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Artemis and Hex had just left to spend their New Years together when The Flash phone rang.

It was Rudy West calling, which was weird.

He answered the phone and then all of the superheroes and him heard the man yelling.

"Barry, you have some explaining to do!"

And just like that Barry, went to somewhere more private but this was the WatchTower and he was surrounded by people with sharp ears.

He's was getting no privacy.

"You were sent what!?" Said Barry. "Oh, God... Rudy. I would be right there"

And then he finished the call and then said. "I have to go" and then he went to the teleporter.

Seconds later, Wonderwoman said. "Did the Wests just find out Hex is a dead ringer for their son?"

Everybody was silent.

That would be a terrible new years gift.

But that's exactly what happened and Barry Allen, out of suit, had to explain the painful 'truth' to the West couple.

The Wests were stunned.

Mary West who had been crying said. "So these pictures..."

Barry said. "Yeah...that's not Wally. His name is Hex"


Rudy said. "But..."

Barry said. "He's not human" he saw their expressions. "His family moved here from another planet. I met him trying to rob a bank shortly after Wally's death. I've met his parents and everything. We performed all sorts of DNA tests to see if he could be Wally but it all came back negative. He didn't even know who the Flash was when we first met"

He then said. "I hope you understand why I didn't tell you. It doesn't matter what is underneath the mask, it won't change the fact, Wally is still gone and this person will continue to live a life that you have no business hearing about. He has no reason being here unless it's a mission."

It was the harsh truth.

But to think somebody would be such a dick to open old wounds for such a nice normal couple.

He said. "Please give me the pictures, Mary. Seeing them is clearly hurting you. I didn't want you to see Hex's face at all"

And it took strength but she did.

Their new Year was ruined.

However, Hex new year was shaping up to be the best one yet, as he spent it with his girlfriend and his parents.

However, fast forward 5 years and every day proved that he should be out of this superhero business.

Seeing the people he grew up with becoming unrecognisable made him realise just how rose coloured his glasses were as a kid.

He didn't want to become broken like them, he didn't want to sacrifice his mind and soul just to bring people to justice, only for them to break out again.

He wanted a life of his own, he wanted to get married and have a life away from the violence and heartbreak.

But he had a hard time convincing Artemis of a life away from the sacrifice and heartache.

He said yes, to Artemis pretending to be dead to infiltrate the bad guys because he had hoped that this would convince her to give it up, but he quickly thought otherwise when he saw her mother reaction to the news.

He hated seeing the heartache around him, he hated seeing how nonchalant Robin was about all of this.

For all, they know Aqualad could have really switched sides to be with his dad and this was just a ploy to keep them weak.

How was Robin certain that the others pain was worth this?

When he got Artemis back, he had prayed to God that, she would come with him and lead a normal life.

But after all of that, she still continued to fight crime, sometimes he joined her, other times, he caught her sneaking out.

Everything came to a head when the Reach graced the world with its presence and they had a time-travelling speedster to apparently change the past.

This Kid looked like a fanboy when he heard his name, which made him wonder if he was somebody in his future.

However he quickly grew envious of the kid's speed, and smarts but he was an adult and quickly got over it, he even offered him the mantle of Kid Flash because he was so eager to retire.

However, he was now in a particular situation.

The race left a surprise on Earth and now the world needed a 3rd Speedster.

He was the only one available and he had a crutch, so he went.

He went to save the world and began to regret it when he got hit by strange lightning that made him transparent.

He was dying but he kept going because if he didn't keep going, Artemis and his parents will die.

But more importantly, he was mostly worried about Artemis the most.

And then he disappeared.

The World was saved.

People came down to congratulate the speedsters but everybody was silent when they saw only two.

"Where's Hex?" Said Artemis with tears in her eyes.

Nobody said anything.

They knew what happened.

And then it happened.

The ground started shaking and out came a large stone heart cut into two.

Artemis mouth opened.

The heroes mouth opened.

Lex Luther mouth opened.

And then his team and Black Canary remembered what Hex had told them years ago.

Today, they saw Hex alien self.

Artemis yelled. "Hex, you better come back!"


Hex opened his eyes and found himself sitting in a chair inside a comfortable room and before him was a man he hadn't seen in years.


His planet ruler.

The man looked even more magnificent than the last time he saw him.

He got on one knee and showed respect before he was told to rise and sit down.

He did just that.

The man sitting on a chair of his own said. "Hex, do you know how many times you should have died? This is the third time"

And then he was shown all the times, he should have died.

Hex did not know, that all the times he should have been dead was being displayed outside on the heart.

