Sneak peek at Revelations

Tyrali. The name was beauty to his ears, but how could he chase her? She had gone, left to find her future, and now when they needed her most, nobody was willing to help him bring her back to Elune.

Well he didn't care. He was going to find his beloved, if it meant the end of the world.

Chapter 1

Killing Hope

Asha, Cyana, and Tyrali had been walking that morning, when a shadow had caught her eye. She was certain that there was no school today, so why were there shadows running towards the door? "Was there school today?" Tyrali asked confusedly.

"No. Why do you ask?" Asha questioned.

"Do neither of you see the shadows? Running to the door? I don't understand." she said.

"No shadows for me, Tyrali." Cyana put in.

"Nor me." Asha said.

Illidan could have sworn that Tyrande and Malfurion were closer together than ever. As if the rift only separated Illidan and Tyrali from Malfurion and Tyrande, not as if they were four separate beings.

He didn't know why he was watching them. All they had done was hurt Tyrali. He assured himself, that, should they be planning something, this was good, because he'd know, and could tell her. But he still wasn't sure. He didn't want to see bad in his brother and love. He wanted them to still be with them.

And he could see Tyrande wanted the same, but opposite. She, like him, wished the childhood innocence was still here, still blooming, but now that it was gone, there was no going back. A memory flashed back at him, a quietly content, calm memory, of them playing in the evening light, waiting for their parents to come so they could hide.

A small thought snuck it's way into his mind, That can't be us. So carefree, so playful, so happy and content with life? No, that's not how we remained at the slightest. He hated the thought, but it was true. He wished, deep down, that this would be for the better, that they would come back, their happiness stronger, but no fight had torn them apart so far they wouldn't speak to each other for three months. Most had ended in a week at the most, but it had been twelve. He had even started to doubt they would befriend each other again.

Tyrali had even started sleeping at Asha's house, as if a daring look from Tyrande was all it would take to pull the anger out of her and force it to Tyrande.

And as for classes? They had asked to be moved away from each other, not Tyrali and Illidan, but Tyrande had forced it.

He would tell Tyrali that evening about what he was doing, but for now, he simply wanted her company. To be welcomed into her beautiful heart, and to be enveloped by her 2

Broken Hearts

A peek into the future

Jaina Proudmoore arrived at the gates of Lordaeron with her hair tied back in a braid, her blonde bangs brushed behind her ear, wearing a fine silk gown.

"I'm here to see Prince Arthas." She addressed the guards, trying her best to put authority into her voice to cover the underlying fear. All the hope she had hoped for two things, that he wouldn't kill her, or better yet, she could help him reclaim his mind.

"My apologies, Princess, but the Prince is on a mission in Northrend. If you wish to pursue him, the next boat leaves in two days. I may warn you, he has been showing odd symptoms of insanity lately." The guard informed her.

"I am aware. I was forced to turn away from him at the culling of Strathholme. However, I believe I may be able to bring him back to us. How long has he been gone?" she asked subtly.

"About two days. The boat docks in Valiance Keep after a day of sailing, so I'd assume he's made it to Crystalsong, however, he said he was headed to Grizzly Hills, so you have some time. He's going on horseback, you can teleport to the Kirin Tor outpost two hours south of Borean Tundra." the guard told her.

"Thank you. I will see to teleporting my squadron and I to the outpost." Jaina said 3

Fear and flesh

Illidan had reached his home when Malfurion did too. As they both walked in, the silence was broken by a feminine screech.

They stared awkwardly at each other, and Malfurion nodded. "It's Maiev." he said.

Illidan took off running. He would prove that he and Tyrali weren't the malicious ones, and saving someone was the best way to make an ally. When he got there, the small girl was cornered by an odd monstrosity. He pulled out a blade, and tossed it to her. He immediately started casting a spell, as Maiev started angling her hand toward the blade's handle, slowly, so the demon wouldn't see, but fast enough she could reach it.

