Chapter 3: Meetings and Revelations


On the planet of Geonosis, Count Dooku prepares for the conglomerate meeting between the Outer Rim systems to form the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS), what would later be known as the Separatist Alliance. For now he was entertaining the Viceroy, Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation as well as an entourage of other like-minded leaders that wished to split themselves from the corrupt Republic. Jango Fett had just gave Obi-Wan Kenobi the slip after their confrontation on Kamino and was now regrouping with Dooku so that they could continue their plan.

Dooku saw the corruption of the Senate and the Jedi Order, and he hoped that Master Yoda would hear his concerns and grievances. He did not, and Dooku left the Order to escape the arrogance that had grown among them. Especially with the finding of the Chosen One spoken of by a Jedi Prophecy. However, with his former apprentice, Qui-Gon Jinn dead, the boy would not grow to be the bringer of Balance.

It was at this time that the Count of Serenno used to his wealth to search for the hiding Sith Lord that sent Maul to slay his apprentice, while also searching for the powerful presence that the Jedi Order felt before his self-exile. He did not find the source of the Great Eye he saw in his vision, but he was met by the hidden Darth Sidious who shared his plans of a great war that will destroy the Jedi and the Republic. Dooku seemed to have accepted Sidious' agenda, but was secretly plotting on how to break free from his Master's leash.

The answer came less than a year ago when secret message came from his last lightsaber student that went missing after the passing of his Master. Anglo Saxon, now calling himself Mordu or the Mouth of Sauron, wished to speak with his teacher and discuss an alliance between the soon to be CIS. He hinted that he had learned of Darth Sidious' secret identity and the source of the flaming eye that Mordu serves, and that this power that was not of the Force. But something much older.

The mystery would soon be revealed once Mordu arrives to join the first gathering of the Separatist Council. They had just reached the meeting chambers where a ringed table lit up to illuminate the dark walls of Poggle The Lesser's home world. Unknown to all accept the Count, he felt the presence of Obi-Wan who did a poor job at hiding his presence to the more experienced Force sensitive in the chamber. He would humor Qui-Gon's padawan before capturing him.

"As I explained to you earlier, I am quite convinced that 10,000 more systems will rally to our cause with your support gentleman." The charisma Count spoke to some of the more cautious members.

Shu Mai, of the Commerce Guild spoke his native tongue to show that he supported Dooku and the Separatist Alliance. It was then the head of the Techno Union, Wat Tambor, spoke up with San Hill of the Banking Clan following afterwards. "The Techno Union Army…is at your disposal Count."

"The Banking Clan, will sign your treaty."

"Good, very good. Our friends from the Trade Federation have pledged their support. And when their battle droids are combined with yours, we shall have an army greater than any in the Galaxy. The Jedi will be overwhelmed. And the Republic will agree to any demands we make." Said Count Dooku who then felt Obi-Wan trying to slip away.

The Jedi did not get far when he was ambushed by Tuskens that struck Obi-Wan in the head. Knocking him unconscious. The Council was startled by the appearance of the Jedi and few members of the infamous Tusken Raiders of Tatooine. It was then a robed figure walked up to the Count while the two Tusken Raiders held Obi-Wan in custody.

The figure pulled down his hood to reveal that he was an Uruk, or Orc/Goblin. The Uruk appeared several years ago on Tatooine, before the planet was quarantined due to the inner conflict between Jabba and combined might of the Sand People and Slaves. The Hutts were defeated and a new ruler made himself known to be in control of Tatooine after lifting the blockade. The Tuskens worshiped the Easterling as their god while the freed slaves saw Khamul as a revolutionary that understood the harsh life of surviving on a desert planet.

"Sorry for the intrusion, but we just had to catch this glob before he ran off to alert the cavalry. We are here as protectors of our ambassador who wishes to join in your fight against the Republic." Said the green skinned orc.

"No problem my friend. Would you kindly give this Jedi Knight to Poggle? He will have him restrained until we can determine how and why he came here. Is your ambassador here to discuss terms?" Count Dooku asked as he could see the ambassador with them.

