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"Elaborate, just how poisonous are they!?"

"Very" Replied the nurse who was then off, likely to retrieve what she needed to treat Fenrir from Wolfsbane poisoning.

"Wolfsbane flowers are fatal in a matter of hours especially when ingested. I'm just amazed he managed to walk the way back. Most students would have collapsed and not have made it without immediate intervention." Swiftly, the nurse produced a black capsule from a cabinet. Getting a glass and filling it up with water, she went back to the Grimm in question. Putting down her fears to treat the emergency case.

"Here, take this." The Grimm eyed the mysterious black capsule that the academy nurse was offering him, hesitant before he received a small prodding on his shoulder. No doubt that was Glynda Goodwitch.

Fenrir only replied by quickly downing the capsule before Glynda could speak up, preferring not to give the professor a chance to speak up.

"OK...good." Came the relieved reply of the academy nurse. "That activated charcoal pill should absorb some of the toxins from the Wolfs-bane flowers in your stomach. We'll have to focus on giving supportive treatment given how there is no antidote for Wolfsbane poisoning…"



The academy nurse flinched back with her hands held out defensively. Fenrir shrunk down a bit seeing how he had frightened her since she was only trying to help.

"Mr Lupus, I suggest you keep yourself from making such loud reactions lest she passes out. Now, Ms Nightingale. What kind of supportive treatment will Mr Lupus be receiving?"

It didn't take long for the academy nurse, now known as Ms Nightingale, to quickly recover and resume a more professional appearance, although she didn't move back to her original distance from the Beowolf.

"For starters, we'll have to treat any heart palpitations, numbing given how he got it on his mouth, an upset stomach gave the vomiting, nausea, potential convulsions and diarrhoea."

"That...sounds like a lot." Came Fenrir's small reply, only catching a bit of what the nurse said, mainly the bit about convulsions and diarrhoea. This was going to take longer, and it certainly was not going to be pleasant.

"Oh, um." The nurse quickly calmed Grimm's concerns. "You don't have to worry. We'll just have to watch your heart rate and breathing...speaking of which, could you, um, kindly lie down on that bed over there." The nurse pointed to a bed near the window where the rays of the noon sun beamed down near it. "I'm certain that you'll need the rest. I'll just keep discussing with Ms Goodwitch on what we'll need to do.

Fenrir replied with a small nod before walking away towards the bed the nurse pointed him towards.

Once Fenrir was away, Glynda resumed the talk with the Academy nurse Ms Nightingale.

"I would like to ask but how long will Mr Lupus need to be here? I can already see that the staff here aren't taking too kindly to Mr Lupus' presence."

Ms Nightingale could only give a nervous smile. While they were talking, some of the staff had hidden behind the dividers of the beds. They were all just as afraid of Professor Ozpin's pet. It didn't help when the Grimm sent three students to the infirmary after a brawl erupted in the cafeteria.

When they arrived, she couldn't help but write a petition to the Headmaster requesting to have his pet experiment moved to somewhere else for the safety of the students (and everyone else who wasn't trained as a huntsman which included the medical staff among others). But, alas, nothing came back.

"That would depend on the severity of his poisoning, Mr doing surprisingly better than the few cases of Wolfsbane poisoning that I've dealt with given how many contacts he received." A pause came as she gave it some thought before she came with a reasonable estimate. "I believe only over the weekend. It would appear that his different physiology might be giving him a greater tolerance to Wolfsbane, enough that it won't be stressful to treat...on most people..."

"I see." Ms Goodwitch gave a nod before adjusting her glasses, ignoring her last sentence. "That's good. Mr Lupus doesn't like being locked in one place for too long. We had a student watch over him when he got sick just a week ago."

"Oh, I see." While Ms Nightingale wouldn't show it, she was internally exasperated that they just so casually risked one of their students with such a dangerous "pet". A small twitch came to her eye, catching Goodwitch's attention.

"Now you don't have anything to worry about." Came Glynda's swift reply that surprised Ms Nightingale. It seemed that the Professor caught on to her thoughts. "The student we had assigned to watch over Mr Lupus was someone he had rather grown friendly with, so much so that everything went better than expected. More than what Ozpin anticipated."

