Chapter 3 'House of Cards'

Yes, chapter 3.

I have been planning on doing this since I first had this idea, so I hope it turns out well.

This story has a surprisingly positive reception, which is weird because I thought chapter 1 wasn't the best I had written. Now, Sledge Macaw has suggested to ''try to enhance the dialogue even more''. I will try, although I'm not 100% sure in what area he is suggesting, but I do understand how the dialogue is a bit basic. But that's mostly because I don't really talk to other people that much, so dialogue probably won't be my strong point, but I'll try. Simão probably won't get advanced dialogue due to the fact he's a human, and his English won't be the best.

However, I am up to any critique of my work, as I do want to improve. Hell, even nitpicking my grammar is helpful, because I want it to be good. Sometimes it's the little things that make or break a story, and grammar can often be one of those things.

Without further ado, I present to you, me finishing a story for once.

Every parent wishes the best for their child, but not always are they given that. Alicia hoped that Simão would fare well on his first day at school, and for the most part, he did…

It was lunch break, and many of the chicks would wander about, chatting to each other and playing games. Simão however, was alone. Although he was friendly to the other birds, they weren't too keen on talking to him. He was used to being on his own, so he just wandered about. He was fascinated by the local flora, and would often spend plenty of time with his mother wandering about and looking at all the flora and little critters scuttling about in the jungle.

He came across a rather pretty flower, which upon further inspection drew his attention to the ants on a branch next to it. He found himself mesmerized by the ants' march.

A fruit struck his back. He snapped around, seeing the same 3 birds that harassed him at the stream.

''Looks like Mister No Feathers found himself at school!'', the leader mocked him. Simão decided to ignore him. (B1)

''Hey antisocial boy, we're talking to you.'', Simão turned around. His ignorance was brief. (B3)

''Just go away.'', Simão told them in a firm voice. He wanted to stand up to himself. He believed if he ignored them, then they'd go away and harass someone else.

''Or what?'', the leader questioned in a mocking tone. Simão paused for a moment, and he had an answer.

''Mama will teach you a lesson.'', Simão answered. His tormentors laughed briefly,

''Ooh, I'm so scared!'', they said sarcastically.

''Hey no feathers, you know why no one wants to hang out with you? Because you're a freak, and no one likes humans!'', the leader cruelly insulted him. The others did flinch slightly at the harshness, but continued to throw insults as Simão started to cry.

What was supposed to be a fun day at school turned out horrible, and Simão made a run for it. He just wanted to go home, and did not care what his teachers thought. As the leader saw him run away, he felt a pang of guilt.

''You think we took it too far?'', the leader asked with a quiet voice.

''Yeah, I think we did Lucas…'', answered the other, named Duarte.

''Alicia's going to kill us…'', Tomas remarked.

Alicia was having a much needed nap in her hollow. However, her nap would be disturbed by the early return of her son, who was crying, confirming her fears.

Instantly, she got up to console her son.

''Simão… Sweetie, what's wrong?'', she asked concerningly. She already had a good idea of what happened, but decided to ask anyway.

''Those older birds… They… Made fun of me!'', he trembled in a broken voice, still sobbing and sniffling. Alicia gave her son a hug, as he cried into her soft feathers as she softly caressed his scalp.

''Its alright sweetie, I'll talk to them and make sure they don't do this again.'', she soothed him.

''Mama, why do they bully me?'', Simão cried. Alicia was heartbroken by this. She wanted to tell him, but she knew that would make him worse.

''…I don't know…'', Alicia said unsurely.

Alicia would let her son let out his emotions for a bit, standing by his side to comfort him. There was so much to be done to help Simão, and hopefully it will all get better…

''Okay, I want you to stay here, while I go speak to that boys mother.'', Alicia told Simão. She gave him a kiss goodbye and flew off to go speak to Lucas's mother. He was a well-known troublemaker, so she was doing many other parents a favour.

Once she arrived at his hollow, she peaked in. She saw Lucas sitting down, alone.

''Excuse me, I'd like to have a talk with you.'', she announced in a firm voice. Lucas looked in her direction, and shrank back a bit in fear. He hesitantly walked over to her, and wore a nervous expression.

''My son came back from school crying because you had harassed him.'', she accused. (correctly)

''Yes… that's true, and I'm sorry…'', he admitted, bowing his head down. He seemed guilty, and his apology seemed sincere, but Alicia wanted to make sure he wouldn't hurt her son emotionally.

''Look at me.'', Alicia said firmly. Lucas made eye contact.

''Don't you ever make fun of my son again, or else you will have to deal with me. Do you understand?'', she said threateningly. Lucas shrunk back in fear.

