AN: Another wait, another chapter. This chapter will be a bit similar to the Ben 10 Reboot episode Summer Breakers, only with my personal creative touch to it. Also, I'm surprised that nobody mentioned that in the previous chapter, it was implied that Khyber once crossed paths with Kundo.

Credit for some Ultimate Alien designs goes to RGZMON200 on Deviantart.

Synopsis: The Prime and Reboot cast meet Reboot Phil, who has called them to inform them about a signal that he has gotten from the Reboot Omnitrix's crash site. They must find whatever device sent this signal before Albedo and Reboot Kevin do. Also, while visiting Phil, the Reboot cast is introduced to two of Prime Ben's, shall I say, "little" friends.

To TopGun1986: Correct. Congratulations. On the reference to Ultra Ben and on the Antitrix stuff.

Also the new abilities are because Malware's DNA can have unique effects on certain alien DNA, such as how some aliens in the Antitrix are somewhat stronger than the original. For example Dark Matter's crystallizing flames are just Malware sludge being superheated by his Tachyon energy to trap opponents in a crystal with similar elements to a stone Galvanic Mechamorph. But due to certain energies in the flames, the crystals do not look like the material of stone Galvanic Mechamorphs due to a chemical reaction. Also, Albedo has modified Malware's remains, such as when he helped Vilgax fashion some of them into a morphable suit of armor. So similar to how Upgrade enhances machines with extra features, Malware's corpse can enhance both machines and organic matter. Albedo still keeps the rest of Malware's insentient remains for future projects. Though when you think about it, the fact that Albedo is playing around with most of a corpse is kind of disturbing.

Right now, I don't know why I wrote all of this science stuff, because I feel like about 70% of the people reading this fanfic will probably skip this part. Either way, I hope this explains things.

To Mario bros fan4ever: It's Ultra Ben from the original series and Lucky Girl from the original series and the Reboot, but yeah.

To Guest: I'm still going to be doing my own thing for now, and I think I have the plot all sorted out. But thanks for the ideas anyway, whether or not I need them.

Chapter 9: Summer Breakers (My Version)

The Rustbucket and Proto-TRUK, still carrying Kevin's car, both parked in front of a house, of which had the notable detail of a few small towers with satellite dishes on them. Everyone came out and saw the garage door open and a man working on something high-tech.

The man has fair skin, greyish-brown hair, brown eyes and a grey beard. His mustache and eyebrows are greyish-brown and his hair is grey on the sides. He wears black glasses, a light blue button-up shirt and blue trousers. This is this universe's version of Phil Billings.

Phil took a small break from his work, but he then noticed our heroes.

"Hey there Max," Phil said, "I see you got my message."

"Hey there Phil," Max said, "I heard that you got some kind of signal. What is it?"

"Hard to tell for sure, but I know it is not a distress signal, but it seems important. I think I can pinpoint the area it is in though," Phil said before noticing the company Max and the kids brought, "These must be the guys you mentioned who are from the other dimension."

Phil went up to Prime Ben, Prime Gwen, Prime Kevin, and Rook and introduced himself.

"Name's Phil, Phil Billings," Phil said, extending his hand out for a handshake, which Rook returned.

"Rook Blonko, sir. These are Ben, Gwen, and Kevin from my universe, and Kevin's Anubian Baskurr, Zed," Rook said.

"Still can't believe that your Phil is still on our side in your dimension," Prime Ben said to Reboot Ben and Reboot Gwen, "from my dimension he betrayed the Plumbers before being sent to the Null Void."

"Did he come back?" Reboot Gwen asked.

"Yeah, a few times," Prime Ben said.

"What happened then?" Reboot Ben asked.

"Let's just say that there are some questions with disturbing answers," Prime Ben said, making both Reboot Ben and Reboot Gwen look at each other with sweat drops on their heads.

"Anyway, the signal I got came from this area," Phil said, getting out his iPad and showing them the area of the signal.

"Hey, that looks like the area where our Ben found the Omnitrix," Reboot Gwen commented.

"Exactly," Phil said, "Though I have a feeling that I wasn't the only one who located this signal."

"I bet Albedo also got this signal," Kevin said.

"Who?" Phil asked.

"We'll catch you up later," Prime Gwen said, "Right now, we have to get to the signal before he, and possibly this world's Kevin, do."

"XLR8 or Jetray could get there, but I'm not sure how all of us will get there," Prime Ben said.

"Well, we could all take the Proto-TRUK but I do not think that it can go that far with everyone on it," Rook said.

"Don't worry, there will be plenty of room on the Omni-Copter," Phil said.

"Great idea. Also I haven't been in the Omni-Copter for days. I'd like to fly on it again," Reboot Ben said.

"Wait. You guys have a helicopter?!" Prime Ben asked, "Man, nobody tells me anything."

"Then it's settled," Max said, "Kids, you and other Ben will be with me and Phil on the Omni-Copter."

"Yes, and Zed, our Gwen, and our Kevin will be on the Proto-TRUK with me," Rook said.

"Okay, let's find this unknown signal," Prime Ben said.

But then, there was a small explosion in the garage. It wasn't big enough to destroy anything, but it alarmed everyone.

"Oh boy. Not again," Phil said.

Everyone went to investigate the cause of the explosion. They saw a machine that had a smoking engine, and noticed two small figures come out of the engine storage, coughing from the smoke, who looked very familiar to the Prime cast.

The two figures came out and turned out to both be small bipedal frog-like amphibious aliens called Galvan. One was thinner and taller than an average Galvan and wears overalls with a Plumber belt, and wears a cap. The other was fatter than an average Galvan and wore a suit with white shoulders, legs, chest piece, and belt, black sleeves, pants, and gloves, and red circles on his chest piece and belt.

