As soon as Hum Drum and Radiance left Manehattan, Radiance made a hard-light plane and they took off.

"Okay," Hum Drum said observing his room. "The plane, I understand. But why do I have to ride in coach?"

"I'm fair, but firm." Radiance said. "So, where to now?"

"The nearest Power Pony is Zapp." Hum Drum said. "From what I heard, she headed back to Cloudsdale and joined the Pegasus superhero team, the Wonderbolts."

"How would the Lord of Discord get Zapp to die if she's with another team?" Radiance asked.

"I don't know." Hum Drum said, "But next stop: Cloudsdale."

For the next few hours, the plane went across the map. You can picture the plane leaving a purple trail on the map.

"Hum Drum, stop playing with the map." Radiance said. Hum Drum chuckled as he put away his purple marker. "We're here."

Radiance and Hum Drum looked out their windows and saw a floating city made entirely of clouds.

"How are we going to enter there?" Radiance asked. "Only those with wings can walk on these clouds."

"Honestly, I didn't think that part through." Hum Drum said. He kept thinking. "I got it! Use your power to make a floating platform for us to travel in. We can use it to find Zapp."

"Worth a shot." Radiance said.

The pegusi on the streets had confused faces when they saw Radiance and Hum Drum floating on a purple platform. They were carried across the streets while they were getting glaring eyes.

"So how do we find Zapp?" Radiance asked. "Do we have to wait for a crime in progress?"

"No need." Hum Drum said holding a brochure. "According to this brochure of Cloudsdale I got before I left Maretropolis, the Wonderbolts have their own headquarters like we do. They should be right about… HERE!"

The platform stopped and there was a large, blue tower with a W letter at the top.

"This is the place." Hum Drum said.

Zapp was looking out her window with a sulk. She crossed her front hooves and sighed.

"ZAPP!" a stallion's voice called.

"Yeah, what is it, Soaron?" Zapp replied.

"There's these two, Radical and Eardrum here to see you!" Soaron shouted.

"Who?" Zapp asked confused.

"Okay, now, they're saying it's Radiance and Hum Drum." Soaron said.

"DON'T LET THEM IN HERE!" Zapp shouted.

At that moment, Radiance and Hum Drum opened the door and entered Zapp's room.

"SOARON!" Zapp shouted.

Soaron appeared from behind Radiance and Hum Drum. He had a pie in his hoof.

"They distracted me with this." Soaron said. "Hum Drum, how did you know my weakness?"

"Every pony loves pie." Hum Drum said.

"What are you two doing here?" Zapp asked.

"First of all, thank you for the warm welcome." Radiance said. "And glad to see you're not in a wheelchair. Secondly, we're here to save you."

"Save me?" Zapp repeated with confusion. "From what? Wait, did you say, wheelchair?"

"The Lord of Discord's deathtrap." Hum Drum said. "I overheard him and he said that he's leading you and the others to a complicated trap for each."

"Yeah." Radiance said. "Blue Star is really an emotion-eating bug who tried to feed off our relationship. I would be dead by now if it if wasn't for Hum Drum. And now, we're here to save you."

"Why would Discord go through so much trouble?" Zapp asked. "We're already out of Maretropolis."

"We don't know, but it doesn't matter now." Radiance said. "The point is, he tricked us into splitting up. He found our weaknesses and backfired them on us. We're not meant to split up. We've got to come back together."

"Can't do that, Radiance," Zapp said. "Some things were said."

"The Lord of Discord tricked us into saying those things." Radiance said. "But we can be better ponies, just like when you got your powers."

"Heh." Zapp chuckled. "Yeah. I remember back when I was just Rainbow Dash, doing air tricks with my partner, Gryphon Galore who was called Gilda back then. We were two of a kind. Our willpower got the attention of a special druid. He gave us powerful artifacts that interact with our willpower. My pendant allowed me to control the forces of nature while Gilda's could make her strong enough to punch the lights out of a chimera."

"These days, Gilda would rather punch our lights out." Radiance said. "As soon as you joined the Power Ponies, Gryphon Galore felt like you abandoned her and became a villain. When we first fought her, she offered you the choice to join her in her life of crime. And what did you say, your exact words?"

"I said…" Zapp said. "I said, 'My friends need me a lot more than crime does'."

"See what I mean?" Radiance asked.

"All right." Zapp said. "Hey, Soaron, you don't mind if I go back to my team, right?" She saw Soaron crying. "Soaron?"


"Thanks, I guess." Hum Drum said. "Now, let's pack you up and…"

"ZAPP, SOARON!" a voice shouted. The two pegusi looked at their wrist-communicators and a red-maned Pegasus was shown.

"What is it, Heatwave?" Zapp asked.

"It's the rainbow factory!" Heatwave said. "The workers reported a busted gas main. Now, the building's on fire."

"If that fire crosses with the chemicals that makes the rainbows, the explosion could take Cloudsdale with it!" Zapp said. "We're on our way!" She turned off her wrist-com and looked at her friends. "Just need to do this one last thing, and then, I'm coming with you. Say, care to help?"

"The more, the merrier." Hum Drum said.

"All right." Radiance said. "One more save won't kill us."

Famous last words.