The chamber doors slid open to reveal a tall man with black priest-like robes that hid most of his armor, carrying a black staff with a white globular crystal embedded between four pillars(A:N Saruman's staff). His most noticeable feature was his spiked helm that was made of black beskar that covered mostly all his head except for the area around his mouth to show he had pale skin and lips(A:N This Mouth of Sauron has scar less lips and cleaner teeth than the old one). Upon the open edges of the layered steel around his mouth, archaic ruins were inscribed, showing that he was He took a bow before speaking to Count Dooku as his protectors flanked his sides.

"It has been many years since I last saw thee, Count Dooku."

"Indeed, my old friend. What has become of you? I see that your no longer hold the lightsaber you wielded during our training together. Is that a broadsaber? A strange, yet unique saber that many of the Jedi Order would frown upon. However, I see that it suits you, since you preferred using and improving upon Form 1, Shii-Cho, and bits of Form 2, Makashi." Commented Count Dooku.

The Mouth of Sauron pulled out his lightsaber hilt to show it resembled more of metal sword hilt. A jagged crossguard and arching curve that showed where the lightsaber would appear, a stylized handle for one or two hands, and a pommel shaped like a six bladed mace. (A:N look up the Sword of Sauron to have a better look at it… I think it suits the Mouth of Sauron… . .). Mordu ignited his blade to show it had a flat blade shaped like knight's sword that was mostly black with the edges and line patterns purple in color.

"I thank thee for thine praises Dooku." Said Mordu as he deactivates his broadsaber to sit down and tell Count Dooku his tale.

"I had left the Jedi Order after the death of my Master, not feeling accepted in the Halls of the Jedi and not being allowed to enter Mandalore since my banishment. I traveled and hid amongst the indigenous life forms for months until I remembered the tales of the hidden secrets of the Sith on Korriban. I searched but could not find any clue to who was the Sith Lord that had sent that Iridonian Assassin on Naboo.

However, I found instead a being that was beyond the Force. His power is great, that makes Jedi weary and Sith cringe in envy. His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh. You know of what I speak, Dooku. A Great Eye, lidless, wreathed in flame. It was my Master, Sauron Lord of the Earth. He has seen the corruption of the Republic, as thou hath. And the one that's been pulling the strings. The Sith hath made thee his lapdog! Thou art more than that, Count Dooku. Let us join forces. Together, we will destroy the plans of the puppet master and save the Galaxy! What say you?"

Count Dooku was amazed at how much the Padawan had grown. 'To speak with such words I myself use to rally the Separatists. If I were to accept, I would gain a powerful ally that can help me destroy Darth Sidious and his schemes. It will be real War, and not one where Sidious is controlling both sides.' He grinned at this and offers his hand to the Mouth of Sauron who is smiling as well as he accepts the arm of comradery.

"I accept, Mouth of Sauron. However, I must go speak with the Jedi prisoner, to have him join our cause. I trust that you and your companions will stay to enjoy the show that will soon begin once the Apprentice comes to rescue his Master." The Count rises from his chair and exits the chamber to go to the retainer section of Geonosis. The Mouth of Sauron turns to see the polished visor of the bounty Hunter, Jango Fett, and his cloned son Boba. He grins as he goes to speak with a fellow banished Mandalorian.

Scene Change

Dooku strode past the Geonosian guards as the door slid upward for the Count to enter the detention block. He walks in to see Obi-Wan Kenobi suspended in the air with his arms and legs bound by metal cuffs that attracted the translucent beams that kept him in an antigravity field. When Kenobi saw Dooku walking in, he kept a neutral face as he was the first to speak.


"Oh no my friend. This is a mistake, a terrible mistake! They've gone too far, this is madness!" Dooku spoke with a bewildered expression on his face.

"I thought you were the leader here Dooku." Said Obi-Wan.

"This had nothing to do with me I assure you. I will petition immediately to have you set free."

"Well I hope it doesn't take too long. I have work to do." Kenobi snarked back as he slowly kept rotating around the room with Dooku walking around to let his voice echo within the room.

"May I ask why, a Jedi Knight, is all the way out here on Geonosis?"

"I've been tracking a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. Do you know him?" asked the Jedi.

"There are no bounty hunters here that I'm aware of. The Geonosians don't trust them." Dooku replied.

"Well who can blame them. But he is here, I can assure you."

Dooku decided to get to the part where he brings Kenobi to his side. "It's a pity that our paths never crossed before Obi-Wan. Qui-Gon always spoke very highly of you… I wish he were still alive…I could use his help right now."