"Blukic, I told you to put in the accelerator BEFORE you screw in the gears," the fatter Galvan said.

"No Driba, you didn't, you said "after"," the thinner and taller Galvan called Blukic said to the fatter Galvan called Driba.

"Did not," Driba said.

"Did too," Blukic said.

"Wait. Blukic and Driba? What are you two doing here?" Prime Ben asked.

Blukic and Driba noticed the Prime cast and turned to them.

"About time you got here," Driba said, "We've been trying to contact you ever since we arrived here two days ago."

"So how come you took two days to contact us? We've been here for about three weeks on vacation, until something came up," Prime Ben said.

"Well, we arrived here after me and Driba here were building a second teleporter, and for some reason Phil had never heard of the Plumbers organization," Blukic said.

"Wait. How come you two think that Phil not being a Plumber is weird? You two should know that this is quite believable. There are a lot of things that are different from where we come from," Prime Ben said.

"Wait, who are these guys," Reboot Ben said, butting in with Reboot Gwen and getting Blukic and Driba's attention.

"Wait. There are two Bens and two Gwens?" Driba asked.

"Well that explains a lot. We're in an alternate universe," Blukic said, "I hate those."

"Yeah, they're the worst. At first, everything looks the same, but then, Wham! You find out that super-intelligent dolphins won the civil war, and pretty soon we all end up in an alien zoo!" Driba said, "Blukic I told you the new teleporter still needed work."

"No, you didn't," Blukic said.

"Yes, I did," Driba said.

"No, you didn't," Blukic said.

"Yes, I did," Driba said.

"No, you didn't," Blukic said.

"Well, it does," Driba said.

"Yeah," Blukic said, "And no, you didn't."

"Yeah, now let's get back to finding that signal," Prime Ben said.

"Indeed. Locating whatever sent out the signal would be a wise decision," Rook said.

Twenty minutes later…

Rook, Prime Gwen, Prime Kevin, and Zed were on the Proto-TRUK, which was now in flight mode. Meanwhile, Max, Phil, Reboot Gwen, both Bens, Blukic, and Driba were on another vehicle.

The vehicle is a twin-bladed tilt-rotor aircraft with three blades on each wing. The nose cone and some framework are navy blue, and the cockpit roof is cyan. Dull blue is used on the prop turbines and twin pylons around the sides of the cockpit, plus the rooftop hatch. The tailfin assembly, side pylons, and patchwork up top are silver, and the vehicle is covered in olive and green stripes and panels. The turbines have orange lights and black three-bladed props. The copter also has the Rustbucket latched under the hull. This is the Omni-Copter.

"Seriously though. You guys have a helicopter!" Prime Ben said.

"Yeah. We used it to go to places like China, Greece, the North and South Poles, Tokyo, and Italy," Reboot Gwen said.

"I think I once went to those places. But it wasn't exactly for tourism. It was just for Plumber work or to stop some villain," Prime Ben said, "I did get to enjoy it though."

"Well, during our around the world getaway, we ran into some old and new villains. So I guess we're even," Reboot Ben said.

"Either way, it seems like an entertaining adventure," Prime Ben said.

"Okay, we're almost there everyone, just a few more minutes," Phil said, "by the way Blukic, Driba, since you two are tagging along, you should probably help us with finding the signal."

"Sorry, we thought you just brought us along because you didn't want us touching your stuff," Blukic said.

"That too, but still," Phil said.

"Sorry, but I'd prefer to stay in here where it's safe," Driba said.

"You and your alien zoo," Phil said in an annoyed tone.

"Mama Driba didn't raise no fool," Driba said.

At the crash site a few minutes later…

Reboot Kevin and Albedo(in human form) were in the forest and were searching for the same signal.

"You sure it's here?" Reboot Kevin asked.

"It's in this area, the signal is just too weak and disturbed to pinpoint its exact location," Albedo said, "but it is in the vicinity."

"Hopefully we find it before Tennyson does," Albedo said, "The search begins now."

With that, Reboot Kevin went off and Albedo turned into Big Chill, except he had a paler color scheme, a red belt with a red Ultimatrix symbol on it, and red eyes.


Our heroes were currently at the Omnitrix capsule's crash site.

"Hey I found something," Max said, holding up a bottle cap, "Oh wait, it's just a bottle cap. Hey Phil, what are we supposed to be looking for again?"

"That's the thing, I'm not sure. My tracker picked the mysterious alien frequency. I'm thinking something else maybe landed here with the Omnitrix. But the frequency is getting jammed," Phil explained.

"Hopefully the others are having better luck," Max said.


Reboot Gwen was using a miniature car jack to carefully lift up a rock.

"Careful. Careful with nature. Carefully," Reboot Gwen said before using a pair of tweezers to pick up a leaf under the rock, revealing a ladybug, "Not here."

The ladybug then jumped up and down a few times while clicking.

"Sorry little Buggo," Reboot Gwen said, putting the leaf back on him and carefully putting the rock down.

"Careful. Carefully. Careful Gwen," Reboot Gwen said while using two tweezers to move the leaves on a bush. She looked into the bush and found nothing, but noticed a family of rabbits sleeping inside of it.

"Awww. Cutie Patooties," Reboot Gwen said before getting out of the bush, "I love nature. Hey Ben did you find anything up there?"

"No," Reboot Ben said in a bored tone, while tapping a stick on the edges of the hole of a tree.

"Just remember. Be careful with Mother Nature. It's delicate," Reboot Gwen said.

"Uh huh," Reboot Ben said before tapping a nest.

Two infant birds popped out of the nest and an angry mother eagle appeared.