A long pause surrounded the pair, clearly not the reaction Ms Goodwitch was expecting when she attempted to placate the worries of the nurse. This wasn't the first time she tried placating the worries of the support non-huntsmen staff. Many would have left after news of Ozpin's experiment roaming around was revealed to the campus had it not been the added salary bonus (in the form of hazard pay) and the assurance of the faculty that Mr Lupus was under constant watch.

Eventually, the nurse found her voice as she processed the information she heard.

"Pardon, Ms Goodwitch but am I hearing that correctly? Some students share a mutual friendliness with the Grimm?"

"That is correct. Although Ozpin did earlier assign them to be Mr Lupus' lifeline here in the academy especially after the word broke out, they have since then began to consider him a friend now." As Glynda finished her sentence, an amused look graced her face. While she had every reason to worry about Mr Lupus due to the very strong Aura he possessed and the even more powerful display of his semblance that left her completely and utterly shocked if not speechless when he used it in the arena, the idea that Mr Lupus would have a close circle of huntsmen friends never failed to amuse her.

However, she was growing concerned with how this was starting to change Ozpin, in ways that she considered reckless, especially his recent idea of...

"Um, I don't mean to intrude but who are those students that are the, um, I mean Mr Lupus' friends?"

It looks like I'll have to think about that some other time. "Now, normally such matters are to be considered private; however with the proverbial cat out of the bag, you would find out about that information eventually. The students in question are those from Team RWBY and Team JNPR."

"I see, thank you." The nurse then gave the Grimm in question a long look as he was lying down on the infirmary bed trying to make himself comfortable but it was apparent that the Rapier wasp stings weren't making that easier. Speaking of which, she then walked over to a bedside desk and pulled out a circular metal disk, typically the one used to hold an ointment.

"Now, this is the ointment we use for Rapier wasp stings. It's fast-acting and should provide him with immediate relief. However." A long pause came before she resumed. "Could the one to apply it to him?"

Eyes widening, Glynda requested that she clarified.

"I...I don't think anyone around here would be willing to attend to him, much less even get close to him. But if it's too much you can just ask for Doctor Oobleck to come here and apply it. If anything, I would advise that maybe Doctor Oobleck would handle him instead?"

Ms Nightingale gave a nervous smile to the Professor, hoping that she would hand over Mr Lupus' treatment to the eccentric Huntsman. While knowing that he could be friendly was assuring, she wasn't willing to test that out. And she was certain that there were bumps with the "friendship" between those two teams and Mr Lupus, add in her lack of huntsmen skills which wasn't helping.

Ms Goodwitch replied with a tired sign as she rubbed her temples at the request she was given by Ms Nightingale. But it wasn't as straightforward as she would have liked.

"All right, but I'm afraid Doctor Oobleck can't come here right now, he's currently on a seminar for the weekend. This is why I came to the infirmary in the first place. Doctor Oobleck won't return until Monday."

The shattered look on the Academy nurse's face spoke volumes on what was going through her mind. She then quickly came up with a possible consolation.

"I...see, well, even if that were the case it's all right. We can just have one of the teachers posted here while the rest of the staff treats him. Just the assurance..."

"I'm afraid that isn't possible."




"Um, why Professor Goodwitch?"

"Because all huntsmen staff are currently busy setting up and preparing for the upcoming obstacle course and it takes a lot of effort and time to set up, longer if I'm not present."

It took a lot for the academy nurse not to collapse on the spot when she suddenly felt her legs going weak and about to give up upon hearing the revelation that she and the rest of the medical staff will have to care for and watch over Beacon's resident demon dog by themselves, without Huntsmen supervision. Quickly, she came up with another hope as she desperately grasped at their options.

"Then, how about we hire a huntsman to watch over him? I'm sure we could just do that."

Instead of approval, as she hoped, she was met with a long exasperated sigh from the professor as though she was going in circles with their discussion.

"As much as I would like to Ms Nightingale, I'm afraid that's not possible as all professional huntsmen are currently busy with the recent Red Hand threat or dealing with the sudden spike in Grimm presence at the kingdom's outskirts. As much as we would wish it wasn't so, it would appear that Mr Lupus will have to be left in your care for the weekend and I certainly don't wish to trouble Teams RWBY and JNPR."

