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Dinosaurchicken: Is kitsune village from the original game, or is it from paradox? I haven't played the original in a while, and I've never touched paradox.

Also, I imagine that getting Id will be rather problematic. It's only a matter of time until Tamamo finds him, so Michael is working against the clock.

I don't know why, but I like the idea of a main character stealthily murdering people right under the nose of one of the most powerful individuals to ever walk the planet.

...That sounds kind of fucked up, now that I think about it.

Answer: Kitsune Village is mentioned somewhere in the original game. Maybe it was in some monsterpedia or something like that. As for something being fucked up? Hear this. Did you know your ass can stretch up to 9-12 centimeters? You could fit in Tamamo's head.

975894247: [SpeeeeedwaGONnnn(Jojo)

ability: Make every male and female fall in love with him]

Answer: Speedwagon died single, so shall I will!

Ruberforumfree: So, I can't say I'm not disappointed in Alice being with Luka instead of the MC, will the MC be able to romance one of the Monster Girls thought?

Answer: The only reason I decided for Alice to go with Luka is that I know what sort of headache would follow if Michael was to marry her. If I was in his place and I had to choose, I would prefer going with ALMA ELMA rather than a glutton like Alice! The evil-sex girl! Would you imagine what sort of travels Michael would need to do just to get her food? That isn't if he can cook though...

Anyway, yes. He is going to get in a pairing. As for whom, that is to be decided. The only thing I can tell you is that the pairing will never reach family-making... Why? Because this fanfiction won't end with the end of the original trilogy. There will be more later...

We got MANY things to do after Ilias. Succubus' Fantasy, a special about Luka's children, Nero and Neris... And then a big trip to Paradox.

After all, there is still the question about how did Michael get there and why does the Alter Ego System exist, which, by the way, I didn't plan for them in Omni Gacha. This is why I said the plot will be better than Omni Gacha, because there is muuuuch more to do here!

And maybe, after finishing this fanfiction, I might even try to post it in Webnovel...

Imperial Guard 1337: Omake? Sure! *Flexes Fingers*

La Croix: Ego has been busy again.

Promestein: What did he do this time?

Lily: He named his wing of the facility 'Aperture Science Laboratories'.

Promestein: That doesn't sound bad.

La Croix: He also ordered 50'000 lemons and I have been hearing a lot of explosions.

Promestein: *Sigh* I'll go see what he is doing.

*She opens the door to his lab only to see nobody except a painting of a man named Cave Johnson and a single lemon on a nearby table*

Promestein: Aperture Science Combustible Lemon... the hell is this? *Puls pin* Huh, it's already broken... what a stupid-*BOOOOM!*

Ego: *Looks up from his workbench* Hm? Did someone just... nah, they aren't THAT stupid. *Continues to make more* When life gives you lemons, burn life's house down... WITH THE LEMONS!

Answer: Ah, another weird omake... I somewhat missed them. Once again guys, claps for Imperial Guard 1337 for using his time to make these omakes!

And now, story time!

After a few hours of traveling, Michael, Luka, and Alice finally reached the base of the mountain range. And it was then that Michael understood what was missing…

Not just him, but Luka too.

"...We should have asked for more information…" Michael commented, staring at the mountain from down to up. His radar wasn't picking on anything so he couldn't even assist Luka and Alice.

"Crap… Now how can we even find them?"

"This huge mountain range will take forever to search. Are you still going to do it?"

"What should I do… Hey, Michael, do you have any idea?" Luka asked Michael, not knowing what to do in this situation.

"Well… We could either turn back to Iliasburg and find Amira. But that would take us all the way to evening until we could get back here. I can only suggest to manually search for the bandits… Besides, as long as they are 10 meters away from me, I can pick them up with my radar."

Michael started to think about the next steps, and a particular thought reached his mind. If the world is based on Paradox despite the plot being part of the original trilogy, then that means that the base of the bandits should be close.

Still… Was it at north or south?

"...Let's try this way first." Michael faced his left and started to walk away.

"Ah-!" Luka seemed to want to say something, but then he stopped himself as he didn't know what to tell Michael. Was this decision reckless? Yes. Do they have other options at the moment? No.

There was surely something they could do, but at the moment Luka didn't have anything in mind. So he and Alice simply followed Michael at the south…

Alice simply looked at north before glancing back at Michael's back, thinking if she should tell them about where the bandits really are. In the end, she decided to remain silent. She is the Monster Lord, what sort of Monster Lord would help a Hero in his journey to defeat her?

As they aimlessly walked for a while, being forced to take a particular way through the mountain range that was limiting their movements, they finally found a cave.

Michael smiled, remembering where the four bandits they were looking for were also in a cave. However, there was still nothing about them in his radar… Maybe they hid themselves further in the cave.

"Well, let's go in." Michael said as the group walked inside the cave. It was weird that Alice was still following them, but Michael didn't seem to mind it… No, nevermind, he simply forgot about her leaving from the party again before Luka should have faced the bandits.