The spell blasted out to the demon, hitting it square in the back. It turned to him, and Maiev grabbed the blade in a flash. She swung it and slashed the demon's back open. The demon dropped dead, leaving Maiev staring in awe at her work. "Wow." she mustered. "That shouldn't have been fun, but I kind of like killing demons." She 4

Darkness Rising

"Illidan!" a voice rang out. "Maiev!" Another one started to call.

"Malfurion?" it asked. "Are you there, my love?"

Tyrande and Tyrali. We shouldn't have run off on them like that. "I'm here, Luna! So is Maiev! You can come! It's safe."

"What about Malfurion?!" Tyrande snapped.

"He's here, too, good grief!" Illidan yelled at her. "Does he really matter? He did nothing, I'll have you know!" he snapped.

"Why do I not believe you, Betrayer?" Tyrande snapped.

Betrayer. That's what she thinks of me. He wanted to be angry at her, but the memory came back. We need to keep our Peace. Then, maybe, they'll see that we don't mean harm. We're going to make things better.

"Betrayer? Is that what you and Malfurion speak of us as? Traitors? When that's what you've done to us? You're my sister, and you act as if I'm a monster!" Tyrali cried in anguish. "I am no traitor. I am somebody with a broken heart, but not just that. It's not just my heart that's broken. Because of it, my mind and future are, too." Illidan heard, through the fog, a muffled yawn, from Tyrande.

"As if. You were the one who brought up 'Star Elves'." Tyrande reminded her snappily.

Illidan didn't hear much after that, but he did hear a whimper from Tyrali. Tyrande had physically hurt her, or else she wouldn't whimper in agony. "Fool. Do you not know better than to challenge someone with the strength of Elune?"

One more sentence could be heard ringing in the foggy darkness. "That's both of us, Tyrande."Chapter 5

An Eternity Lost

Maiev stepped toward Illidan. " They need to stop. We can't beat an army alone." When he turned to look at her, he saw the fel blazes reaching towards them. "I'll get Lord Ravencrest, and the rest of the soldiers." she said.

"Malfurion, an army of those things are coming. You need to get Cenarius and the druids. Tell Tyrande to get the High Priestess and the priestesses." he told his brother. His brother nodded and ran away to get reinforcements.

He ran to Tyrali, and he couldn't bear what he saw. Her arm was slashed open, bleeding heavily, with her sprawled on the floor. "You need to get Cyana and Asha..." he said. "An army of demons is coming for us. I'm going to get some of the other recruits."

When he returned, she, Maiev, Tyrande, and Malfurion were standing with a full army behind them, decked in armor. She tossed him armor, and grasped her staff. Tyrande grabbed hers, and so did Malfurion. Maiev held her glaive, and Asha and Cyana pulled their staves out. Ravencrest pulled his daggers out and Jarod did too. The sentinels, lead by Shandris, drew bows and knocked arrows. It was a powerful sight, the eight of them commanders of an army.

Ravencrest led out a roar, and that signaled the soldiers to go, including Tyrali, who, had handed her staff to Tyrande, and had drawn daggers. He rushed after her, and Maiev threw him a glaive from her perch for a high attack. He caught it, and ran to Tyrali.

"You ready?" Tyrali asked him.

"For what?"

"For an arcane explosion. What else?" she asked.

He sent his protection wards to the soldiers, and together, they blew a shockwave of magical energy across the battlefield.

Chapter 6


When she awoke, Tyrali didn't know where she was, much less who the girl standing over her was, until everything became clear.

She hadn't warded herself or Illidan. They were both hit by the magic they had wielded, and they had been knocked out by it. She felt a wave of strength come over her, but it disappeared into dizziness when she tried to stand.

"Lie down! You haven't healed, Luna." the girl said. It was Tyrande.

"We need to keep fighting! Why are you here, acting like you care?" she snapped, harsher than she meant it. Tyrande winced, and Tyrali sighed. "Sorry if I'm harsh, but if you didn't remember, you cut my arm open."

Tyrande cast a small, regretful look downward. "I'm doing my best to heal you, but I'm not sure I can completely." she said.

