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"Now this beats Beacon's rooftops any day!"

Fenrir, beacon's resident Alpha Beowolf turned Faunas, happily said as he moved through the trees of the forest near Beacon. Moving from branch to branch with the expertise of a Beringer. He had recently asked Headmaster Ozpin if he could have a hike in the nearby forest close to Beacon. Glynda had voiced her opposition but Ozpin agreed. The disciplinarian had reservations about the headmaster's decision but Ozpin had explained that it would do Fenrir some good being out and about with nature instead of being cooped up at Beacon. Eventually, Goodwitch agreed but under the condition that it would only be the forest near Beacon and that he would come back by noon.

Once this was made clear to the Alpha, he made his way to the forest albeit with a small smile on his face. Ozpin merely chuckled at this. While he was a Beowolf underneath, he was starting to learn to enjoy himself and the simple joys of life.

As Fenrir moved from branch to branch in the forest, he tasted the fresh morning forest air as it blew past him. It's scent and vitality far better than the stale air of his storage closet turned living quarters down at the depths of Beacon next to the boiler room.

His ears picked up the songs of birds happily greeting the morning sun. Normally, as a Grimm, the animals would be silent until he passed, preferring not to be near his presence but his new human form allowed him to at least move through the forest without them realizing what he was although it was a rather thinly veiled disguise as their far more sensitive senses could easily tell that this was no human should he get close. After a fair bit of swinging, Fenrir perched on a branch to give himself a breather, feeling the sturdy wood below him. The cool morning breeze on his skin combined with its scent and the added view of the forest floor he had from his perch made this a seemingly perfect day for the Grimmborn.

Taking a moment, he fished out his scroll from his jacket to check the time. He had been out in the forest for a good two hours now and looking at his scroll, he had a good two hours before he had to head back to Beacon. Satisfied that he had plenty of time, he returned his scroll and proceeded his way through the forest.

Being so close to Beacon, Fenrir didn't expect to encounter any of his kind in this little trip. He knew well from experience that most Grimm venture this close unless they were pooled in by a strong source of negativity and his negativity sixth sense, told him that wasn't the case at the moment. He moved through the forest with carefree abandon now, feeling as though this was going to be one of those rare days where everything would go right despite his usual rotten luck. He then noticed a rather large bed of purple flowers down below that looked like buttercups but were in a deep shade of purple. A thought entered the Beowolf's mind, figuring that it wouldn't hurt to perhaps add a little colour to his rather bland room down at the bowels of the academy…


As if on cue, the branch began to crack when Fenrir landed his heavy foot on it which then immediately gave way under the Alpha's weight. The Beowolf cried out as he fell down onto his back on the thankfully soft damp forest floor below with a loud thud. After a few moments, the Alpha then slowly rose up, rubbing his now slightly sore back.

"So much for this day being perfect."

The Alpha grumbled before his lupine ears picked up a rather familiar buzzing. Turning his head slowly, he had hoped that it wasn't what he thought it was but alas, his day was only getting worse. A swarm of Rapier wasp had begun to materialize next to a fallen hive that was attached to the branch that had just fallen with him. Wasting no time, Fenrir made a quick dash away from the swarm before it began to chase him down.

But once again the Alpha's extraordinary bad luck would rear its ugly head when Fenrir slipped over a muddy patch of ground into the purple bed of flowers causing him to slide headfirst into the verdant patch. The Alpha tasted the bitter crushed stems and petals of the purple flowers that also tingled in his mouth while his face was covered in the plant's sap. Wasting no time, Fenrir quickly got up however the momentary slip up gave the swarming time to surround him. The Alpha attempted to swat them away as he proceeded to run through the large patch of purple flowers, crushing more under his heavy boots. After realizing how fruitless it was, Fenrir activated his Aura and quickly dashed away from the Rapier wasp.

Thankfully, the wasp small buzzing wings couldn't keep up and he quickly lost them. Once Fenrir was certain that he was in the clear, he deactivated his Aura and caught his breath beside a nearby tree. The entire duration took only ten seconds but it felt like minutes to the Alpha Beowolf. Looking down on himself and seeing the mess his jacket was in on top of the state his face and hair was in, it was clear that his little hike was over.

"Great, just great. There's no way it could get any worse than this."

The Alpha made his way back towards Beacon, praying that fate was done with its jokes on him. However, as he made his way back he could feel his lips slowly getting numb.


Beacon academy was looking blissful under the Saturday morning sun. The bright green grass with the sky being cloudless indicating near-perfect weather made it a great day for the students of Beacon to enjoy their weekend, including one particular demon wolf that a certain right-hand woman of Ozpin was keen to keep tabs on. Just at the border of the academy was Glynda Goodwitch who stood under the shade of a tree as she waited for Beacon's Wolf Demon to return. Granted, he wouldn't be back for another hour but she was rather thorough about her self-imposed task. She wanted to ensure that there wouldn't be any trouble but as her intuition got right, trouble tended to follow Mr Lupus around. Be that of his own accord or circumstance but it was most definitely the former.