"Woah! Sorry! Sorry!" Reboot Ben said before being knocked off the branch, screaming until he fell into a bush. He then spat out some leaves.

"(Groan) Aren't you the least bit curious to find out what this mysterious signal's all about?" Reboot Gwen asked, pulling Reboot Ben out of the bush, "It might even help us learn more about the watch."

"What more do we need to know? I hit the watch and BOOM I'm an alien! What else is there?" Reboot Ben asked before marching off and looking at his Omnitrix with a worried look, "Plus, what if the new tech isn't something good. Vilgax, High Override, Forever Knight. Everytime we learn new stuff about the watch, it leads to something bad."

"Ben, are you afraid?" Reboot Gwen asked, concerned.

"What?! Me? (Blows raspberries) No way," Reboot Ben said, "Okay, maybe a little."

"Ben, it's okay to be scared. But you know, sometimes change it for the better. You of all people should know that," Reboot Gwen said, placing her hand on Reboot Ben's shoulder, "Think of it this way. What if it's new alien tech that unlocks new aliens?"

"Huh, I didn't think of that," Reboot Ben said, lightening up.

"Maybe it will enhance your aliens like before so you can have the edge against Albedo's Ultimate Aliens," Reboot Gwen said.

"Maybe it's another watch. Or… or maybe it can shapeshift me into a rocket and launch me up into SPACE!" Reboot Ben said.

"Okay, reel it back in there Ben," Reboot Gwen said.

"So far I am not picking up the exact coordinates of the signal," Rook said while using his scanner, "Whatever sent out this signal must have had a distorted frequency. This is like searching for a small sewing needle in a stack of farm hay."

"You do you guys, I'll be with Kevin and Zed. She probably picked up some sort of scent," Prime Ben said.

"Did you guys find anything yet?" Prime Ben asked Prime Kevin.

"Not yet. But Zed's still sniffing," Prime Kevin said.

"Being near the crash site of the Omnitrix capsule. Reminds me of old times," Prime Ben said.

"Sure does," Prime Gwen said.

"If you want it to be more like old times, I could absorb some of the Omnitrix's energy to turn into a mutated monster to try to kill you," Prime Kevin sarcastically said with a smirk, receiving a chuckle from Prime Ben and Prime Gwen.

"I'll just be on my own. We might be able to cover more ground by splitting up. Don't worry, I'll be careful. I have over seventy aliens for self defense," Prime Ben said before heading off into the woods.

"Now if I were an alien signal, where would I be coming from?" Prime Ben asked himself.

Prime Ben was lost in thought and deep in the woods, when suddenly he heard a twig snap and noticed he didn't step on any twigs. He looked around but didn't see anyone or anything. He heard rustling in the trees and looked up and saw nothing. Then suddenly a creature dropped his invisibility and lunged at Prime Ben. Prime Ben got out of the way and noticed the creature.

The creature appeared to be a large dark-red dog with no eyes, ears, or nose. His posture and movements are also somewhat apelike. His teeth are very defined and stick out of his mouth. He has three gill-like nostrils located on each side of his neck and nostrils above his mouth. He has a tail that ends in a blade, and he has silver spikes on his back and tail. He has silver claws on his fingers and toes, and dark brown stripes on his back, arms, legs, tail, and head. He has the Antitrix symbol on his chest.

"Kid Kevin!?" Prime Ben said in shock.

"Do not call me that!" Reboot Kevin, still on all fours, said before grabbing Prime Ben's leg with his tail.

"You've got some nerve getting a Wildmutt rip-off," Prime Ben said.

"That's Bloodhound to you," Reboot Kevin, currently Bloodhound, said.

"I'm guessing that you being here and an alien signal coming from this area isn't a coincidence," Prime Ben said.

"Not at all," Bloodhound said, "In fact, me and my buddies plan to take our new little treasure before you can even get to it."

"Treasure?" Prime Ben asked, "I'm guessing it's something with more power than just gold and jewels. What is it?"

"That's for me to know, and for you to find out when it's already too late," Bloodhound said.

"Dude you know that whatever is there, I bet is pretty cool. But you know I can't let you get it first," Prime Ben said, "It's hero time!"

Prime Ben hit his Omnitrix and turned into Tear-Wolf.

"Okay. I was hoping for Rath, but this will do," Tear-Wolf said.

Tear-Wolf bit Bloodhound's tail and slammed him onto the ground. Bloodhound got back up on his two back feet and scratched Tear-Wolf in the face. Tear-Wolf blocked a few more scratches with his metal plates before punching Bloodhound in the stomach, grabbing his tail, and throwing him into the bushes. Tear-Wolf peeked into the bushes and was assaulted by several black and red striped tentacles and thrown back.

When Reboot Kevin came out, he was now a phantom/ghost-like alien with a gaseous appearance and claw-like hands, and black skin with red lines running all over him. His body appeared emaciated and deformed with lines resembling the bones of a human skeleton on his body and arms. He had lines going down his tail and a jawless skull shape on his face with a crack going through it and a red eye in the crack. The Antitrix symbol is located on his collarbone.

"Ghostfreak?" Tear-Wolf asked.

"I prefer Dark Shadow," Reboot Kevin, now as Dark Shadow, said.

Dark Shadow tried to possess Tear-Wolf, but Tear-Wolf ripped him off.

"Yeah, an Ectonurite tried to possess me while I was transformed, but that didn't work out," Tear-Wolf said.

"Then, I'll just do this the old fashioned way. With physical pain," Dark Shadow said.

Dark Shadow used his telekinesis to lift rocks from the ground and throw them at Tear-Wolf, who dodged them all and tried to punch Dark Shadow, who turned intangible to avoid the blow.