"You can. If you really try." Tyrali said, forcing her voice to not be angry, but then again, Tyrande's look got worse, and she realized it wasn't soft.

"I know you're mad. You don't have to hide it. But, I do want to have some kind of bond again." Tyrande sighed. "You could have died, Tyrali. Knowing now what I've done wrong, I can't let that happen."

"Where's Illidan?" Tyrali asked.

"Over there, being tended to by my friend Ellison." Tyrande sighed. "He still hasn't woken yet. We don't know if he'll make it, he got hit really hard." she said, tears forming in her eyes.

"He's strong. He'll make it, my love." Malfurion's voice rang.

Tyrali turned her gaze to him. "Malfurion." she addressed subtly. "It's been a while."

"My apologies, Magistress. You are aware we were going through a… phase… were you not?" Malfurion asked formally.

"Aware more than anything. However, I am not a Magistress. I hold no rank of power, and address me that way." Tyrali added.

"But you are. Whilst you were unconscious, Lord Ravencrest announced Asha, Cyana, you, and Illidan were the new Magistresses and Magister."

"A quad worthy of power. As you are our most skilled at magic." Malfurion added.

Chapter 7


Illidan stepped towards the chattering group, his three best friends, chatting as if no conflict had ever or even could break them. Even though it had.

Tyrali was the first to notice. "Illidan! You're up! Oh thank Elune! We thought you might not make it! I'm so sorry, I should have noticed! Please forgive me!" she all but yelped in anxiety, almost too fast for him to hear her.

"It's okay. I'm not mad. I could have noticed too, Luna." he sighed gratefully.

He gasped as she pulled him in, kissed him quickly, and flung her arms around him. She was cold, unlike she would have been before, but he didn't mind.

"I love you so much." she whispered.

"I love you, too. You're the love of my life, and you never forget it." Illidan smiled at her.

As they broke apart, he couldn't help but notice that Tyrande looked relieved in a different way, that as he noticed, she quickly smiled softly in an encouraging way.

"Good afternoon, Magister." she said swiftly. "I see you and the Magistress are as close as ever." A warm smile escaped her frowning expression.

" Magister? Magistress? Tyrande, what?"

"Lord Ravencrest titled me, you, Cyana, and Asha, Magistresses and Magister!" Tyrali smiled eagerly, grasping his hands in excitement.

"But we're so young! Is he sure about this?"

"Yes, he is. Now, you should go see Cyana and Asha." Tyrande smiled, in a tired fashion.

"Of course, sis. We should go do that immediately. However, spare me one more question." Tyrali said, calmly, but horribly anxious at the same time.

"Of course. What is it?" Tyrande smiled.

"How long were we out?"

"Two and a half weeks. Now, do you understand why we were desperate?" Malfurion asked gently.

A gasp escaped Tyrali's bony figure. It was too loud, far too loud for his liking. And all the sound around it made her fear so much worse. The birds were only humming, plus all the muffled whispers of the refugees around them, the heavy sighs of the priestesses, and the screams of soldiers at the battlefront, being cut open.

"We should go now." Illidan cut into his thoughts. Cyana and Asha could lift dreaded spirits, couldn't they?

Tyrali flashed him a forced smile. "Of course, my love. We should, in fact, go, and get our greeting over, before we get to our duties." she whimpered, forcing another small smile onto her lips.

She tugged him along, and he tried to keep up with her forceful strides.

As they finally reached Asha and Cyana, Tyrali stopped. "How were we out so long? It's just two of us, and it was weak enough that it didn't even kill the demons." she muttered.

"It's okay, Luna, sweetie. We should just be thankful we're both alive."

"Exactly. It was dangerous and could have been fatal, and it hardly did anything!" she scolded herself.

"You did nothing wrong. Besides, you lowered their numbers. It's not your fault they're practically 8

Old Friends

Asha and Cyana had only turned when Tyrali enveloped them each in a big hug. "Tyrali! Illidan! You're both up!" We've been waiting on this day, Asha wanted to say, but she figured from the look in Tyrali's eyes that she wouldn't want to have kept them waiting.

