So... I guess here we go again?

I wanted to hold back from posting new chapters until I made much better progress here than simply 15 chapters in stock. However, I didn't really want to lose ground with some of the authors here, so I posted this chapter prematurely.

Just like every time, I will write chapters ranging from 1000 to 2000 words, and no one will change that. As for the Luck-based System you wanted, here it is. Instead of items and skills, this time the Main Character will spin for Characters to impersonate.

There will be 9 different levels I will take into account, 1 is the strongest(Azathoth, Azi Dahaka from Mondaiji, et cetera), and 9 will be the weakest. Even if I can't compare the tiers with the characters in MGQ, I will do it with the Status.

From 1 to 200, normal Monster Girls are in here.

From 200 to 500, elite Monster Girls are in here.

(Beyond here, the numbers shown are the 'base', which will be further augmented by their races and jobs parameters.)

1000 is the base level of every Queen-Class Monster Girl.

1500 is the base of the Four Cardinal Monsters: Kraken, Sphinx, Yamata no Orochi, and Poseidoness.

3000 is the base of the Four Heavenly Knights.

5000 is the base of Alice 16th. The Monster Lord base parameters can't be calculated due to the sparse variety.

10'000 is the base of the real 'elite', like the Lilith Sisters, Eden(Because she is much weaker compared to Micaela and Lucifina) and the Paradox-version of Seraphs.

30'000 is the base of the Six Ancestors and the Seven Archangels, and also the original power of Giganto Weapon if what I think about it is correct.

50'000 is the base of both Goddesses of Light and Darkness.

500'000 is the base of Goddess Ilias during her 'metamorphosis' into a Goddess of Chaos. (Yes, from what I got, Ilias in the original trilogy should be incomplete)

10'000'000 is the base of Alice 8th as the Goddess of Chaos.

Now, before you misunderstand, don't take for granted that there will be the Goddess of Chaos in this fanfiction. I only brought her up for comparison. However, I don't know how the future will go, except that there will be also Paradox elements such as Midas Village, Rostrum, and cities that weren't shown in the original Trilogy but are confirmed to exist in it.

As for the plot, you will notice some similarities with the Omni Gacha. After all, this is supposed to be a better rewrite of that fanfiction, so you should expect some plot similarities with the other fanfiction.

Monster Girl Quest and Paradox are of Torotoro Resistance and people related to them and the creation of the two works. I own only the Main Character and the System, while the characters that the system will bring out are of their own owners.

Enjoy the chapter.

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Pain… There was pain in my entire body, numbing my movements. I could barely twitch before I felt pain on my muscles and skin.

"Argh…" I moaned in pain and gradually opened my eyes, finding myself sitting on an unusually poor bedroom. The walls were made of wood: No stone, no paint, and nothing that made it seem like covered in anything. It was simply wood planks without any support except for nails.

Still, my eyes noticed something weird flying in front of me. It was a flying panel of some sort with words typed in.

[̵W̷̛̛̘̦e̴͙̺̊̏͝l̶̟͖̻̹̇̏c̶ome to ̴the̸ ̶A̷͈̪̣͐͂l̵̛̩̄́t̴e̶r̴ ̷Ego ̴S̵y̵s̵̨͇͊t̷̢̮͎͓͒͗̊̄e̸͓̘̤͕̅̆̈̍m̵̧̈́̚.̸]̴

The words were slightly corrupted for some reason, but soon I found the reason for that error.

[Warning: Main File is Fragmented.

Activate: Psyche System]

[I apologize for the problem. The analysis has shown that the current System is 2/5 activated, as for the rest, the fragments of the Alter Ego System are separated in different locations other than Host.

During the process of Transmigration between the Host's original world and this world, there was an interference that put the Host in life-threatening danger. For that reason, the Alter Ego System shielded the Host because they didn't reach the 'Tutorial' stage yet. This caused the System to shatter.

The Psyche System causes the three fragments to take life and be three different yet the same Host, carrying your exact appearance but a different mindset. These individuals will be assigned the term:

Id: The Status screen option.

Ego: The Inventory screen option.

Super-Ego: The Quest screen option.

As for the Host, you shall be assigned the term Alter Ego, possessing the Alter Ego and Gacha screen option. Each of these fragments represents parts of the Host's consciousness, and they will be instinctively trying to be part of the Host. The System encourages Host to look out for them and defeat them to absorb the fragments.

Because the Quest section isn't present, the Host will be given access to the inferior file: Daily Reward.

Because the Status section isn't present, the Host will have 'Secondary Anti-Limit' activated. It will make the human limits disappear from the Host's body.]

[Fixing System…]

[Welcome to the Alter Ego System. Congratulations for the Host to have been chosen to be the 'Host' of the System.

