Author's Note: I'd like to explain something first. I first wrote this story years and years ago. Like, right after the end of season 4. This story won't have some of the character development as MLP did in later seasons. If you see something that should have been fixed in Seasons 5-9, don't worry about it. This is just how I wrote it years ago. As you can guess, this here is a musical, because what's a My Little Pony story without songs. Each song in this story is a parody of an already existing song that I have no claim to. They belong to their official owners.

The song featured here is a parody of Frozen Heart from Frozen.

Any and all comments are welcome.

This is Maretropolis. It is a city of crime and hope. It is a city of fear and friendship. It is a city of power and ponies. Here, six ponies and a baby dragon take on superhero personas and protect the city from all sorts of threats. The Masked Matterhorn is an alicorn can shoot all sorts of blasts from her horn. Fili-Second can run faster than you can blink. Zapp's amulet can help her control the forces of nature. Radiance can luminate hard light from her bracelet. Mistress Marevelous is a country girl with a psychic link over her rope. Saddle Rager is a very shy Pegasus, but get her angry enough, and she becomes a super-strong, hulking beast. Hum Drum doesn't have any powers and is usually branded as the clumsy sidekick of the team.

One night, the citizens of Maretropolis waited at the town square with the news. The pony leading the news is a Pegasus with blue hair named News Flash. The crowd awaited their heroes to make their entrance. In the meantime, they entertained themselves with a song.


From the might of the will

And the strength of the heart

This act of goodness in the thrill

Is one that can't depart

With power comes responsibilities

See to the innocent's desperate needs

Answer to the citizens' pleas

The right cannot slip

Armed with the power of friendship

Suddenly, 6 costumed ponies and a costumed baby dragon appeared with proud poses.


Hey! Ho

Look at them! There they go

Hey! Ho

Look at them! There they go

Honest! Generous! Kind! Loyal

Light your way through any turmoil

Farther than us! Farther than far



"This is News Flash," an orange unicorn said into his microphone, "Giving you the next event. Behold, the Power Ponies. First off, here's a super-fast pony that with a childish personality: Filli-Second. The next one can control her rope with her mind: Mistress Marevelous. Here's one shy pony with anger issues: Saddle Rager. This light-materializing girl loves herself, sometimes a little too much: Radiance. Don't make this Pegasus your enemy or she'll reign down the forces of nature on you: Zapp. And the beam-blasting alicorn leader: the Masked Matterhorn."

"Uh, actually, I think you forgot…" the baby dragon said.

"Well, thanks for coming, Power Ponies," News Flash interrupted.

"We're glad to be here, News Flash," the Masked Matterhorn said.

"Excuse me," the baby dragon said. "Uh, my name is Hum Drum and I'd…

Suddenly, the pony citizens continued their song interrupting the baby dragon.










See the power of friendshiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

The Power Ponies went back to their headquarters, Power Tower, and entered the control room.

"Well, that settles our news appointment," the Masked Matterhorn said. "Now, we got a lot of patrol time to make up for."

"I don't think that'll be necessary," Zapp said. "Don't forget, we haven't had a single crime for two weeks. No pony's been trying to destroy the city or rob a bank. No pony even attempted to steal an old lady's purse."

"We can't take any chances, Zapp," the Masked Matterhorn said. "Don't you remember that the day before the crime stopped, the Mane-iac, our archenemy, escaped from prison? You know that her twisted mind made her determined to destroy Maretropolis."

"Still, you're working us to death, sugar cube," Mistress Marevelous said. "We need a break. We were just introduced on TV."

"I wasn't," Hum Drum said. "I was ready to be mentioned, and no pony gave me the presence of mind."

"Hum Drum, darling," Radiance said, "Don't take it too personally. I mean, News Flash didn't mention my Opal either."

"First of all, it's a cat," Hum Drum said. "Secondly, you don't even take her on our patrols. We don't take any of the animals."

"Not important, Hum Drum," the Masked Matterhorn said. "The point is, the Mane-iac is planning something big. I can feel it."

"Yeah, and Princess Luna can turn evil again," Zapp said with a giggle.

"I'm serious," the Masked Matterhorn said.

There was a blinking light at the control panel. Saddle Rager looked and gulped.

"Uh, girls," Saddle Rager whispered.

"Just because you're an alicorn, it doesn't mean you can boss us around," Zapp said.

"That's exactly what it means," the Masked Matterhorn said. "It's why the princesses gave me my powers."

"There's a light and it's…" Saddle Rager whispered.

"So does that mean your power is better than the rest of us," Radiance asked angrily.

Then, the Power Ponies were shouting at each other. Saddle Rager softly tapped on all their shoulders, but she didn't get any response. She then had one alternative. She breathed in and shouted.

"WAAAAAIIIIIIIIIT," Saddle Rager shouted in a monstrous echo.

"And then I said, 'OATMEAL? ARE YOU CRA…'" Fili-Second said before shutting up.

"Oh, sorry," Saddle Rager said in her own voice.

"No, I'm sorry," the Masked Matterhorn said. "I guess I was a little out of line."

"I said some stuff I didn't mean either," Zapp said.

"Guess we forgot why we became the Power Ponies," Radiance said.

Everyone pulled out their necklaces. Hum Drum had a tiny piece. He placed it in between the other necklaces. The Masked Matterhorn's necklace had an amulet with three stars on it. Fili-Second's had balloons on it. Radiance had diamonds on it. Saddle Rager's had butterflies on it. Mistress Marevelous' had apples on it. Zapp's had a cloud with a rainbow lightning-bolt on it. The pieced connected to make a circle with Hum Drum's piece at the middle.

"Individually, we are the friendliest, fairest heroes in Equestria," they all said, "But together, we are the Power Ponies."

Suddenly, Fili-Second saw the blinking light.

"HEY," Fili-Second said. "The light is going on and off and on and off."

"That's what I've been trying to…" Saddle Rager said.

"That's the alarm for the Maretropolis Museum," the Masked Matterhorn said. "It's being broken in."

"Looks like we got some action after all," Zapp said.