Alex Russo was only 16 when her life turned for the worse. Everything seemed normal for her, so there was no warning for her and her 14-year-old brother Max Russo when they woke up and found their parents and annoying older brother Justin gone. It hadn't been a big deal at first since it was a Saturday, so Alex figured Justin was out hanging with his friends from Alien Language League and their parents were out who-knows-where.

But then it got late, and they still didn't return home. They never came home. Alex spent a lot of time crying in her room, wondering why she wasn't good enough. She refused to cry in front of Max, though, who was just as scared as she was. She didn't need her brother worrying about her, she just needed him safe. You see, Alex wasn't like her jerk of a family because she would stand by and support her brother no matter what.