November 7th, 2022

Perspective Hikaru:

We started our journey to Horunka. It wasn't a long trip just about 45 minutes of walk time, so it's not like it would be far or anything, but there would still be a lot of monsters on the way. I took a second to check my stats. 'Level 2' it said. 'Well at least it's not just 1' I thought.

We walked for a couple of minutes not encountering any monsters, so my tension eased a little bit and I started to talk to Klein, "So Klein, you guys know each other in Real life, yeah?" I asked.

"Yeap" he answered, "We are all friends IRL, do you know anybody in SAO IRL?" he asked.

"Well no, not really" I replied, "I had problems making friends ever since we moved to Japan"

"Wow, You are a foreigner? You don't look like one at all." Klein responded with amazement or shock in his voice..

"Well, my mother is Japanese and my father american. I've spent most of my life living in America though online moved here a little while ago" I replied to his comment before adding, "It's just hard you know, people are so different here, then in the states and to be honest that made it kinda hard for me to form connections."

"Well Hikaru, you seem to be a decent guy." Klein said while looking at me like he is examining me, before stating, "Hey if you want you can hang out with our group more often after this thing is done, you know work together to get out of here."

I was making a nervous face before slowly stuttering, "Thank you but let me think about it for a moment"

Klein looked at me trying to judge what exactly I meant when saying that before replying "Well no need to rush anything" he said as he sent me a friend request. As I accepted it he added, "Just hit me up whenever you need something, Okay Hikaru?"

I looked down for a moment before looking back at Klein and nodded, "I will, Thank you" I said before bowing slightly.

Our group kept going through the fields of floor 1, killing a couple monsters here and there. Most of the battle seemed fairly easy, probably though, that was only the case because we have been travelling in such a large party.

The problem with that was that we started to let down our guard a little too much and after about half an hour more of walking I suddenly saw my hp dropping. It took me a moment to realize what has just happened.

I looked at my status effects and saw the 'bleeding' effect, before I looked down and realized that a dire wolf had bitten me and tore open part of my leg.

"Ahhh." I screamed as I raised my sword and tried to hit the monster, but before I could do so another one of them jumped at me from behind. This caused me to fall down and drop my sword.

"Hikaru!" Silica screamed.

I looked up and saw a dire wolf charging toward my head. 'This would be it!' I thought I didn't even make it through the first floor, before dying in this game.

I closed my eyes and anticipated being killed by the attack of the Dire Wolf, I felt the impact of the monster, but somehow my HP didn't go to zero, it just kept falling from the bleeding status effect. I opened my eyes again a second later and just saw the monster disappearing in particles.

Once the light was clear I saw Silica standing in front of me holding her sword up and breathing heavily.

'Did she just save my life, but how did she get over to me in time…" I was so surprised by this fact that I forgot to pay attention to my HP, which just kept falling because of the bleeding effect.

I slowly tried to get up but immediately fell back down, and my eyes closed. All I was seeing was the HUD, now realizing that my HP was continuously dropping. I tried to open my eyes again, but somehow I was unable to. My HP bar kept falling and I started to panic. I couldn't take a potion, cause I wasn't able to see, let alone move my arms.

I looked at my HP seeing them drop into double digits. My panic increased, I was going to die after all and there would be nothing I could do about it. My mind started to fade away at this moment.

The next thing I remembered was feeling some weight on my arm. I was laying somewhere soft. But how did I get here, I was sure I was going to die there. I slowly started to open my eyes, and I was blinend for a moment before my eyes adjusted to the brightness again.

The first thing I saw was a wooden wall with a window in it, the sun was shining through the window as it was about to set.

I slowly tried to get up, when suddenly I felt the weight on my arm move around. I looked over to it and saw Silica's head laying there, getting slowly up. She rubbed her eyes and after just a second a smile started to form on her face and tears started to roll down her cheeks as she jumped at me pulling me into a tight hug.

"Hikaru, you are awake!", she shouted as she held me tighter.

Breathing was getting kinda difficult, "Silica... I… can't… breath" I replied stutteringly to her hug.

"Oh… sorry", she immediately let go of me and started to blush slightly.

I looked at her kinda confused, before I asked "What's going on?"

"You almost died!" Silica replied with a mixture of sadness, fear and anger, "I thought you were gone, your HP just kept falling and falling and you wouldn't move, wouldn't even respond. We had to make you swallow the HP potion." It sounded like she was about to break down, "I thought you were…" more tears started to roll down her face.

I extended my hand toward her face and wiped the tears off her cheek before saying the calmest voice I could muster, "It's okay, I am still here. It's okay"

"I was sure, you would…" she stuttered before continuing, "...promise me you won't ever do this again."

"It's not like I wanted to get attacked and almost die Silica." I tried saying but she interrupted me, "promise me" she demanded with force.

"Fine, ...I promise" I sighed in defeat. "Happy?" I added.

Silica just nodded in reply.

The two of use sat there for a few seconds when suddenly my stomach started to growl.

Silica just smiled at me and asked "hungry?"

I nodded as she handed me a small piece of bread, "Here you go, it's actually quite tasty"

I took a small bite trying it before eating the rest with one bite. "Mhhmm That's good" I mumbled.

"See I told you so." Silica replied teasingly.

"Where did you get that?" I asked her with curiosity.

"Klein gave it to me about an hour ago." She replied as she walked around the bed and sat down next to me.

"It's quite pretty isn't it?" the girl asked.

This question took me a little by surprise and I just mumbled "Mhhm"

"Yeah, it is" I said as I took a look at the sunrise and then back at Silica seeing her being lit up by the orange of the setting sun. She looked absolutely amazing, I didn't even notice that I started mumbling again, "Yeah definitely pretty" I mumbled while looking at her.


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