"Qui-Gon Jinn would never join you!" Kenobi spoke up at the mention of his deceased Master. It was still a sore subject for Obi-Wan, even when he tried to use his Jedi training to put those hurt feelings aside.

"Don't be so sure, my young Jedi. You forget, but he was once my Apprentice just as you were once his. He knew all about the corruption in the Senate, but he would never have gone along with it if he had learned the Truth as I have." Said the Count.

"The Truth?" Kenobi asked curiously.

"The Truth." Dooku solemnly spoke before continuing. "What if I told you that the Republic was now under the control of a Dark Lord of the Sith."

"No, that's not possible! The Jedi would be aware of it!" Obi-Wan fervently denied.

"The Dark Side of the Force has clouded their vision my friend. Hundreds of Senators are now under the influence of a Sith Lord called, Darth Sidious."

"I don't believe you." Obi-Wan continued to reject the truth, thinking it was a lie from a Fallen Jedi.

"The Viceroy of the Trade Federation was once in league with this Darth Sidious. But he was betrayed, ten years ago, by the Dark Lord. He came to me for help, and he told me everything. You must join me, Obi-Wan. And together, we will destroy the Sith!"

Kenobi simply shakes his head in refusal. "I will never join you, Dooku."

Dooku was disappointed at Qui-Gon's adamant apprentice. He turned to leave the cell. But before leaving he turned to face Obi-Wan one more time. "It may be difficult to secure your release."

The Count then exited the cell block, heading to talk with Mordu more on their new alliance while waiting for Anakin Skywalker and the Senator of Naboo to join the Jedi Master in the Petranaki Arena in the coming days. Dooku would no longer be Sidious' pawn as the War for the Galaxy was about to begin. What he would not give to see the look on Sidious' face when he learns that he no longer controls the Separatist Alliance.

Scene Change (Petranaki Arena)

A few days later, Anakin and Padme supposedly snuck into Geonosis to find and save Obi-Wan. Although they sent a message to the Jedi Order and the Republic on the massive droid army, they were soon captured and placed in the arena next to Anakin's Jedi Master. However, they survived the onslaught of a bull-reek, nexu, acklay, and droidekas when Master Windu arrived with many Jedi Knights to battle the newly created battle droids and super battle droids. The purple lightsaber wielder made quick work of Jango Fett, but Boba was nowhere to be found, so it was uncertain if he saw the death of his father.

Unfortunately, it was not enough, and the Jedi were surrounded with many of their Order had fallen in battle. Dooku had the droids halt their assault as the rest of the remaining Jedi were placed in the center of the arena. "Master Windu…you have fought gallantly…worthy of recognition in the archives of the Jedi Order. Now…it is finished. Surrender…and your lives will be spared."

"We will not be hostages to be bartered, Dooku!" Mace Windu shouted back.

"Perhaps this may change your outlook, my friend." Dooku raised his arm and one of the arena gates opened with the battle droids parting ways. The Mouth of Sauron rode into the arena on a dark horse that had a bone-like head with ram horns with its eyes and nosrils glowing with red flames. Behind the rider was rectangular box covered with a black cover that flapped in the wind while still staying on.

"My Master bids thee welcome. Is there any in this rout with authority to treat with me?"

"We do not come to treat, Sith Scum! Tell your Sith Lord that the Jedi Order will defeat you and your Master. We will never suffer from the Dark Side of the Force ever again." Master Windu boldly proclaimed. Thinking that Mordu was another acolyte of the Sith.

"Master Windu. I have a token I was bidden to show thee." The Emissary of The Dark Lord then turned on his mount as he removes the cloak off the mysterious box to reveal it was a metal Jedi sarcophagus. The top of showing that it was Master Sifo-Dyas who was buried within. Members of the Jedi High Council recognized the fallen Master were surprised and distraught. Although they found his ship, his body was never found.

"Sifo-Dyas was dear to thee, I see. Know that he suffered greatly at the hands of his host. Who would've thought that one so gifted could endure so much pain? And he did, Windu. He did." Windu readied his lightsaber to show that this would not deter him. The rest of the Jedi followed suit and Count Dooku could only sigh before signaling the battle droids to prepare to fire as he left the arena.

Senator Padme Amidala raised her head and shouted, "Look!" as Yoda had arrived with the Clone Army. The Mouth of Sauron rode to the Arena exit. Leaving the sarcophagus to the Jedi to take. But he did not leave without giving the final words.