"Possession, telekinesis, and intangibility. Classic Ghostfreak," Tear-Wolf said.

"How's this for a classic?" Dark Shadow said before blasting a large, red laser from his eye, which Tear-Wolf dodged.

"Okay, that's new," Tear-Wolf said.

Dark Shadow turned intangible and stocked his claws into Tear-Wolf's head, but Tear-Wolf managed to survive the attack and tried to hit Dark Shadow, but only hit the wind.

"Jumping at shadows? You look like you've seen a ghost," Dark Shadow said while invisible.

Tear-Wolf relied on his senses to try to locate Dark Shadow, and managed to dodge another optic blast.

"Not bad, but I wonder if those metal plates are resistant to electricity," Dark Shadow said before going off into the woods and turning invisible.

Tear-Wolf chased Dark Shadow and lost him, but then saw a red flash in the bushes and dodged a bolt of red electricity that came from the bush.

Reboot Kevin came out and was an alien with a black body with one V-shaped red eye in the middle of his head, two antennae and a tail with round silver plugs with needles on their tips, four-fingered hands, and feet with only two front toes. He has a red chest color and his fingers end in silver square plugs with needles on them. He also has silver hexagonal pyramids on his shoulders, arms, and hips. He wears the Antitrix symbol on his chest.

"Feedback?" Tear-Wolf asked.

"I don't do Feedback. I go Voltage," Reboot Kevin, now as Voltage, said, "Now you're in for the shock of your life."

Voltage blasted red electricity at Tear-Wolf, allowing his skeleton to become visible while being electrocuted. Tear-Wolf was sent flying back by the electricity and his fur was sticking on end. Tear-Wolf shaked to get his fur back to normal before hitting the Omnitrix and turning into Cannonbolt.

He was now a hulking, broad-shouldered alien covered in natural, yellow armor plating on his back, shoulders, and the backs of his arms. He is mostly white with black on his upper half and has four claws on both of his hands. He has green eyes, sharp teeth, a back stripe on his belly, and flat palms. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Cannonbolt rolled at Voltage who tried to attack by shocking him, but Cannonbolt's armor was highly resistant to electricity. Cannonbolt smashed into Voltage and hit him against a tree before unrolling.

"Next time, you should consider bringing some backup with you," Cannonbolt said.

"Who said he didn't?" asked a voice from behind Cannonbolt.

Cannonbolt turned to see that it was Albedo's Big Chill, who turned into Ultimate Big Chill.

He looked similar to Big Chill, except he had red, yellow and orange colors all over his body. His arms, legs, and chest had yellow fur under his red and orange spots, and his wings and antennae had a flame design. He has crests over his eyes with the same design. He wears the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Ultimate Big Chill blasted freezing flames at Cannonbolt, who dodged them, causing them to freeze Voltage. Voltage broke out of the ice though.

"Watch who you're flame freezing," Voltage said.

Both villainous shapeshifters noticed that Cannonbolt was gone.

"Great, he got away," Voltage said.

"That doesn't matter now. Focus on the task at hand," Ultimate Big Chill said, "We must find the Omni-Key before our enemies do."

With that, Voltage turned into Dark Matter and both of them went off. Meanwhile, Prime Ben, as Grey Matter was hiding in the trees and eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Omni-Key? I don't know what that is, but I have a feeling it doesn't just allow access to locked doors," Grey Matter said before leaping through the trees back to the others.

Everyone else met up with Max and Phil to try to locate the signal, which so happened to be the Omni-Key.

"I think I got it," Phil said, "I may not be able to pinpoint the signal. But the closer we are to it, the stronger the readings are. Sort of like a metal detector."

"Guys," Grey Matter said, "I just found out that the source of the signal is coming from a device called the Omni-Key. And we're not the only ones searching for it. Albedo and Kid Kevin are here too."

"Then we must get to it before they get the chance to take it back to wherever their hideout is," Prime Gwen said.

"Agreed," Rook said.

"Here, take this," Phil said, giving Reboot Gwen his iPad, "Remember, the closer you are to this Omni-Key, the stronger the signal."

"Meanwhile, we're going to try to keep everyone away from the fight that will probably ensue. Come on," Max said before he and Phil left and Prime Ben's Omnitrix timed out.

"Alright, now while Grandpa and Phil handle the safety work, we handle the hero work," Reboot Ben said before hitting his Omnitrix and turning into Rath.

He now resembles an orange and white bipedal muscular tiger with no tail and scruffy fur standing about 9 feet tall. He has one large black claw coming out of each of his wrists, green eyes, and black stripes on his shoulders, head and upper body. He has a white jaw, neck, chest, stomach, hands and feet and half-white eyebrows. The Omnitrix symbol is located in the center of his chest.

"Let me tell you something, Kevin from my universe and Albedo ain't gonna find the Omni-Key before we do. Hop on guys, we'll find that alien thingy," Rath said as Reboot Gwen and Prime Ben got on his back.

"Okay, but where should we-" Reboot Gwen was cut off when Rath ran with her and Prime Ben riding.

Room used his grappling hook to swing through the trees, while Prime Gwen flew, and Prime Kevin and Zed ran on foot.

"Ben, slow down I'm gonna fall," Reboot Gwen said.

"Rath don't slow down for no one," Rath said.

Rath then leaped across the branches of the trees.

"You could at least make the ride less bumpy," Prime Ben said.

Rath sniffed before saying, "Rath's got a whiff of something. Oh yeah. Prepare to be-"

Rath was cut off when he turned back to normal.

"Oh no," Reboot Ben said before he, Prime Ben, and Reboot Gwen fell into a bush.