"Sorry we couldn't help with all the duties. As you may know, there were... specific circumstances." Tyrali's voice said, fading into a sad silence, with fear and sorrow echoing throughout 9


Tyrali could hardly believe what she heard Malfurion say.

"Destroy the Well? But what about me? For the first time, I can use magic well, and now you want to take it from me?" Tyrali snapped.

"Stop being selfish, Luna! You have been for too long." Tyrande snapped.

Tyrali hardly believed her ears. She couldn't stop a small, angered, malicious laugh from coming out. "Me! Me, the selfish one. Must I remind you, we're the ones who could have died in that explosion. You were at no risk, whilst we could have died. How selfish is that?" Tyrali asked maliciously.

Tyrande's face winced, but the priestess's body motion was stiff. Tyrali reacted with the malicious grin slowly spreading into a glare of distrust. Illidan and Malfurion were both tied in shock, and Tyrande's pained expression and reel back told Tyrali she had made her point. "Now that my vote is in, let's hear yours. Oh wait, it's either two v two or three v one. Whatever, take the well and I'll have to find..." a small, franticly, devilish, grin forced its way onto her face. "I'll have to find something else." she smiled.

"Something so powerful it can heal the broken heart inside of me. So powerful it can tear the spirits of the dead to help me in battle." Tyrali smiled. She could have sworn she heard a faint whimper from Tyrande. She turned to face her with a hard glare on her face.

"Do you have a problem with my plan?" When Tyrande didn't answer, she gave a heavy sigh. "Very well. Be passive aggressive about your fake concern. But answer me one thing. Was I right to trust you? Or where you just playing with my childish trust the whole time?" she snapped.

"Tyrande, don't listen to her. Something is... wrong. The Tyrali I know wouldn't say this." Illidan said, concern in his voice.

"Well, maybe I'm not the Tyrali you knew?" she suggested.

Malfurion narrowed his eyes at her. "What are you suggesting?"

She shrugged. "Nothing except a small hint towards the harsh truth." She sighed. "But maybe you'll never guess it. I suppose I should just tell you. Here we go, just tell me you won't disown me again." she asked suspiciously.

"I will never." a strong voice came from behind Tyrali.

Asha. "Thank you, Asha. The harsh truth, however, is that I'm not meant to be here. I'm supposed to be something more... so much more. I just know it. And I promise you, whether you want it or not, I will find that fate and claim it for my own. So that, one, Tyrande won't take it, and two, I can give my justice to all who would harm my family, and friends." she said, and Malfurion sighed.

"I foresaw you would leave. I prayed it was far in the future, but it came far too soon. I did not, however, see the results of the journey. I give you my blessing, Tyrali Whisperwind." he sighed.

"My sister... had I known such separation would become us, I would have changed. But I understand if you are too far gone in your spite for me. However, in a last attempt for forgiveness, I give you my blessing." Tyrande sighed sadly.

Illidan stood up. "Tyrali, my love... I do not approve of this. My brother didn't see victory for you... I only fear for you. So, please, my beloved, understand why I don't give my blessing to you." he said, placing his words with evident caution.

"Very well. I can wait for... a week, I would say. But I feel something bad may happen. However, I won't deny your words." Tyrali said. Oh, Elune, why must this be the first time I deliberately lie to him, why now in a time when it could tear our lives apart? I know I must go, I just don't want to without his permission... but it is fate. It doesn't wait, and as much as I hate to admit it, it comes first. So, she smiled nodded, and walked away.

Illidan caught her arm. "Oh, Luna. I know you're going. So I want to give you something."

She stopped. "What is it?"

He dropped to one knee, and pulled a small box out of his pocket. Inside was a shining pearl on a small silver band, sized perfectly to her hand. "Tyrali Whisperwind... love of my life... will you marry me?" he asked her.

She gasped, but unlike anything she had heard since this had begun, it was gasp of surprise and happiness. "Yes!" she cried in disbelief, and a happiness and warmth were spreading inside her, mending everything anyone had broken. "Of course!" h