''Yes, ma'am.'', Lucas said quickly, nodding in fear. Alicia smiled, and flew off.

The day seems to be getting better… But that'll end.

Once Alicia arrived at her hollow, she noticed Eduardo nearby, wearing a stern look on his face. He noticed Alicia, and decided to have a talk with her.

''Alicia, I wish to discuss something with you. Its about Simão.'', Eduardo announced. Alicia had a bad feeling about where this discussion would lead.

''Oh, of course…'', Alicia said with suspicion.

''Look, I don't think we can have him here.'', he said softly. Alicia was baffled, but was glad his tone wasn't as mocking as so many other birds were.

''What? Why not?'', Alicia asked in shock.

''He's a human, whether you like it or not.'', Eduardo said bluntly. This lit a spark of anger inside Alicia, and no one should ever do that to her. She has a sweet side, but if you piss her off she will rain hell and fury upon you.

''So? He still should be here!'', Alicia started to get a bit angry.

''No, he doesn't belong here!'', Eduardo snapped. The conversation was escelating rapidly, and if Alicia had bare skin like a human, her skin would be getting red from anger. Her blood was boiling at his attitude, and she wanted to make him know that.

''Mama, what's happening?'', Simão asked with confusion and concern. Alicia could argue with Eduardo until a vein in her brain popped from anger, but not in front of Simão...

''Eduardo, please, not in front of him!'', Alicia pleaded. Eduardo didn't flinch. Like so many other birds their opinions were black and white, and humans were all bad. No good ones, not even Simão... Maybe him, but they still wanted him gone, and Eduardo was no exception. The tribes hatred towards humans was fuelled by the fires that devastated them all those years ago... But Simão had nothing to do with them, nor has he ever done any harm to birds. Why should he be treated like this?

''Listen here, he should be with other humans, not with birds.'', Eduardo argued, like a proponent of segregation. Alicia agreed with this to an extent, but Simão had no home. He had no living family as far as she knew, and any relatives would have forgotten about him. He couldn't speak their language, he didn't know human things. He was a bird in every way except his body. To rip him away from everything he knew and place him in an unfamiliar environment would be cruel.

''What are you talking about?!'', Simão cried out in confusion.

''You tell him…'', Eduardo said quietly. Alicia was panting in fury, and was calming down. She was forced to confess, and she needed to calm herself.

''I will, now PISS OFF!'', Alicia snapped at Eduardo. He obeyed her and flew off. Alicia looked at her son with sorrowful eyes.

''Simão, you know I love you, right?'', Alicia began softly. Simão was very nervous and confused. What on Earth is a human? He had no idea what all those birds were talking about! Maybe its his condition of being so large, having weird feathers and no beak. But, he was still a bird!

''Yeah…'', Simão answered, as he was directed to his bed. He sat down in it. Alicia took a deep breath.

''There's been something I have been keeping from you… Its that… You're not a bird…'', Alicia struggled to say it, and she teared up a bit whilst doing so. This dropped a bombshell on poor Simão, and he was dumbfounded.

''B-but… You're my mum…'', Simão was confused.

''I'm not your real mum, but I still love you… Look, you're a human, and I'm a macaw.'', Alicia told him. Simão had no idea what a human is, but he knew it wasn't a bird, and he was one of them.

''So… My life is a lie?'', Simão was breaking down.

''Yes.'', Alicia answered in a cracked voice.

Simão began to cry, as Alicia hugged him. She too, began to cry, as they both sought comfort in each other…

''B-but, what happened t-to my real m-mum?'', Simão blabbered in sadness.

''She's… dead…'', Alicia answered. This only lead to Simão crying even harder. Alicia understood what it was like to be orphaned, and she wouldn't wish it on her worst enemy. The whole tribe viewed humans as remorseless monsters, who were husks of cruellty and felt no emotions... But Simão proved they did, or at least some did. He felt love towards his long lost parents. Parents he never knew, but he still wanted to be with them. All he had was Alicia, and that broke her heart. Her view on humans had changed thanks to him, and she felt as though not all humans were bad. The ones who started the fires and destroyed the forests were monsters, but there were humans like Simão. She reckoned there were humans who wanted to preserve the forests. She didn't know for sure, but she could make an educated guess that their opinions were very black and white.

Anger was boiling inside Alicia, and she was sure to give Eduardo a piece of her mind tomorrow.

''Shhhh… Its okay, its okay… She's in a better place, sweetie…'', Alicia comforted him, as she cried as well.