And with that, the nurse's legs gave under her, requiring her to sit down at a nearby bed.

"Now, you have nothing to worry yourself about Mr Lupus. While he can be a handful, he hasn't caused any trouble for any support staff. I can give you my assurance that he WILL behave himself in the infirmary under your care. I will make sure of that." Glynda finished, hoping to at least placate the nurse.

Ms Nightingale, however, only felt more nervous after Glynda finished. She caught on to one bit in what Glynda said and that the Grimm wasn't causing trouble for the support staff, the professor was trying to keep her mind away from the incident in the cafeteria.

The professor looked at the distressed nurse hoping if that was enough before eventually turning and walking towards Mr Lupus. While Mr Lupus was laid on the bed, boots removed and placed beside it, she could see that his lupine ears at the top of his head were turned towards their direction, no doubt listening in.

"How are you doing Mr Lupus?"

The Grimm turned to regard Professor Goodwitch before resuming his attention back to the ceiling.

"I could be better." Was his small reply.

"I see, and I assume you heard everything that we were discussing?"

Mr Lupus replied with a nod.

"Good, that means that I don't need to explain what I want from you. Even so, I expect you to be on your best behaviour right now. As you know, I don't have any professor or even Team RWBY to watch over you for the weekend. I hope I made this clear."

Another nod from Fenrir.

"Good, now I just need to apply this ointment on your Wasp stings." Fenrir only gave out a huff as he turned his head away.


While Ms Goodwitch was applying the ointment on Fenrir, the academy nurse went back to get what she needed to treat her...unusual patient. As she opened her cabinet two of her co-workers came up to her.

"Um, Flora. Are we going to be taking care of that...thing?"

"The same monster that sent those 3 students to us weeks ago?

Once the nurse, now known as Flora Nightingale, was done collecting what she needed, she turned to face her colleagues.

"I'm afraid so. Ms Goodwitch already told me that Dr Oobleck was out on a seminar until Monday. Also, the professor can't arrange for a Huntsmen to be on standby. The faculty are all busy with the upcoming obstacle course and all professional Huntsmen are busy dealing with a recent Grimm outbreak. So, we are on our own." Flora's colleagues lost their colour when their head nurse confirmed their worst fears.

Flora walked away with the few things that she needed which were a few bottles holding pills that they used in the event of Wolfsbane poisoning. By the time she was out of the door, she could see that Ms Goodwitch was half-way done with applying the ointment on the Grimm…

Then she stopped herself. "No Flora, right now he's your patient. Just call him Mr Lupus. Yes, Ms Goodwitch said that he'll behave so you should have nothing to worry about. After all, you made your oath back in nursing school to care for anyone in need. And that certainly means no exceptions, not even a vicious, monstrous, claw-ripping, flesh-tearing Grimm that Ozpin decided to give a soul…"

Flora placed all the bottles that she was carrying onto a nearby bedside table, processing what she was doing right now. Rubbing her temples at the insanity before her. When she replaced her late mother, Agatha Nightingale, as the head nurse of Beacon Academy she was preparing to treat the injuries that vicious Grimm would inflict upon the future defenders of Remnant believing her time at the trauma bay at Vale Medical Hospital would prepare her. But no amount of training would prepare her for this patient. With that, she muttered a silent prayer.

"Oum, please protect me."

"And that should be all those rapier wasp stings. I'll be leaving you now under the care of Ms Nightingale, our Head nurse."

A silent nod was Ms Goodwitch's reply from Fenrir.

"Good, hopefully we won't have that incident from the exams."

At the mention of exams, Fenrir stirred and became uneasy. Likely because of what happened last time with Ren from Team JNPR. Goodwitch gave another sign for what felt like the nth time that day.

"Should anything happen, it will be worse than getting dropped grades, Mr Lupus. You should be thankful that Ozpin convinced me otherwise."

Fenrir looked back at Ms Goodwitch in the eye before looking away, arms folded defensively.