The cave inside looked like it was dug from people, not made naturally at all. As they walked inside, the group saw some wooden structures holding up the cave, and lamps lightening up the place.

The further they walked in, the stronger is the feeling of doubt that was lying in Michael's mind.

Did they get the wrong cave? Were the four bandits at the north?

Maybe they were hidden carefully… Who he was kidding to? They were most probably at the north!

Michael sighed in exasperation before he turned around, finding Luka and Alice behind him.

"Something happened?" Luka asked, thinking that it was unusual for Michael to stop on his steps like that.

"I think this is… No, wait." Before he could even think about leaving from the cave, a particular thought appeared without any warning. Wasn't there a place where he could ask for the bandits?

"...Hey Luka, is there any place close by?"

"Huh? Well, I don't think there is any… Let me see the map." Luka put down his traveling bag and retrieved a map from it. Then the three of them looked at the western side of Ilias Continent, at the mountain range.

Just like Michael thought, he noticed some sort of slit in the middle of the mountain ranges.

If that's so, there was a place that they could look in. In the Nameless Slums… Well, thinking about it, it seems like a bad idea going in a place like that… After all, these are the slums. Still, the only thing he knows is that the bandits are at the north, in a cave. How many caves are there? And where is said cave precisely?

"Let's keep going, I know what we should do now." Michael said before he faced forward and walked away.

"Ok…?" Not knowing what is going on with Michael, Luka raised an eyebrow and put the map back in the bag, before following after him.

The group continued to walk until they found a light in the end of the cave, and walked outside of it.

What was in front of them was a dried out hill with some small spots of grass. Well, after all they were in the middle of the mountain range.

"It's weird… There wasn't any monster here." Luka muttered after remembering that they didn't encounter any monster in the cave.

"They are simply scared of the rumors about a dragon and a vampire." Alice, after a long time, finally decided to speak. "Dragons and Vampires aren't monsters one must take lightly, especially here in Ilias Continent.

Vampires are famous blood-sucking monsters whose magical power is only matched by the legendary dragons' strength. Not only they have immense magical power, but they are also capable of using a powerful hypnosis spell and also shapeshift.

Still, they aren't that much compared to the Nosferatu and Night Emperors, whose bloodline is even closer than their vampiric progenitor Draculina. They are the true calamities in this world.

You two could go past a vampire in Iliasburg and you two would not notice it at all…"

"W-What?!" Luka yelped. "There is a vampire in Iliasburg?!"

Alice scoffed. "You idiot, that was just an example. If there was a vampire, then she would have revealed herself when Granberia was rampaging around, since it is useless hiding further after then. Besides, shapeshifting or not, even doppelgangers can't escape from my senses; not to talk about mere vampires."

Then she slightly changed her tone as she continued her explanation. "As for dragons, there are as terrifying as vampires, and depending on which breed, also extremely dangerous.

Their nails are stronger than any sword, and their scales are sturdier than any armor; they also possess flames that can burn anything in an instant. As much weird it is for a dragon to associate themselves with bandits, they might have a reason…

Anyway, depending on what type of dragon they are, they can be stronger or dangerous. Even the simplest and classic breed of a big dragon is as dangerous as a vampire. Meanwhile, Dragonkins like Granberia are much stronger due to all of the dragon's muscular mass being grown up inside a humanoid body. There are also Wyverns, who are also called 'True Dragons' due to their capability to fly. They also possess a much more powerful form of flames; and due to their strength, they are used to guard Hellgondo from any intruder.

And then there are the Evil Dragons, also called Dragon Conquerors due to their prestige obtained during the Great Monster War. The most notable Dragon Conqueror is Azi Dahaka, said to have existed in the ancient times, and also have devoured countless angels and humans alike, sometimes predating on monsters too.

Fortunately, there isn't any Evil Dragon in these times, otherwise the Great Monster War would have still kept going."

"Wow…" Luka let out an amazed voice at Alice's explanation. "They are truly terrifying…"

Alice smirked in pride before she continued to speak. "Of course, there are also monsters capable of matching these two calamities. A Nine-Tailed Fox such as Tamamo of the Four Heavenly Knights is as strong as a Dragon and a Vampire, even if she is surely unable to fight against legends like Azi Dahaka or Draculina…

There is the Sphinx in the Pyramid in Sentora, the Asuras who are said to be living incarnations of war; Elder Succubi might be much weaker than them, but against humans, they are the worst match possible thanks to their experience on sexcraft; Lorelei are ancient mermaids that were once seen as signs of disaster for any sailor; Medusa Lords are monsters capable of turning anything they see into stone in an instant… And so on.

However, even if such monsters were to suddenly appear in front of you two, they are much weaker compared to the ancient times, due to the absence of the First Monster Lord and the Great Monster War.

Anyway, even so, they are all still weaker than the Monster Lord, who can wield extremely destructive dark powers which were hereditated by the Founder herself."