"We shall meet again. For we are the Fire that shall reveal all evil hidden in the Shadows of the Senate!" Sauron's Ambassador then rode off into the deserts of Geonosis. Not worried that several Jedi were trailing him.

Scene Change

The Mouth of Sauron was about to board his shuttle when he felt a familiar presence. He turned around to see the Togruta Master Shaak Ti, another of his former Jedi teachers that took the time to help him learn before he left the Order. He now could admit he may have feelings for her, especially when remembering her beautiful acrobatic skills of Form 4 and lightsaber dueling of Form 2. Standing next to her were Jedi Master's Saesee Tiin and Luminara Unduli, who were also part of the High Council.

"In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, we arrest you Sith. Surrender!" Saessee Tiin ordered to him.

"I am not affiliated with the Sith. I serve my Master Sauron. For I am his Voice, his Mouth that speaks nothing but the Truth!" Mordu replied as he held his staff in his left hand while leaving his right hand open as he and the Jedi circled one another.

"Then would you be willing to come to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to explain the threat that is the Sith? If you leave now, you'll start a War." Master Shaak Ti speaks civilly so they wouldn't have to fight and end the War before it truly begins and spreads across the Galaxy.

"Unfortunately, War hath come." Mordu's voice echoed throughout the space port. "The Sith Lord known has Darth Sidious hath already undermined many of the Senate to push for this war that will span the Galaxy. Even now he conspires the downfall of the Republic and the Jedi Order while hiding in plain sight within the Senate. Yet you cannot see, for you've become blind to the strict Jedi Code after the Ruusan Reformation. Thou hast not been growing in the light but have allowed thine lights to dim that the still living Sith took advantage of. To defeat the Sith, the Jedi must find Balance. To find Balance, you must allow for Change. Change in the Galaxy. Change in the Jedi Order. Like the seasonal change that occurs on every planet. For without the cycle, life shall wither and die if ye accept the Summer to burn all in its sight, or even the Winter to freeze and kill everything. As it is if ye stay within one season and not move forward."

"Enough of your lies! Take him!" Master Saesee Tiin cried as he charges with his green lightsaber raised.

Master Shaak Ti tried to stop the Iktotchi male. But the Mouth of Sauron raised his hand as purple lightning sparked and shot at the member of the High Council. Sending Saesee flying as he fell from the space port balcony to the desert plains below.

It now left Shaak Ti and Luminara to apprehend him with there blue and green lightsabers using Form 2. Mordu complied with their challenge and summoned his saber into his hand to show them it was a broadsaber with his left hand holding his staff that now sparked with violet electricity like an electrostaff.

Shaak Ti made the first move as she Force jumps to surprise Mordu, but he is not unfocused. Her blue lightsaber is blocked by his dark and violet broadsaber as he lunges with his staff, only for Shaak Ti to spin away from him and block the staff with her blade. Luminara joined the duel as Mordu showed that he could keep up with Shaak Ti who in every bit was a Master of Makashi, right behind Dooku and Yoda. Mordu used his Shii-Cho skills only one handed while using his staff to block, spin, form shockwaves and lightning strikes. Luminara's defense strategy was being pushed back by the Mouth of Sauron's precision and unpredictability with both weapons.

After a few minutes of dancing with the various colors of the weapons, Mordu enough of the fight. Mordu used Force-like explosion, except flames were created instead of lightning. The two Jedi Masters were pushed back and hitting different walls with great force. The Mouth then walked up to Shaak Ti and knelt to her crumbling state.

"I hoped our along awaited meeting hath been under different circumstances. It seems my mastering and improvising of Shii-Cho was sound advice from thee, Master Shaak Ti. I shall give thee advice in turn. Don't trust thy other Consular Jedi Masters. They are too stuck in their ways and have been removing thy Jedi sisters and brothers who show more emotion than they do. My Lord Sauron and I shall soon free them from their false imprisonment that the Consulars have hidden away from the rest of thine High Council." His words struck Shaak Ti deeply that the Jedi Order would betray their own like that.

As the Emissary of Sauron walked into his black shuttle, Shaak Ti wished to speak more. "Wait! Who are you? Your presence, it bears a resemblance to a Padawan I once knew before he vanished. Are you him?"