Ms Goodwitch resisted the urge to speak up on Fenrir's behaviour as she squeezed her nose to claim herself. Even so, a nagging feeling started to rise in her, something that was at the back of her mind when she decided to look into Lie Ren's history after witnessing the footage of their fight. Deciding that it may be best for her to get it off of her shoulders, she spoke up.

"But there is one thing I wish to tell you before I depart. Hopefully, I will say this to you once and only once." With one breath, she steeled herself. "I...wish to apologize." At the very moment she finished speaking, Fenrir snapped his head to her with such speed she was worried if he had accidentally broken it.

"While I certainly expected better from both of you, I do shoulder some of the blame with my error of matching you with Team JNPR without looking into the history of the members, specifically with Mr Lie. Had I known I would have arranged you with Team RWBY instead. It was a careless oversight from me as your professor."

Fenrir was silent, stunned at Glynda apologizing to him for her mistake. He was starting to wonder if it was the poison making him hallucinate, was this one of the poison's effects?

"Now don't get comfortable with this Mr Lupus." The professor cleared. "As I said, I'm only doing this once. Now, I'll be off to help with the preparation for the course. I'll be checking back with Ms Nightingale every now and then." With that, Professor Goodwitch turned and left the infirmary with the same level of authority she held herself within each step.

Once Glynda left, Fenrir plopped down into his bed, exhausted. "This day...just keeps getting better and better." He muttered dryly. A few minutes later, he heard the floor creak next to him, his lupine ears on the top of his head shifting towards the noise. He didn't turn as he knew it was the nurse that Glynda spoke. His Grimm sense wouldn't have helped him feel her presence since the entire room was filled to the brim with negativity and it wasn't helping his nausea.

"Okay...Mr. Lupus." Fenrir turned in attention. "I'm Flora Nightingale. I'm sure that Ms Goodwitch introduced me to you as the Head nurse of Beacon academy." Flora said, doing her best to give Fenrir the reassuring smile she had done so many times before. Fenrir's face didn't change as he was just observing her, blinking occasionally like he was still processing what he was supposed to do. "I see you aren't the sociable type." Flora decided to break the ice. "But regardless we'll do our best to help keep you comfortable until you recover so if you wouldn't mind…" She paused before pushing on. "I would need you to sit up a bit since I'll be giving you the medication that you need, okay?"

A small nod was her reply. "And you aren't very talkative, I see."

Okay Flora, so far so good. So no violent reactions or loud sudden responses. Now, these medications need to be taken after meals so…

"If you wouldn't mind me asking, have you eaten any lunch yet?" Fenrir's mouth moved to reply but instead, his stomach beat him to it.


"Okay, I guess that settles it. I'll have one of the staff get you something to eat from the cafeteria. Anything you like?"

Fenrir thought for a moment before giving one answer.

"Chicken, just chicken."

"Alrighty then." She clapped. "I'll have one of them get the food. Just sit tight." She turned to leave but as she did so, the wolf demon spoke once again.

"Um, wait." Came Fenrir's meagre voice. He certainly didn't want to startle the nurse again.

"Yes…?" Flora turned nervously back at Fenrir.

"Can...can you be the one to get it…"

"Pardon?." Came Flora's befuddled word.

"Uh, I just feel better if you were the one to get it...I just prefer it if it was you."

That puzzled the head nurse but she decided to comply with the request. "Sure, I'll be right back so just sit tight." And with that, she was off, out of the room and into the hallway, albeit a little bit too fast for her liking. Fenrir was now by himself sitting by the bedside, thankful she didn't probe further. As much as he hated it, he was starting to get paranoid about poisoning. A part of him began fearing that the other nurses might slip in something into his food especially if they were the ones to get it. This was because while he felt an overwhelming amount of fear in the room, he also caught traces of resentment and anger. He didn't know who but he wasn't going to leave himself vulnerable to such a ploy.

"But then, why did you allow the good nurse to be the one to get it for you?"

The voice that was his constant companion in Beacon finally made itself known.

"That's...because I feel like I could trust her. She's afraid like them but she's not angry and it looks like she was putting down her fears of me."

"No surprise since it's her job to take care of you. But even so, it seemed like she was genuine about it rather than going through the motions." The voice gave its opinion.

"At least I can trust her, like Ruby and the others."

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