Reboot Gwen got up and gasped upon noticing the destruction that Albedo, as Ultimate Big Chill, had caused to the forest.

"Gwen, gonna tell Albedo to stop this rampage?" Reboot Ben asked, "He is your ex-boyfriend."

"Oh knock it off," Reboot Gwen said.

"We've got to stop them before they find the Omni-Key," Prime Ben said.

"And destroy the entire forest," Reboot Gwen said.

"Oh yeah, that too," Reboot Ben said, "Don't worry Couz, we're on it."

Both Bens hit their Omnitrices and transformed. Reboot Ben turned into Humungousaur while Prime Ben turned into Diamondhead.

Prime Ben was a silicon-based life form composed of durable pale bluish-green crystals. He sports four crystal shards on his back and has a sharp head. He has a large jaw and has two long crystal shards on his back. He wears a black sleeveless shirt with one large green stripe down the middle up to his belt, and black pants. He has a green belt with white stripes and wears black shoes with green on the bottom. The Omnitrix symbol is on his belt.

Humungousaur and Diamondhead got in front of Ultimate Big Chill and Reboot Kevin.

"You two are in the wrong neighborhood," Humungousaur said.

"Really? Because our GPS says otherwise," Ultimate Big Chill said before blasting freezing fire from his hands.

Both heroes dodged the attack and split up. Humungousaur took Kevin and Diamondhead took Ultimate Big Chill.

"You should leave before you get hurt," Reboot Kevin said.

"Oh I'm not going anywhere. But you're going down," Humungousaur said, "By the way, nice new outfit. I didn't know street punk was in season."

"So is my revenge," Reboot Kevin said before transforming into Wreckingbolt.

Wreckingbolt rolled at Humungousaur, who dodged the attack. Wreckingbolt rolled at Humungousaur again, but Humungousaur knocked him back with his tail. Wreckingbolt got back up and rolled at Humungousaur again, knocking him back. Both opponents got back up and Wreckingbolt charged at Humungousaur again. Humungousaur countered the attack by slamming his tail, creating a sonic shockwave that knocked Wreckbolt back before he could hit him. Wreckingbolt turned into Quad Smack. Both opponents charged at each other

"Teach that weirdo what happens when you mess with Mother Nature!" Reboot Gwen shouted.

Quad Smack tried to punch Humungousaur with both his right fists, but Humungousaur grabbed both fists.

"You're strong for a relative of an extinct fossil," Quad Smack said.

Humungousaur pushed Quad Smack's fists aside before hitting Quad Smack with his tail. Both opponents were knocked back.

"I'll give you extinct," Humungousaur said.

Humungousaur jumped up and delivered another shockwave with his tail, which Quad Smack dodged.

Meanwhile, Reboot Gwen noticed that the signal was getting stronger on the iPad.

"Huh? Woah, no way," Reboot Gwen said while looking at the iPad, "Everytime Ben makes a sonic wave with his tail, the tracker gets a stronger signal."

Humungousaur kept delivering shockwaves with his tail, which Quad Smack dodged. Humungousaur charged at Quad Smack, but Quad Smack grabbed Humungousaur and threw him. Humungousaur got back up.

"Ben!" Reboot Gwen shouted.

"You got a plan?" Humungousaur asked.

"Yeah, keep up the tail attacks!" Reboot Gwen said.

"Okay, and then?" Humungousaur asked.

"And then… just keep doing tail attacks. That's it," Gwen said.

"Really?" Humungousaur asked.

"Yeah," Reboot Gwen said.

"I don't see where you're going with this, but your plan's simple enough for me," Humungousaur said, cracking his knuckles.

Humungousaur then proceeded to jump up and deliver more tail attacks.

Meanwhile, Diamondhead was dodging Ultimate Big Chill's freezing flames. Diamondhead then launched several shards at Ultimate Big Chill, which he dodged by turning intangible. Ultimate Big Chill breathed freezing fire at Diamondhead, who turned his arm into a shield to block the attack. Ultimate Big Chill then circled around Diamondhead, creating a fire trail, which encased Diamondhead in a huge chunk of ice. However, little did Ultimate Big Chill know, Diamondhead surrounded himself in a crystal pyramid before being frozen. When Ultimate Big Chill got close enough to the ice chunk, Diamondhead noticed that now was his chance, and burst out of the ice chuck using an explosion of crystals in all directions before punching Ultimate Big Chill in the face and slamming him down. Ultimate Big Chill turned intangible and tried to blast Diamondhead again, but Diamondhead turned his arms into swords and slashed through all of the fireballs before grabbing Ultimate Big Chill by the face and grabbing the Ultimatrix symbol, causing both of them to be electrocuted and knocked back. Diamondhead turned back into Prime Ben and Ultimate Big Chill turned into Albedo's Galvan form. Both opponents got back up.

"What is it with you anyway, Albedo? Why are you still a villain anyway?" Prime Ben asked, "You got what you wanted. You're a Galvan again. So go away and live out your little Galvan life somewhere. Away from me, my friends, and any alternate versions of me and my friends."

"And what? I'm supposed to just forget the imprisonment? The humiliation? The constant setbacks and defeats? The… the…" Albedo shuddered before finishing his sentence, "...chili fries?"

"Um, yeah," Prime Ben said, "Chili fries are awesome. Get over it dude."

Albedo growled before turning into Ultimate Albedo.

"Oh, I am over it, dude. I am beyond you, beyond all mere mortal Galvan, beyond any other species in the universe." Ultimate Albedo said before laughing maniacally.

"You are seriously messed up, man. For real," Prime Ben said.

"Make your little jokes," Ultimate Albedo said.

