"Cole Macgrath is a global, inter-dimensional, human kind threat. His death count has reached the millions as of now. He is highly dangerous, and well connected. He must be stopped by someone, and those people'll be us." Pack said to his group of subordinates.

The briefing went on, Pack couldn't stick to a single spot of the room, he was strolling as his lips moved. Each person of the 4 man group were assigned roles.

"Hank you'll be our eyes and ears, sniff out any scent you can." Pack said at Hank's front.

"You got it boss." Hank replied.

"Rico you're the man with the plan, you decide how things play out. Francis you handle public relations." Pack said now over by Rico and Francis.

"What'll you be doing?" Francis asked.

"Cole Macgrath is a wild animal let loose, we'll all be hunting him, but I'll be the one to skin him." Pack said proudly.

"Nice to know, I hope you know that I'm not here to help you get revenge against Cole for what he did to your squad years ago. I'm here to make my career, and earn all the other perks a guy like me could get from bringing down the most wanted man in all plains of existence." Francis said sitting up.

"I can assure you, the rewards will be plentiful. As long as you follow me lead." Pack said now in a face to face level with Francis. He turns his head towards the others. "Our work starts now." Pack said.

Somewhere far else was a hospital room with a window with a glorious view of the city. In it was Zeke bandaged up past recognition if it weren't for the tag that spelled out his name. He had been like this for days. All one could really do in a fixed position like this would be to ponder numerous things.

Lucy entered the room.

"Hey Zeke, decided to drop by again." Lucy greeted sitting beside Zeke's bed with a grin.

"Heh, you show up more than the nurse. Doctors said I'd be outta here by next week. Then we can find Cole and continue our idea." Zeke stated.

Lucy paused. She was wondering when the name would be addressed.

"I'm sorry Zeke but I'm not following this plan anymore. From the minute I met him I knew he was a loose cannon, but he's swimming in deeper waters now." Lucy said losing her grin faster than she knew she could.

"He wasn't always that way. Cole used to be the most noble, caring, selfless, and heroic man I ever knew. I'm not gonna give up on him." Zeke said after much time.

"Why? Look at what he did to you, how he treats people around him, how he disregards other lives. What he used to be is different from how he is now" Lucy pointed out hoping Zeke would listen to reason.

She just couldn't understand why he still bothered with their plan, post electrified by Cole.

"Cole and I are blood brothers, we both agreed to never give up on the other even if one of us did. The man has always been there for me. He's hurting on the inside, and he's letting greed's temptation consume him. He told me not to bring you to him but I did anyway. He told me his big plan once, he's either going to keep wiping people out until he gets to a point where they're all gone, or he's gone. I have to be the one to save him." Zeke let out.

Lucy's lips didn't keep up her side of the conversation at this despite still not seeing his point of view as something rational.

"You remember why you agreed to trying to help him right? You never told me, you just followed along. I'm pretty sure it was important." Zeke asked.

Lucy sighed at this.

"He stuck by me when it mattered. Funny thing was is when I first enlisted his help he did whatever he wanted for the most part ignoring most orders. But when I got my powers he got me through it, every step of the way until I could deal with it. Then he helped John's vision go through. I just wanted to help him like he helped me." Lucy said now feeling a feather of guilt.

"I'm gonna give this a try one more time and after that I'm done." Lucy made clear.

"Where do you think the electric psycho is doing now?" Zeke asked.

"Knowing him… Probably something we don't wanna know." Lucy answered.

A month later Cole Macgrath was attempting but failing terribly at zoning out to combat the drooling music the club was playing. The flashing lights were beginning to get on his last nerve too. Both were giving him a headache, he needed another shot, he raised his finger. More hard liquor was poured into his glass.

"Cole, I heard you come here often." A voice said loudly from the left to overcome the already blaring music filled environment.

Cole's eyes looked to the left, this was usually the first step to getting killed by Cole, and very recognizable if he had an unpleasant look on his face. Cole looked back to his drink and downed it. This would be the last time he'd come here as the people here were beginning to recognize him.

"Where's that Zeke guy?" The man questioned.

"We're not working together anymore." Cole said getting ready to end this man. Something was off here. He looked once more and noticed the man was in a black long suit, wearing a black fedora, with black gloves.

"Name's Pack nice to meet ya, we've been acquainted long ago. You let me live when you killed all my military buddies. You even took my dog tags." Pack said with a sly toothy grin.

Cole's face squeezed up in confusion, but when his eyes went wide at recollection, he was throw out the side of the building. Cole landed on his feet and by the time he looked up a kick was delivered to his jaw. When cole's eyes reopened the foe was gone. Something scorching hot made contact with his back and he flew several yards hitting a wall.

Cole tensed up attempting to stand. By the time he did he saw his enemy standing with his arms crossed. Cole knew who it was.

"You told me you'd let me live to spread the word. I have now, and those people all want you dead along with I. You should've stuck to not sparring folks." Pack said in a cool and collected matter.

Cole threw an ionic storm that destroyed several blocks but left Pack unharmed. Cole's left arm wrapped around a hostage as his other hand pulsed with electricity.

"You come any closer and I'll fry her." Cole let out.

"Don't kill me please!" The woman cried out.

"Cole you're a tricky fellow. I'm not in your ordinary group of military. I have no care whether that lady's final words were just spoken now or not. On second thought I do… She's a distraction." Pack said

He raised a finger at the lady, and she was dead. A bullet was fired whizzing through the lady's skull. Her head had arched back but then drooped downward. Cole let the body go and it fell limp to the ground. Cole looked up with a ferocious look on his face. He removed his scythe.

The two were apart one second and then together clashing at another second. Cole had no choice but to use his most draining power, this power could only be used twice in his lifetime or else death would ensue. He had only used it once. Teleporting elsewhere he dropped to his knees and vomited blood all over the ground just as he had the first time he used his teleport ability.

"Cole Macgrath was found at one of his frequented bars, his associate was not with him. If you have any information as to his whereabouts call this number, a reward will be given to those who suffice a possible capture. As well as an all access passport to all dimensions and not only that but a citizenship of all dimensions." Francis lied straight out of his teeth knowing none of that could be supplied but their organization would endorse such information given.

Cole had been used to being wanted in his home dimension. Now he could be found on every amber alert across all four dimensions. He had also been used to being the best and strongest. Things were definitely going to get riskier from here on out. He picks himself off the ground, and comes to realize all of that as he limps to somewhere safe.

"If I have to kill his 'buddies' all over again I'll do it. This time I'll take him with them." Cole said to himself.