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"...And we can't just pressure him into talking to Evelyn." Helen explained. "We just need to..."

"Mom?" Violet said to Helen's attention.

Everyone then turned to see what Violet was pointing at and saw something that they weren't expecting. Outside Devtech, they saw what looked to be Cowboys chasing a bunch of Indians (Native Americans) on horses on the road. The Cowboys seemed to be trying to shoot the Indians off their horses while they were using their bows and arrows to fire back. Looks of shock and confusion then appeared on the faces of the Supers as they watched loads of horses ride across the road until they were out of sight.

And before one of them could question what was going on, Winston came running into the room, started freaking out, and tried catching his breath while saying, "Guy...Guys! You will not believe...what I just saw!"

"Did you see Cowboys and Indians?" Bob questioned. "Because we already..."

"NO! No! I saw...The Titanic...appear out of...nowhere!"

"The Titanic?!" Helen exclaimed.

"You mean the ship that sunk in 1922?" Violet questioned.

"I was never one for history, besides Supers, but yes. The very same."

"Ok, what is going on?" Lucius questioned. "First, Cowboys and Indians. And then..."

"Is that a Pterodactyl?" Dash asked in excitement while pressing his face against the glass of the window.

The Supers and Winston then saw that there was indeed a Pterodactyl gliding across the skies and above the buildings of the city.

"That's so cool!" Everyone then looked at Dash in concern. "I mean...scary. I hope that doesn't swoop down at us."

Then, right before their eyes, other things that people would read in history books started appearing out of nowhere. Medieval Knights, Greek Soldiers, even World War Aircrafts came into view. The Supers didn't know what was happening or why, but one thing's for sure, it wasn't anything good.

"Winston, gather the Rookies!" Helen ordered. "We're gonna need all the help we can get!"

Somewhere, ontop of a building rooftop sat the very Jester that was at the museum and brought back that T-Rex. He was dangling his feet over the edge as he watched the chaos that he caused ensue while eating popcorn from a bag. Next to him, sat a fully grown, male Pterodactyl, to whom the Jester called called, "Pterrence", who watched along with him.

"You know Pterrence," The Jester said to his friend. "I can't think of a better way to spend time then to mess with it. I mean, look at this! People running in terror from your brothers and sisters, Officers trying to apprehend Roman Gladiators, and fans trying to get autographs from Celebrities that are supposed to be dead. Honestly, I don't know how this could get any better. OOOO! Wait a second, what's this?"

The Time-Powered Jester then pulled out a telescope from out of nowhere and looked through it to see the Incredibles, Frozone, and the Rookies come out of the Devtech building to fight off his time-displacements.

He then made the telescope disappear before saying, "Oh, now THIS I've got to see! Come on, Pterrence. Bring us closer so we can see them better." He then climbed on the Pterodactyl's back before it jumped off and flew down closer to the Supers.

"First, we need to get the civilians to safety, then we deal with these other guys." Mr. Incredible commanded. "Is that clear?"

The others then nodded before running off to do what they do best. Invisigirl used her force fields to protect and lead civilians away, Dash used his speed to get them out quickly, Voyd used her portals to drop them down in a safe place, Elastigirl stretched her arms to grab them and pull them out, and Screech swooped down from above and picked people up to fly them away. After the civilians were completely evacuated, the Supers then prepared to fight the historical figures.

Mr. Incredible and Brick wrestled with the Dinosaurs, Krusher and Frozone froze and "krushed" the weapons that the Soldiers and Knights held, Voyd and Elastigirl did a signature "portal and punch" they came up with, knocking many baddies out, Dash and Invisigirl did their signature "hamster ball" move, rolling over people, Jack-Jack terrified many of them in his purple monster form, He-Lextrix electrocuted, Screech screeched, and Reflux lava-barfed.

Then suddenly, in the middle of the battle, every historic figure disappeared in a flash of blue light. Every Dinosaur, Knight, and even Dead Celebrity disappeared without a trace as if they were never there. Winston noticed this and slowly walked out of Devtech, looking around in confusion. Before anyone could ask what happened they heard clapping coming from the top of the Devtech building. They then turned, looked up, and saw the Time-Warping Jester jumping, giggling, and clapping his hands excitingly.

He then started cheering, "Bravo! Bravo! En chord! Excelante! That was quite the show from all of you! I mean, wow! I haven't seen a battle that great since 'The Avengers'!"

"Since...what now?" Invisigirl asked in confusion.

"Oh, right! The comic hasn't even come out yet. But let me just say, that YOU are the closet thing to them!"

"Uhh...sorry, are we supposed to know you? Like, who are you?" Winston questioned.

"Oh. I don't know. Haven't really thought about that yet. Let's see. I can control time and, as you can tell, I'm a bit of a trickster, so, I suppose you can call me...THE TIME TRICKSTER! Nice to meet you by the way, Mr. Deavor. Big fan of your work! Sorry what happened with your sister. Real shame, your company wouldn't last a day without her, with her science expertise. Most people don't believe me when I say this, but I'm something of a Scientist myself. Or at least, was a Scientist until...the accident."

"Wait, so YOU caused all of this?" Voyd questioned.

"Of course I did, Kevin. Did you really think that all this happened by itself?"

Voyd then looked at Time Trickster in shock. "What did you call me?"

"Hmm? Oh, that's right! You haven't told everyone yet!"

"Haven't told us...what?" Elastigirl asked. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm sorry Kev-Karen. Sometimes as a Time Traveler you get the Past, Present, and Future mixed up so much that you don't really see the difference that well, like this ONE time that I..."

"Wait, STOP! How do you know who I am?!" Voyd demanded an answer.

"Oh, I don't just know who YOU are. I know every one of you! Robert Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr (You should really come up with a new name), Jack Parr, Lucius Best, Tom Current, I can go all day! I decided to backtrack and 'forwardtrack' on your all's lives, hope you don't mind, to learn a thing or two about all of you. For example, Karen here wasn't always Karen. And kids, did you know that Mommy had a secret girlfriend?"

"Watch it pal!" Bob warned Time Trickster.

"Or what, BOB?"

"Or I'll..." Bob then attempted to punch Time Trickster, but before he landed a hit, Time Trickster disappeared and reappeared behind Bob.

He didn't seem to disappear in a blue flash like the others did, however. Instead, he appeared to have just stopped and started time again.

"Well, as much as I'd like to stick around here, double T has places to be."

The Time Trickster then created what appeared to be a Time Rift with the snap of his fingers. He then decided to walk towards it, but before he could walk through it, Jack-Jack broke free from Violet's arms and ran towards the Jester.

"Jack-Jack! No!" Violet called out while chasing him.

The rest of the Parr family then chased after the poly-morph baby, trying to grab him. But before they could do so, Jack-Jack tackled Time Trickster through the portal. Violet and Dash then fell through after them and the portal closed before Helen or Bob could follow.

"Violet! Dash! Jack-Jack! NO!" Helen exclaimed.