"No joke. You're a total freak show, Albedo," Prime Ben said.

"The point is, I am merely inches away from obtaining the Omni-Key to upgrade my hyper-evolved aliens," Ultimate Albedo said, "And neither you, your friends, or you annoying other self can stop me."

Ultimate Albedo fired an energy beam from his third eye, which Prime Ben dodged. Prime Ben hit his Omnitrix and transformed.

Prime Ben turned into a rather large energy humanoid whose body appears to mainly consist of blue energy. His upper body, shoulders, forearms, and legs are protected by a grey rock-like armor. There are four spikes protruding from both of his shoulders guards. His arms are rather large, stretching down nearly to his feet in resting position. His head is rock-like and has pointed sides. His eyes are green and a moss-like substance can be seen around his neck and shoulders. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

"Woah, cool! I have Shock Rock too?" Prime Ben, now as Shock Rock, said, "You're in for it now Albedo."

Ultimate Albedo fired another beam at Shock Rock, who didn't even try to dodge it as it just hit him with minimal effect.

"Really?" Shock Rock asked.

Shock Rock then grabbed Ultimate Albedo and dribbled him like a basketball.

"Come on, don't make this too easy for me," Shock Rock said.

Ultimate Albedo then turned into Ultimate Humungousaur.

"Okay, if you insist," Ultimate Humungousaur said.

Ultimate Humungousaur blasted a missile at Shock Rock, which sent him flying back into a rock.

"I'm okay," Shock Rock said.

"Not for long," Ultimate Humungousaur said while charging at Shock Rock.

Meanwhile with Reboot Gwen…

"Okay, so the signal is coming from… here?" Reboot Gwen said, still tracking the signal, "It's the trail of the crash site."

Reboot Gwen slid down the edge of the small crater and noticed the signal getting much stronger.

"This must be it," she said before digging in the crater.

"Woah," Reboot Gwen said after noticing the object glowing green that he dug up.

Back with the Bens…

Ultimate Humungousaur jumped up and attempted to smash Shock Rock, but Shock Rock got out of the way just in time and blasted lightning at Ultimate Humungousaur. Ultimate Humungousaur retaliated by firing a barrage of missiles at Shock Rock, who created a force field to avoid any damage. Shock Rock delivered another lightning blast, which Ultimate Humungousaur dodged and fired more missiles, which Shock Rock dodged. Shock Rock created an energy boomerang and threw it at Ultimate Humungousaur, who dodged it.

"Pitiful. You rely solely on the wits of your low intelli-" Ultimate Humungousaur said before being cut off by the boomerang returning and hitting him in the back of the head.

"Oh yeah! It does come back," Shock Rock said.

Ultimate Humungousaur charged at Shock Rock and punched him, sending him upwards. Shock Rock landed on his feet and Ultimate Humungousaur used his tail to make a shockwave. Shock Rock created an energy shield and managed to absorb the shockwave before creating his own shockwave that sent Ultimate Humungousaur off of his feet. Ultimate Humungousaur jumped up and attempted to smash Shock Rock, but Shock Rock dodged the attack and blasted a huge blast of concentrated lightning.

Then Rook, Prime Gwen, Prime Kevin, and Zed showed up. Rook helped Humungousaur take on Quad Smack, while Prime Gwen and Prime Kevin helped Shock Rock take on Ultimate Humungousaur.

"Decided to join the party?" Shock Rock asked.

"Yeah," Kevin said, absorbing the metal in a screw, "And we brought the punch."

Shock Rock threw Prime Kevin at Ultimate Humungousaur, and Prime Kevin punched Ultimate Humungousaur in the face. Prime Gwen used her mana to telekinetically lift several large rocks and launch them at Ultimate Humungousaur. Ultimate Humungousaur fired missiles at them, but Prime Gwen created a mana shield in front of herself, Shock Rock, and Prime Kevin, that Shock Rock strengthened with his energy powers. Shock Rock created two energy swords and charged at Ultimate Humungousaur, slashing his missiles to shreds. Shock Rock leaped towards Ultimate Humungousaur's face, turned his swords into a large energy mace, and swung it at Ultimate Humungousaur's face, sending him back about fifty meters before he turned back into Albedo (in Galvan form), while Shock Rock turned back into Prime Ben.

Meanwhile, Quad Smack turned into Terrorannosaurus Rex and made his own sonic shockwaves with his tail. Humungousaur dodged the attack and Rook came in and launched a net at Terrorannosaurus Rex's face. Terrorannosaurus Rex ripped the net off and tried to smash Rook with his tail. Rook dodged and fired laser blasts at Terrorannosaurus Rex but they did not do much damage. Terrorannosaurus tried to crush Rook with his fists, but Rook dodged the assault and fired a rocket from his Proto-Tool. This distracted Terrorannosaurus Rex long enough for Humungousaur to tackle Terrorannosaurus Rex before both Vaxasaurians timed out and turned back to normal.

Albedo and Reboot Kevin soon found themselves cornered. But then, Albedo turned into his Heatblast, who had black rocks and red flames, magma, and the Ultimatrix symbol, and blasted fire at everyone but Reboot Kevin. Everyone dodged the fire blast.

"I'll be getting the Omni-Key if I have to go through every single one of you," Negative Heatblast.

"Dude, none of us know about the Omni-Key's exact location," Prime Ben said, "What did you think? One of us would just bring it to you?"

Suddenly, Reboot Gwen came out of the bushes holding up a key-like object with a green glow.

"Ben! I found it!" Reboot Gwen said, holding up the Omni-Key.

"Horrible timing other me," Prime Gwen said.

"Oh," Reboot Gwen said, noticing Reboot Kevin and Negative Heatblast.

