Chapter Two

Mallory and Nick went to see the fertility doctor to get some answers. "Hi, I'm Nick. Would you like me to give you a sample of my sperm?" Nick asked the doctor. "I mean, because I can. I am good at that."

The aging doctor looked at Nick over the rims of his silver spectacles. "We will do a battery of tests. On both of you. We'll start with a vaginal ultrasound."

"What is it you want to do to Mallory and her vagina?" Nick asked.

"Nick, please. Just listen to the doctor," Mallory encouraged.

"Okay. I am all ears. Give it to us straight, doctor. We want to know exactly when and how and what exactly you want to poke and prod," Nick said.

"A vaginal probe will be inserted into Mallory to find out what we can do to help you two have a baby," the doctor said. "Mallory, is the ultrasound okay with you?"

"Yes. Let's do it please," Mallory agreed.

A nurse came in to escort Mallory back to an exam room. Nick tagged along. After Mallory had been prepped for the ultrasound, they waited in the room for the doctor to come in.

Mallory was nervous as she lay on the table wearing a thin gown. The doctor arrived and explained the procedure of a vaginal ultrasound to Mallory. Nick's eyes got real big when the doctor applied gel to the probe.

"During this procedure, we'll be able to examine all your reproductive organs," explained the doctor. "Just relax, Mallory."

The doctor conducted the vaginal ultrasound and a few other tests. Mallory then needed to go get blood work. "While your wife is at the lab getting her blood work done, we'll need to start your tests," the doctor said to Nick.

"I'm not going to get one of those probes, am I?" Nick asked uneasily.

"No, we'll have to test your sperm count. We'll need you to give us a sample."

"I'm good at that," Nick boasted.

"Excellent," the doctor said with a little chuckle. "The nurse will give you instructions."

"That's okay. I already know how..."

The nurse came into the room, holding a specimen cup. "You'll need to ejaculate into this cup," she said.

"I will have to WHAT?!" Nick gasped.

"Sir, it's how we take a sample," she explained.

"Oh alright," Nick said, not so sure about doing his "thing" into the little plastic cup. He took it from her hand and went into a private room to do as he was asked.

Much later, Mallory and Nick met up with the doctor to discuss their various test results. "Is my sperm okay?" Nick asked bluntly.

The doctor read over the rest results. "Your sperm sample was just fine. There are no problems there," said the doctor.

"Why can't we have a baby then?" asked Mallory.

"I am afraid you won't be able to get pregnant. I'm so sorry," the doctor stated.

"Why not?" Mallory asked as tears filled her eyes. "We wanted a baby so much."

"Both of your Fallopian tubes are blocked and they are inoperable. We could have harvested your eggs for IVF, but I am afraid that they are not viable," the doctor explained. "But you do have other options."

Mallory was devastated when she heard the news. "What options?" Nick asked as he wrapped an arm around Mallory who was crying.

"You could adopt a child or hire a surrogate."

"Mallory," Nick said as he caressed her hair and she cried on his shoulder. "We'll still have a baby. We'll find a way."

Mallory was so distraught that she could not answer. "Nick, let's go home," she said sadly.