November 6th, 2022

Perspective Hikaru Scott:

"I'll be off visiting your grandmother, Hikaru, I should be back at around 5:30 for dinner" My mother said waiting at the door for my reply.

"Okay mom! see you then" I shouted down from my room.

I've waited for a couple of seconds after I heard the door shut before plugging in the new NerveGear I've just gotten and prepared to finally join the world of the newly released and highly Anticipated VRMMORPG Sword Art Online or SAO. I was one of the lucky 10,000 who got their hands on a copy on the release day.

I put on my NerveGear and took a deep breath of both anticipation and excitement before saying, "Link start!" My vision whited out for a second before I've seen the language selection menu pop up, I selected Japanese and then saw myself in a room with a mirror to create my Avatar. I decided not to change to much from my normal appearance, just changing my hair color from my normally dark brown hair to a slightly lighter color. I was then asked to enter my Avatars name, not having thought about it for long and not being good at coming up with creativity on the spot I decided to just put my first name in "Hikaru" and that would be it.

With the character creation finally finished my vision whited out a second time, this time though I didn't end up in a room alone, I was in a busy town market, hundreds, no thousands of people where around me, it took my senses a second to get accustomed to all the sound and the sudden brightness.

I rubbed my eyes one more time and was finally able to see clearly, I stood still for a moment trying to take everything in, it was truly breathtaking, if I didn't know any better I would say that this is reality and not some virtual world created by a genius. I've read all the reviews from the beta, but to be honest they don't do 'this feeling' justice.

It took me a couple more minutes before I was finally able to really start and not just stand still looking around like an idiot, the only thing comforting me was that I didn't seem to be the only one whose breath was taken by this world.

'So first of all I should get my starter weapon' I thought as I looked around at the many NPC shops for my first weapon, I stopped when I saw a short sword, I didn't know why I stopped at this particular weapon but something about it intrigued me. I picked it up and gave it a couple swings before asking the NPC, "Hey how much is this one?"

"900 col." the NPC replied.

I checked my funds and noticed that I had only a thousand col as starting money, which would mean after buying this sword I would end up only having 100 left.

I took a couple more swings with the sword thinking if it was worth it, after noticing how nice it felt in my hand though I finally sighed and said, "I'll take it" and with that I paid the shopkeeper up and stored the sword in my inventory, there is no reason after all to keep it equipped in a town I thought.

"Well with that out of the way I guess I should get a couple healing potions" I thought to myself, before checking out the market for said potions.

After a couple more minutes of looking around I found another NPC who sold what I was looking for.

"How much are the healing potions" I asked.

"100 col. Each" the shop keeper replied.

"Guess that's it with my starting funds" I thought before saying, "Well I take one then."

I put the potion in my inventory and with me being all set or to be more correct broke I decided it would be time to leave The Town of Beginnings to try out my new sword and hopefully getting a couple levels as well as some loot, to help me out with my dire financial situation.

I made my way to the fields but stayed close to the town, after all I was only hoping for some low-level monsters to quickly get some exp. I wandered around for a little bit until I saw a pack of wolf like monsters named Dire Wolf attack a girl about my age.

"Hey, do you need any help?" I asked shouting to her.

She turned towards me, but before she could reply one of the wolves attacked her, by biting into her arm. The girl immediately fell to her knees from the force of the impact.

"No! You don't!" I shouted as I quickly equipped my sword and aimed for the wolf who was attacking her.

My sword suddenly started to glow, and I released a blow to its neck killing it instantly. The wolf disappeared into blue particles,

I turned my head over to the girl wanting to check on her but before I could the other to wolves started attacking me. Truth be told it was a lot harder fighting two enemies of at the same time but after a about a minute I managed to defeat the last two of the Dire Wolves. A pop up appeared in my view telling me that I leveled up and received 50 col as well as some wolf pelt for defeating the Monsters.

I turned my head over to here once again and asked, "Are you Okay?" As I extended my hand towards her helping her back up.

She nodded as she grabbed my hand getting back on her feet again, "Yeah I am good" she said as she looked at her hp, "My hp is a little low but other wise I am fine" she said with a smile.

As I heard that I grabbed my only health potion from my inventory and handed it over to her, "Here you go, that should help" I said smiling.

She took the potion and used it to replenish her hp before starting to say "Thank you, …" she stuttered a little bit before asking, "What's your name?"

"I am Hikaru and yours?" I replied with a smile.

"Well Thank you Hikaru-san, I am Silica" she replied smiling as well.

"You can drop the honorific, just Hikaru is fine" I said while slowly sitting down on the grass.

"Okay, Hikaru-sa, Hikaru, you can just call me Silica as well" she said while slightly blushing after me offering to drop the honorific already.

"Well it's nice to meet you Silica" I said while looking up to her before adding, "mind if I send you a friend request?" I said before sending her one.

"Nice to meet you two, Hikaru" she replied before sitting down as well. "No, it's no problem" she answered as pop up from my friend request appeared in front of her which she quickly accepted.

Both of us were sitting there for a moment enjoying the scenery when I opened my mouth trying to break the silence "So Silica is this your first MMO?" I asked with curiosity.

She nodded quickly in reply "Mmhm, what about you Hikaru?"

"Well I used to play a lot of MMOs when I was living in America, but I haven't really gotten into them since moving to Japan two years ago" I replied.

"Wow, you are from America, you don't sound like a foreigner at all" The girl replied now looking at me with curiosity.

"Well my mother is Japanese" I explained while smiling at her.

The two of us were siting there for a while talking and marveling at the landscape time totally began to fly and it was getting a little late when I started looking at the clock 17:25.

I turned my head to face Silica, "Well I gotta go offline now, dinner supposed to be ready in about five minutes" I said as I opened my menu looking for the log out button.

"Yeah I should be heading off as well" Silica said also about to open her menu when she heard me mumbling "That's weird there is no log out button"

The girl then immediately opened up her menu and was surprised to see no way of logging out as well, "Same over her" she added sounding a little worried.

It was just a second after here statement until both of us got engulfed in blue light and after another second we were standing back in The Town of Beginnings.

Hey everybody and Thank you so much for reading this first chapter of my SAO fanfiction. I really hope you've enjoyed it so far and I just want to give you guys a little more background information about Hikaru, that didn't made it in the story yet.

Hikaru Scott grew up in the US for most of his life being the son of an American father and a Japanese mother he had a good understanding of both languages. After his father died in a tragic car accident his mother decided it would be best for them to move to Japan since it would be easier for her there to find a job to support both her and her son.

Hikaru had problems acclimatizing to this new culture, the grief from losing his father didn't help either, once SAO got released he decided to give it a shot in maybe making some new friends in Japan and finally starting to feel a little more at home.

I base most of Hikaru's personality of my self so I would say I got a pretty close link to him, I however do not plan to make him op and give him his own struggle both physically and emotionally during his journey.