Negative Heatblast turned into Ultimate Heatblast. He was now a magma-based lifeform whose body is composed of an orange inner magma body covered by dark brown rocks. There is rock all over his body with the exception of his fingers, and the rocks are covered in magma cracks. His feet each had two front toes and one back toe, and his knees each had a rocky spike on them. His head was hunched forward, surrounded by flames, and had a monstrous appearance. His fingers had only one rock on each of them, making a shape similar to a clawed fingernail. There were two volcanoes on each of his forearms, two on his shoulders that were flaming, and one larger one on the space between his neck and his back. He wore the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his largest volcano.

"Give me that key!" Ultimate Heatblast said before launching magma at Reboot Gwen.

Reboot Gwen dodged the magma and tried to run towards Reboot Ben, but was stopped by Ultimate Heatblast.

"Nowhere to run," Ultimate Heatblast said.

Prime Ben hit his Omnitrix and turned into Arctiguana. His appearance somewhat resembles an iguana. He has aquamarine skin, green eyes, and small spikes on his chin. He has three pointy, undexterous claws on each of his front feet, and two pointy claws on each of his back feet. He has four pointed dorsal fins reaching down his back, and black stripes on his face that go across his eyes and around his mouth. He wears a black jumpsuit that covers his entire body albeit it stops all the way at his head, and the claws are exposed. His back has a shell design with a white rim, and his chest is completely covered up with a white underbelly shell. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Arctiguana shot an ice beam at Ultimate Heatblast, freezing him and giving Reboot Gwen time to run away from Ultimate Heatblast. Ultimate Heatblast burst out of the ice and blasted an inferno at Arctiguana, who jumped over it and blasted ice towards the ground, freezing the fire, and tackled Ultimate Heatblast before jumping off of him and freezing him again. Ultimate Heatblast burst out of the ice again and breathed fire at Arctiguana, knocking him back and to the ground. Arctiguana got back up and blasted his freezing beam at Ultimate Heatblast again, but Ultimate Heatblast superheated himself so that the beam would have minimal effect. Ultimate Heatblast then melted into blazing hot lava and launched himself at Arctiguana. Arctiguana dodged the attack and Ultimate Heatblast landed on the ground and re-solidified himself. Max and Phil had also just shown up.

"Ben catch!" Reboot Gwen said before throwing the Omni-Key towards Reboot Ben.

"I got it!" Reboot Ben shouted, running towards the Omni-Key.

"No, it's mine!" Ultimate Heatblast shouted, also running towards the Omni-Key.

Both Reboot Ben and Ultimate Heatblast jumped towards the Omni-Key to grab it, but Ultimate Heatblast was closer. Ultimate Heatblast would have gotten the Omni-Key if Arctiguana hadn't jumped at and tackled him. Reboot Ben caught the Omni-Key.

"Nice," Phil said.

Ultimate Heatblast threw Arctiguana off of himself, and Arctiguana turned back into Prime Ben.

"Give me the Omni-Key and I will consider letting you live," Ultimate Heatblast angrily said.

"Haven't you ever heard of "finders keepers"?" Reboot Ben asked.

Suddenly, the Omni-Key began to glow brighter.

"Huh?" Reboot Ben asked before noticing that his Omnitrix was also glowing and the dial had a keyhole in it, "Hey, it's a key for the Omnitrix."

"I said hand it over!" Ultimate Heatblast said.

"Ben! Don't be afraid!" Reboot Gwen shouted.

"Right. Here goes nothing," Reboot Ben said.

Reboot Ben then put the Omni-Key into his Omnitrix before slamming down on it. He then turned into Four Arms, but his Omnitrix symbol turned sideways and green before Four Arms was encased in a suit of armor.

Four Arms got covered from head to toe in Omni-Kix armor. His helmet is red and has black protrusions resembling the head stripes on his normal counterpart as well as two green visors, with the mandible area being further reinforced by darker red plating. His shoulders, forearms and hands are covered by white plating, with his wrists having additional red plating. His torso and legs are encased primarily in black armor, with a red plate running across his chest, red thigh holsters, kneecaps and toe coverings and grey shin guards. He wears the sideways Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

"Ben's armored?" Max asked in awe.

"The Omni-Key must have unlocked some hidden power level," Reboot Gwen said.

"And it allowed the younger Ben to gain a new high-tech battle armor," Rook said.

"So awesome!" Prime Ben said.

"Real nice," Phil said.

"Fine, I'll get that Omni-Kix upgrade if I have to take your Omnitrix, even if it means prying it from your lifeless corpse," Ultimate Heatblast said

Ultimate Heatblast then unleashed a large inferno at Omni-Kix Four Arms, who put his arms up in a guarding position. When the inferno cleared, Omni-Kix Four Arms looked completely untouched.

"No!" Ultimate Heatblast said in shock.

"Aw yeah! Life just got a whole lot better!" Omni-Kix Four Arms said.

Omni-Kix Four Arms then punched Ultimate Heatblast in the face, sending him back a large distance. Ultimate Heatblast then turned into Ultimate Swampfire and launched his fire bombs at Omni-Kix Four Arms, who jumped out of the way and jumped towards Ultimate Swampfire.

Meanwhile, Prime Ben and the others were watching the whole fight. Reboot Kevin took this opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Prime Ben. Reboot Kevin turned into Bashmouth and got Prime Ben stuck in a bear hug.

"Hey! Oh man. Come on Omnitrix, give me a decent alien please," Prime Ben said before hitting his Omnitrix and turning into Crashhopper.

