Chapter One

The past three years had been peaceful ones for Nick and Mallory since the day that they walked down the aisle. Mallory was successful as a fashion designer. Meanwhile, Nick was doing well as sculptor. There was only one thing missing from their lives. Nick and Mallory had only one wish. They had been trying for months, but still hadn't been blessed with a baby.

Mallory tried to remain hopeful at first, but after their third anniversary, she was feeling especially forlorn. Nick realized she wasn't herself as she stood in the kitchen, staring out the window with tears shining in her eyes.

"Mallory, what is it? What's wrong?" Nick asked with concern.

"I love you so much, but..."

Mallory's voice broke. Nick drew her into his arms. This time his embrace did little to comfort her or assuage her pain. "We've been trying, but for some reason, we still haven't gotten pregnant. I don't understand," she choked out.

"I love you, too, Mal," Nick breathed, inhaling the sweet scent of her hair. "I'm happy with the life we have, just you, me, and Scrapper Junior, but I too would like a little Mallory or a little Nick in our lives."

Mallory couldn't help but smile when Nick mentioned their adorable little dog. He had come into their lives when Nick's first dog named Scrapper had been tragically ran over by a car. He was a precious little pooch that they both couldn't live without.

"What if it never happens?" Mallory asked with sadness.

"We'll keep trying... and maybe it will."

Nick kissed Mallory as she melted in his arms. As the passion sizzled, Mallory forgot her pain, if only for a moment. Nick picked her up and carried her into their bedroom. He lay her down on their bed. His eyes were glittering as he settled himself on top of her.

Mallory lay beneath Nick, staring into his deep, dark eyes. "This is nice," she said softly.

He grinned. "Yes. It is. It's very nice," he agreed as he leaned in to brush his lips against hers.

She kissed him back, running her fingers through his thick, dark hair. He kissed her deeply as the passion intensified. He wanted to take her right now between their cotton sheets.

The thought of running his hands along her hot sweet skin was enough to bring him to full arousal. "Nick," she moaned, feeling his throbbing erection pressed against her. She grasped him in her hand and gave his flesh a little squeeze.

"Ohhh Mal," he groaned.

"I love you. Take me now," Mallory pleaded.

No other words were spoken as Nick and Mallory made hot and steamy love.


The next morning, Elyse was sitting in her living room, talking to her oldest daughter Mallory. "Did you and Nick have a nice anniversary?" Elyse asked.

"Yes and no," Mallory said.

"Ohhh? Did something go wrong?"

"Mom, Nick and I can't get pregnant. We keep trying and trying. We even tried last night," Mallory blurted out. "No matter how much we 'do it,' I never get pregnant."

"Ohhh well. Okay. Mal, maybe you and Nick need to go see a fertility specialist. You've been trying on your own for quite awhile now. Maybe the special doctor can help make your dreams come true?"

"Do you really think so, Mom?"

"It's worth a shot. I'd love to be a grandma. Lord knows your brother Alex is never going to give me grandchildren," Elyse remarked as she let out a laugh.

"I bet Alex will never settle down."

"You got that right," said Elyse as she took a sip of her coffee.


Meanwhile, Nick was in the kitchen discussing the situation with Alex, Mallory's older brother. "I need to talk to you about my sperm," Nick said bluntly.

"Whoa!" Alex gasped, nearly choking on his cornflakes. "I know your sperm is the last thing I want to talk about... especially at breakfast."

"But I think there might be something wrong with it. I keep trying and trying... and I can't get Mallory pregnant."

"That sounds like a personal problem, Nick... and one you shouldn't be sharing with me. Mallory's MY little sister," Alex replied.

"Alright, I'll just keep trying then. Trying and trying."

"Mallory!" Nick bellowed in his typical Nick-style.

When Mallory entered the kitchen to see why Nick was hollering so loudly, Nick said to her, "Come on. We need to go home now. There is something we have to do."

As Mallory and Nick were leaving, Alex looked traumatized. He grumbled, "I don't want to have to think about Nick, doing my sister."


After they arrived back at their place, Mallory asked Nick, "So, what was it we have to do?"

"Well, uhhhh, I think we should go into the bedroom, have a whole lot of sex, and try to make a baby again," Nick said in his deep, gruff voice.

"Nick, I think we need a special doctor to help us with that," Mallory stated.

"Nahhh. I already know how to do it. A doctor doesn't have to tell me how."

"No, I think we should go to a fertility specialist... just to see if they can help. We've been trying and trying... and for some reason, I haven't gotten pregnant."

Nick stood there for a moment, the wheels in his head turning almost visibly. "Will they test my sperm?" he questioned.

"Yes," Mallory replied.

"Uhhhh... just exactly how is it that they do that?"

"Nick, you'll have to give them a sample," Mallory said with a tiny giggle.

"Ohhh okay. I am good at that," he said boastfully.

"I know," she agreed, giving him a sexy smirk.

"Can we still have sex? I mean - until we go and see the doctor?" Nick asked hopefully.

Mallory let out a throaty laugh. "Ohhh Nick. I was hoping you'd say that."