(I'd recommend listening to Adagio For Strings, it fits this scene very well)

Night came, and by now Simão had calmed down a bit, and now it was time to just end this horrible day. Alicia kissed him goodnight, and hugged him, before going off to sleep. But Simão didn't sleep… All these thoughts kept him up.

By now Alicia was asleep, and Simão got up. He looked at his arms. What use were they?

Perhaps humans can fly, but just forgot how to… Maybe I can fly too…, he thought. He walked to the edge, and peered towards the ground, and back to his arms. He stood back, and took a last look at his mother.

''I'll make you proud, mama.'', he whispered, with a single tear trickling out. He turned his attention, and readied himself for flight. He ran forward, and took the leap of faith.

He flapped his arms rapidly as he fell towards the ground…

Then, like those chicks he saw learning to fly, he pulled up. He was flying! The cool air flowed through his feathers, as he flew ever higher…

Alicia woke up, and was prepared to give Eduardo a piece of her mind. She looked towards Simão…

He wasn't there…

A look of fear fell upon her face, she stood up. Breathing heavily, she went to the hollow entrance, picking up on faint conversations below. She looked down and saw him…

Her heart sank, and if her skin was visible, it would've been snow pale. Tears started trickling down as she flew down next to him. A look of indescribable horror was upon her face as she looked at his body. She failed to notice Eduardo there, she was too busy focusing on Simão.

''No, no, no!'', she cried out. She buried her face into his, balling her eyes out as she wailed in anguish. She hugged his limp head, as wept and wept and wept…

The other macaws gathered around and bowed their heads down, as the anguished cries of a mother echoed throughout the part of the forest.


That spot on which he died was where he would be buried. Marked by a stone in the centre, surrounded by a ring of pebbles, and a flower at the central stone.

His funeral would be attended by quite a few, including Eduardo who felt incredibly guilty for instigating the conversation that may have led to his death. Lucas and his friends also attended, remorseful for making his last day on Earth horrible. This was the first time a human was ever treated like this…

After the funeral, Alicia returned to her hollow, and queitly sat down in her nest. She was numb from sadness. This wasn't the first time she's lost someone she loved. When Simão was one, she lost her mother… Thankfully she went out peacefully, same can't be said for the others.

She let her mind drift…

I failed you Simão. All you ever wanted was to be accepted, to be normal, like us. But he was a human, but he's a living thing, he deserves love and affection. I gave him that, but what he needed was love and affection from other humans. A human doesn't belong with birds, because he needs company from other humans. Like a bird with humans, we don't belong together, isolated from our kind. A bird needs to be with other birds, and a human needs to be with other humans. I don't know what happened to his parents, but they're almost certainly dead, why would they leave their son? He was starved and dehydrated, but I rescued him because he doesn't deserve to die. He is worthy of life. I was his mother, and he was my son. He was bullied and outcast for being a human, and he never knew why he couldn't be like others, he didn't even know he wasn't a bird. His cries broke my heart when he learned the truth. All he wanted was to be like us. I think he tried in vain to fly. But I imagine that Ara has accepted him into paradise, and he flies high in Ara's heavenly kingdom.

What do I have to live for, now that Simão is gone? Nothing. I have no friends, or family. The fires truly ruined my life, they took away Dad, Miguel, and Jewel…My one and only Jewel… I could've had a future with her. Although I doubt she had the same feelings as I did, but I still like to think she did. Because I lost her, I lost it all… Now I'm nothing… Why should I bother to keep on going? Because of Jewel… Maybe one day she'll come back, and I can confess my feelings to her. Oh, how I want to feel her warmth again, and if she feels the same; her kiss… her touch…

I love you Jewel…

And here's hoping for a brighter future, and a better life; for me, for us, for all.

Well that wraps up chapter 3, hope you enjoyed it! Yay, I finished a story!

Too be honest, I'm not too proud of this chapter for the most part. But I am very happy how the ending turned out. By the way, he didn't fly. It is either him hallucinating before his death, or its his spirit ascending to heaven. Its up for you to decide.

I know that ending may come as a shock, but I planned on doing this since day one. Also, yes, Alicia is a lesbian. I imagine that there are a few gay birds in Rio. In almost every species capable of sexual reproduction, homosexual behaviour has been observed, including birds. In fact, in some species this behaviour is the norm. In the case of the Bonobo ape, there hasn't been a single documented exclusively heterosexual or homosexual ape. Every member of their species is bisexual. Because they use sex as means of peace and friendship. To settle conflicts, males would often rub their 'members' against another until they 'finish'. As a result, they are very peaceful. Shame we ain't like that lol

Anyways, if you're wondering why this character is never seen in Rio, or why my thumbnail isn't custom, well… You'll find out eventually…

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