Bruce was tired after fighting with joker.

and hungry. he was Hungry.

"master Bruce shall I fetch you a salad" said alfred.

"no fetch a mountainous plate full of spaghetti" said Bruce.

"are you sure master Bruce that is alot of-"

alfred explained with worry before being interuppted.

"I know but I am hungry" said Bruce.

"ok sir" said alfred.

he returned with food that Bruce had requested.

"yay I am starving " said Bruce starting to eat.

he kept eating till the spaghetti mountain was gone.

"more" said bruce.

and alfred did like he was told.

"hey alfred bring me a turkey a whole one" said bruce.

he was so focused on eating he didn't notice his stomach was starting to grow fat , so was his chest, and his pecs were now moobs too.

bruce let out a belch and started on the turkey.

he felt bloated and liked it.

he let out a fart and continued eating.

bruce was now eating a huge cake.

hours later...


stomach" said bruce letting out a long huge fart.

he didn't realize alfred was there and he was covering his nose at the smell.

"well are you happy master Bruce you let yourself go" alfred managed to say.

"yes...urrrrrp...urrrrrp " bruce says.

"ok sir"

and Bruce let out a fart.