Gate: Thus the Theocracy of Zordia Fought There!

{One Shot}

{Prologue: Welcome to Zordia}

Date: Aprilis 5th, 2153

Time: 1440hrs

Location: Zordinium Holy Capital of Zordia

It was going to be the largest holy procession to ever have occurred with even God Emperor Alrick VI in attendance with his 5 consorts and children according to state-run media. With Zordia having recently conquered their neighbors in what was known as the Zerdian Conflict, Zordia is finally at peace again after 180yrs of war against the disgusting lesser elvish, and dwarven folk against the pure human Theocracy of Zordia. This war however was met with the creation of new zerdian particle blades, bows, and never before seen airship technology. Yet, this day all seemed well as Jarrick Secant 3rd Prince of Zordia was leading the holy procession with his column of shock knights…

"Coming around the bend now we can see as the son of our God Emperor, Knight Commander son of Alrick VI and 3rd Prince of Zordia Jarrick Secant leading his knights in procession after their recent return from combat patrols on the southern border." announced the booth of commentators from the state-run media stand overlooking the expansive avenue dedicated to these such processions as it wraps around a statue of God Emperor Alrick I and the temple palace grounds.

"Well Sir Jarrick, I imagine you're enjoying being back home in the capital eh?" mentioned a well put together knight obviously of some noble line marching alongside Jarrick in a green and purple military dress the same as Jarrick cept for the burgundy cloak Jarrick has been known to wear. "Well, I guess you could say that Jessick, and I bet you can't wait for the ball afterward huh" Jarrick replied in an amused tone to his childhood friend and secondary commander of the shock knight core. "You should know by now Jarrick I hate the balls and we both know you do too, so don't even try and act as you like them" Jessick grumbled in a tone filling to the brim with annoyance at ruining her good mood. "Ok ok, no need to get pouty, Jessick when you can get drunk on free liquor and drinks at the ball, and don't worry I'll watch over you to make sure you don't make a fool of yourself" laughed Jarrick as the holy procession was nearing an end.


Time: 2015hrs

Location: 3rd Princes Bedroom, Royal Palace

"Jessick we can't keep doing this…" trailed Jarrick in a nervous voice, "What so you've gotten tired of me I see that's it, isn't it so who's the new girl? is it your new attendant hmmm, or perhaps are you interested in men " gasped Jessick in an annoyed tone while looking into Jarricks eyes as they were locked in a rather comprising entanglement of limbs and appendages. "No I just meant— wait... do you hear that from outside it sounds like… battle.." replied Jarrick as made work to quickly untangle himself from Jessick and rush to the balcony to see what was making all that noise, while Jessick immediately got up and changed her expression to a serious one as if someone had just attempted to dishonor her charge. "My god" exclaimed Jarrick as he peered outside to see a new strange structure appear on the central road and see troops of some foreign design rush out of it, who immediately set to looting the closest structures.

"JARRICK GET BACK FROM THE BALCONY RIGHT THIS INSTANT" yelled Jessick as she finished putting on her armor and pulled the alarm rope this room featured to alert the royal guard of an attack on the prince. "Jarrick, let me help you with your armor, as I can tell from your face whatever you saw out there wasn't pleasant. Is it a demi-human retaliation?" said Jessick in a concerned tone as she peered at her commander and lovers' face. "No… Jess it is.. much worse than that, were under attack from an unknown force. We're going to war again Jess it seems, I guess rest is a luxury we cannot afford ourselves." replied Jarrick as Jessick assisted with putting on Jarrick's armor and handing him his zerdian particle blade, Solis a blade with an edge able to cut straight through steel and flesh like sunlight between blinds of a window.

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