This System has two features at the moment, that the Host can use.

Gacha: Thanks to this feature, the Host is able to obtain different characters using the Gacha Tickets. Super Gacha Tickets will permit you to obtain more powerful characters at a higher drop rate.

Alter Ego: Through this function, the Host is able to fuse with the different characters you have obtained through the Gacha. Personality will not have any change, but you will obtain their powers, abilities, and skills.]

[Thanks for following the tutorial: You will be given 5 Gacha Tickets and 10 Attribute Points.]

[Event Activated:

All in One: It looks like the System isn't whole due to some problems during the transfer… Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go get the three fragments!

Obtain Id: 0/1

Obtain Ego: 0/1

Obtain Super-Ego: 0/1

Reward 1: Status section activated, 50 Attribute Points, 10 Gacha Tickets, 10'000 EXP.

Reward 2: Inventory section activated, 50 Attribute Points, 10 Gacha Tickets, 10'000 EXP.

Reward 3: Quest section activated, 50 Attribute Points, 10 Gacha Tickets, 10'000 EXP

Full Reward: 500 Attribute Points, 5 Super Gacha Tickets, 100'000 EXP.]

[Day 1 Reward: 5 Attribute Points.]

Well, that didn't look good…

"Ugh…" I tried to get up despite the numbing pain on my body, and slowly stretched my muscles. I could feel more pain incoming, but it was getting smaller little by little.

Fortunately, I wasn't carrying any injury. But it still felt like I caught frostbite all over my body…

Still, after stretching, the pain vanished. I stood up from the bed and looked around, noticing some old furniture in the room, which was still quite clean despite the feeling of 'fantasy' it was giving me.

Then I sat on the bed that felt like it held a thin mattress, and opened my system through my own will.




[Alter Ego]


Since Status was closed, I directly went to Gacha to see what I could do, and another holographic panel with a slot machine inside appeared in front of me.

[Gacha Tickets: x5]

[Super Gacha Tickets: x0]

[Spin: Gacha Ticket (xN)] [Spin: Super Gacha Ticket]

I used all five of the current Gacha TIckets I held, and 5 notifications on which characters I received appeared.

[You have obtained: Mii(Wii Sports)]

[You have obtained: Bunny(Toy Story)]

[You have obtained: Mantis Shrimp(Real World)]

[You have obtained: SCP-058(SCP Foundation)]

[You have obtained: Yellow-Spotted Lizard(Holes)]

Well, if this isn't completely random… Except for the Mii and the Mantis Shrimp, I don't have any idea of what the others are.

I closed the Gacha screen and went to Alter Ego.

[Mii (Wii Sports)

Strength: +30

Agility: +15

Vitality: +400

Intelligence: +0

Perception: +5

Sport All-Rounder]

[Bunny (Toy Story)

Strength: +0

Agility: +50

Vitality: +7

Intelligence: +0

Perception: +0

Plush Physiology]

[Mantis Shrimp (Real World)

Strength: +350

Agility: +560

Vitality: +60

Intelligence: +0

Perception: +300

Underwater Breathing, Molding Regeneration]

[SCP-058 (SCP Foundation)

Strength: +210

Agility: +180

Vitality: +100

Intelligence: +0

Perception: +90

Surface Scaling, Acid Stinger Fluid, Heart Tissue Absorption and Regeneration]

[Yellow-Spotted Lizard (Holes)

Strength: +20

Agility: +40

Vitality: +0

Intelligence: +0

Perception: +0

Lethal Venom]

Well, apparently a Mantis Shrimp is more powerful than an SCP… Maybe if it is human-sized…

I looked over my loot but didn't attempt to use any of them at the moment. I simply stood up from the bed and stretched my back for a moment, before I glanced at my side and found some things lying on a small desk. My phone, earphones, and my wallet.

I picked my phone and turned it on, finding that it was alright with 83% of the battery. Then I placed my stuff inside my pockets and walked towards the door to leave from the room.

Outside the bedroom, there was a small hall with four more doors around the hall. Meanwhile, in one end, there was a larger room, possibly the living room. I walked in the living room and found no one around.

"...Huh, maybe they are outside." After I muttered those words, I noticed an empty table with some chairs around, so I approached it and sat on one of the chairs.

Since there was nothing I could do at the moment, I went on to Alter Ego and tried to use Mii. My body glowed in golden light before I was blinded by said light. However, when it vanished, nothing seemed to have changed about me.

My skin, my muscles, my clothes… Everything remained the same. Well, it said that my vitality greatly increased, so maybe I have a much higher level of stamina.

Well, there is only one way to find out…

Yes, this is the 'new' plot I was talking about. Four Main Characters working in different places and carrying the same mindset. You can expect a big mess in future.