He greatly resembles a mix between a grasshopper and a praying mantis with significantly large three-jointed hind limbs. He has a green film connected to the tibia and tarsus of his legs. He has green skin is a hue similar to Stinkfly, a large segmented horn on top of his head, and two smaller horns on the sides of his head where the eyes are placed. Each horn has three tiny spikes behind them. There are also three spikes on each forearm and the back of both tarsi on his legs. He has two sharp fingers, a thumb on each hand, and two light-colored claw-like toes on his feet along with one on the back. His chin is quite small with two lines, he has gill-like structures under his armpits, and his segmented neck extends from a green collar that is fused with the torso. His suit represents green overalls with three black stripes and a green tip. The green stripe on his stomach has a large green hexagonal patch where the Omnitrix symbol is located and a smaller white stripe.

"Crashhopper? I'll take it," Crashhopper said before using his legs to open Bashmouth's arms like a crowbar to a crate, and getting out.

Crashhopper then jumped towards Bashmouth and landed feet-first on his chest before jumping again, pushing Bashmouth back. Bashmouth charged at Crashhopper, who jumped at Bashmouth and headbutted him.

Back with Omni-Kix Four Arms and Ultimate Swampfire…

"You'll hand me your Omnitrix or your friends learn how to cook with methane," Ultimate Swampfire said, igniting his left hand with blue fire and pointing it at everyone else.

"No!" Omni-Kix Four Arms said, holding his left hand out before it was launched.

As Ultimate Swampfire charged up his blue fire, Omni-Kix Four Arms' hand hit Ultimate Swampfire's arm, redirecting the blast.

"I have rocket fists too? Sweet! Time to reel in the big fists!" Omni-Kix Four Arms said before firing his two right fists at Ultimate Swampfire, punching him in the face. His hands then grabbed Ultimate Swampfire's back and pulled him towards Omni-Kix Four Arms, who regained his upper left hand.

"Eat fists! And here, take more of it!" Omni-Kix Four Arms said before delivering a powerful uppercut to Ultimate Swampfire's back, sending him flying before he reverted back to Galvan Albedo. Crashhopper delivered a kick to Bashmouth, launching him into the air until he fell on Albedo and reverted back to normal. Strangely, Albedo survived and got out from under Reboot Kevin.

"You foiled my plans, and stole my prize. But mark my words my enemies. You will regret the day you crossed paths with Albedo! My employers will deliver their swift hand of destruction. Just you wait," Albedo said before both he and Reboot Kevin disappeared.

"Employers?" Prime Ben asked.


Phil was looking at Reboot Ben's Omnitrix, which had been transformed as of its latest upgrade. The entire device was colored almost completely grey, with black ends and the arrows on the dial being absent. The hourglass coloring now remains 2-tone grey, and white support tubes surround the dial.

"Incredible! Fascinating! The key gives you the ability to armor up your aliens. But be careful Ben, it looks like they'll time out faster too," Phil said.

"Whatever. I! Have! ROCKET PUNCHES!" Reboot Ben shouted, before doing a bunch of fighting moves out in the open in excitement.

Reboot Gwen sighed before asking, "What happened to being scared earlier?"

"Was he even listening to me?" Phil asked.

"Probably not," Prime Gwen answered.

"Definitely not," Reboot Gwen also answered.

"Now that the Omnitrix has been Omni-Kixed, there's no bad guy that could stand a chance!" Reboot Ben said in excitement before noticing his Prime counterpart.

"Hey Ben," Reboot Ben said, "what's with you? I got the Omni-Kix upgrade so the odds against Kevin's Antitrix, Khyber's Nemetrix, and Albedo's Ultimatrix have been tipped to our favor. What's not to get excited about?"

"Yeah, the Omni-Kix upgrade is cool," Prime Ben said, "I'm just concerned. Albedo mentioned that he had employers. So that means Albedo wasn't the mastermind behind the whole alliance between himself, your Kevin, and Khyber and his pet. So if Albedo isn't the big bad, then who is?"

This question made Reboot Ben feel less excited and he looked at his own Omnitrix with concern in his eyes.

Meanwhile on the Chimerian Hammer…

"YOU FAILED!?" Both Vilgaxs asked Albedo and Reboot Kevin angrily, while Khyber was standing in the corner, watching the conversation.

"Sir we-" Reboot Kevin said before being cut off by Khyber.

"If you want my feedback, I personally blame Albedo. He was the one who devised the plan of finding the Omni-Key, so he should have developed a backup plan for in case the Tennysons interfered," Khyber said.

"You would be wise to respect the greatest mind in five galaxies, Khyber," Albedo said.

"The greatest mind in five galaxies?" Khyber questioned, "I believe that you're referring to Azmuth."

"That name is to never be spoken in my presence you savage troglodyte!" Albedo angrily said.

"SILENCE!" Reboot Vilgax shouted, getting everyone's attention, with Khyber and Prime Vilgax seeming to be the only unfazed ones in the room, "This is only a minor, temporary setback to our plan."

"The other version of myself is correct," Prime Vilgax said, "With the teleporter fully functional, and our project complete, we have established the basis of our bi-universal conquest. But for now, it is our turn to pay our enemies a visit."

"I agree," Reboot Vilgax said, "They will not see the end of their misery."

To be continued…

Fun Fact: Upgrade is the only alien in the Omnitrix that cannot be enhanced by the Omni-Kix upgrade, but he makes up for this by enhancing Omni-Kix aliens. For example, if Reboot Ben were to turn into Omni-Kix Four Arms and Prime Ben were to turn into Upgrade, then Upgrade can bond with Omni-Kix Four Arms' armor and enhance it, similar to Clockwork and Techno-Bubble. This may even allow Prime Ben to gain Reboot Ben's latest Omnitrix data (hint hint).