After a while, Ms Goodwitch adjusted her glasses as the surroundings started to get hot. She was starting to think that it would be best to instead head back into the air-conditioned conditioned office and wait for Mr Lupus there. Trouble may follow him around but wasn't like it was a regular occurrence…

And then Ms Goodwitch's eyes shot wide open as she saw Mr Lupus emerge from the forest covered in mud and underbrush. His head was covered in leaves and what appeared to be purple flower petals while his face had green marks over it. Once he got close to Ms Goodwitch, he simply passed her by.

"Don't ask." Was all the Wolf Demon said as he headed back to Beacon.

Ms Goodwitch had to restrain a laugh else it would be unprofessional for a woman of her position. She proceeded to follow Mr Lupus back to the Academy proper, ensuring that no more misfortune would befall on the wolf. Even though he was Alpha Beowolf, she was still her student even though she was reluctant to admit that…

"Hu-uh Hu-uh Hu-uh…"

"Mr Lupus?" She said as she heard him make a sound. "Is something the matter?"

Her only reply was the Beowolf in question making a quick dash for the bushes before she heard the unpleasant sound of him vomiting his guts out. Once he was done, he then proceeded to make his way back to the academy but not before Ms Goodwitch went ahead and blocked his path with her riding crop.

"Mr Lupus." She said in her usual stern voice. Fenrir looked back at her but his expression didn't display the usual defiance she had come to expect. Instead, it was a look of clear discomfort like a student with a stomach ache.

"Mr Lupus, I suggest you come with me to the infirmary." She commanded through Fenrir was clearly hesitant, even making an attempt to growl though it was clearly difficult for him.

"This is not the time for you to argue. After that time you got sick I suggest you take better care of yourself. Now come along." The Alpha then relented seeing he had no other choice. Regardless, every step he took as he made his way through the halls of Beacon towards the infirmary was getting rather difficult as he felt his muscles becoming more sluggish with the numbing sensation on his lips now starting to burn and his heart began to beat more quickly. He just hoped this wouldn't take too long.


Glynda Goodwitch opened the door of the infirmary. Thankfully, other than the staff, the place was devoid of students which were a good thing. The last thing she needed was more bold students seizing the opportunity presented to them.

"Ms Goodwitch? What brings you here?" The academy nurse quickly replied upon seeing her enter the infirmary before seeing the companion she had in tow. Almost immediately, she began to free up. Ms Goodwitch merely gave an exasperated sigh. The non-huntsmen staff were just as afraid of the Grimm as the students were. Even when Ozpin gave his reasons, she still believed it was a bad idea to keep Mr Lupus within academy grounds after everyone found out. It was a miracle it hadn't spread outside into Vale yet.

"I'm here because Mr Lupus just began vomiting after a trip to the forest." She began.

"May...maybe it could poisoning? Like...he ate...something?"

"That's what I suspected." She said ignoring the stutter of the nurse. She then turned to Fenrir expecting him to respond.

"I...didn't eat anything." Glynda looked at him more sternly. Fenrir didn't like being put under the spotlight like this but once again he had no choice. And he dreaded telling her the exact reason.

"I just tripped over some muddy ground and fell headfirst into a field of flowers while being chased by a swarm of Rapier wasp…"

Fenrir quietly stopped when he saw the wide-eyed look on Professor Glynda's face. The nearby nurse looked just as dumbfounded.

"And I think I ingested some of those flowers when I fell into the field."

A moment of silence passed before the professor then turned to the nurse, expecting her input.

"Well...that depends on what kind of flowers those were. What did they look like?"

"Like buttercups but purple."

"I see, those on your head?"

At the mention of the petals, Ms Goodwitch picked up an intact flower using her riding crop. After Fenrir gave her a look, she then presented it to the nurse who hence had a look of realization.

"Wait these are…" she then gave the Grimm pet a quick scan from top to bottom, seeing that his face and hands were covered in the sap of the flower.

"Excuse me but did you keep running through the field?"

The Grimm in question gave a small nod.

"On top of being stung by the

Rapier wasp?"

Another nod.

"Oh dear, how are you still standing? How long has it been since then?"

"About an hour." Came the small reply of the Grimm.

"An hour? And you walked all the way back here?"

"Excuse Ms." Ms Goodwitch interjected. "I'm afraid I'm not catching on."

"The flowers he accidentally ingested are highly poisonous Wolfsbane flowers on top of being stung by Rapier Wasp."

A look of alarm was attached on her face while Fenrir had a similar appearance as well.

"Elaborate, just how poisonous are they!?"