The Time Trickster then paced around on the roof, thinking about what kinds of challenges he should create for the Parr Kids while his Pterodactyl friend, Pterrence, sat there watching him.

"Come on. Come on. Come on Double T! You have to think of something! Oh, how about I create a challenge about the death of Elvis? Wait, no they wouldn't get that. How about a challenge about the Holocaust? No, that would be a sensitive topic. Come on! Think! Think! Think!"

Pterrence then started to get annoyed with his friend's loud thinking and roared at him.

"I know. I don't mean to annoy you Pterrence and I'm sorry. I just can't come up with any of the challenges. What they should be about, how to set them up, or even how many there should be. Why didn't I think about this BEFORE making that deal?"

Pterrence then roared again.

"What's that?"

Pterrence roared once more.

"You want me to...ASK THE READERS?! But, why would THEY want to help me?"

Pterrence roared an explanation.

"Well, I guess you have a point. They DO like being entertained! And what better way to entertain them then to do what they suggest?"

The Jester then turned to face the readers. He then ask...

"I'll take it from here! Don't worry about it! So, readers, what do you think my challenges for our Heroes should be? Feel free to look up your history if you aren't too familiar with it. And if you have a suggestion, then just either leave a review, or send a Private Message to MarvelousManiac. Your suggestion will then be considered for the story and may or may not be written about in the next chapter.

"Also, feel free to add other suggestions, like how the Parr Kids should meet their parents from the Past, what other Supers they should meet, how the Heroes in the Future are gonna save the kids in the Past, and much more."

Pterrence then roared a suggestion.

"Yes, I was just getting to that. Also, feel free to check out other stories by MarvelousManiac. And also looking at the bottom of his profile to see what some of his Future stories will be about. Well, that should be everything, readers. Tata for now! Just leave a suggestion whenever you feel like it, and stay tuned for more of, yours truly, The Time Trickster! Bye!"