"...You are really knowledgeable…" Luka commented, staring at Alice in awe.

Meanwhile, Michael curiously asked. "Umm… I heard about a monster called Yamata no Orochi, isn't she a particularly powerful dragon?"

Alice raised an eyebrow. "Yamata no Orochi, you say? She's a monster that was sealed 100 years ago… Still, it is obvious to misunderstand her. Even if she looks like a dragon, her appearance is like that only to accommodate all of her eight heads. She isn't a Dragon, not to mention a Dragon Conqueror. Yamata no Orochi is a Nightmare Lamia, a Lamia whose body and mind are twisted to take a cruel and terrifying form.

Still, I am surprised you know about the existence of Yamata no Orochi…" Alice commented with a hint of curiosity.

"My knowledge is quite… sparse… For example, did you know that spiders taste like shrimps?"

"How do YOU know that?!" Luka asked in shock and disgust, and Alice stared at Michael in interest.

"Really? They taste the same?" She asked, not minding about the image of eating spiders.

Michael nodded. "Also, according to some cannibals, the most delicious part of the human body are the eyeballs. They like licking them."

"I… I didn't want to know that one…" This time Alice was also disgusted, while Luka gritted his teeth in horror. If this kept going on, he would puke his breakfast…

"Why… Why do you know that?" Luka slowly asked. However, Michael simply chuckled.

"I just do. Anyway, let's head further down. If I remember correctly, there should be a small place we could ask about the bandits." And then they began to walk further at the south, with more than half of the group trying to forget the weird conversation.

And now, whose stats I will bring in...?

Name: Tamamo-no-Mae

Age: About 9 Million Years

Gender: Female

Race: Kitsune (MAX), Mid-Rank Kitsune (MAX), High-Rank Kitsune (MAX)

Job: Fortune Teller (LV.2), Cook (MAX), Maid (LV. 7), Noble (MAX), Taoist (MAX), Three Star Chief (LV.8)

*Six Ancestor Mode

Strength: 3'300 (33'000*)

Agility: 3'300 (33'000*)

Vitality: 420 (3'000*)

Intelligence: 5'700 (57'000*)

Perception: 4'050 (40'500*)


Two Moons - Beast

Four Moons - Beast

Eight Moons - Beast

Nine Moons - Beast

Fluffy Tail - Beast

Clone - Beast

Kitsune Frolic

Piling Fan - Fan

Fox Moon Fan - Fan

Dance of Death - Fan

Nine Star Dark Fan - Fan

Kitsune's Spinning Wheel - Ninjutsu

Kitsune's Roaring Flame Wheel - Ninjutsu

Kitsune's Fox Fire - Ninjutsu

Nine Tails Funeral Pyre - Ninjutsu

Kitsune Wedding Talisman - Taoism

Kitsune Storm Talisman - Taoism

Misty Moon Talisman - Taoism

Blinding Wind Talisman - Taoism

Silent Earth Talisman - Taoism

Toxic Water Talisman - Taoism

Spirit Stance - Taoism

Draining Light Talisman - Taoism

Fire - Black Magic

Mega Fire - Black Magic

Blaze - Black Magic

Thunder - Black Magic

Mega Thunder Black Magic

Spark - Black Magic

Mega Blizzard - Black Magic

Frost - Black Magic

Earth - Black Magic

Quake - Black Magic

Zeta Quake - Black Magic

Moonlight Healing - Black Magic

Moonlight Cannon - Black Magic

Serve Tea - Service

Ecstasy Massage - Service

Duster Dance - Service

Fried Egg - Cooking

Rice Ball - Cooking

Sandwich - Cooking

Vegetable Stir Fry - Cooking

Hamburger Steak - Cooking

Broiled Fish - Cooking

Miso Soup - Cooking

Kitty Rice - Cooking

Hamburger - Cooking

Hot Dog - Cooking

Salad - Cooking

Fruit Salad - Cooking

Curry and Rice - Cooking

Pizza - Cooking

Cream Stew - Cooking

Spaghetti - Cooking

Sashimi - Cooking

Yakitori - Cooking

Soba - Cooking

Croquette - Cooking

Tempura - Cooking

Omurice - Cooking

Tomato Soup - Cooking

Gratin - Cooking

Paella - Cooking

Shrimp Chili - Cooking

Takoyaki - Cooking

Taiyaki - Cooking

Okonomiyaki - Cooking

Anpan - Cooking

Chocolate Coronet - Cooking

Melon Bun - Cooking

Curry Bun - Cooking

Croquette Bun - Cooking

Meat Bun - Cooking

Steamed Bun - Cooking

Pizza Bun - Cooking

Fried Tofu - Cooking

Tarot of Fate - Oracle

Magic Charge - Special Skill

Breath of the Earth - Special Skill

Disruptive Wave - Special Skill


Intelligence +60%

Perception +10%

Stamina Regeneration Increased

Fan Mastery