Zygon said. "Hex, I can not keep doing this. 3 strikes are it for me and what gets me the most is that your parents haven't even used one"

And Hex said. "I know. But I've been trying to get out of the Superhero business for a long time. I do not like fighting, I don't like the sacrifices I have to make just to save complete strangers. I'm trying but it's hard with Artemis, she still loves the job"

Zygon said. "Well, I don't want to hear the word try, what I want is assurance that I won't see one of my civilians dead before the age of 25." He saw Hex stunned eyes before he said. "You are no longer a child, so I will treat you as an adult. I will send you back but you and your family will return to Firescorn, no questions asked. I do not trust those idiots out there to protect your parents or not manipulate them. You will return and be trained to handle Earths nonsense, from there it is up to you if you want to return."

And Hex was shaken to the core.

Zygon said. "I'm serious. Things have changed on Firescorn in almost 2 decades you've been away. If you want to return, you have to leave. Your love for a human girl who is addicted to danger regardless of what you say will finish you. You need to decide what is more important, your life or those people who would send their comrades to their deaths without batting an eye."

He then said. "You have seen those eyes. You have seen the pain. If you stay, you'll be in emotional pain to the day you die. Have you thought about your parents in all of this?"

Hex eyes widen.

Zygon said. "They brought you to Earth to straighten you out. They care. They did not bring you here so that you can be stripped of your joy and be sent to die in a never-ending war on Earth."

He then asked a good question.

He said. "Why are staying here, Hex other than school?"

Hex was stunned.

He said. "Your friends, have become unrecognisable. Your in a relationship with somebody who wants to live dangerously to the day she dies and treats your words like air. Your mentor and the Justice League have lost their sheen. Now you see tired adults who walk on the road of never-ending bloodshed. Even if you do get out, these people won't leave you alone. I saw the 70 plus-year-old speedsters join you earlier"


Zug on said. "Why are you here?"

Yes, why.

Hex said. "Honesty, I'm hoping that I don't know why myself." He then said. "I will go...but...can I have one requests?"

And then there was light.

Outside the broken heart began to shrink and lift and glow and then it began to form limbs and a humanoid shape.

Then they saw Hex.

They couldn't believe their eyes.

He let out a gasp of air as he took in his first breath.

And then he said. "Where am I?"

And then Artemis ran at him and kissed him.

He kissed back.

It was a nice moment.

And then they broke apart and she slapped him.

He said. "Ow!" Before he said. "I deserve that"

Blue beetle said. "How you alive?"

He said. "Didn't I tell you? I'm not human. My species heart is kind of special"

He saw the guy widen his eyes.

He then said. "Oh, yeah. We need to go to the Watch Tower!"

And then he ran back to the ship, while everybody was confused on why they suddenly had to go to the Watch Tower and why he looked like a kid in a candy store.

However, when they got there, they discovered why.

Zatara, Zatanna father was mysteriously back in control and the helmet was in his hands.

The hero's were in shock and the man himself was in shock.

The man saw him and said. "You..."

He said, smiling. "Yes, I asked Zygon to go after Nabu regarding you. You should be able to take the helmet off whenever you like, and if Nabu doesn't like it, he can talk to Zygon"


And then The Flash said. "Okay, what the hell is going on?"

Yes, most of them were confused.

And then Hex came clean to everybody about his alien heart and that he was allowed to make a magical request when he died.

The look on everybody face was commercial when they learned he was basically a genie who grants wishes when he died.

He said. "Now, guess what I wished for?"

He looked at Zatanna who suddenly had her dad back and she said. "Thank you"

She hugged her dad and the man hugged back.

It was sweet.

Batman then asked. "So there are no side effects to this?"

Oh, boy.

He said. "I'm perfectly healthy and would do a full-body scan any day"

And then Artemis said, with her hand on his shoulder. "You did well. Wreckless and gave me a heart attack but you did good"

And then everybody congratulated him on saving the world and freeing Zatanna dad.

And he smiled and enjoyed the party.

However, when the next day came, his weird behaviour began.

If Artemis didn't snuggle, he called anybody up who had time and wanted to hang out.

Even if they had never hung out before or barely spoken to each other.

Yes, he even texted the Justice League on if they wanted to hang out.

So you can imagine the serious alarm bells going off in those couple of days, for anybody who knew Hex.

After all, which sidekick would call their mentor to chill?

The questions on if there was anything wrong came pouring, he was even body scanned several times to see if he was dying.

He was monitored.

He was visiting his parents, which wasn't strange but other than that, he did regular normal things.

One day, he basically asked his girlfriend to stay with him but the moment, he turned his back, she was gone out of the window to do some hero stuff.

Artemis would regret this for years to come.

So that's how we end huh. He thought as he left letters.

Artemis would rather be a superhero than be with him on his last day on Earth.

Then he used what he got from his parents and packed his stuff into a small cube and then he walked out and ran to his parent's house.

He found that they were all packed and then the boom tube opened up.

Hex was sure Batman or Robin could see it in his parent's house, right now.

However, it would be too late, all three of them walked in and the portal closed behind them.



He didn't know if he would ever be back.

It was time to get in touch with his alien heritage.