldn't want to be a liar. (Taken from Total Recall)


I know, but I really want to write this. I'll try to finish my other stories, but for now, I'll write some for this. I actually think I got this idea from a dream. I woke up at 4:30am, and I had this idea in my head. I wrote it down, and now I'll write this story. I don't think anyone has ever written a story like this, so I guess I'm original.

I'm sorry about not writing that much lately, and for not publishing anything for 6 days. I just have writer's block. Hopefully my inspiration comes back and I can get back to writing a lot again. Also, this idea came to me on 25/05/2020 anno domini (have to specify the time period, in case anyone thinks this was made Before Cool-cat. I think that's what BC stands for)

It's a mix of good ole writer's block, as well as a dash of little motivation and me feeling down about my writing quality. These combine to make me unable to write, but hopefully I can end that. I'll try to motivate myself by rewarding myself when I complete a chapter. (i.e watching a movie, 'teenage things' (pr0n), food, gaming session etc.) Hopefully it works.

Hopefully, it turns out well. I've got the major plot points and some scenes written down on paper, all I need to do is type it all down and publish it for you losers to enjoy. I don't know why I have been writing these types of stories lately. (A human being raised by a Spix's Macaw and having to deal with the social isolation, Blu having major disfigurement from PBFD, Blu losing Jewel and becoming delusional with guilt and sorrow)

Anyways, lets get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.

It was a normal day for Alicia; boring, quiet and drab. She never really talked much, and was always a bit of a loner, but ever since the fires, she has isolated herself from others. Why? She lost almost everything: She lost her father, brother, and her best friend, Jewel. She always admired her, she was beautiful, assertive and friendly. Overall, just a better bird than Alicia, but that's why she liked her. She'll never have kids, because she never was interested in others. Was she impotent? Asexual? Lesbian? Or is she just not interested in having kids? No one knows, only she does, and she never opens up to others.

Her timid personality is surprising, considering how she is one of the most beautiful members of the tribe, but has never accepted the boys advances, not even Roberto's, arguably the hottest guy in the tribe. Every girl wants him, but not Alicia.

She looks like Jewel, except a bit chubbier and she has slightly darker feathers. Her eyes are a nice hazel brown, two extra crest feathers on the back of her head, and a slightly larger beak.

All she has left is her mother, but they live in separate hollows. Because Alicia is 5 years old, which makes her a young adult. The fires happened 3 years ago, but left scars that haunt her to this day. Which is true for every tribe in the area. Eduardo lost his daughter, Felipe lost his mother and the love of his life, and countless birds lost family and friends.

But scars eventually fade, the scars that broke Alicia will fade, because she found a purpose in life…

(Alicia POV)

It's a beautiful morning, with countless birds flying about; Some are running errands, some are getting breakfast for themselves, their family and mates, some are just getting some exercise and others are flying off to their friends. What am I doing? Nothing, just sitting by the edge of my hollow. It's a bit cool this morning, and its also a bit misty, as it rained last night. But I can't just sit here all day, I need to stretch my wings. I need to have breakfast.

I took off and flew. I can never get tired of the morning breeze running through my feathers, it's a sensation that is unbeatable. I pity those that can't fly, because flight is a truly wonderful gift. I take a big gulp of fresh air, and continue flying to no place in particular. Soon, I get lost in my thoughts; just daydreaming and thinking of things.

I realised I had gone a bit far, and I was about to turn back when something caught my eye. I had no idea what it was, but I found myself flying down to investigate. I soon hear crying, and my curiosity grew, and I flew down to the weird thing on the ground.

I landed, and walked up to it. I don't know why I felt compelled to go near this thing, but I did, and I found out what it was. I peered over and saw a baby…a human baby. It looked no more than a few months old, and it was crying softly. I felt a pang of pity, and I noticed blood nearby.

Upon closer inspection, it looked malnourished, and its breathing was laboured. It was going to die if nobody intervened. While our tribe has taught us that humans are horrible and destructive monsters that can't be trusted and should be avoided at all costs, I felt like this baby was different. It was innocent, and was, like me, a living thing. It had a right to live, and to leave it there to die is horrible.

I couldn't just leave it to die… It doesn't deserve that… I know what humans are like, but I feel like I could help it… I could change it.

I placed my wing on its face,

''Its okay…'', I softly said to it. I know it can't understand me, but I hope it can pick up on my tone. I decided to bring it back to my place. I unravelled it out of its…something, and grabbed it with my talons, and took flight. It was heavy, but I managed. (please suspend your disbelief)

I arrived at my hollow, and I gently placed him down. I assume it's a he, because of that weird worm like thing at its crotch area.

''Its okay, I'll get you some food and water.'', I smiled at him. I flew off, and went to find some fruit to feed him. Luckily I live near a fruit tree, so I reached it quickly. I grabbed a mango (I have no idea if they grow there, but pretend they do) and flew back to my hollow.

He still remained in the same spot, so that's good. I approached him, and took a bite out of the mango, chewed it a bit and fed him. He seemed to be surprisingly casual in letting me feed him. Perhaps because he's too weak to protest against me feeding him.

After giving him a good feed, I decided I had to get him some water. I also lived close to a small stream that fed the stream that runs through the brazil nut grove, so I definitely chose a good spot to live in this situation.

Like how I fed him, I had a beakfull of water that I gave him orally.

I have many tasks to do, like naming him, feeding him, giving him water, protection from the elements, as he has no feathers or fur, so I have to give him something to keep him warm. But for now, I feel like I've done a good job.

I looked out of the hollow, and I felt… happy…

''Thank you Ara for this… I will make sure to give him a good life…'', I thanked Ara. I peered over at the baby, and smiled,

''Welcome to the tribe, Simão.''

Okay that wraps up chapter one, hope you enjoyed it! If you're wondering, yes, the kid will understand the other birds and they will too. Because he was raised by them, and thus communicates with squawks. They aren't perfect, and so I'll try to make his English a bit broken.

I did create a custom thumbnail, but I decided to go with the image I used. It looks good, and it connects with something.

I also just had an idea for an AU to this story: One where Alicia finds an orphaned falcon chick, and raises it as a Spix's Macaw.

I also apologise if the writing was a bit bad. I just wanted to get a chapter out, and this took 2 days to write. (03/06 to 05/06) Hopefully it improves next chapter.

I need to note two things:
1. Ara is the name of the deity the Spix's tribe worships. Its name comes from the genus name of certain macaws. (Ones with the bare facial areas. Including Blu and Gold, Scarlet, and Military macaws)
2. I chose Simão because its similar to the infraorder Simiiformes, or Simians, which includes humans and many primates. Also Simão is a common Portuguese name, so I chose it.

I also know that Alicia couldn't carry the baby in real life, but please suspend your disbelief. Also his parents were killed by a jaguar or something, and he got left there.

Anyways, I hope next chapter will be out soon, but no guarantees, because it took me 16 days to upload a new chapter.

Until next time, goodbye.