"I was, I still am, Anglo Saxon Master Shaak Ti. But with my failures, I had to become not a Jedi or a Mandalorian. I am a Black Numenorean! And I will use thy training, and the training of my ancestors and new Master, to help heal this poisoned Galaxy! I embrace both my positive and negative emotions that every being is given. It is Truth I found, that in order to overcome the dark emotions, one must accept them to later overcome them to grow and nourish a stronger light, that will banish the shadows of fear and doubt." Mordu then pulls something from his robes and tosses it to the mature Togruta before closing the hatch and flying his shuttle into space.

After losing sight of the black shuttle, Shaak Ti looked to see that the former Padawan, Anglo Saxon, had given her a silver ring band with elaborate designs around it and a sapphire gem in the center. Master Shaak Ti was amazed by it and picked it up. She couldn't decide whether to put it on or not, so she put in her pocket as Clone Troopers and several Jedi arrived to assess the situation.

Scene Change-Dathomir

The Mouth of Sauron's shuttle flew toward the Planet of the Nightsisters, landing near the entrance of the stone fortress called the Nightsister Lair. As the Black Numenorean left the hangar to walk on the Dathomir's red soil, which was as red as Korriban's, he was surrounded by pale skinned witches wearing red attire and wielding melee weapons and light bows.

One of the Nightsisters raised her hand to stop the others. "He is one of his lieutenants. Let him pass to report to Mother and the Gift Bringer." The witches then part ways to allow Mordu to enter the fortress.

Inside, he finds that Lord Sauron is in his elvish form, sitting comfortably on a long table talking with the one called Mother Talzin. His presence interrupts the two as he bows before them. "My Lord, the Separatists have accepted thine alliance. And Dooku has forsaken the Sith Sidious to join thy cause. The Jedi have been wounded but are now preparing to partake in the flames of War. The seeds have been planted and soon, they will be fighting on two fronts from within and without their Order."

"You have served me well. The Jedi will either overcome adversity or be overwhelmed by conflict. I trust that this proves that we are in alignment with our goals Mother Talzin." Said Sauron.

"Yes, you have proven that you are no friend to Sidious or his schemes. I trust that your Servants shall train my sons well to be strong to fight in this War and find their long-lost brother." Sauron nods his head as they look outside to see Rayne and the Witch King training to Zabrak Nightbrothers that have yellow and orange skin and black tribal markings.

The red toned Twi'lek now sported tribunal marks patterned across her skin, black plated beskar crowned her forehead and went down her lekku protecting them from physical harm, and wearing fingerless gauntlets accompanied by a breastplate that from her collarbone down to her midriff, but still not hiding her hourglass figure and cleavage, a long skirt with black metal plating atop dark cotton fabric that reached a foot above her ankles, and black leather boots that went up to her knees. She was sparring with the yellow Zabrak, who was called Savage Opress.

His brother Feral, who was the orange Zabrak, was learning the Dark Arts under the greatest of the Nazgul. At first, he seemed too weak and afraid to let his true power flow, until he was forced to watch his brother take quite a beating as he watched. His wrath unleashed; Feral Force pushed Rayne away to go save his brother. Feral trained with a dark staff like the Mouth of Sauron's, but with three horns protruding up with a yellow crystal imbedded between the crowned horns. Savage showed talent with the axe and spear that Rayne would later help him in making a double-bladed lightsaber, like unto his missing brother that fell on Naboo.

Sauron turned to speak with his Mouth once more. "And what of the package?"

"The Jedi have taken the body back to their Temple. Not knowing that my cousin has stowed away inside, ready to do his part in finding the tomb of our fabled ancestor. When will thou go to meet the present ruler of Mandalore, my Lord?" Mordu asked, hoping he did overstep his bounds.

"Once the Death Watch reveal themselves to the Republic, I will go and meet with Duchess Satine and her Prime Minister Almec. For now I must prepare a proper gift for the shield maiden. And your training must continue my Lieutenant. You still have much to learn before you are truly strong and capable to the tasks, I shall have for thee." Sauron's eyes glowed with golden embers after telling Mordu this. The Mouth of Mordor simply grinned, showing his white teeth. He rose to join the Nightbrothers' training as seven specters appeared. Revealing that eight of the Nine were gathered, while one would soon fill their ranks.